Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1695

May 1. Wednesday, Jones came about 11, stayd till 12. About 4 came Cumberbach, stayed till 5. Kent was with me about 10. then Fowler &c. in the evening came Lord Macclesfeild & Thomas; stayd an houer. past 7 I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Maxwell, Roger, Cooper, Coling, another; then came Mainwaring then Chase; I parted past 10.

2. Thursday, I & Mainwaring went to Lord Rivers; then I went to Lord Macclesfield; my son Thomas & his wife & children dined with us; soe did Kate Morgan, Maxwell, brother Peter; Gibson; he went presently, the rest past 3. Minshall came past 2 but stayd not; I went past 7 to the Crosse Keys, there was Wood, Maxwell, Rose, Cooper; Mainwaring & Colone l Lee came in neare 9. parted before 10.

3. Friday. I went about 11 to Captaine Shales, retorned at 12. Mrs Jones dined with us. cosen Thomas Ravenscroft came in the afternoon stayd an houer. about 7 Mainwaring & I went to Lord Rivers; found him at the Chocalate house; went to Kensington; past 9 wayted on the King who was very gratious; retorned with the Lord to the Chocalate house; left him there, came home before 11. had a bottle below with the landlord.

[fo. 188r]

May 4. Satorday, Gibson came to me; then Parker, then Winnington; went all before diner; Prose dined with us; Tuttle came about 3. I was in my chamber. he would not stay; then came Cumberbach & Minshall; stayd an houer &c. went before 6. I sent Nixon to Gibson to excuse my not coming to him this evening; Mainwaring & Lewes being out of the way; my son was with me in the morning; stayd not long; I went to the Crosse Keys about 7. There was Maxwell, Rose, Cooper; then came Mainwaring; then Wood (but stayd not) we parted about 10.

5. Sonday, was not at church; daughter was, in the afternoone son, daughter, children dined with us; Hall came past 5. stayd past 6. I went (at 7) to the Crosse Keys; met Lewes by the way, he went with me; there was also Wood, Maxwell, Rose & Cooper; parted before 10. Houseman stayd out all night.

6. Monday, Chetwyn came to see me; stayd not long; a yong man (one Haynes) came to be cooke but I liked him not; about 5 I went to Lady Woods; then to the Kings Armes (neare Guildhall) there was Foche, Gibson, Lewes, Mainwaring & Baroby, we parted past 9, came home.

7. Tuesday, Mount came about 11, then Lewes; Mount dined with us, went past 2. Mainwaring about 3. About 6 I went to the Crowne (neare the old Exchange) there was Berry, Hudson, Cooper, Fitzhugh, Parker & another (our meeting was about the copper farme) Pery went past 8. I left them about 10.

8. Wednesday, being Mainwarings birthday he entertayned us at Rigby's in Suffolk Streete; there was Wood & his daughter; Coolong & his wife, my son & his, Chetwyn &c. some went about 4. Mainwaring & I came past 7 to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Maxwell, Rose; we parted about 10.

9. Thursday, Baskervile came to see us; Mr Terill to Mainwaring; stayed not long; Shales sent to invite me & Mainwaring to dine with him tomorrow; Maxwell came past 12; dined with us;; so did Lowes and the auditor & Mrs Wood; went past 4; about 7 I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Mainwaring, Wood, Chase, Maxwell, Rose, Cooper & another; I left them before 10.

10. Friday, my son & wife, children dined with us; in the evening I went to Jolus his club; there was he, Cooper & another; I left them before 1011, Satorday, Mount, Gibson & another dined with us; we finished severall writings with my sonne, his wife, Mainwaring & Lewes; Gibson & the others went about 4, the rest went past 6 to Justice Combes chamber to see my son & his wife passe a fine thence Mainwaring & I went to the Kings Head neare Guildhall; Lewes, Mount, Gibson & the others came to us; then G.Mainwaring & Jackson from Chester; I was not well there; had a fit of vomiting; parted about 10; came home, 12. Sonday, was not at church; G.Mainwaring & Jackson dined with us; went past 2. past 7 I went to the Crosse Keys ; there was Wood, Rose, Maxwell, Mainwaring & another, we parted before 10; the King went about 9 in the morning towards Flanders..

13, Monday, I went to London about 11 about my son's debt; Jack Lloyd about books; before 12 Mainwaring & I went to visit Sir Robert Cotton & lady; saw them then cosen Fairfax; saw her & her sonne, then we went to Lownds, he was abRood; we met & discoursed Crawford in the streete; came home about 1; Mrs Tovey dined with us; past 4 came Alderman Lewes, his son & daughter; went before 6. Shales sent to invite me & Mainwaring to dine with him on Wednesday; I went to the Crosse Keys past 7. There was Wood,(Coling interl) Lewes Maxwell, Roger 14. Tuesday, past 11 I went to London Seward? with me to the end of Cheapside; at 12 I went to Mosiers, Mount was there; I discoursed them about my will & settlement of my estate; past 1 I went to Fielders; there was Titus & Wood; then came Mainwaring,; G.Mainwaring came when we were at diner; Jones & Jackson after diner; we parted past 5. I brought Titus in my coach to Grays Inne; Wood & I called on Minshall, he was abroad; then we went to Crosse Keys &c; there was Rose , Maxwell & Coling.

