Roger Whitley's Diary: April 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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April 1695

April 1. Monday, Broster went to Dyssart; Griffith brought barley from Peele; went to Shotwick for oates; Burges went with him; Adams was with me; I gave order for the comitte at the Penthouse at 6. past 3 G.Mainwaring & I went to meete the Judges; stayd at Evan's in Hambridge till they came. waited on them in theire lodgings past 5. went then to waite on the Sheriffe; he was abRood; I went then to the comitte; Sir William Williams, his sonne, Mainwaring was there; parted at 8. went to the Ship; there was Streete, 2 Mainwarings, 2 Sheriffs, Allen, Hand, Murray, Comberbach, Parry. parted past 11. I went to wayte on Lord Warrington (about 3) he was abRood; Huson came the afternoone.

2. Tuesday. Griffith came with oats from Shotwick; went to Peele, the Judges, Lord Warrington, Lawton, Sir William Williams, his sonne & severall lawyers , Wright & Judges chaplaine &c. dined with us; went neare 4; at 5 I went to the Penthouse; then to visen the ground about the Shambles with Ince, G.Mainwaring, Johnson &c. then with the Aldermen &c. to wayte on the Judges; then to the Penthouse about the Grand Juryers presentment; yong Recorder was there; parted about 9. came home.

3. Wednesday, Mrs Vaux came for leave to arrest Porter; Lord Waringon to see me;.Worlfe? & Standish from Hatherton about leases. Sam Hussey dined with me; I sealed.Wolfes? lease after diner; Morgan came stayd not; Porter came about Vaux his complainte; Minshall about leasing a field at Bechin; I left him to agree with Huson & Houseman; past 4 Delves came to visit us. past 5 I Comberbach; Lordgn? &c. to meete my councell; there was Antrisle, Scroop, Yates, Comberbach,, Waite, Huson; then I went home, Johnson, Deane, G.Mainwaring, Streete & Mainwaring came to me, we parted about 10.

[fo. 187r]

April 4. Thursday, I went to the Castle but not to the Hall; called at the Feathers to visit Delves he was abRood; also at Angells, saw him at my sisters; Nixon went on the morning to the funerall of brother Lloyd; Shales came in the morning to buy the calfes at Peele; the officers came past 5 to give me account that they had summoned the Assembley &c. visited the Sheriffe in the evening; went home.

5. Friday, had an Assembley; Lord Rivers (severall with him) dined with us; also Bellot, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Lawton, Parson Davyes &c.(Egerton came after diner interl) went past 4 (with my Lord &c. interl) to the Penthouse; had a glasse or 2 of wine; then the Lord &c. went to Egerton's; I went after them neare 6, the Lord was gone; onely Turner was there; stayd not; then I, Mainwaring, Bellot & Lawton went to the Castle; I went to Leighbornes lodgings & questond him for reflecting on me in the Court; he denyed & excused all; I went to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings,Streete, Belot, Lawton, Rogr Mainwaring (Roger awhile) Parry &c. we parted past 10.

6. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. then with G.Mainwaring to take leave of the Judges; then to Ned Borrows to give his wife 10 s. for my God daughter; then to the Penthouse; went home before 2. Streete, G.Mainwaring, 2 Sheriffs, Comberbach, Lloyd, Attorney Minshall, William Mainwaring dined with us; Johnson & Tydder were with me about some presentment for drinking on Sonday &c. Blake came after diner about a soldyer arrested ; widow Mercer to give sue inferme pauperes which I consented to do; Lightfoote & Richard Holland about land & leases at Lach . (very high); Pickmore about Rogers debt; Murray with a Bill of Exchange from Roger, Ireland which I refused; Lawton (Gowther interl) & a man to serve me? in Fints place came but stayd not; Deane came past 8. stayd till past 10.

7. Sonday, I was not at church. Mainwaring & his wife &c. were; G.Mainwaring with Mainwaring, Attorney Minshall & Morgan dined with us; went past 2. after supper came G.Mainwaring. went past 10.

8. Monday, Mosse came to offer to serve me in Flint's place; Pemberton came (by my desire) to speake to Mrs Reece about the money her husband owes for wood. I went to the Penthouse & Portmoote court. retorned past 4; the Recorder, Ince, Lloyd, Edwards, 2 Sheriffs, Huet, Parry, Cumberbach, Kinaston dined with me; went past 3. about 4 came Llee (of Darnehall). Huson & Houseman want with G.Mainwaring to Shotwick in the morning about wood; Johnson came but stayd not; I went to the Penthouse before 6 (to the comitte about the Hall & Shambles) retorned before 9. Huson & Houseman retorned with Broster from Dyssart.

9. Tuesday, Huson & Houseman went to Bechin, cosen Whitley dined with me & Key, after diner came Charles Griffith; then Moses Danal; then Mathew Browne; stayd not. I went to the Penthouse at 6; to the Ship at 8. there was Streete, 2 Mainwarings, 2 Sheriffs, Comberbach, Parry, Morgan &c. I left them past 10. Houseman & Huson retorned from Bechin.

10. Wednesday, Huson went to Shotwick; John Hussey & Minshall about paying 20. l. on sonns account; the Treasurer about his accounts; Davyes the slater about a warrant for theire company; the Captaine of the Infirms with a soldyer & Adams about a certificate to a Letter of Attorney; I & daughters dined at Angells; retorned at 9. Charlotte &c. went to Peele; Fletcher came about the mason's work for the Hall; I sent him to Johnson, Hand, the Sheriffs &c.; the Deane came about 5. Huson retorned about 8.

