Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1687

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1687

July 1st Friday, Page dressed me; Biddolph came from Comb;dined with my sonne, Morgan D.Minshall & cosen Philips; after dinner Wood call but stayd not; Baron Powells man came about his in 1 yr debenter; William Minshall about Rogers businesse; Mr Skottons to see me &. daughter Whitley supt with us; my sonne & Morgan came late; stayd not.

2. Satorday Page dressed me past 9; brother Peter, his sonne, William Minshall & Mrs Tovey dined with us; about 3 Aldermanbury barber trimmed me; about 5 my sonne & Morgan came to me, stayd not long.

3. Sonday, Page dressed me, 2 Minshalls dined with us; in the afternoone came Jones; about 5 came Morgan; my daughter & I went to Hogsden; there was Mrs Saladine, her Aunt & their daughters; I supt there with daughter Biddolph, Mr Martyn & his wife, Mason, my sons, daughter & Wrigly; retorned past 8; 2 Minshalls & Morgan were with Biddolph; all parted.

4. Monday Page dressed me about 9; after dinner D.Minshall came; then Mitton; had a bottle of wine; he went before 5; Woods man John called to see us; my sonne & Morgan were also there (awhile) Mrs Tovey came to Biddolhp; then Mrs Martyn; her husband came for her past 8; she & Tovey supt; D.Minshall came & took a pipe; my sonne called past 9; stayd not.

5. Tuesday, Page dressed me about 9; Sir Robert Cotton came to see me; stayd an houer; D.Minshall came; stayd but awhile; a yong cook came to be hyred; Morgan, my sonne & brother Peter came & dined with us; also D.Minshall; about 4 came the Bishop of Chester, his wife & daughter to see us.

[fo. 77v]

July 5th. Sir Edward Woods man came to see us from his master to invite us to see the Pope's Nontio's Reception at Somerset house in the evening; my son's wife supt with us; he & Morgan & D.Minshall retorned about 9; went home; William Minshall called about 7; stayd not.

6. Wednesday, Page dressed me about 9; Sir Thomas Price's man came about rent for the Cellar; my sonne & D.Minshall dined with us; Morgan & Mrs Tovey came after dinner to the child; Bird came about 4, stayd till 5; in the morning Mrs Ogleby & her daughter came to see Biddolph; in the evening my sonne & Morgan went to the Temple &c. Morgan & Minshall came againe at night; stayd not, &c. Littleton & Sym; Biddolph called in the evening; went presently.

7. Thursday, Page dressed me; Sir G. G. came to see me then Bird; then Minshall & Morgan dined with us; my sonne came after dinner; about 5 came Scotto; stayd till 6; Mrs Tovey came then Lady Wood & her daughter Clare; supt &c. my sonne, Morgan & Minshall called but stayd not.

8. Friday, Page dressed me; Sir G. G. came past 11; stayd past 12; Mainwaing's Frenchman called; stayd not; Aldermambury barber trimmd me; Points called about a quilt; D.Minshall came &c. Sir G. G. came past 11; went past 12; Morgan called but stayd not; Minshall dined with us; past 4 came Sym; Biddolph Littleton & Vanham; then Lord Brandon, Sir G. G. & his sonne; then Captaine Ashton; then Sir Edward Wood; Brandon, Sir G & his sonne supt; my sonne, Morgan & Minshall was also there.

9. Satorday, Page dressed me; brother Peter, Morgan & Minshall dined with us; Mr Maxwell came as we were at dinner; would not dine but stayd till neare 6; Tovey came in the morning (about 12) to see Biddolph; Morgan & Minshall called at night.

10. Sonday, Page dressed me about 8; we had no company, onely Mr Hill at dinner till Jones came past 4; my daughter went to Aldermanbery church in the afternoone; she retorned about 5; she, her husband & I went to take the ayre towards Chester; we called on Lady Wood past 7; supt there with her & her daughter Clare; came home about 9.

11. Monday, Page dressed me past 8; Hilman came with patternes; Bird called to see me; then Minshall, Biddolph & my daughter went to Comb past 11; Minshall dined with me; Mount came to me; I went (about 5) to the African house; then called upon Keck (at the gate) then to Baskerviles; there were 3 strange gentlewomen & Minshall; then I went to Myttons, saw him & his wife (Minshall & Baskevile with me) then Minshall came home with me; Biddolph & his wife retorned; my sonne, Morgan & Minshall came late; stayd not.

12 Tuesday, Page dressed me about 9; Kent came about the copper oare from Disart; Tovey called to see Biddolph; Fowler came about harnesse; he & Minshall dined with us; a cook came; I hyred him; then came 2 Mrs Baskerviles then my sonne, Morgan & Lloyd; then Mr; Baversham, my sonne, Morgan & Minshall came at night stayd not.

13. Wednesday, Page dressed me before 9; a man brought a letter from Ben; Coling about the Sergeant of Ludlows debenter; after dinner Biddolph, my daughter & I went to Cottons, to Woods & Bishop of Chester but all were abroad; retorned neare 8.

14 Thursday, Page dressed me; Brady came about Rogers debt; then Sir Robert Cotton; then brother Peter, he dined with us; after dinner came Mrs Fenwick about Rogers money; then my sonne & his wife; then Mr Cartwright; Biddolph went to Combe past 4; my sonne, his wife & Morgan went home past 9.

15 Friday, Page dressed me at 9; past 10 Lord Danby's gentleman came to see me & my sonne seale a bond for Lord Danby's rents; my sonne & his wife came to us; they dined with us; also 2 Minshalls, Maxwell & Morgan; Baroby came after dinner; about 4 we parted, I went to the East Indys house; there was Mr Sterne, Holland & some other clarks; I retorned home before 6; in the morning (past 11) Wood, his Lady & Mrs Clare called to see us; stayd but awhile &c. my sonne came at night, his wife & D;Minshall.

