Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1687

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1687

June 1st. Wednesday, Tovey dressed my leg; brother Peter came to see me; then Sir Edward Wood & his Lady; stayd about 1\2 houer; then came Captaine Journo about Roger's money; then Baroby & D.Minshall; stayd but awhile; brother Peter went to the Change (about 1) came agen & dined with me; parted past 3. Sir Edward Wood called agen, stayd not; then came Sir G. G. & his sonne; then Edisbury, Swetnam & Baroby; they went presently then came Gulston; after awhile Sir G. & his sonne went; Gulston stayd till past 7; after he went Manley of Paternoster Row came to me ; stayd not long.

2. Thursday, dressed my leg; my son's servant came from his mistresse about sending some goods into the contrey; Baroby & D.Minshall dined with me; past 3 one Mrs Smith came to me about money Roger owes her husband; then came Scotto about my concernes in the East Indya company; in the evening came my sons wife, then Jones; past 9 came Morgan stayd till 10; Minshall came as I was going to bed.

3. Friday, Harison of the Quire of Chester came to see me; stayd not; Scotto dined with me; went about 4; I went to visit my landlord, found a woman with him; left them; Sir Robert Cotton made me a visit; then came Tovey to know how my phisick workt; a man came to me from Vibert a fish monger pretending there was some money due from me for fish &c; in the evening Baroby came & after him D.Minshall; they left me past 10.

4. Satorday, Tovey dressed my leg; then came Edisbury & Swetnam, then the next barber to trimmed me; about 1 D.Minshall came to see me; my sonne & landlord dined with me; in the evening I went out with my sonne in his coach to take the ayre; on my retorne I met Crispe in Guild hall Court; he sayd he would come to me but did not; Baskervile came but stayd not.

5. Sonday, Tovey came past 9 to dresse my leg; I dined alone; past 4 Jones came to me; stayd till past 5; I went in my son's coach to Humfreys; met him in the streete; he went with me in the coach beyond Bishopsgate; there we parted; I went to Hogdsden; supt there with Alderman Lewes, my sonne, his wife, Mrs Cole & Morgan; retorned agen past 8, Morgan with me ; he stayd 1\2 houer.

6. Monday, came about 11 to dresse my leg; Mrs Wood & Mrs Miles made me a visit; stayd almost an houer; Eywart dined with me; after dinner came my brother then D.Minshall & Wright; stayd but awhile; I went to see my landlord; stayd not; in the evening I went out with my sonne, called at Grays Inne & Dones but nobody at home; retorned about 8; past 9 came 2 Minshalls then my sonne, then Baroby then Morgan they went about 10.

7. Tuesday, about 11 Tovey dressed my leg; then came Mr Harrison of Knotsford to see me; after he went Mrs Fenwick came about money Roger owes her; in the afternoone came William Minshall & Woods man John; when he went Mr John Page came, stayd till neare 7; then came Baroby & Minshall agen; I went with them to the St Johns Head; thither came to us D.Minshall, Swetnam & Baskervile; William Minshall & Swetnam went first; we all parted past 10.

8. Wednesday, cosen Kate Morgan came to see me; stayd with me about an houer; Downes of Salop came for money Roger owes him; Tovey came about 12 to dresse my leg; D.Minshall dined with me; I then sate awhile with my landlord; then my sonne came; when he went came Sammon of Chester & Minshall; after them one Downes with a letter from Mr Shalerosse about Ardernes money; I stayd at home all night.

9. Thursday, D, Minshall came to see me; Mr Simon Biddolph, ? oppy, & his mayd came to see me; stayd but awhile; Tovey dressed my leg; brother Peter, William Minshall & one Buckston, an attorney dined with me, [fo. 76v] June 9th. after dinner they left with me; I went to see my landlord, there was Page the surgeon; he went up with me to see my leg; after him came the Bishop of Chester's Lady, sonne & daughter; after they went came Kent; then Mr Mainwaring 's Frenchman; they stayd not long; at night came Morgan; went at 10; then Minshall, stayd not.

10, Friday, Page dressed my leg; past 12, D.Minshall came to me & dined with me; about 3 Tovey came to see me; after him came my sonne then Lady Wood & her daughter; after they went came the Bishop of Chester; had some coffee &c; about 8 Jones came, stayd til1 9.

11. Satorday, Page dressed my leg & let me blood; next barber trimmed me; D.Minshall came to see me; I dined alone; Sir Edward Wood came past 5; stayd till past 6; past 7 came Sir Michael Biddolph, my daughter, my sonne, daughter Mrs Martyn & Minshall &c; they supt; after supper came Page; they all left me before 10.

12. Sonday, Page dressed my leg; about 10; Sir Michael Biddolph came to me & went to Comb; also Morgan was with him; my daughter & children & landlord dined with me; daughter went to church; past 4 came Jones & Saladine; after them my daughter, Mrs Baskervile, her daughters & cosen; then my sonne & daughter came; then Mr Bird; stayd at home; about 7 sonne & daughter went; ? Mall; supt with me; (after supper) came Minshall, Gleg & Morgan then Page; they all went past 9; Morgan stayd till neare 10.

