Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1696

June 1. Monday, Houseman went to meete Davyes at Bechin; Hardware, Ely & Angell came & dined with us; I left them past 3; Sam (the porter) & George Lach dined with the servants.

2. Tuesday, Jackson came & dined with us; went past 4. Morgan went in the evening; Savage came & stayd all night.

3. Wednesday, (Savage, & another of Mainwarings tenants dined with us interl) Granson came to see us, dined went about 4. in the evening daughter & I went to take the ayre; met Mainwaring in Ashton, went into the Hall with Yong; had a bottle of ale.

4. Thursday, Bowker came to mend the rabitt holes; Smith went to Colebrooke; the 2 Sheriffs, Adams, Broughton & Claxkson came after diner; went about 7.

5. Friday, Mainwaring & daughter went (before 6) towards Peover; Key came to see us past 10 (and dined with us interl) Houseman went to Bechin (early). Rowe Eaton & another tenant came about Hockneys wife being orderd by the Justice of the Peace to be maintayned by Mouldsworth; I went (about 8) to meet Mainwaring & daughter from Peover; met them in Ashton at Bromeys doore; Houseman retorned.

6. Satorday, Mainwaring went (past 9) to Chester & Houseman past 11. retorned at night.

7. Sonday, Mr Gerard came & gave us the Sacrament; my Granson & Tomkinson dined with us. Tomkinson went past 2. Granson stayd all night.

8. Monday, Mainwaring & Granson went to Chester about 9. (about 5 I , daughter & family followed them &c. Johnson, Holland, J[ohn] Mainwaring came agen after supper, stayd awhile crossed out.) Mainwaring retorned late.

9. Tuesday, Mainwaring went early towards Knotsford; about 5 I & daughter & family went to Chester; after supper Johnson, James Mainwaring & Streete came, they stayd awhile &c.

10. Wednesday, (Ince & Johnson came about Ince's encroachment in the Rowes he promised to desist at present interl). I went past 1 to wayte on Lord Bellanont at the Bull; Roger, Key, Silary & Loyd dined, with us; about 4 I went to next house, to christen James Mainwarings sonne; past 6 I went to Roodee; retorned to James Mainwaring, supt there (with much company) came home before 10.

11. Thursday, White & Jordan came to me about the bricklaying;Arderne about the Assembly businesse. Buckley & Bingley about Hall's money; Ivor Cratchley about citty concernes &c. Kinaston, Hilton (Glover) came about Hilton renewing a lease by consent of the Assembly &c. about 5 came Lord Bellamont & Richard Atkins; stayd till neare 7 &c. Mainwaring came back this evening..

12. Friday, I went to the Assembly in the Penthouse at 11. retorned at 3. Lord Bellamont (& 3 of his company) dined with us, also 2 Sheriffs, Streete, James Mainwaring stayd till 8 (all but James Mainwaring).

13. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 12. retorned past 2, Johnson, Holland, Hardware, Ely & Sidney dined with us; after diner came Deane, then Mercer, Richard Hughes, Pack &c. all went before 6. past 7 came Mainwaring, Streete, Edwards, Sheriffs, Treasurer, Hand, Kinaston &c. to discourse of the General Assembly.

14. Sonday, the Governor, Roger, sister Whitley, daughter in law, Roger &c. dined with us; in the evening the Sheriffs & Johnson came to us; we all parted about 10.

15. Monday. I went to the Penthouse, then to the General Assembly in the Common Hall (about 12) Mr Burrows was chosen Alderman; a new Common Councell was also chosen, we retorned about 2. the Recorder, Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Sheriffs. Treasure, John Mainwaring, Adams dined with us; parted before 5. at 6 I went to the Penthouse; then to the funerall of Mr Anderson; I stayd the sermon; Recorder & Sheriffs came in with me; drank a glasse of mumms; Lee of Darnhall came to see me, they all parted within 1/2 houer; Mainwaring came in, after supper (about 9) we went to our....?......chambers past 10.

[fo. 205v]

June 16. Tuesday, Mainwaring went early towards Middlewich; Houseman (about 12) to Peele; Adams was with me to summon the Hall comitte at 6. the Deane came past 11 to discourse me about Rogers concernes; Angell, my sister Sidney & Lloyd, Grandon & Key dined with us; went about 3. I went to the comitte at the Penthouse past 6. thence to the Ship (about 8) there was Lee of Darnehall, 2 Sheriffs & Wright; they went past 9. then came Mainwaring; we parted past 10.

17. Wednesday, I went to the Penthouse at 12 to sweare an Aldermen & Common Councellmen; retorned about 2. Dutton, Edwards, Lloyd, Carington & Davyd Parry dined with us; parted past 4.

18. Thursday, Dutton & Burrows came to me with a complainte against Prestbury; I apointed all to meete at the Penthouse on Satorday; Bostock & carter were with me about the roofe of the Hall; Walton about teaching Raph to surevey; George Lach to get him a place in the Custome house in Learpoole; Morgan & Key dined with us. I went at 6 to the Roodee; then to the Hall; soe home.

