Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1696

July 1. Wednesday, Mainwaring went early to Crew to the burying of MrsTurner; Houseman went to the tenants at Ashton but could get no money 2. Thursday, Houseman went to Bechin; past 10 a company of women (27 in all & a boy) came to Peele from Chester complaining of the coyne that they were ready to spurne; requiring me to change it &c. but at last I pacifyed them giving each of them 2 pecks of barley; Mainwaring came back from Crew about 11. Morgan came from Chester, stayd all night.

3. Friday, a woman from Chester came to get corne; I sent her to make hay; then gave her some, also a man that came from Chester; past 5 Chard came to see us from Chester, Jackson, his wife & Biggens came after diner; did eate cold meate in the buttry; in the evening Alderman Murray, his brother & Pemberton called at Peele in theire retorne from Vale Royall; all went before 8.

4. Satorday, more women from Chester came for corne; also a Welshman; Houseman sent them to make hay; Morgan went after diner (& Houseman with him) to Chester; Houseman came back about 10.

5. Sonday, daughter &c. went to church; no company &c. Moses was with me in the evening.

6. Monday, 20 people came from Chester to change theire money or for corne; they had 2 pecks each of them; Sir William Aston & his Lady dined with us; also Dick Minshall; he stayed all night; Nixon & 9 of the mayds went to Budworth Wakes (Houseman after them, came againe past 9 interl); Roger writ to me from Chester; that 2 of our Men of War & some of our Yachts were taken on the Welsh coasts & that the enemy had landed in Anglesey.

8. Wednesday, Johnson, 2 Sheriffs, Adams & an officer belonging to the mint dined with us; went to bowles after diner; Johnson & Adams retorned neare 6; the rest past 7.

9. Thursday, Morgan went to Chester, Mr Bruen came to see us about 5, went before 7. Houseman & Raph went to Ashton at 7 to receive money from the tenants but got none that I would take; Mrs Swift (& a Yong man with her) came at 2 about the suite between her & Streete. they went about 4.

10 Friday, I sent Nixon with 2 loads of hay to Chester & Houseman to Bechin; also Morgan & granson came in the morning; Morgan stayd all night; about 2 I & daughter went to the funerall of Bromley's wife. retorned about 5. Houseman about 9.

11. Satorday, Mainwaring, Roger & Morgan went to Chester about 9. also Brock with the cart with goods; about 4 we went after them; came there past 6. Alderman Edwards. Comberbach & James Mainwaring came to see me in the evening.

12. Sonday, daughter Whitley, Grandson, Roger, Morgan &c. dined with us; Nixon went to Peele after diner. no other company that night.

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July 13. Monday, Yong was with me about the mint. Robinson came to thank me for recommending him for an imployment in it; I went to the Penthouse at 12 then to the Court in the Hall; retorned at 2. Recorder, Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, 2 Sheriffs, 2 Coroners, Comberbach, Adams, the Captaine of the Invalids dined with me, parted past 5. At 6 I went to the comitte at the Penthouse; retorned past 8; Hatchet & Allison came to me about widow Riley; Mainwaring went this morning (about 7) to Dedington. Houseman & Huson to Shotwick; came back at night.

14. Tuesday, I hyred Philip, promised him 5 li. a yeare wages. I sent the coachman to Peele to help in the hay; Houseman & Huson to Shotwick; Sheriffe Deane was with me about distributing the brasse money that came from London; Dr Angell, my sister, sister Lloyd; Booth, his wife, her sister & Key & Roger dined with us (Bingley & his daughter came to see us interl) I went at 6 to Roodee, then to Angell, then home.

15. Wednesday, the Taylors were with me with a complainte against one of theire company; they were to appeare at the Penthouse on Satorday; Wrench & his sonne Taylor came to me about buying the Officers place that is vacant; I asked 20 li.; they are to be with me tomorrow; Huson & Houseman came from Bechin, last night lay at Biggins. Adams was with me & Cratchley about meeting at the Penthouse this night. Evan Jones, Morgan & Granson dined with us; Payne to speake with daughter. after diner 4 Pipemakers came to complayne of Wright & to desire to be incorporated with the Bricklayers; I went to the Penthouse at 6. thence to the Ship with Deane, Bolland & Murray & home at 10.

16. Thursday, Wrench & Taylor came about the officers; I apointed them to come tomorow at 10; I sent Huson to speake with Roger about the contents of the letter he sent me yesterday, Johnson, Deane, Bolland, Comberbach, White & Houseman were with me about the windows & other timber worke in the new Hall; Johnson went about 1, the rest dined with me; also sister Angell & Lloyd, White dined with [me]. Houseman, Hall & Buckley came at 6 about the money they are to pay me; I went to Roodee at night; after supper James Mainwaring & Maudit of Leverpoole came to see me, stayd an houer.

17. Friday, past 11 I went to the Quarter Sessions in the Hall; retorned neare 3; Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Sheriffs, Coroners, Cratchley, Comberbach, Adams dined with; I went in the evening to Roodee; soe home &c.