13. Monday, Page dressed my leg about 10; past 11 came D.Minshall, then Bird; about 12 my daughter, Mrs Wood & Tovey came; stayd not long; there dined with me Biddolph, Mall, Mrs Wood; Littleton & Sam; Biddolph; past 4 came Harcourt about Duke of Beaufords rents; then Mrs Onen about Rogers money; then Biddolph his brother & Littleton retorned; they went together to Combe & Mrs Wood went home; Page dressed my; leg at night D.Minshall came but stayd not; then came Morgan; he stayd till 10.

14. Tuesday, Page dressed my leg; William Minshall came past 11, stayd 1\2 an houer; brother Peter dined with me & D.Minshall; they left before 3; Sir Edward Wood came about 5; stayd till 6; Sir G. G. sent his man to see me; Mr Bird came about 7; stayd till past 8; Sir Michael Biddolph' Frenchman came to see me; stayd not; Page dressed my leg.

15. Wednesday, Page dressed my leg; Sir G. G. came about 12; dined with me also D.Minshall; Biddolph & my daughter; about 5 came my sonne, his wife, Egerton & William. Minshall; the 2 last went presently away; the rest stayd supper; also Biddolph & D.Minshall supt; Jones came to me; soe did Page; stayd not; they all went past 10.

16. Thursday, Page dressed my leg; Biddolph, his wife, my sonne, his wife & Minshall dined with me; Hughson retorned after dinner; Keck came to me, about 4 in the evening came Jones, stayd 1\2 houer; my son's wife supt with us; Page called after supper.

17. Friday, Page dressed my leg; Sir G. G. came about 11; then the Bishop of Chester; stayed not; G. G. stayd till past 12; Minshall called to see me; Biddolph his wife & my sonne dined with me; D.Minshall came after dinner; they went presently abroad; about 5 Mainwaring 's Frenchman called to see me; then came Lady Wood, then her husband; went away before 7; Biddolph & my daughter supt with me; Page called to see me.

18. Satorday, Page dressed my leg; D.Minshall called; he & my sonne dined with me; brother Peter called in the afternoone & Baroby's man; past 7 we removed our lodgings to an apothecaryes neare Fleete Bridge (fomerly the Darby ale house); daughter Biddolph removed with me; her husband came to us at night; my sonne called then Morgan he supt with us.

19. Sonday, Page dressed my leg past 9; Bird went to Combe; Wright called past 11; he went was going towards Chester; my daughter & I dined alone; in the evening my sonne & daughter came to us; also Humfreys, his wife & Mrs Martyn; they stayd not long; the rest supt.

[fo. 77r]

June 20. Monday, Page dressed my leg; Biddolph came from Comb; dined with us; also my sonne; Minshall, Morgan &c; in the evening came Lady Wood & daughter then Jones also William Minshall; then Page called; Morgan supt; Biddolph retorned to Comb.

21. Tuesday, Page dressed my leg; my sonne came then Morgan; we dined together; after dinner came D.Minshall; about 4 Hughson retorned towards Cheshire; about 6 came Sir Edward Wood; stayd till 7; then came Jack Wright to see me; then my sonne; then Page dressed me.

22. Wednesday, Page dressed my leg about 9; about 12 came brother Peter; he Mrs Wood, Morgan & Minshall dined with me; about 5 came Bird; went before 6 Morgan came & stayd with me 1 2 houer; Mrs Wood & Morgan supt with us;  Page dressed me.

24. Thursday, Page dressed me; Bird came from Comb; dined with us; my sonne came but stayd not; in the evening Page dressed me agen; Biddolph & 2 Minshallls came later; I went to bed.

24. Friday, Page dressed me past 9; before 11 came Sir Edward Wood & his Lady; stayd 1 2 an houer Biddolph, D.Minshall & Morgan dined with us; past Mr Onens sonne came about the money Roger owes; Baroby's man came about retorning money from Chester.

25. Satorday, Page dressed me; Biddolph & 2 Mnshalls & Morgan dined with us; barber of Aldermanbury trimmed me (about 5); Biddolph & D.Minshall supt; Morgan my sonne called about 6; Mr Baskerviles man about retorning money (by Mitton) from Chester.

26. Sonday, Biddolph was not well, kept chamber all day; in the evening came Jones also Wood, his Lady & 2 daughters; they went past 6; Morgan supt with us.

27. Monday, Page dressed me; about 8 Manley came about 11, stayd not &c. my sonne & Morgan came about 12; dined with us; Biddolph kept his chamber; about 5 came Mr Robert Lloyd; stayd till past 6; then came Sir Adam Otley about Rogers wifes concernes; D.Minshall came late; stayd not.

28. Tuesday Page dressed me at 9; 2 Minshalls, Morgan & brother dined with us; Robert Lloyd came up after dinner; they parted before 3; Biddolph went to Combe in the morning; in the evening came my sonne & Morgan; stayd not long.

29. Wednesday, Page dressed me at 9; sonns wife & Mrs Machin called about 10; my sonne, D.Morgan & D.Minshall dined with us; Duncombe came before 5; stayd till 1 2 hour past 6; Baroby's man brought me a bill from Hughson; my sonne & Morgan came past 9; stayd not.

30. Thursday, Page dressed me past 9; my daughter Biddolph went to Comb; D.Minshall dined with me; about 3 came Keck & another with him to see me seale a bond; then Bird; Mr Wood but came not; Morgan called but stayd not.