Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1696

May 1. Friday, Tovey dined with us; in the evening I & daughter &c went to visit cosen Whitley in London, retorned past 8.

2. Satorday, Herington came about 11. I gave him 2 guineys; after diner came Horton, stayd not long; I went out past 6 to Ludgate Hill & to Minshalls, saw him, his wife & sister; retorned home past 8.

3. Sonday, Hickman & his wife, brother with, Mainwaring, Lloyd dined with us; went past 2; I & daughter went out before 6. retorned past 7. I went to the Crosse Keys.

4. Monday, Kate Morgan & Mainwaring dined with us, went past 3. Alderman Lewes came past 4. stayd not; Comberbach came at 6, stayd 1/2 houer; went to the club..

5. Tuesday, Bidolph, Venables, Mainwaring dined with us; after diner came Ord; told me they could raise money for the businesse of Frodesley; soe an end to the matter; they all went before 4. I went to the Parke at 6, then to the club &c. I called at Lord.Maxwells. he was abRood..

6. Wednesday, Pris & her little neece dined with us & Maxwell; in the evening Griffith the cook came to me about Rogers debt. stayd not. Fowler was with me at 11 about hyring horses.

7. Thursday, I, daughter, Mainwaring &c went to dine with Duncombe in the contrey.; there was a Parlement man, his wife & another gentleman & gentlewoman dined with us; we came thence before 6 & home about 9.

8. Friday, I went to Mount at Bridewell; signed my will; dined at Pontacks. Mainwaring (it being his birthday) daughter &c dined with us; also Bidolph, (William Mainwaring interl), Minshall &c. I went thence about 6 to the Park; lighted at St James; walked through the park to the Horse Guards, then to the club & home past 10.

9. Satorday, Houseman Raph & Shipton went with goods to the wagon. Herrington came to see me. Kate Morgan, Pris, Tovey & Bidolph dined with us; about 6 came Jones with his accounts; went past 7. I went to the club; retorned at 10.

10. Sonday, Gerard, Minshall, Maxwell, Bidolph, Salmons sister dined with us; after diner came another man; then brother & Jack Whitley; all went before 4. I went to the club at 7; Comberbach & Evan Jones came to another roome; I & Mainwaring had a quart of wine with them; I went home about 10.

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April 11. Monday. about 10 of the clock we began our Journey homewards; lay at Dunstable that night.

12. Tuesday, we stopt at Wooborne (but not long) then at Newport above an houer; as we past the forest we had great thunder, lightening, hayle & raine; we could not passe the waters in our way to Northampton; with great danger and difficulty we got to Horton; sate up all night.

13. Wednesday, we left Horton at 4; came to Northampton at 7; stayed till 10; & to Coventry at night.

14. Thursday, left Coventry at 11; called at Bagonas Inne then to the Harp where we met Morgan, 15. Friday, we met Bidolphs 2 daughters at the Crosse; & at Newport cosen Whitley & her sonne dined there; Baldwyn came to us after diner; we parted past 2; soe to Whitchurch where we met Roger, Jackson, Cattrell & Bradshaw.

16. Satorday, we left Whitchurch past 11. Roger left us about Hampton post; the rest came to Tarperley; there we parted; we came to Peele about 8.

17. Sonday, daughter Mainwaring &c went to church; my granson Roger Whitley came to us in the evening.

18, Monday, 2 sheriffs, Croughton & Adams dined with us; went at 5. James Mainwaring Morgan & granson went to Bromley's to meet the Ashton tenants; stayd with them till 8.

19. Tuesday, I, daughter & family & granson went to Chester; after diner (Mainwaring & Morgan went in the morning) Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Sheriffs & much company met us on the way and came with me to sister Whitleys in the Forest streete; I stayd there to see my daughter &c; then home; Bellot came to see me about 8; many more came that night.

20. Wednesday, went to the Penthouse; daughter Whitley, her children, sister Lloyd, Kate Whitley, Angell & sisters dined with us. Roger came after diner & brother Peters sonne; Nat Llea, his brother, Ravenscroft &c. the Recorder & Kinaston came, but stayd not till I came downe; the Bishop came, also Lancaster but did not see them; in the evening I wayted on the Bishop; there was Fog & Antisle; as I came thither I saw the Recorder at the Newhall; there was Kinaston, Coker, Mercer &c. I went out of my coach, saluted them went home about 8.