11. Thursday, Hand, Sheriffe, Edwards, Johnson, Minshall & severall others (were interl) with me about businesse; the Aldermen of the Slater's company for a warrant; Angell, Minshall, sister Lloyd (Bellot interl) & Sidney dined with us; I visited the Bishop after diner; met the Deane as I was going to him; he & his sonne Bennet were with me in the morning about a lease; about 3 came a Spanish person of quality from Ireland in his way to London to desire me to presse or hyer a coach for him; I desired Streete & G.Mainwaring to hyer one for him if they could; about 5 I, daughter Mainwaring &c. took coach for Peele; came there at 7 (Standish of Hatherton came about Blackhurst lease interl); Houseman came late home.

12. Friday, Roger came to Peele about 10. Broster came in the morning; Minshall about a lease at Bechin. he dined with us; cosen Minshall came about Jacksons & Mrs Philips debt; the coachman, Nixon & Griffith went to Chester to bring hay to the stables; Huson went past 3 about Anne Price's troubles; the new gardner came that evening from London.

13. Satorday, Houseman went to Chester retorned late at night; Mainwaring retorned from Peover.

14. Sonday, was not at church; Mainwaring, daughter, Roger &c. went; Morgan came at night.

15. Monday, G.Mainwaring, Sheriffe, Charles Griffith dined with us; Jackson came in the afternoone; they went past 4. Holland came to seale his lease; his nephew & Whitley with him; & Joynson with some money; they dined with Houseman in the buttry; Morgan & Key (with children) in the hall; Moulson & Lardner dined with us; Moulson & Harison had theire leases; Parson's came after diner; sold me a horse; Lightfoote came from Peover in the morning; all went before or after 6. Pemberton came to be housekeeper; Mrs Grace.went away after diner.

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April 16. Tuesday, Mainwaring & Morgan went to Chester about 1; Mrs Selsey & her brother came about Anne Prices debts. dined with us and was payd; Done came about his accounts; dined with Huson in the buttry; Smith came to Roger & Wright about sonne Thomas debt; went presently; Bromley (& another) about his leases. Hughes came past 5. asked 2 s. to repayre the slating about the house; Mainwaring came past 11 from Chester 17. Wednesday, Row payd 30 part of his fine; Ben: (my former ) was payd off & discharged.. Powell came from Frodesley with a letter to Houseman and to get some land for the money Roger owes him; past 4 I went (after Mainwaring & Roger) to Manley quarry; then to Kents (with Smith & Crosse) then home before 8. Housman came from Chester past 11.

18. Thursday, Bromley had 2 leases sealed, after diner; Widens, Smith, Manley came to Mainwarings about carrying of the stones to Chester; Grantham was here also. Parted past 7.

19. Friday, Kinaston dined with me. Sheriffe Bolland, Adams, Croughton came past 3; Mainwaring & Roger went to Stableford; the company left me past 6. Morgan came about 5.

20. Satorday, Houseman & Broster went to Shotwick & Chester past 7. Morgan went about 12. Wright & Merick came to receive money on son Thomas bond to Wright; Gerard, Wright, William Mainwaring dined with us; Merick & Mosse with Huson in the buttry; they went about 3. William Mainwaring stayd all night.

21. Sonday, was not at church; Bryan Bolland to have 2 warrants signed for the poore of St Marys; G.Mainwaring & rindall dined with us & Bolland in the hall; all went (Mainwaring & Roger with them) before 4. Houseman went to Chester; retorned at night..

22.Monday, We began ou journey towards London; called at Namptwich; stayd neare an houer; called at Woor?; stayd not; came to Drayton past 6, lodged there, Mr Askey was there came to me & another, stayd not.

23. Tuesday, went about 9, came to Newport about 12, stayd an houer, went & lodged at the Harpe.

24. Wednesday, went about 9, stayd at Boltons Inne ½ houer, came to Coventry at 6. lodged there 25. Thursday, went before 9; called but stayd not at Hillmorton; met Mr Wyborne & Frith at Creek, stayd neare ½ houer to show a horse; went to Northampton to lodge.

26. Friday, went past 8. stayd ½ houer at Newport Pagnell, lodged at Dunstable.

27. Satorday, went on before 9; called but stayd not at N.....?; met Mr Samson (who prepared lodgings at his house in Bedford Courts Coven garden; he gave us a bottle of wine (in the coach) at the Greene Man; the master of the stables prepared for us at London came with him; Charlotte called at Highgate; daughter Mainwaring at Kentish Towne; we came to London about 6 young? Wood, his Lady & daughters & Mrs Tovey came to visit us; went before supper.

28. Sonday, was not at church; our landlord & landlady dined with us; past 4 Sir Robert Cotton & his son visited us; then Wood; then Maxwell; then Tovey & his mother; at 7 I went to the Crosse Keys; there was, Wood, Maxwell, Roger & Mainwaring; parted past 10.

29. Monday, cosen John Lloyd came to me; then cosen Francks; stayd not; Kate Morgan took ill at diner; the cook came past 3. received 2 s. for his 3 bills[for] Saturday's supper, Sonday & Monday's diner; about 4 came Lady Woods & daughters came; they stayed supt; about 7 I went to the Beare in the Strand; there was Mainwarings, Andrews, Anslow; then came Hotham & Stockdale; we parted past 11. Houseman went to Greenwich, stayd out all night.

30. Tuesday, Jack Lloyd came about books; Mrs Wood & landlord dined with us: Jack Whitley came past 4. about 6 came Wood, Maxwell & Coling; stayd awhile; then went to the Crosse Keys; there was also Rose & Cooper; about 9 came Chases; then Mainwaring & Onslow; parted all before 7.