Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1689

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1689

Sepr: 1. Sonday, went to the wells, to church, dined at home; came late to church in the afternoone; went to the Castle past 6; there was Sir John Parker, Horneby, How, Pet, Mainwaring, Biddolph &c; we parted before 9.

2. Monday, went to the wells, (& to chappel every day) dined at home; went to Rusthall about 4; walked awhile; retorned home about 5; went to the Castle at 7; there was How, Gofton, Stiles, Biddolph, Mainwaring, Harris, Herrington, one or 2 more, strangers; I left them at 9.

3. Tuesday, went to the wells & to Chappell; dined at home; stayd within all day.

4. Wednesday, I dranck Epsom water; stayd within till neare 12; went to the wells; dined at home; went about 6 to Ephraim Bowling Greene, then to the Castle with Stiles; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring Parker, Herrington, Gofton & another; I left them before 9.

5. Thursday, I went to the wells & to Chappell; dined at home; Biddolph & Mainwaring dined abroad; past 4 I went abroad in the coach with daughters; retorned, stayd at home all night.

6. Friday, went to the wells & Chappell, dined & stayd at home all day.

7. Satorday, went to the wells & Chappell, dined & stayd at home all day.

8. Sonday, went to the wells & to Chappell (twice) went home, stayd there all day.

9. Monday, went to the wells & to Chappel; dined at home; went with daughters to the walkes; drank a bottle of wine with Pet, Mainwaring & Biddolph at the end of walke.

10. Tuesday, went to the wells & Chappell; dined, & stayd at home all day.

[fo. 109r]

Sp: 11. Wednesday, went to the wells & Chappell; was at Vron's with Mainwaring, Mrs Williams & another Lady eating oysters; dined at home; went in the evening to Ephraim then to the Castle; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, Parker, Chaire, Radford, Harris, Astenhurst & some more; Tovey came to the next roome; I went home with him & Biddolph past 8.

12. Thursday, went to the wells & to Chappell; Biddolph treated me, Parker, Gofton, Mainwaring &c; at Veron's; I dined at home with Biddolph & Tovey; Mainwaring went towards London in the morning past 9; in the evening I went to Rusthall; dranck 2 or 3 bottles of wine with Biddolph, Chaire, Radford, Cornish & 3 or 4 more; parted after 8.

13. Friday, went to the wells & Chappell & to Veron's with Biddolph Chaire, Radford, Gofton, Cornish, Hoskins &c; dined at home; about 2 we began our journey towards London; met Pratchet on the way; lay at Seveoak, came thither before 7.

14. Satorday, went from Sennock about 11 (Biddolph went about 7 in the morning to Comb) we called at Farneborough; stayd about ½ houer; Joseph & Hatton met us on the road; we came to our lodgings in Dole Streete past 7; Lady Wood, her daughters, 2 Toveys, Morgan &c; were there; supt &c; & Mainwaring came to us.

15. Sonday, I was not at church; Shakerley & his wife came to us in the morning; went to church with Mainwaring dined with us; soe did Roger, Pickering &c; they parted past 5; Biddolph, Morgan & I went to the parke; then to Lockets with cosen John Lloyd; there was Mainwaring, Arderne, Pickering & Bedisford; we went hence (some of us) to the Bulls Head; (stayd not) then to Windsor Castle (a Frenchman's over the way) stayd there 2 houers; Roger came to us; parted before 9.

16. Monday, about 12 I went with Morgan to Humfreys then to Lady Woods then home to dinner; Mainwaring & Biddolph & brother Peter dined with us; about 3 Dr Turbevile the occulist came to daughter Biddolph, afterwards Mr Knowles & Herrington, surgeons, I saw them not; I went about 4 with Mainwaring & Biddolph to the St Johns Head in Cateaten Streete; there was brother Peter, Bedisford & Traughton; Biddolph stayd not; Morgan came to us; he & Mainwaring went towards Cheshire &c; I left them about 7; horses at doore.

17. Tuesday, Warburton came about 9; stayd ½ houer; I dined at home, Roger with me; went with him past 4 to Humfreys chamber; he sealed Hughsons Deputacion; then we called at Kents; he was abroad; I left him there; went into the parke; met severall acquaintance; also Sir William Howard by St James Gates; walked with him awhile in the streete; came home about 7.

18. Wednesday, Kent came with a man to sell coach horses; Jack Lloyd with a book; a coachman to be hyred &c; I dined at home, Roger with us; Lady Wood came in the afternoone; about 5 I went to visit the Bishop of Chester; then to Alderman Chandler, then to Lady Wood: found her & her daughters at supper, dranck a glasse of wine; came home: 19. Thursday, I dranck Epsom waters; there came a coachman to be hyred for daughter Mainwaring; past 12 came Herrendon the Surgeon, looked on my leg; directed a fomentacion; after dinner Dr Turbevile came about my daughter's eye; before 6, I walked in the parke; retorned before 7; Dr Needham came before 8, saw my leg, I gave him a fee.

