Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1692", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 23 May 2024,

June 1692

June. 1. Wednesday, Huson came about 11; Walforne went towards Oxford at 3; Mainwaring retorned about 11 & the Lancashire man went in the afternoone.

2.Thursday, Fernehagh came hither & agreed for my wheate; my carts, Griffith, Cartright, &c. went to Chester for corne & coales; Mainwaring & Roger dined at Bromley's; past 4 came Denson & Davyes about the wheate, went past 5; Mainwaring came home past 9; Roger past 11.

3.Friday, Huson went about 7 to Midlewich; Mainwaring past 9 to the muster at Tarperly; Nixon & Peter Browne with him, with my 2 militia horse; the maltman was paid & went away next day; Roger went to Tarperly; Houseman to Worcestershire; about 12 Angell & sister came to Peele; I left them & went to Tarperly, lighted at the Post house; dined with Mainwaring, Crew, Egerton, 2 Leighs, Whitmore, Wixted, & 2 Davyes; after diner came Roger, Hardwar, Hickman & severall people about businesse; about 5 I went to Sherard's; Crew, Aldersey, Nathaniel Leigh, came thither; past 6 I left them; went home; met Angell & 2 sisters betwixt Peele & Tarvyn; Mainwaring came home past 10; Huson about 12.

4.Satorday, Huson went to Chester about 9; the brewer about 12; came againe at 8.

5.Sonday; I was not at church, Mainwaring, daughters & 2 Mrs Mainwarings were; Huson came past 3; went againe about 4; Roger came home past 7.

6.Monday, Griffith went early to Wrexam faire; Mainwaring went about 8 to the muster in Werrall; about 2 came Leeke & Key; Key agreed for my lead at 3 : 17 : 6 per tunne & gave me a guiney in earnest; they went at 4; Denson came past 6 about Deane & Chapter's rent; went presently.

7.Tuesday, 2 cosen Mainwarings, Charlotte & sister went to Chester before 10; I, daughter Mainwaring & her daughters went past 11; we lighted at Lady Bellot's; I went & dined at G.Mainwaring's; there was Crew, Gleg, Mainwaring, Streete, Roger, Hickman, Angell, Farington, &c. about 4, Streete & G.Mainwaring went with me to the Great Church; Streete & I went to Thomson to speake about Deane & Chapter's rents; we drank of his ale & left him presently; we then went to the Deane; he & his sonne went with us to the Bishop; there was G.Mainwaring, Antwessell & 2 or more; the Bishop & Deane went in my coach to the funerall of Alderman Wright; I held the pall with 5 other Aldermen, brought the body to St John's; stayd not; called on Lady Bellot's & the Bars; there was Roger & Hickman; Mrs Booths, Ravenscroft, Bellots, cosen Mainwarings; went home neare 8; Mainwaring came home about 10.

8.Wednesday, (fast day) cosen Mainwarings, &c. went to church; John Griffith, Cartwright, &c. went to deliver the wheate at Chester; the coachman went after them with letters to the post; we dined past 3; about 5 came Crew & Cockaine; went past 7; Roger came home from Chester past 8; soe did Cartright; (Edwards & yong Barnes came from Peover interl.) 9.Thursday, Mainwaring, his wife, daughters & sisters also I, Charlotte, sister & Roger dined at Utkinton; there was also Minshall, his wife, Mackworth, Hickman, Mrs Warburton, &c. past 3 daughter Mainwaring & her company went to Peover; I, Charlotte & sister went home; Roger came home past 9.

10.Friday, Huson came at 10; cosen Whitley of Shotton's daughter dined with us; also Hignet, Bridge, Burrough & Farrar; Coxon dined with Huson in the buttry, they all went before 3.

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11.Satorday, Huson went to Chester before 10; Griffith with the carts soone after; the collyer came from Shotwick to discourse about cord wood; Griffith, Cartright,&c. came back at 8.

12.Sonday, I was not at church, Roger, Charlotte & sister went; Huson came at 5, retorned past 7; Mosse, his wife & Eaton came to discourse about theire businesse; also Burges from Shotwick; they went before supper.

13.Monday, no company, but Lightfoote came past one; went past 2 & Roger with him to Tarvyn; he came not back till past 11.

14.Tuesday, a man came from Knotsford about button wood; Griffith & the carts went to Chester & Cartright to Shotwick; Bolton dined with us; Huson came about 11; about 2 came a man about felling wood; also the clark of Tarvyn about wooll, &c. they stayd not; they all went before 3; Roger went to Bromley's, retorned at 7.

15.Wednesday, I sent the carts with Griffith to Chester; Simson dined with us; his son & the button man in the buttry; I left Huson at Peele; Roger went in the morning to Northwich; I, Charlotte & sister went about 2 towards Peover; called at the Black Greyhound; dranck, but stayd not; came to Peover past 6; there was the Sheriffe, Bellot, Harison & another neighbor; they went past 8; Angell came thither after us.

