Roger Whitley's Diary: March 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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March 1695

March 1. Friday, I went past 2 to G.Mainwaring; there was Lawton, Hemmings, Roger, Parry, Jackson; I went back at 7 Lawton & G.Mainwaring came to me; went at 10.

2. Satorday, Griffith came from Peele, Burgesse from Lach; Flint's brother came to seale the counterpart of his lease; I gave him a receipt for the money he payed & the bond he gave; Lorder came to seale his lease & pay his fine, his son in law came with him to treate for a lease at Bechin; Heathly came about Carpenters company & theire suite with Mr Sparks' cosen; I went to the Penthouse past 11 , some Commissioners came & named as before; severall quarts & pints were broke for want of measure; I retorned home before 2; Streete, G.Mainwaring, Lloyd & Sheriffs, Key, sister Sidney dined with us; cosen Salisbury came about 4. I told him I was going out; he was in drink & took it amisse; Sparks came past 6. I discoursed to him about the company of Carpenters; but he resolved to goe on with the suite.

3. Sonday, I was not at church; daughter &c were; G.Mainwaring dined with us; went before 2; in the evening I went to Angells; retorned before 8, 4. Monday, Houseman went to see Mr Sherrard; then to Colebrook (about his owne businesse). Bowker & Carterson went to Shotwick; Lieutenant Sharnwell & sister Lloyd dined with us; Johnson came about 11 to talk of slates; Lady Bellot & daughters came to visit past 2. Adams came about 11 to shew me a letter from Comberbach, that all Innkeepers & Alesellers ought to have licences &c I went to the Penthouse past 4 about the taxes; at 6 the comitte for building the Hall, met; past 7 I went to the Ship; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring. 2 Sheriffs, Kinaston. Murray, Parry; Saywell & Roger came late; we parted at 10.

5. Tuesday, I & daughter went to Peele past 10; came there before 11; Huson. Broster & Thomas Hughes was there; we left Peele before 5; came back before 7. Houseman retorned this night 6. Wednesday, Houseman went to Shotwick; Johnson came past 11 to talk about getting some stone for the posts that the Sheriffe had agreed with Rogers for 8 d. each stone. I dined at Salisbury's. then to the cock fight; about 6 to Bells; there was Colonel Williams, 2 Lloyds, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Pennington, (Lee interl). his cosen &c. I left them before 8; went home.

7. Thursday, I writ to Waite & sent a Breife enclosed by the Manchester carryer; I dined at Salisbury's; then to the cock pit; about 6 with Streete & G.Mainwaring to the Ship; Hunt came to us (& 2 Quakers but these stayd not long) Baroby. Parry, Baskervile, Roger came to us; we parted at 10.

8. Friday, Brereton came to me about toll corne by a boate; Murray came to get me see Mrs Salmon, signed a letter of Attorney &c. Kinaston came about the suite with the Quakers; Masters about Simson's businesse; Mrs Birktened about money pretended due to her father for keeping my courts in Wirrall; I dined at Salisbury's; then went to the cock pit & home; at 6 Colonel Williamson, 2 Lloyds, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Kinaston, Roger supt with us; parted at 10.

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March 9. Satorday, Adams brought me the abstracts out of Simsons & carryers books about money sent to Bythell & Flyer &c. (from Ireland) & sent it on a letter to Ryley; Murray & Adams came about the same matter; many of the parcells sent from Ireland to Flyer passing through his hands; about 12 I went to the Penthouse; retorned before 2. Streete, G.Mainwaring, Lloyd, Sheriffe & Key dined with us; went before 4. Powell came from Frodesley about taking land, I put him off till Huson came: Harleston's man came to invite me, daughters & Roger to dine with him on Tuesday; I did not promise but would send word tomorow; Burges came about the cattle at Lach; the gardner to sow the garden; Colston to complaine of an old woman. that served him for abusing his wife; she came before me; was willing to be gone, soe dismissed her; Charles Davyes came about Manley stones; I bid him speake to the masons to scable them & goe on with his work. Deane & Done came past 5 to talke of theire businesse & Cowley to tell me he heares that yong Ayres is living; who has his life in the tenement at Kelsall that was lately leased to his sisters; they stayd 1/2 houer.

10. Sonday, I was not at church, Roger, daughter &c. were; about 4 Streete & Comberbach came to me. then G.Mainwaring; afterwards came Brampton (store keeper of the Castle) went presently; then came 3 men from Frodesley about leasing; stayd not long; Flint came from Peele retorned at 4.

11. Monday, Houseman went to Bechin. the Cryer brought me an account of his dutyes, fees & perquisites; Brereton was with me to speake about a shew which a man would hyer a place for in the Guard Roome in the Flesh Hall: they came againe about 2 to the same businesse; Yates, Scrivener & Edwards (from Frodesley) dined with me; Powell came after them but would not dine with me, Shales came past 4. agreed to give me 17 s.(& the bags) for 2 calves, on this day I went to the comitte at the Penthouse at 5. past 7 I went to the Ship; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Parry, Lidcott; & Roger came late; Hall & Lewesly (Constables) brought one Williams (a minister) before me for quarelling, swearing & being in drink &c. there came many with witnesses against him Bingley passed his word for his forthcoming (also his brothers who is also a minister) & much concerned in all the misdemeanors, but he was not brought before us) I left the Ship & went home about 10.

