Roger Whitley's Diary: March 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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March 1696

March 1. Sonday, was not at church; Maxwell, Salmon, Jacksons, brother, William Mainwaring dined with us; I went to the club at 7; there was Wood, Coling, Gerard.

[fo. 202v]

March 2. I was not at the House; Gibson came with accounts at 11, stayd past 12. after diner Mainwaring & Morgan came & dined; past 5 Mainwaring sent me 6 bottles of wine, I went to the club past 7 retorned past 9.

3. Tuesday, stayd at home all day; Morgan & Bidolph dined with us; Jack came after diner; tooke leave; sayd he would goe out of towne that evening. I went not to the club.

4. Wednesday, was not at the House; nor abRood of all day; had no company at diner; Attorney Minshall came past 2, stayd 1/2 houer &c, went not out this night.

5. Thursday, went not out all day, Gibson came past 11. stayd past 12. Ord & Stodart took us at diner; dined with us; soe did Salmon; Horton came about 6. stayd an houer.

6. Friday, was not abRood this day, took some manna. Gamball came with hats about 11. Herrington to see my legs before 12. no company at diner &c. past 6 came Ord & Stodart, I was not with them; my daughter was with them, they went about 8.

7. Satorday, I was not out; Huson came to me (he was in towne last night) Morgan was with me. he & Mainwaring dined with us; there came an attorney to me from Norbery about his clyents money in Mr Davyes hands; I went not to the club.

8. Sonday, was not out, took phisick; Sir Andrew St Johns, Andrews & brother dined with us Morgan supt with us.

9. Monday, was not out; Herington came about 11, applyed something to my ear; Sir Gerald Corbets steward was with me to discourse about the sale of Frodesley; I desired his master to informe himselfe of particulars & to treate per lump &c. about 7 came Mainwaring & Bidolph; parted at 10.

10. Tuesday, was not out; Mount came to me about a codycill for Ashton &c. & after him Gibson about other concernes; Mrs Wood dined with us; after diner came Minshall; dicoursed of Roger's debts, the Statute &c, Huson came at 6 about the Ipsum ? of 93 & the 500 for Chester.

11. Wednesday, was not abRood; Herington came past 11, lookt on my eare; went past 12; brother Peter dined with us; I sent Howseman for Jones to come to me but he was soe ill he could not come.

12. Thursday, was not out; Tovey came about 11, lookt into my eare &c. at 12 came Mount; had instructions about a codicil to my will for Ashton. Whitley & cosen Whitley's debt; dined with us (soe did cosen Prise:) went past 3. then came Morgan; I left him & Mainwaring together about 4. Ord came at 7, I excused my not seeing him by my daughter who went to him.

13. Friday, I took phisick; Maxwell dined with us; 2 Mrs Woods came after diner. I left them past 3.

14. Satorday, Gamull brought me a hat; a coachman came to be hyred; I apointed him to come agen on Monday; Morgan dined with us. Minshall cald to see us but stayd not; Bidolph came about 8; stayd past 9.

15. Sonday, was not out; Mr Robinson & brother Peter dined with us.

16. Monday, was not out; this morning (past 8) Mr Lewes dyed; Morgan came with account of it; Herington came about 11. stayd not.; Robinson's coachman was with me; I offered him 7 li., he stayd upon 8. Fowler was with me about harnesse; he insists on 14 li.for them & braces; Morgan came agen after diner; Salmon dined with us; Morgan came at night; stayd till past 10.

17. Tuesday, Gibson came but stayd not; also Banard from Bunbery about the Statute; Mainwaring dined at home; Houseman went to Lord Wharton at Alesbury about getting my sonne to be chose burgesse at Wickam; about 7 came Mr Ord & Stodart; stayd till 8.

18. Wednesday, Herrington came about 11, seringed my eare &c. Ord. Stodart, brother Peter dined with us; Morgan came after diner, then Roger Madocks; I made him drink; I sent him & the rest of the Chester men (by Brock) in Crowne to drink; Mr Progers came to see me at 6.stayd till 7. Kate Morgan sent us a a fat turkey.

[fo. 203r]

March 19. Thursday, Gibson came past 10; went at 11. Huson told me that the King had signed the Chester order last night; I sent Houseman to Horton about the 300 li. & to Crawford about the invalids at Chester; Huson came to me past 1. I hyred Richard (Robinson's coachman) gave him 1/2 crowne earnest; he is to have 7 li. wages (washing & all) no perquisites; onely Coate, Breeches & wascoate. I sent Nixon with him to the taylors to make his clothes; Morgan came at supper, stayd till 10.

20. Friday, Herrington came at 11 stayd not. Maxwell, Mrs Wood & Prise dined with us . Morgan went this morning to Wickam about the new election, I & daughter went to take the ayre, past 3, retorned at 5. this evening I received an Addresse & Association from the Citty at Chester to be presented to his Majesty.

21. Satorday, Morgan retorned from Wickham; Mount came at 3. promised to come agen at 7; came accordingly, agreed our settlement; stayd with me & Mainwaring till past 9.

22. Sonday, brother, Maxwell, Salmon & Bidolph dined with us.

23. Monday, Herrington came at 11, seringed me eare &c. Morgan & landlady dined with us. landlord came after diner to give me account of Sir John Frinds tryall today; about 6 came Ord & Stodart; went about 8.

24. Tuesday, Ord & 2 Stodards dined with us; soe did Mount & Mrs Wood; after diner I signed another codicill to my William; Huson discoursed the businesse of Frodesley with Ord & Stodart; they all went before 5. Morgan came past 7. stayd past 9.

25. Wednesday, Mainwaring presented Chester Association to the King this morning; Morgan went today with Mr Lewes body to be buryed at Stamford; Houseman went to visit Kate Morgan in the contrey, retorned at night; Pris: dined with us; Ord & Stodart came at 6, my daughter &c. was with them, I desired to be excused; they told my daughter they had met Huson (as was apointed) & well satisfyed with the discourse betwixt them.

26. Thursday, Gibson came past 10. then came Herington, lookt inside my eare &c. after diner came Minshall; we discoursed at large about Roger's businesse; he promised to see Stephen, Dade &c. tomorrow & give me account on Sonday.

27. Friday, I had a fit of the vapours in the morning which held me till neare 11. Bidolph & Salmon & his wife dined with us; Ord & Stodart came past 5. my daughter was with them, excused me by reason of my cold, Wood came to see me, stayd neare an houer, dranck a glasse of sack, went past 7.

28. Satorday, Mainwaring dined with us; no other company nor businesse; Richard, coachman came this day to serve us.

29. Sonday, Maxwell, brother & Minshall dined with us; the left me before 3.

30. Monday, Herrington came at 11, lookt to my legs & eare. Gibson before 12; we ajusted & signed our accounts to each other. Tovey came past 7. stayd not.

31. Tuesday, William Mainwaring dined with us; went past 2, no company or businesse.