19. Friday. Cottrell & the other steward of the company of Barbers &c. came to complaine of Arthur Bolland for not paying Jones his charity to the company; that money having bin long in his hands; I sent for him to meet; he says he is willing & offers to pay in such money as is possable &c. the Bishop & Deane sent a verger & another man to me with a seditious paper threatening me &c. about the bade money (to pull downe our houses, plunder us &c.) after diner Wright, the Grocer. Llee & Selsby came to me with a woman who was about to leave 2 children on theire Parish &c. in the evening I went to the Penthouse, the comitte did not meete; Mainwaring & I went to sister Whitley, then home. James Mainwaring came past 9. stayd awhile.

20. Satorday, (Norbery was with me interl) I went to the Penthouse, retorned before 2. Pemberton, Mowson, Kirke. Hawthorne, Key, Adams dined with us; I went in the evening to Roodee; then to Angell's, retorned about 8 &c. Carter was with me about the Hall; Roger came & stayd till past 10.

21. Sonday, Salmon (my London landlord) dined with us; after supper Johnson & James Mainwaring came to Mainwaring & me, stayd till neare 10.

22. Monday, Frith & another came about the clipt money what should be done in theire excise receipts; & one Duncomb (& Walton with him) about the Pipemakers; the duty imposed on them by the Act; that they (especially the women) were rude & tumultuous that he would imploy Walton in the matter. I promised (after the hurrey & disorders of the fayre was over) to send for them to submit peacibly to the law or punish them. Brereton complained of Coker for not paying toll for corne brought in &c. Houseman went to meete Crosse & Norbery about the hospitall leases & concernes &c. Angell & sister Lloyd dined with us; after diner came sister Angell then Bunbery, then Carter, Vicarr, Johnson &c. then 2 men about the alnage (I referd them to the Penthouse tomorrow, 11 a clock &c. Smith called on me about 11 in his retorne from the cole pits; I went past 5 to Roodee & at 6 to the comitte at the Penthouse & home past 8.

23. Tuesday, I went to the Penthouse at 11 & retorned about 1. Key & Roger dined wit us; I sent the Macebearer to the Londoners not to give us any disturbance by theire new practice of weighing English Silvercopper which ocasions scruples amongst us &c. I went in the evening to Recorder then to sister Whitley's; then home; one John Anderson came to me; shewed me his? (from the Recorder of London) to search after some coyners, clippers & other criminalls (fled from justice) desired my countenance & assistance which I promised.

24. Wednesday (Midsomer day) Lieutenant Jones came to se me but stayd not; Chadwick trimmd me; Smith came from Peele; Angell. my sister & Lloyd, Ravenscroft & Virginia Lloyd dined with me; went past 3. Jordan came for 8 li.for work; Wilson of Brombrow (with others) to pay money; but I received none, it being clipt &c. went to the Roodee past 6. retorned past 7. Hickman's son brought a poore buck from Frodesley.

25, Thursday, Mainwaring went to Knotsford; Ardington (imployed by the Recorder of London to look after coyners & theifes &c.) was with me; he intended to retorne this morning; Salmon cheife factor was with me about retorne of money; Harison of Holywell about copper ore; Jolly Adams about the Quarter Sessions; Frith came from Peele.

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June 25, The cart came from Peele for malt, wheate, &c. cosen Whitley, Morgan, Luke Lloyd, Kenyon, Key. my Granson & Thomas Whitley; sister Whitley, daughter &c. dined with us. (Huson went to Bechin & retorned interl) went at 6 to the Roodee; then to Lady Bellot's; called at sister Whitley's; then to widow Mainwarings; then home past 8.

26. Friday, I sent for Coker to me about the toll corne & White to consider of the roofe of the new Hall; he & Houseman were with me neare an houer about it; in the evening I went to Roodee, then home. Mainwaring retorned this evening from Peover 27. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12. retorned neare 2. Johnson & Deane & Key dined with us; James Mainwaring came after diner; all went before 4.

28. Sonday, I went to church with the almesmen; they dined with me, also Baroby, Mitton, Mostyn & another Londoner (with daughter Whitley & cosen Kate) in the lesser roome; all went about 3. I went to the Roodee at 6. retorned past 7. Johnson & Deane came after supper, parted about 10.

29. Monday, Ellis & another Mercer came with a Namptwich man to complaine of his keeping open shop now after the fayre; he promised to shut up; I dined with the Fishmongers; there was Mainwaring, Ince, James Mainwaring, Parsons, Wilcocks, Winstanley, Moris &c. I left them about 3. came home &c. went to the Penthouse at 6 & to the Ship about 8. there was Edwards, Hand, Bolland, Deane, Recorder, Mainwaring &c. parted past 10.

30. Tuesday, we had an Assembly; I & our family, sister Whitley, daughter &c. dined at Angells; went home about 4. was trimmd & took coach before 6. came to Peele at 8.