12. Tuesday, I sent for Mr Key to desire him to acquainte the Deane with the misdemeanor of these 2 ministers & to have his advise how to proceed (with respect to theire function). Key came againe & at the same time came Bingley, told us the businesse was composed but I sent him for the constables & persons concerned that I might be satisfyed; Bingly & the 2 constables came & told me all was composed, they were sorry for theire actions & desire they might be discharged; which was acordingley done; then Gough came to me about his tenement & lands in Frodesley; he, Scriven & Yates, Edwards & Key dined with us; after diner I sealed leases to Yates & Scriven; they went past 2 to get Roger seale; Huson went with them (who came past one).

13. Wednesday, Adams came for instructions to write to the agents at London about the tax, Huson brought me some money for Scriven & Yates leases at Frodesly; I sealed another lease to Edwards for his tenement at Frodesly; 3 of them & Powell dined with me; went presently; then came Gascoigne from London with writings for me to seale about transfering 2000 of Mr Davyes mortgage &c. which I did, also sealed a bond to the same effect; also received a note from Griffin to pay the money to my order. Parson Wright came with a breife for rebuilding of Warwick?; I sent him 30 s. by Brock; Bryan Bolland for charity to a poore woman in prison; I gave him 2s.: 6d. Roger told me his wife was come to towne & had sent to see him. he went out of towne; but whither I know not; about 7 I went to Angells; Yates came thither to me to discourse the businesse of the Roughfeilde (stayd not interl). I & daughter came home about 8.

14. Thursday, Huson came early to me; Houseman went to Shotwick; I went to G.Mainwaring past 12 but stayd not; his son came to me about Guineys; Gascoigne, G.Mainwaring, Treasurer & Key dined with us; Sireete came after diner & a man about casting clay for brick; they all went about 3; past 4 Cumberbach, Taylor & Huson came about the Rough field; they went past 5. then I went to the Penthouse; then to Jackson's; there was Gascoine (with a token from Mainwaring) G.Mainwaring, Streete, Allen, 2 Sheriffs, Dutton, Parry, Jackson, &c. I left them t at 10.

15. Friday, Dr Tilson came with 3 others about taking an affidavit &c. Angell, Jones, sister Lloyd. Sidney dined with us Adams brought a yong man to be my clark; after diner Captaine Blake, then Buridsons? to desire me to christen his child; then 3 hospitall women about the widow that keeps a man company. about 11 came Croxon, Crosse, Wood & Huson, about Sir John Werdens rent due to the Hospitall.

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March 15, past 5 came the Deane; stayd an houer; Captaine Blake & Alderman Lloyd came stayd not 16. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse about 12. retorned before 2. G.Mainwaring, Lloyd & Sheriffs, Comberbach, Key & Captaine Blake dined with me; went past 3. Tindall & 2 Customhouse officers came but stayd not; I went to them to G.Mainwarings to give of them oath &c. Landon & his frind came about taking a lease at Bechin; Burges came about cattle at Lach; Mr Egerrten & cosen Morgan came about 5. stayd neare an houer; Hickock steward of the Bakers came for the samples, another with him, went presently.

17. Sonday, was not at church; past 4 I went to Ned Borows to christen his child; went to church & then to his house agen; severall neighbors came in; I left about 7, went home, Deane came to me past 8 we went to G.Mainwaring; he had company with him (Tindall & other Custom house officers; Baroby &c.) I left them about 10.

18. Monday I & daughter went to Peele; Gascoigne with us, dined there; Withens came home as I was coming away; I left Peele past 5. Gascoine went off (at Tarvyn) towards London. I came home past 7.

19. Tuesday, daughter Mainwaring let blood; Pemberton came to get some guineys, Hughes & Coe about getting an officer in the towne of Sefton; Jack Johnson came about his perquisites in the Hallage?; Hurleston's brother, Angell, Key & sister Sidney dined with us; after diner came Charles Griffith about barley & malt; then old Bolland about money Madox owes him; Nixon went to Shotwick for oates; soe did Houseman & Burges about cordwood &c. Huet & Bradbourne came past 5 about Jackson's being bound to Philips for Roger; Pembereton came agen about the guineys but would not have them till tomorow.

20 Wednesday, Pemberton received 50 guineys & left 60 li. for them with my daughter sealed in a bag; Payne was with me & gave me 3 bills concerning money he carryed up to Bythett; I delivered him a long leather box with the Grant of Shotwick; directed to Gibson at Sir John Jackson's house; 2 Bostocks were with me about the masons work for the new Hall (Captaine Geffeys.... from Ireland........crossed out interl); Ned Burrows was with me about his brother Alcocks businesse. I desired him to speake to Alcock to imploy poore Ormes; the Captaine of the Infirmes & Birket dined with me; then came Denson ; he & Birkett discoursed the averages of Whitley; in the evening (I & G.Mainwaring crossed out) Cole the upholsterer came to get leave to arrest one Alsop; I sent Comberbach to his father to let him know if he did not immediatly satisfy Cole I could not hinder the law against his sonne & gave Adams order acordingly; then I & G.Mainwaring went to visit Mr Egerton; he was abRood; then called on Sheriffe Bolland; stayd with him above an houer; came home about 8. G.Mainwaring, Johnson & Deane came to me; stayd till about 10.

