Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1692', Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 20 June 2024].

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1692", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024,

May 1692

May. 1. Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring, daughter, &c. went in the morning; Roger, &c. in the afternoone; he retorned not till 11; Smethers came to Mainwaring past 4, went about 5.

2.Monday, Huson came about 10; past 12 came G.Mainwaring, Streete, Warburton, Dod & Gerard dined, went to bowles past 3; went back about 7.

3.Tuesday, Huson & Cartwright went to Shotwick early; Hickson (for meate) to Chester; retorned before 9; Houseman to Tarporley with pole money; past 11, Sir Joll. Morgan's servant came to visit us; stayd not; Crew, his lady, Mrs Offley, her children, sister, cosen Minshall, chaplaine & servants, Sherard, Wheatyeare, Littleton, Angell, his wife, 4 Mrs Tilsons, Jackson, &c. dined with us; some went at 6; Crew, Offley, &c. supt, went at 8; one Williams came from Flintshire to offer land to sell & Cooper from Salop about Roger's debt; they stayd all night.

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4.Wednesday, Cooper went early; Williams past 10; I saw him in the morning; past 10 Mainwaring, his wife, &c. went to Utkinton; Charlotte, sisters & Roger about 11; Bidolph stayd at home with me; the women & children retorned past 9.

5.Thursday, after dinner, Bidolph, his 2 daughters went towards Elmehurst; past 5 came Entwisle, his curate & 8 or 9 parishoners of Barrow; had bin the Procession; stayd till neare 7; Roger came back from Utkinton past 8; Mainwaring past 9; also Cartwright from Shotwick; a man came about rent due to the Deane & Chapter.

6.Friday, Mosse went to buy sheepe at Leeke; after dinner Mainwaring & Roger went abroad; retorned past 9; Huson came at the same time.

7.Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 9; Hickson to the burying of his Ant; Roger, Mainwaring & Houseman went to Trafford; then to Tarvyn & home betimes.

8.Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring, Charlotte, &c. went in the morning; Mainwaring went to Tarperly after noone; Roger, &c. to Tarvyn; Traves dined with us; came back with Roger, supt, (& went about 11 interl.).

9.Monday, Mainwaring & Roger & Houseman went betimes to Chester; I went thither after dinner; light at Jackson's, there was Mainwaring, Roger, Warburton, Dod, &c. Donald trimmed me, Taylor was with me; I went to Angell's; (then to the Deane's, he was abroad interl.) then to the bowling greene to waite on Lord Warington; there was much company; Streete went with me to Jackson's; there was Farington, Mercer, Kinaston, &c. I left them ½ houer past 7; spoke with 3 Bakers at Denson's doore; came home at 9; John Mosse came back with sheep from Leeke.

10.Tuesday, about 11 a man came to me from Mr Conen who yesterday delivered me a latter from him & partners; past 11 came Denson, Bingley & 2 other Bakers about the bread market at Glovers Stone; they dined with me, went past 3; Crew & Wheateare & Littleton came at 3; went neare; Moses went with a letter to Sidall.

11.Wednesday, the fast day, Katerall came to let daughter Mainwaring blood; Mainwaring came from Chester about 12; Roger not till night; Huson came about 9; Moses retorned from Sidall in the evening; Traverse came in the evening; supt, went past 11; Charlotte, Sidney,&c. went to church.

12.Thursday, Mainwaring, Roger & Walforne went to Bromley's after dinner; retorned past 7; S. Huson went home past 9.

13.Friday, Travers & Savage came to speake with Mainwaring (about 9) Hickson went to Chester past 10. Huson & Mosse to Stopport; Mainwaring went to Utkinton; Roger to Chester, retorned at night; Savage dined, went past 2.

14.Satorday, Griffith went to Chester (with 2 carts) for coales, &c. Hickson went to buy meate & corne; Mainwaring & I met Crew & Littleton at Bromley's about 5; Roger came about 6; we left him there, parted past 7; a wagoner brought goods from Lach.

15.Sonday, I went to church with daughters, Mainwaring, &c. we received the Sacrament; was not at church in the afternoone (Roger & Charlotte was) (Cartwright was abroad in the morning interl.); Huson came at night.

16.Monday, Mainwaring went early to Namptwich; the wagoner went away past 9. Hall of Chester, his wife & another woman dined with us; others from Chester in the buttry; about 4 Hunt came to see me, went at 6; Bromley's wife came to see the house & gardens with her sisters & other Chester women, had a bottle of gardenwine, went about 7; Morgan Whitley came about 9; also Cartwright retorned.

17 Tuesday, Mrs Bennet, Mathew Browne, his wife, Fernehall, Kelsall, &c. dined with us; I, daughters, &c. went to a funerall of Mr Gerard's sister in law at Tarvyn; retorned past 5; Mainwaring came thither to us; there were many from Chester,&c. Huson went home.