16.Thursday, Mainwaring, Roger, Angell &c went to Dunham; daughter Mainwaring, Grace & I went to see Edward's wife & Roger Barnes about 4; retorned past 6; the rest from Dunham past 8.

17.Friday, Lord Warington & his brother also Minshall & Major Daniell dined with us; went in the evening.

18.Satorday, Angell went past 11; I & my company with Mainwaring, my daughter, &c. came away at 3; called at Northwich; met Warburton there; stayd about an houer; called & dranck at Sandway Head but did not light; came home about 9, &c. Houseman came back from Kitterminster.

19.Sonday, was not at church; Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester; retorned at 9; Huson came about 8 20.Monday, sister Anne & 4 little grandchildren (with servants) went to Ruabon past 10; about 11 I heard cosen Roger was at Peele & had bin there since Thursday; he dined with Huson & a man that brought Roger arrows ? ; over the kitchen; Parry dined with us; after dinner came one Jones from Chester; he dined in the buttry; about 2 they went with Mainwaring & Roger to Bromley's; I went thither at 7; found Roger, Mainwaring, Jones & Hignet there; stayd till past 8; Mainwaring went home with me; Roger soone after.

21.Tuesday, Griffith & carts went for coales to Hawerden (early) (retorned at 6 at night interl.) Nixon came at 9 from Ruabon; Basnet & Coxon came before 11; dined with Huson in the buttry; went about 6; Dob & 2 Chester men came after 5; I gave them a bottle of beere & left them; Jackson came as I was in the coach, so did Hughes (about the distresse at Brombrow) I did not stay with them but went to Kelsall; there was Sir John Arderne & Gerard; I stayd an houer, went home; Mainwaring retorned past 9; Roger & Houseman at 12.

22.Wednesday, Jones the sadler came about money Roger owes him; he went againe at 12; G.Mainwaring & Hickman & Angell dined with us; went in the evening; Roger & Mainwaring went with them, retorned past 9; the button wood man came from Shotwick at 9.

23.Thursday, Griffith & carts went for coales; Hickson & Kent to fetch the children from Ruabon; Huson came past 12; after noone we agreed with the man about button wood also gave Peter Browne order about selling my horses; a man came from Manley to speake with Roger; he & Mainwaring went to Bromley's & Kent's (where my daughters were) came to supper; children & sister came from Ruabon.

24.Friday, Huson & Griffith (& other servants interl.) went early to Chester to buy cattle; Hickson to sell horses; Mainwaring & Roger went past 8; I, daughter & sisters past 11 (Houseman with us) I lighted & dined at Jackson's (they at Angell's); at Jackson's dined 2 Brooks, Hickman, & Lieutenant Gleg, Mainwaring, &c. after dinner came 4 Lees, (or 5), G.Mainwaring, Streete, Roger&c ; I left them at 5; went to the Deane, then to the Bishop; Antwisle was with them; went then to Adams then to Jackson's; there I took coach with daughter; light at the Bars; stayd ½ houer, came home at 9; there was Roger Barnes, stayd all night; Huson came past 8.

25.Satorday, Griffith went to Shotwick for wood; Huson, Davyes went (to the Receipte at Jackson's) Houseman & Cartright after them; Brock went before; also the gardner went; Mainwaring came from Chester past 1; Lee with him; dined, went past 4; we went past 6 to (Kents crossed out. interl)Bromiley's, retorned at 8; Houseman,&c came late home.

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26.Sonday, after noone Mainwaring, daughters, sister, went to church; Huson came about 8.

27.Monday, Huson went early to Northop faire; Mainwaring about 10 to Utkington then to Peover; Jordan came about his brick; the Sheriffe sent his servant to visit us; Griffith (& 4 carts) went for coales about 3.

28.Tuesday, Mosse & Eaton came about theire businesse in Morgan Whitley's hands; a man came about button wood, stayd not; Nanny Davenport went away about 2; Nixon & Nanny Price went to Chester, came back at night, soe did Griffith & carts.

29.Wednesday, a carpenter brought a note from G.Mainwaring to imploy him in my work; Nixon went to Chester at 3; retorned at 8; the button man came about wood; stayd all night; Griffith & 4 carts went in the night for coales.

30.Thursday, Angell & Cattrell came about 11 to let daughter Mainwaring blood; Cartright went then to Shotwick; Angell dined with us, went at 5; Denison & another baker came while at dinner, went past 3; about 6 Mr Brereton came to speak with Mainwaring; he stayd ½ houer; I left him & went to Moldsworth; there I discoursed Bowker & Hoghland about repaires; Griffith & carts came about 7.