21 Thursday, Houseman went to the funerall of Mr Sherrard &c. Gouther came about his businesse with Mrs Mercer; widow Cookson about the Commissioner of the Jail requiring her to take her oath as an Assessor; I sent Bromley to excuse her; Crosse came about wine for the Sacrament at the hospitall; Key dined with us 22. Friday (Good Friday) I & my family went to church to the Sacrament; dined past 3; Blake came to me about soldyers; past 5 I went to the Rood Dee; past 6 to Blags; G.Mainwaring, Sheriffe, Roger, Morgan & Blake; we parted past 9. Captain Gethyer was with me about carriages for his recruits from Ireland.

23. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12, retorned past 2. G.Mainwaring, Lloyd, Comberbach, Key, cosen Whitley, Morgan (Blake interl) dined with us. after diner Tindall & another customer came & took theire oaths; the Brimstage men came for the lease; payd part of the fine; Wilson about the rent due from him for Brombrow; the High Constable's Loryt? on a visit; Larden about a lease at Bechin; Profit came from Dyssart ; Burges from Lach; Huson went home about 8; in the evening Hand & Crew (2 prisoner of the Black Coates complained of) came to me with Roger Madocks, yong Starkey; a woman & severall neighbors to informe me how the Blue Coates abused both himselfe & them soe that it appears was in fault.

24. Sonday, I went to church (being Easter Day) the Almesmen with me; they had theire diner; cosen. Whitley dined with me. G.Mainwaring came after diner; they went at 2. Flint came from Peele, retorned in the evening; I went past 5 to the Rood Dee; then to Angells; came home about 7. after supper went to G.Mainwaring; there was his wife & Baroby; came back past 10. I gave the 2 church wardens of Martyns 5 s. for poore people.

25. Monday, Wright was with me to discourse of passing a fine for my sonne & other businesse; at the Assises. Sparks & Madox came to complaine of bin oversessed to the poore; I sent Houseman with them to the church wardens; Morgan dined with us; in the evening I went to the Penthouse (to the comitte) then to the Ship; there was G.Mainwaring, Sheriffe, Treasurer, Deane, Parry; past 8 came Minshall; we parted before 10.

[fo. 186v]

March 26. Tuesday, Captaine Hambleton came for a passe & certificate for his recruits to passe with him. G.Mainwaring, Attorney Minshall. Parry & sister Lloyd dined with us; went neare 3. Bowker & Carterson came to discourse of going to Bechin tomorow; Joode is to receive wages; Jordan for money for casting brick at Bechin; Bostock about the stones at Manley; in the evening I went to the Rood Dee, Huson came about 8.

27. Wednesday, Huson went (about the assessment) to Werrall; then to Flint Assises; Broster & Profit came from Peele (Profit went to Dyssart interl); widow came to settle accounts (with Houseman) Blake came about soldyers but did not stay; Johnson & White came about the Shambles, after diner came Palin about his accounts which was left to him & Houseman; in the evening Johnson & White came agen about the Shambles; about 4 came my 2 eldest grandsons & Alport from Peover.

28.Thursday, the Belman gave me account of a waife horse at my tenants meadows in Handbridge; Roger Madocks came about Seftons place; Thomas Griffith about Mr Booths & my concernes in the suite with Handbridge for repayring the ways &c. Bolton came to settle his accounts with Houseman; I sent Masseys bill for his salary to Tindall by Houseman; I sent Nixon to visit Brother Lloyd at Brynne, he retorned about 3. Key dined with us; Roger was noll?, kept his chamber, Huson retorned from Flint; Flint came from Peele , Taylor came about 2 about the Rough hillfield businesse; Adams, Sheriffe Llee & one Chambers (with another came to passe a statute marchant?); Houseman went to Shotwick past 5. Huson & Flint went home; past 5 came Mr Crompton (with Lewis Parry) to complaine about the cisterne & new Shambles, pretending that he had a right to the ground; I apointed him to make his complainte in the Penthouse on Satorday; Houseman retorned before 10.

29. Friday, Houseman went to Bechin(with white)about wood; Shales was with me about meate &c. Burrows & Alcock about Alcocks freedome; Angell, Key & sister Lloyd dined with us; I went to the Rood Dee; in the evening(...interl) past 8 came G.Mainwaring & Treasurer; went before 10.

30. Satorday, Brereton & Potter came about toll corne. Mrs Plimley about her husbands debt to me ; I went to the Penthouse past 12. retorned past 2 G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Lloyd, Cumberbach & Key dined with us. went about 4. Burges was with me; Huson came in the evening; stayd not. Mainwaring retorned from London about 8; G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Deane came to see him; parted about 10.

31. Sonday, was not at church,, Blake & Morgan dined with us; Attorney Minshall supt with us ; went before 10.