18. Satorday, John Mainwaring was with me; I desired him speake to Johnson about my kitchen fee; to pay himselfe & send me the rest in market money; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned at 2. Streete, Cumberbach, Adams, sister Angell, cosen Whitley, his son, my Granson &c. dined with me; Rolles came after dinner to complaine of Foster; Bradborne to enquire after money due from Davyes to a widow. Palin to discourse about a lease; Richard Hughes to speake wit Huson about Mold tithes &c. I went to the comitte at Penthouse past 6. retorned about 8. Mainwaring retorned from Quarter Sessions & Peover. In the evening my cart brought in hay from Peele & wheate, rye &c. back & Huson went home.

19. Sonday, was not at church; daughter Whitley, her son & daughter, Kate Whitley, Morgan &c. dined with us. I went to the Roodee in the evening &c. Houseman went to Tarvyn & out all night.

20. Monday, Frith & Comberbach were with me about the coyne; Bunbery & Maders about Egertons Statute; I went to the Quarter Sessions before 12. retorned about 2. Murray, Johnson, Borows, 2 Sheriffs, Comberbach, Parry, Roger & Granson dined with us; cosen Thomas Ravenscroft & Randle came to see us; stayd an houer; I went to Roodee at 6. then to the Hall; then to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Johnson, 2 Sheriffs, Wright & Kinaston; we parted before 10. I saw Houseman about 10. he layd at Biggins.

21. Tuesday, Houseman went to see his mother; Mainwaring had a buck sent him from Rock= Savage, my cart brought hay from Peele; Lieutenant Jones came to me. stayd not; Parry dined with me; promised to manage my concened in Flintshire; Bunbery & Maders came about Frodesley Statutes; Penant called but stayd not; Crosse came about the almeswomen; Croughton about the vacant officers place Adams about the order about the corne that Belman's wife & sonne about her house. Mainwaring dined with the Sheriffe.

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July 21. Crosse, Achet & Leftwich came about a poore widow & paying Leftwich's wages which I gave Mr Buckley order to pay him.

22. Wednesday, Croughton payed my daughter 5 li. for Taylor & gave me bonds for 15 li. more on his account; I went to the Penthouse at 12. swore Taylor one of the offices of the Mace; retorned home past 1. Mr Lloyd. Mainwaring, Roger, Lloyd, Edwards, Johnson, Sheriffs dined with us; went about 4. in the evening (about 6) we took coach for Peele; stayd awhile in Forest Streete; came to Peele past 8.

23. Thursday, no company or businesse; I got in all my hay ( but the wood which was not cut downe).

24. Friday, I sent Thomas early to Chester for letters & to see Roger; Tindall, his cosen & Jackson dined with us; went about 7.

25. Satorday, Brock went to Chester past 9, also the cart with hay & to bring malt &c. back Broster came hither from Mold.

26. Sonday I was not at church; Moses was with mw in the evening about Bechin wood.

27. Monday, Jordan was with me & Hughes; I agreed to him to repaire all the slating of the Hall & out houses & to keep it in repayre (for 5 years; he sayd but 3) for 5 li. & to finde all materials; onely having the slates & lime that was now in the work house; & I to carry his sand; but I am to be at no other charge; Broster went in the morning to Dissart; Granson came, dined, went back after diner; retorned at night; Huson came in the evening. Ned Lightfoote came about the money he owes me. desire to take Adam Kemps feild &, if I leased Ashton, that I would treate with John Holland &c. Bowker was with me.

28. Tuesday, a man came to Huson about leasing 'Akerly's' house; they went to see it; Finchet came to me. I discoursed him about Averages? & Richard Holland about the money he owes me; Alderman Johnson, 2 Sheriffs, Robinson, Pemberton, Davyes, White dined with us; bowled after diner, went past 6. Morgan came about 5. Roger about 9 (Key was here, stayd all night interl). I went to see Bromley in the evening, met Mainwaring at Kent's did not goe in.

29. Wednesday, Mainwaring went about 6 towards Namptwich; Granson to Chester about 10; Kenyon (the carpenter) came at 11 to discourse about building at Shotwick; about 7 came Eaton, Joynson & Row to discourse with me & Huson about averages at Molesworth; Broster retorned from Dissert; Mainwaring stayd at Namptwich that night.

30. Thursday, Morgan & Roger went to Chester past 9. daughter, I & Granson went at 11. lighted & dined at sister Whitley's; found Mainwaring there; Horton came to us, also cosen Whitley; after diner came 2 Sheriffs, Pemberton, Lloyd &c. Adams & Holmach with the prisoner (for counterfeite money) he desired to be bailed; I refused, no Justice of the Peace being with me; besides, I thought him not baylable. I referd him to the Justices that comitted him; another (one Lloyd, a butcher of Newcastle) was examined upon oath about the prisoner & was bound over to give evidence at the next Assises. I went past 4 to widow Bennets; there were 2 Sheriffs, cosen Whitley, Horton, Lloyd, Adams, Comberbach; Brock brought one D oe to me to be my brewer. I took coach (with daughter) about 6 & came to Peele about 8. Granson with us. Mainwaring came past 9.

31. Friday, Grantham & Moulton came to treate about a lease at Shotwick; they dined with us, went past 2. Kenion (the carpenter) came about building for me at Shotwick; Symson the clarke for the Parsons due Lady Winnington & Mrs Bruen to visit my daughter &c; a man came from.Raphs father to be hyred to look to the cattle, swine &c. I orderd him to meete me at Peover next week..