Roger Whitley's Diary: April 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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April 1696

April 1. Wednesday, Ord & Stodart dined with us; parted before 3. past 4 daughter & I went to Hyde Park; retorned past 6. Maxwell was here when I was abRood.

2. Thursday, Ord & Stodart came past 3. my daughter left them when the yong women [came]; she & I went to Hyde Park (past 4) retorned past 6. found the gentlemen there; stayd 1/2 houer.

3. Friday, Mrs Wood & Pris dined with us; Tovey came about 3. discoursed me about taking some phisick; about 5 I & my daughter went out; retorned agen from the Haynarket; Dr Angells cosen came to see us; daughter was with him. I was not. daughter went out (with Mrs Wood) to visit &c.

4. Satorday, I took phisick, was not abRood, no company, nor businesse.

5. Sonday, Maxwell, Salmon &c. dined with us. I & daughter took the ayre in the evening.

6. Monday, Herrington & Mount were with me, brother & William Mainwaring dined with us. I & daughter went Hide?. Park.

7. Tuesday, Ord, Stodart, Browning & Mainwaring dined with us we discoursed about Rogers daughters & Frodesley, after diner they were to consider &c Progers came about 6, discoursed of his daughter going to Chester, Mrs Booth; went past 7. Lloyd & Parker were with me about 5.

[fo. 203v]

April 8. Wednesday, Wood, his lady & daughters; Coling, his wife, Maxwell & Mainwaring dined with us; they all went about 5. Bidolph came about 8; stayd awhile; Morgan Whitley's man came out of the contrey; is to retorne tomorrow; as he says; Bidolph came at 8, stayd till 10.

9. Thursday, no company. Ord & Stodart came about 4 but we were retired (to morow being Good Friday & a Communion day) & did not see them.

10. Friday, (Good Friday) I & Mainwaring, daughter &c. received the Sacrament from Mr Hancock who came to administer it to us; he dined with us; went past 2. I gave him 1/2 guiney. Mainwaring 10 shillings.

11 Satorday, Mainwaring dined at home; Hopkins came after diner. they went out together; I & daughter went to the parke; Mount came about 7 with a draught of another codicill about settlement if Ashton is paying off its mortgages.

12. Sonday, no company dined with us; onely William Mainwaring came when we had dined, after he had eaten he & his brother went out; Wood came past 6; Mainwaring stayed 1/2 houer. Mainwaring came agen & supt; Salmon came to us; we parted at 10.

13. Monday, the taylor came to mend my new clothes; Jones came to see me; brought 20 li. with him which I gave my daughter for use in the house; brother Peter dined with us; went at 3. daughter went abRood to visit.

14. Tuesday, Priscilla dined with us, daughter went to visit after diner; retorned before 6. I went to the club past 7. there was Wood, Mainwaring, Bidolph, Maxwell (12 in all) I left them past 9.

15. Wednesday, Wood, lady, and family, Maxwell, Bidolph & Mainwaring dined with us. went past 5.

16. Thursday, Alderman Lewes came about 12. discoursed of my son's concernes, his debts, Trust &c. Jones came with him; they went about 7. Mainwaring, Andrews brother dined with us; they went about 3; onely Mainwaring stayd till neare 5 talking with me & Huson about sons accounts &c daughter went abRood.

17. Friday, Kate Morgan dined with us; Mrs Offley came before 2; whilest they were [with] us we had the sad account of account of my deare sonne Thomas death; they stayd not long; Mainwaring & Huson were with me about 4; we sealed up Huson's books & accounts which concerned my sonnes estate; after supper Mainwaring & Salmon were with me, had a glasse of wine, parted at 10.

18. Satorday, Kate Morgan came past 11; stayd not long; Huson was with me, promised to goe to Humfreys about the Patent srim? sons bond &c; Priscilla dined with us; after diner came Alderman Lewes & Tovey to discourse of my deare son's concernes, his funerall, the charge of it &c. about 5 daughter & I went to Hyde Park; retorned past 6. past 7 Mount came, I sealed 2 codicills.

19. Sonday, William Mainwaring & Mr Lloyd dined with us; in the evening Kinaston came to see me; also Wood came; neither stayd long.

20. Monday, Herrington came to see me; then came Mount; I gave him directions to frame my will anew; since it has pleased God to take my sonne & daughter from me; I went to the House past 12; retorned past 1. Sir Roger Puliston told me Lord Maxfeild had offerd him the Regiment of Flintshire (before my son's decease) he intended to have writ to my sonne about [it]; told me he would not meddle with it if I would have it for myselfe or any frind of ours; I thanked him for his civility; desired him to accept of it; Salmon dined with us; I & daughter went to take the ayre before 6. retorned at 7. went to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Hopkins &c came home past 9.

21. Tuesday, Sir Michael Corbets steward came to me about treating for the purchase of Frodesley; brother, Mrs Wood & Pris dined with us, I & daughter went to the parke at 6, retorned at 7.I went to the club, retorned past 9.

22. Wednesday, I went to the House at 12; retorned past 2; Kirke came to see me past 6, stayd 1/2 houer; I went to the club past 7.

23. Thursday, I went to the House past 12, dined at home; went to the club at night.

[fo. 204r]

April 24, Friday, went to the House about 12, dined at home; Mrs Tovey was with us; went out with my daughter in the evening; then to the club.

25. Satorday, went to the House, dined at home, went out with my daughter to Kensington; then to the club.

26. Sonday, Andrews & William Mainwaring dined with us; in the evening came William Minshall, stayed 1/2 houer; I went then to the club.

27. Monday, I went to the House past 11. we were prorogued to the 16th of June; I dined at home; cosen Baskervile, her sonne Wiggins; Lloyd & brother dined with us; went all about 3. Lloyd discoursed me about the Receivers place &c. I went to the club past 7.

28. Tuesday, Mount came past 11; read over the draught of my will; dined with us (& Mainwaring). went about 3. past 6 Horton brought the mounteth?; stayd not, I & daughter going out , we had a great stop of coaches in the Strand (the Venetian Ambassador having made his entry) I went to the club; there was Titus Gore, Partridge & our usuall company.

29. Wednesday, Twyford (an attorney) came about the money Davyes owes Golborne; Fowler came with his bill to discourse of hyring horses for our journey; we were invited to dine at Woods; Pris came but went home to diner; we dined at Woods (Bidolph with us) retorned past 4. I went to the club.

30. Thursday, Gibson came at 12 with writings &c. dined with us & Mainwaring; went at 3 Lasden came, stayd an houer; I went to Ludgate Hill called at Minshalls, they were abRood; went to the club &c. Alderman Lewes & Dashwood was with us past 5.