21 Thursday, Mr Booth, Tindall, Frith, severall came to see me; I went to the Quarter Sessions at the Hall, past 11, the Lawyers, Attorneys &c took the oaths & signed the Association with some others; I retorned about 1; Streete, Ince, Lloyd, Edward, Sheriffes, Murray, Hart, Norbery, Parry, Kinaston, Adams dined with us; parted past 3. Lady Bellot & daughter came to visit; about 6 I went to the Roodee called on Johnson in my retorne; then to sister Whitley's; then home; Johnson came to Mainwaring & me about 9. went at 10. Houseman went with White, Robinson &c to Bechin about Timber, Bark, &c. retorned at night; Brereton sold my oates at 8s.

22. Friday, Brererton came & told me he had sold oates at 8s per bushell &c; Lightfoote came & stayd 1/2 houer with me; Mainwaring went to Sir William Aston's; Houseman to Shotwick, after diner; Sidney & granson dined with us; I went to the Penthouse in the evening (about the Hall) then to the Ship with Deane, Murray, Bolland & Cratchley; Main; came to us; parted past 10.

23. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse before 12; retorned past1; then to funerall of Alderman Wilcox; then to the Penthouse againe about the Hall businessse; then home.

24. Sonday, daughter &c went to church; daughter Whitley, her children, Kate, Morgan &c. dined with us; at 8 2 Sheriffs, Johnson, Cratchley &c. came to me; stayd till neare 10.

25. Monday, went to the Hall (before 12) to the Quarter Sessions; retorned at 3. Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Roger dined with us; parted about 5. Hunt came to see me; stayd 1/2 houer; I went to the Roodee past 6. then to the Hall; then to Angell's; then home; Mainwaring went the morning early to Dedington.

26. Thursday, Adams was with me (about an Assembly) then Burrows about the vacancy of an Alderman. he is willing to be chose; Flint came about his son's being imployed in the salt businesse; Kensey brought me 2 bottles of sack; dined with me; discoursed of his sonnes staying with me &c; Salisbury came to get money from the Treasurer (by my order) to bring his brother back for Ireland; Pemberton about his place at Roodee; Taylor, Marborne, Winington, Isaack Thomas &c. about money due from the King for work in the Castle; Jordan about mending the botch in the 2 lower windows in the New Hall &c; Sidney, Lloyd & little Betty dined with us; after diner came 2 Sheriffs & Johnson; in the evening I went to the Roodee, 27 Wednesday, Adams was with me with the Coyne Act; the Macebearer to complaine of Eaton for taking a toll corne &c; at the Gate & in the City; Kit brought the lame horse to Peele from Elmehurstl; Booth, his wife & sister; Angell & sisters & Garnett dined with us; Luke Lloyd & cosen Whitley & Streete came after diner; all parted before 5. I went to the Penthouse at 6 about the complainte against Eyton for taking toll &c; retorned neare 9; Houseman & White were today at Bechin.

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May 28. Thursday, the salt surveyor was with me about the Certificate I gave for Flint; he promised to recomend him to the Comissioners &c. Houseman went about 10 (with White, Robinson &c.) to Shotwick in tyme to meete with Hall there; Luke Lloyd. Kenyon, Morgan & Roger dined with us; went past 3. Johnson came & stayd 1/2 houer. I went to Roodee at 6. retorned past 7. supt at cosen Mainwarings (with Johnson, James, Mrs Cratchley, daughter &c.) James Mainwarings wife brought to bed that evening; Gerard came about 8. we parted at 9.

29. Friday, Davyes & Fletcher came about the Hall; Hall about paying for the wood he hath bought & to buy the rest at Shotwick; Sidney dined with us; I went to the comitte at the Penthouse; from thence (at 8) to Lady Bellots; then to sister Whitleys; then home about 11. Mainwaring retorned from Peover.

30. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12. home againe past 1. Streete, 2 Sheriffs, Jonson, Adams dined with us; we left Chester, came to Peele about 7.

31. Sonday, was not at church; Cornet Johnson dined with us; Morgan came after supper.