Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1689

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1689

July 1st Monday, Minshall, Dashwood, Geratt, Hughes &c; came about accounts & businesse; Hobs came to daughter Biddolph I went to Parliment; dined at home, Biddolph, G.Mainwaring, brother & sonnes with us & Mrs Wood; went to Lady Wood home past 8; there was Jones, Wood, G.Mainwaring, parted past 10.

[fo. 106v]

July 2. Tuesday, I began my journey towards Cheshire; with daughter, Mainwaring & Charlotte; Biddolph, my sonne & G.Mainwaring brought us to Barnet; Cockayne & Wright went with us (on) our journey to the Ash & Fowler to Creek; we lay first night at the Crowne in Dunstable; after we were in bed Minshall came to speake with daughter Mainwaring about a horse; we saw him not till morning.

3. Wednesday, we left Dunstable about 8; eate some cold meate 2 miles beyond Wooborne; drank a bottle of wine at Newport (there Cockayne & Wright went off to Fawsley); we lay at the Rose at Northampton.

4. Thursday, we drank a bottle of beere & left Fowler at Creek; Baited at Morton; dranck at the Bull at Coventry; & lay at the Angell at Coleshill; the smallpox being at the Swan &c; thither Cockaine & Wright came to us againe.

5. Friday, we came to Lichfeild about 12; dined at the Swan (there was Mrs Grimes, we sent her some fruite, she visited my daughters &c; ) Mrs Whitley also was there; Nickens & servants from Elmehurst (with fruite); we went hence past 2; lodged at Stone &c; there was Mrs Dresser's mother, her father came to see her next morning; Tomkinson came, supt, then retorned.

6. Satorday, we left Stone before 8; drank at Woer; came to Namptwich past one; Captaine Mainwaring S: Hussey & others gave us wine in the streetes; we dined at the Lamb; there came Dr Jackson, old Bromhall, Savage &c; the towne barber trimmed me; we went away about 4; bells rung at Tarperly; called at the Ash; left Cockaine & Wright there; there was Sir John Crew, his Lieutenant &c; we had a hansome collation; went to Tarvyn, the people flockt about us, gave us drink, rung the bell &c; we came to Peele about 9; found my 2 sisters there; Hardware came & supt with us; then came Minshall &c; 7. Sonday, went to church with daughter Mainwaring; a stranger preached; dined at home, the Deane, Minshall, Hardware, Jackson & his wife with us; stayd at home after noone; Burrows came about 5; he went with Jackson past 6; the Deane past 7.

8. Monday, I took phisick; Sir John Crew sent to visit us; the London coachman retorned; Angell came past 12 & my sister; went past 5; Lieutenant: Wright dined with us, went past 4; Minshall & Traverse dined; & about 5 went to Kelsall; retorned with Mainwaring about 8 & supt; Lleek came about 7, supt, stayd all night.

9. Tuesday, Lleek went with Hughson towards Dysart; Mr Edisbury's man came to visit us; past 12 came Sir John Crew, Sherwood, Captaine church, Nat: Lee, dined with us; Lady Crew & another came in the afternoone; they retorned about 5; Sir John &c; past 7; Llee & Minshall stayd all night, also Mr Llee (Lord Delamer's gentleman) who was sent to visit us; I left them past 10.

10. Wednesday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester; alighted at the Talbot; dined at Angells; past 1 we went to visit cosen Mainwaring; there was Taylor, Shales, Bret, Anderton; then I went to the Mayors, Governors & Mr Hunts; they were all abroad; then to Jacksons (with Mainwaring ); the Mayor, Governor, 2 other gentlemen came to us; also Wright, Anderson, Edwards, Lloyd, Murray, Johnson, Buck, Cratchley, Morgan Whitley &c; the Governor &c; went betimes; we all parted about 7; came home before 9.

11. Thursday, Mr Edisbury came to see us past 11; then Sir John Morgan, Captaine Shales; another Captaine, Morgan Whitley, cosen Brereton & Jackson; they dined, bowled awhile; Edisbury went about 5; the rest about 7; also Mainwaring & Houseman went then to Peover.

12. Friday, about 2, I went to Chester (with Charlotte & sister Anne) to the funerall of Mr Greg; from thence I went to Recorder Wynns; there was the Mayor, Vise Chamberlaine, Fawkes, Venables & another.

[fo. 107r]

July 12. lawyer; I dranck 2 or 3 glasses, eate sturgeon, & left them; called at Harelston's doore; he & his wife & Jackson went with me to the end of the streete where sister & Charlot were in the coach; we stayd not, went home.

13. Satorday, Hardware came about 9, stayd ½ houer; no other company all day.

14. Sonday, I & 2 daughters went to the Sacrament at Tarvyn; dined at home; no company, but my sisters: Morgan Whitley: came in the evening.

