Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1689

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1689

Aug: 1. Thursday, Sir John Mainwaring went before 7 to Congreton & Peover soe towards London; Huson went to Caergurly & Mold; Traverse came with a warrant to send part of a teame for the cariages at Chester; Minshall dined with us; about 6 we went to the Deane's; there were severall officers of D: Bolton's Regiment with him; then came Crew, & Manley; the officers went about 8; Minshall & I soone after.

2. Friday, a messenger came with a letter: from Leeke & retorned presently; Dr Angell came about 12; dined, he & Minshall went to Chester past 5; G. Swetnam came a little before they went; stayd all night.

3. Satorday, Mrs Offley sent a man to visit us; Cadwallader brought 2 bucks from Frodesley; after dinner, Swetnam went a setting with Houseman; supt.

4. Sonday, I was not at church; Swetnam & Taylor dined with us; Taylor retorned about 5; Morgan came past 7; stayd all night.

5. Monday, Morgan went to Chester about 11; Swetnam dined, stayd all night.

6. Tuesday, Swetnam went to Utkington past 9; sister Angell & Sidney went to Chester past 4; my 2 grandsons from Peover came about 5 &c; Minshall & another (stranger to me) came neare 11; I was going to bed, saw them not.

7. Wednesday, Minshall & the other went to Chester; I & daughters went before them; I alighted at Wrights, called at Jacksons; dined at Angells with sisters, daughters, Doctor, Mayor, Sir Joseph Allen, Duke Shomberg's Gentleman of the Horse, G.Mainwaring, Minshall; spoke with cosen Brereton after dinner; went with the Mayor to the Sunne; there was G.Mainwaring, Minshall, Governor &c; went thence to Jacksons, Mayor &c; went home before 7.

[fo. 108r]

Aug: 8. Thursday, sent Houseman to Chester & Shotwick; Alderman Merick came; about going with money to Minshall at Manchester; Jenkinson came in the evening.

9. Friday, Angell, his wife, Mrs Mainwaring, Wright & Cratchley, Mr Mayor, Winne, Major Ashley, his Lieutenant, Lloyd, Deane, Kinaston, Walley, Williamson, Gerard, Traverse, Grantham, cosen Whitley, Jenkinson &c; dined with us; the Doctor & woemen went betimes; the men about 7; Whitley & Jenkinson stayd all night; Traverse went past 12.

10. Satorday, I sent Houseman with Alderman Meyrick to pay 100 li. to Minshall; Swetnam came at night. Lord Rivers keeper (another with him) brought venison.

11. Sonday, cosen Whitley & Swetnam dined with us; I went to church with daughter after dinner; Minshall, Morgan & Jackson & his wife came in the evening; stayd all night; Houseman retorned in the evening.

12. Monday, Morgan went to Chester about 9; I sent John thither early; with venison to G.Mainwaring Anderson &c; Crew, Deane, Sherwood, Mayor, Mainwaring, Edwards, Lloyd, Faubert another Frenchman, Mrs Done, her daughter, Cockaine & severall others dined with me; after dinner came the Governor & another & Cockaine; they parted about 7; then came Lleeke; he, cosen Whitley, Swetnam & Minshall stayd all night..

13. Tuesday, I & 2 daughters came from Peele; past 7; dranck at Mr Cockaines (he was abroad) cald at Lambe at Namptwich, stayd not; saw 2 Husseys &c; stayd an houer at Woer; lay at Stone all night.

14. Wednesday, went from Stone past 7; called at Elmehurst; saw Vernon, Nickens, Gardner &c; drank a bottle of mummes; had some fruite; dined at Rawbon's; Mrs Whitley came to us; went away past 3; lay at Swan at Coleshill, all night.

15. Thursday, went thence past 7; called at the Paniers; stayd not; dined at Hillmorton; lay at Northampton &c; at the Rose & Crowne: 16. Friday, went before 8, dranck a pinte of shery (in the coach) at Newport; stayd an houer & dined at Lord Bedfords Armes by the Sandhills; lay all night at the Crowne at Dunstable; Mainwaring & Bradshaw came to us from London; Biddolph & Sir John Napper from Luton; Napper went back in an houers tyme; the rest stayd all night.