16. Satorday, Page dressed me; Baroby',s man brought a bill, my daughter Whitley came to us; daughter Biddolph fell ill as she was going to Combe; D.Minshall came to us & dined with us; Mrs Tovey [fo. 78r] 16.came to my daughter Biddolph dined with us soe did D.Minshall, daughter, William & Morgan; Mount came to me past 5 with writings; my sonne called in the evening, stayd not; his wife & Morgan went soone after him; D.Minshall called; stayd awhile with Biddolph 17. Sonday, Page dressed me about 9; Biddolph his wife & I dined; about 4 came Jones also my daughter, William, Robert Gleg & Morgan came to the doore; Biddolph & I went to the Bishop of Chester about 5; his sonne & 2 more were with him; we stayd about 1 2 houer; retorned at 6; Sir E; Wood & Mr Stephens came to us; had a bottle together; Lady Wood & her daughter Clare came to see my daughter; went away with Sir Edward at 7; Mrs Baskervile & her daughter came to daughter Biddolph & Mrs Tovey, she sup't with us.

18. Monday, Page dressed me at 9; the Taylors man came to try my clothes; Mount called past 10; also Mr Bird; stayd but awhile; a french man came to offer his service; Mrs Tovey came to my daughter; my sonne came about 11; went to Childs & to the Temple; Minshall & Biddolph dined with us & Morgan Lloyd came in the afternoone; stayd awhile with Morgan then came Baskervile to see me then Lady Wood, her husband called for her about 7; D.Minshall supt with us & Tovey.

19. Tuesday, Page dressed me about 9; the Taylors man came to mend my clothes; Mount came about the writings; D.Minshall came & witnessed them; dined with us &c. in the evening Biddolph. Minshall & I went to the still yard; Dresser waited on us; we had a bottle of wine & took one home with us; about 4 Jones of the Cellar came to see me; stayd 1 2 houer.

20. Wednesday, Page came not; Tovey came to see Biddolph then his mother, then Mrs Wood & ? Miles; then William Minshall, brother Peter & at dinner came Lady Wood & her daughter Clare; after dinner they all went & left me alone; past 5 Morgan then my sonne came to me but stayd not long; came againe about 9, stayd not.

21. Thursday, Page dressed me at 9; Fowler came past 10 about a coach to Tunbridge; Captaine Journeau past 11, had 5 li. on Rogers account; a trunkmaker came with truncks, Pointe his man with a quilt; Morgan came after dinner; also D.Minshall &c. about 5 came Sir Edward Wood & his Lady & daughters; also my sonne & his wife; stayd not long; at night came Bedisford, 2 Minshalls, Morgan sonne, his wife, &c; supt.

22 Friday, Biddolph, D.Minshall & Houseman went to Tunbridge; Nortons man came for money for cloth; past 10 Morgan came; he dined with us; soe did my sonne; past 9 Gerard of the George came for money for my horses; about 12 Fowler came about Biddolph's coach; past 4 Mrs Booth''s daughter came to see my daughter also Mrs Humfreys, Mrs Wood, my son's wife &c. Morgan brought our goods to the ?Castle & ? fan com 23. Satorday, Page dressed me at 6;; Morgan came to us; also Fowler & Tovy; before 8 we took coach for Tunbridge; my daughter Biddolph & Mrs Tovey with me; we dranck & did eate bread & butter at Bromley; dined at the Bull in the Bush; there one of the Colts spoke to us; we came about 8 to the Wells; lodged at Mr Skinners (Sir Michael & Minshall with us); Sir Bucknall & severall others lodge in the same house.

24. Sonday, dranck the water at home; went to church in the afernoone; thence to the Castle; had a bottle of wine with Spooner; supt at home.

25 Monday, went to the wells in the morning; dranck the waters; met Sir Jos Williamson, Mr Griffin, Sir Walter Yong , Dukes & many aquaintance there; dined at home went to the walks past 5; met Biddolph & Minshall at a Surgeons shop; had a melon & a bottle of wine, the man, his wife & Skinner with us; retorned past 6; met with one Whitley, a master of a ship, who lodged at Skinners; made aquaintance with him for namesake.

26 Tuesday, went to the wells & to prayers; met many acqaintance; walked there till past 12; dined at home; visited Mrs Chomeleys; went in the evening to the walke, then to the Castle; Bidolph & Minshall had one bottle.

27 Wednesday, Biddolph went to London I went to the wells with Minshall; stayd till past 12, tasted Wrons wine at his doore; dined at home; after dinner Sir Walter Yong made me a visit then I went to Rusthall Greene; then to Mount Ephraim; walked awhile with Sir Charles Meredith; left them dancing.

[fo. 78v]

28. Thursday, went to the wells with Minshall, dined at home; Mrs Cholmeleys came to my daughter about 4; we went past 6 to the walks with Tovey & Minshall.

29. Friday, went to the wells with Minshall, walked till neare one, dined at home; went in the evening to Rusthall; walked awhile with Mr Dukes & his Lady; D. Minshall went with me; about 6 Biddolph retorned from London; William Minshall with him; we went (with my daughter & Tovey) to the King's Head to eate oysters; retorned past 7.

30. Satorday, went to the wells; dined at home; Biddolph & 2 Minshalls with us; went in the evening to Rusthall; thence with Biddolph, 2 Minshalls & Brewer to the Castle; Dr Charleton came in to us; stayd but awhile; we all parted about 9.

31. Sonday, went to the wells, twice to church; dined at home; went about 6 to Thomsons with Biddolph & 2 Minshalls; Thomson kept us company; went away past 7; came home, supt.