[fo. 109v]

Sepr: 20th. Friday, I went to the Parliment which we ajourned to the 19th October (by message from the King); Captaine Hughes came to me about his going to Alemis; I recommended & presented him to Mr Comptroller Wharton (being one of the Commissionrs for regulating the Army); I dined at home with Biddolph, brother, Arderne & Roger; Herrendon came to see daughter Biddolph about 5, Biddolph & I & brother Peter called on Wood; met him at the doore; Biddolph & I went to the Exchange in London, walked awhile; spoke with Sir Thomas Rolt &c; retorned home before 8.

21. Satorday, Kent came to show some coach horses for daughter Mainwaring I dined at home, sent Houseman to visit Mr Cholmely; about 5 came Wood; we went to the Fountaine in the Strand; Rogers & Biddolph came to us; we parted before 9; brought Wood home.

22. Sonday, I was not at church, dined at home; went about 4 (with Biddolph) to visit Lord Delamer at Kensington; met his Lordship by the way; went on to waite on his Lady; there were 2 other Lady's with her; at going out met Humfreys & his wife; walked a little way with them in the streete; retorned home; Sir Edward Wood & Lady & daughters supt with us; parted past 8.

23. Monday, Warburton came about his brothers concerne; to desire my Certificate in his behalfe; Bedisford brought 2 coach mares for me to see, for daughter Mainwaring; Pigeon came to discourse me about the money due to me in Treasury Chamber; he was going to the Bath; cosen Shakerly came to see my daughters; I dined at home with Biddolph; a Cooper came to desire my Certificate; we went past 4 to see Mr Cholmely in the Tower; retorned home about 7.

24. Tuesday, Warburton brought Certificates for his brother; I signed 2 of them to the same effect; Teale a Pewterer & Kenrick came to discourse me about copper oare; Teale desired me to speake to Wildman to continue him as a letter receiver; a coach man came to offer his service to daughter Mainwaring; Biddolph went to Combe in the morning; Roger dined with us; Mrs Wood came in the afternoone; I brought her home about 7 & then went to the Nags Head in James Streete Coven Garden; there was Coling, his sonne, Wood, Rogers, Maxfeild & another; we parted past 9; I brought Wood home in my coach & Coling & his sonne to the Haymarket; came home before 10.

25. Wednesday, I dined at home, stayd at home all day.

26. Thursday, I went to Sir Rowland Gwynn's, he was abroad; then to his office in Whitehall; gave his clarke (Mr Hall) Mr Done's Certificate of what was due to me from that office; met Sir Thomas Littleton in the court; he went in my coach to the end of Norfolk Streete; I went to Humfreys then to Keck; called at the Greyhound Taverne to inquire for Sir John Morgan, then home to dinner; brother Peter dined with us; in the evening came Wood; I went with him to the Nags Head; there was Rogers, Maxfeild, Cooper & 3 strangers (one of theire names was Jone's, belongd to the Queene) parted at 9, brought Wood to his doore ; came home.

27. Friday, Kent came about horses for Mainwaring, went with me to St James; I spoke with Sir Rowland Gwynne about money due from his office; Sir John Morgan & 2 or 3 more were with him; I met sonne Roger there & another gentleman with him; I came home; dined, Roger with us; after dinner came Herrendon to daughter Biddolph then Lady Wood, then Roger, then brother Peter; Biddolph retorned about 8 from Combe; Lady Wood supt with us.

28. Satorday, brother & Kent came about making brother Peter's coate; I lent him 10 li. brother & Biddolph dined with us; about 1 came Veron of Tunbridge to desire my Certificate about the post office of that place; in the evening I went to Woods, then to the Temple to take leave with Mr Humfreys, he was abroad, I saw his wife; I then called on Leeke, the Goldsmith, then on Wood at the Coffe House; then we went to the Nags Head; there was Captaine Harris & Cooper; then came Biddolph, then one Sherwood; we parted past 9.

[fo. 110r]

Sep: 29. Sonday, I took phisick; Biddolph, brother & Roger dined with us; in the afternoone Veron came about a Certificate; Tovey to inquire how phisick worked & Pickering to know if I would have any thing for the contrey; I stayd within all day.

30. Monday, Captaine Hughes came to desire my assistance for his going in the Regiment to Mevis; I wrote to Sir Rowland Gwynne in his behalfe; I dined at home with Biddolph & in the evening came Jones with my accounts &c; then Dr Needham & Mr Hughes servant: for my letters; I stayd at home all night.