17. Satorday, we went thence about 8; stayd in the highway at the end of St Albans; dranck a bottle of ale, eate bread & cheese &c; had a bottle of beere at Nims; dined at Barnet (at the Greene Man) Lady Delamer going by, she dranck a tankard of ale & sugar at the doore; Lady Gerard was also on the road; Lord Maxfeild met her neare Maribone; we did not speake with them; came to London about 7; lodged at Mrs Christian's House in York Buildings; there was daughter Biddolph, my sons, Tovey 18. Sonday, went not to church; Minshall dined with us; brother Peter, Roger &c; Wood came about 5; stayd not; I met him about 7; at the Halfe Moone; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring my sons, Rogers, Maxfeild &c; we parted about 10.

19. Monday, I went to Parliment dined at home, brother & sonnes, Lady Wood &c; Mrs Littleton, & Vanham came to see my daughters; my sonne & I met Sir Robert Owens at the Halfe Moone about 7; parted before 9.

20. Tuesday, went to Parliment were ajourned (past 2) to the 10th Sepember: went with Bishop of Bangor & my son to Sir Robert Owens lodgings, Wynne a Lawyer came to us; parted past 3; dined at home with Biddolph, Mainwaring, sons, daughter ne: Mrs Shakerly &c; about 5, Cr: Lower, Needham, and [fo. 108v] Aug: 20 ?Radliffe; Hobs & 3 other surgeons came to consult about daughter's Biddolph's distemper; they parted before 6; I went with Biddolph to the Grapes in Coven Garden; there was Wood, Coling, Rogers, Maxfeild & Harris; Mainwaring came to us; we parted about 10.

21. Wednesday, I drank Epsom water; stayd within all morning; Anderton came to me about 9; stayd not; Kenrick came about 12; went at one; dined at home; went to the Temple, there was Browne, Brereton, Humfrey's brother walking &c; I called at the Grapes; there was Wood, Rogers, Maxwell, Harris &c; I left them about 9; went home.

22. Thursday, Humfreys came to me in the morning; Wood, his Lady & daughters dined with us; also my sonne &c; I went to Humfreys chamber; thither came Hall (& his sonne) with the bond about Receivers place; I went thence to the Fountaine; there was Wood, Rogers & another; Biddolph came to us; we parted before 10. Mainwaring was at Epsom.

23. Friday, severall came to take leave of us; we had a dish of meate about 12; Mainwaring retorned from Epsom; about 2, we took coach for Tunbridge; lay at Sevenoaks.

24. Satorday, Sir Ben: Newland called at the inne where we lay; had a glasse of wine & a pipe with Biddolph, Mainwaring &c; then came Mr Aston, stayd not; we went thence past 11; came to Skinners at Tunbridge past 3; took lodgings there (at fifty shillings the week).

25. Sonday, I went twice to church, dined & supt at home; met many acquaintance at the wells.

26. Monday, went to the wells past 9; had a pinte of wine with Mainwaring & Biddolph at Veronns; gave Haws a guiney towards the charge of the Chappell, Mainwaring gave another; I went to Mainwarings Coffe House; there was one Williams & 2 or 3 more; dined at home; went about 7 to the Castle; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, How, Cornish & 3 or 4 more, strangers to me; we parted before 9.

27. Tuesday, went to the wells about 9; dined at home; went about 5 (with 2 daughters) to Rusthall; about 7 I went to the Castle; How, Stephens, Biddolph, Mainwaring & 4 more (strangers to me) came to us; parted past 9.

28. Wednesday, went to the wells, dined at home; went at night to the Castle; there was How, Biddolph Mainwaring.

29. Thursday, went to the wells, dined at home; went with daughter Mainwaring about 4 to visit Lady Brandon & her sister; they were abroad; I called on Millington; there was Gwynne & some women; I dranck a glasse of wine; stayd but awhile; went home, soe to the Castle; there was Biddolph Mainwaring, Charleton, How.

30. Friday, went to the wells; dined at home; went to the Castle past 7; there was How, Mainwaring, Biddolph, Lenthall, Pett & severall others; parted about 9.

31. Satorday, went to the wells, dined at home, went at night to the Castle; there was How, Biddolph Mainwaring, Pet, the surgeon &c; parted about 9.