18.Wednesday, Turner, Captaine Hickman, his Lieutenant Jackson, Travers, Hicknet, Charles Griffith, &c. dined with us; in the afternoone there came (Franham interl) Fox a man from Rutland, &c. they all went in the evening; Conen & Mostyn came past 8, supt, stayd all night; Morgan went to Chester; also his brother's sonne that came to us the day before.

[fo. 145v]

19.Thursday, Mainwaring went about 7 towards London; Travers with him; Huson went to Web at Middlewich; John Dutton (who retorned last night from Disert) went to Chester (5 more with him) about the wheate; Cartwright went after them; & Griffith with the cart to bring wheate home; they came back at night. Conen & Mostyn went about 3; they & Totty dined with us, Denson came after dinner; went with Totty about 3; Roger went to Chester; stayd all night.

20.Friday, Griffith, Cartright & the rest went to Chester about the wheate; 2 men came to sheare the sheepe; about 11 came Savage, Craven, his wife, brother & another about leasing at Moldsworth; Salmon came past 4 about retorning money; they all went past 6; Donald came, trimmed me, supt, went past 8.

21.Satorday, Mosse & another were with me, Morgan & Huson about theire businesse at London; Morgan went to Chester about 10; also Huson; Nixon went after dinner for meate, &c. Walforne went to Namptwich about 4.

22.Sonday, I was not at church, daughters, &c. were; about 5 Morgan came; Roger past 7; Conen (& his man interl.) about 8; Huson at 9.

23.Monday, Huson went to Bechin; the coachman to Chester & Lach. Morgan & Conen (about 3) to Chester; stayd at Bromley's (with Roger) till past 4; Walforne retorned from Namptwich past 6, & Mainwaring from Elmehurst past 9.

24.Tuesday, Crew, his lady, Lancaster, his wife, Sherard, Wheateare, Church, dined here; after dinner came Gerard & his wife, Salmon, &c. they all went in the evening; John Wright came with his mother; stayd all night; Huson came late, I did not see him.

25.Wednesday, Huson, John Griffith & coachman went to Chester; the 2 first were to goe thence to Shotwick, then to Carehouse faire & Huson to Dyssart; John Wright went home; Morgan came past 12, dined, went at 2 towards London; Mainwaring, Roger, (Walforne, Houseman & Nixon interl.) went past 2 to Trafford moore; retorned at 8; also the coachman from Chester.

26.Thursday, a man from Lichfeild came to speake with Roger; Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester past 10; Captaine Mainwaring of Namptwich came about 6, stayd all night; Mainwaring retorned at 9.

27.Friday, Mainwaring went about 8 to Namptwich; Captaine Mainwaring went at same time; Gerard of Chester dined with us; after dinner came Wrench & Fletcher; all went before 3; about 4 came William Edwards & another from Hope to pay money for cosen Dorothy Ravenscroft; they went past 5; John Griffith came with cattle from Carehousen faire; Mainwaring retorned at 9.

28.Satorday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester, came there at 12; dined at Angell's; Donald trimmed me; went past 3 to Jackson's; there was Roger, Streete, Hickman, Taylor, Parry, Warburton, Jones (he stayd not) I left them about 5; went to Angell's to see a kinswoman from Preston; Kate & Priscilla Whitley were with her; I went thence to cosen Dods; saw her & Mrs Clarke, called at Jackson's, spoke with Davyes of Bromborow & Moses Gill & other workmen at the doore; did not goe in; went to the RoyallOake; there was Roger, Madox, Davyes, Crosse; then came Mainwaring & Streete; I left them past 7; called at Hardwares, dranck at the doore; went home with Mainwaring; came home about 9; Crew sent me 12 carpes by his coachman.

29.Sonday, was not at church, Charlotte & Sidney went in the morning; Roger & Mainwaring in the afternoone, &c. Burges was with me in the evening; past 11 Darlington came to sett Dutton's arme; dined, I gave him 10s; he went about 3.

30.Monday, I sent Cartright, Griffith & the carts for corne & coale from Chester; & the coachman & coach to bring cosen Mainwarings from Dedington; Warburton dined with us, went at 3; Mainwaring, Roger & Walforne were at Bromley's till 8; Cartright & carts came late from Chester; Houseman went to Chester, stayd all night; Bolton sent his man with a letter about a bill.

[fo. 146r]

31.Tuesday, Mainwaring went about 9 towards Knotsford & Peover; his sisters came in the evening from Dedington & a Lancashire man with them (who marryed theire mayd's sister) he stayd all night; Houseman came late from Chester.