15. Monday, Roger Mainwaring & his brother Swetnam came to Peele, dined with us; sent to Chester for Mr Birket; he came past 4; past 5 they & Morgan went to Chester; Hughson retorned from Dysart after I was in bed; the wheelewright mended the charriot &c; 16, Tuesday, Huson gave me acct: of his journey to Dysart; past 11 came Lieutenant Wood; dined, went about 2; Gerard came in the evening; stayd but awhile.

17. Wednesday, I went with Charlotte & my 2 sisters to Chester; lighted at Wrights; met severall tenents there; dined with Wright, Taylor, Bolton, Broster, Shelley, Palin & another tenant; about 3 I went to Angells, then to Hunts & cosen Mainwarings then to the Talbot, there was Johnson, Deane, Kinaston, Eaton, Angell, Fearnhall; had 3 bottles of wine; parted about 7; Angell went with me to Lady Bellot's; saw her, sister & daughters; stayd not; went home &c; 18. Thursday, Huson went to taylor; to glasier; then to Shotwick; Mr Attorney Eyton came about 11; dined, went past 2; 2 carpenters came about worke; Harry Syddall & 2 more for a warrant; I sent them to the Deane; in the evening Morgan came, supt, then went to Chester.

19. Friday, no company; onely 2 neighbors of Aston about Parish businesse & Johnson brought a buck.

20. Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 9; Mrs Done dined with us; the warrener brought us some rabets; Mrs Done went past 6; daughter & Mainwaring retorned about 8.

21. Sonday, went to church with Mainwaring & daughter; Mainwaring went in the afternoone to church; retorned about 5, with Traverse; Morgan came from Chester; supt; I left them past 10; the plaisterer came from Chester & the woodman from Shotwick about work.

22. Monday, 2 carpenters & plaisterer came to work; a cooper, to discourse about new hogsheds; Huson & Morgan went to Mold, Mr Gerard & the church wardens, about the collection for the poore Irish; past 11 came Lady Bellot, her sister & daughters; then Sherwood, then Crew, church, & Hough & Traverse; the Deane came when we were at dinner; about 4 came Huxley, another & Smith; Sherwood & church went past 2; Huxley &c; stayd not long; Bellot went past 6; Crew &c; past 7.

23. Tuesday, I sent the gardner with fruite to Duke Shomberg & Houseman to order the venison to be presented to him; Mainwaring went about 10 to Chester; retorned about 10.

24. Wednesday, Mainwaring went to Chester about 7; Houseman about 10; Mrs Done came about 11, dined, also Mr Lee, his sonne, Mainwaring & G.Mainwaring; Hardware came after noone; they all went before 5; Huson & Houseman retorned past 9.

25. Thursday, Huson went to Shotwick; Pulford, Minshall & Palin came about settling accounts &c; I saw them not; they retorned before dinner; Dr Angell & sister came as we had dined; he retorned past 5; Huson came from Shotwick after I was in bed (about 11); Cadwallader brought a brace of bucks from Frodesley.

[fo. 107v]

July, 26. Friday, I sent John Hickson with a buck to Alderman Mainwaring to present to Count Solmes; no company all day; being in phisick.

27, Satorday, Huson went to Chester, I took phisick; I sent Ned with venison to Mrs Crew & the coachman to Lady Bellot; Sir Thomas Bellot came about 11; dined & retorned past 5; after I went to my chamber came Lluke Lloyd; then Mainwaring & Minshall; I saw them not, nor Huson who came late.

28. Sonday, I was not at church, took phisick; Morgan came from Chester; he dined with Lloyd, Minshall, Mainwaring, my sisters, daughters &c; Minshall went to Chester about 6; the rest stayd all night.

29. Monday, Morgan went early to Tarperly; Mainwaring & Lloyd dined at home & Angell; about 3 Mainwaring & Lloyd went to Utkington; cosen Whitley came about 4; went to Tarperly & Utkington; they retorned late after I was in bed; Angell went away past 5.

30. Tuesday, I went to Chester; cosenWhitley with me (Mainwaring & Lloyd went before) I alighted at the Talbot; called at Jacksons; went with G.Mainwaring to waite on Duke Shomberg; there was Lisbone, Wharton, Coote, Bellasis & much company; the Duke received me courteously & we dined; about 3, I took leave of him; went to Jacksons with G.Mainwaring there was Crew for a while; Sheriffe, Lawton, Minshall, Llee, Lee of Swyneyard & severall others; then came the Mayor, Parry &c; Johnson, Deane, Cockayne, Wright, Shales, Davyes, Brooks & severall others coming & going; I left them past 7; came home about 9.

31. Wednesday, a man brought venison from Shotwick; Huson went to Chester; before 12 came Lawton & dined with us; after dinner came Warburton & Minshall; had some cold meate; &c; Lawton went past 4; Warburton about 6.