15 Wednesday, Tuttle came to see me; then cosen Griffith, Penthlongey, Gerrond, Ravensfold, discoursed of copper oare &c. that there was Lapis Calemaris at Dyssart &c, Mainwaring & I went to Shales; there was Wood; we dined there; G.Mainwaring came at the end of diner; we parted neare 5; Sir Rowland Gwynne came to see me as we were going out but we stayd not; we went through the garden; & Shales; stayd at the Treasury to speake with Lownds; which I did, at 6 parted with Shales there, went home; found my son there; I went (neare 8) to Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Rose, Maxwell. we parted neare 10.

16. Thursday,Mainwaring let blood. Mount came past 11 draw heads for my willi & another settling my eastate. dined with us soe did Maxwell; my sonne came after diner; Seward Latham; they went before 4. Marshall ( a French man) came to me about money, Roger owes him; past 5 Mainwaring & I went to Lord Rivers; he was going abRood; then to Mr Anston's at Kensington he was also abRood; then to the Crosse Keys; there was, Wood, Minshall, Rose & Cooper; we parted before 10.

[fo. 188v]

May 17. Friday, Lord Belmont came to visit us past 11, stayd till 12. then came Houseman's mother; stayd not long; he went with her; Mainwaring dined abRood; about 7 I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood & Rowse; then Maxwell; then Cooper (he stayd not) then Coling, Brockhurst, Chase, Mainwaring; we stayd (some of us) till 11.

18. Satorday, a woman came about money Roger owes her; my son, wife, children & Pris[cilla]? dined us. past 4 came William Minshall, went before 5. the taylor came past 6. stayd not long; past 7 I went to Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Rose, Maxwell, Chase & Mainwaring. I & the 2 last stayd till 11 19. Sonday, was not at church, my son had an ill fainting fit this morning; but (God be pleased) he soone recovered; in the evening came Cotton & his daughter; then G.Mainwaring & Cumberbach; then Mount & Lewes, Mount stayd till 8; then I went to Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Maxwell, Rose & Cooper & Negoses; we parted past 9. Huson came to me this morning.

20. Monday, the taylor came about clothes. Lloyd about books, Kent & a Tin man about the new glasse light. Mrs Wood & Maxwell dined with us, Warburton came to see me; I gave him the bundle of writings & papers he left with me at Chester; about 5 Mainwaring & I went to visit Lord Bellamont; thence I went to my son; Mrs Tovey & Jackson was there about 7 I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Rose, Maxwell, Coling, Crispe & Mainwaring; Chase came but stayd not. we parted at 10.

21. Tuesday, Ravenscroft came about the money my son owes him; Mrs Griffith (the cook's wife) came to my daughter; the Tinman brought me some more glasse cases for lights &c. my landlord dined with us about 4 (a man came from Jane Randolphs. I gave him little satisfaction soe stayd not there interl) I went to my sons; then I & Mainwaring went to Colings he was abRood; then to Mr Lewes; his father (& another was with him); then (about 7) to the Crosse Keys; there was Titus, Gore, Wood, Maxwell, Coling, Rose, Chetwyn &c. we came home past 10.

22. Wednesday, Wood came to see me past 11, went before 12; Mainwaring went to dine with the Lord Mayor, (Bellot came to see me interl). Tin man brought some glasse lights & a man with books; my sonne's wife, children & Pris: dined with us; past 4 Benket came to see me; past 6 I went to the Sunne by the Exchange; there were Hudson, Fitzhugh, Parker & 3 other of the copper farmers; then came Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring; then Bellot & Pack; we parted about 9, then went downe beyonde the Bar; 2 Mainwarings, Bellot & Pack came to me: we went home past 10.

23. Thursday, Kent was with me 1/2 an houer; son, his wife & children dined with me; about 6 came Mount, we read our writings, then came Duncan & Thomson, went at 8. I & Thomas went to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Maxwell, Rose & Coling; parted past 10 24. Friday, the taylor brought my new clothes; Kenrick came came from Mr Kent to talk with me about LapisCalamaris? cosen Lloyd about books; Bellot, Pack & Mrs Wood dined with me. Angells nephew came to see us in the evening; at 6 I went to church to Prayers; then to the Crosse Keys; there was Coling & a frind with him; Roger, Chase, Wood, Maxwell; we parted past 9.

25. Satorday, Lloyd came about books; about 12 I went to the Citty to dine with old Captaine Sanderson at the Ship; there was he, Jack Whitley & 2 Mainwarings; after diner came Jones; then James Mainwaring & his cosen; we all parted past 5. Mainwaring & I went to the Kings Head over against the Temple; there was G.Mainwaring, Leadbeater, Wade, Comberbach, Winnington, Booth; we parted about 9. Mainwaring & I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Bellot, Wood, Maxwell, Chase, Rose, Coling &c. we parted about 11.

26. Sonday, Mrs Wood, (William Mainwaring interl) & brother Peter dined with us; Wood came to see us in the evening; he & I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Coling, Rose & Maxwell. we parted at 10.

27. Monday, Gamell brought me a hat, Mount came to discourse about my will; Bellot & Parke dined with me; about 6 I went to Humphreys then to the Kings Head; there was Mainwaring, Bellot & Comberbach; we parted past 8; Bellot & I went to Crosse Keys; there was Coling, Rose, Maxwell, Chase & Mainwaring, melord? came but stayd not; we parted past 10.

28. Tuesday, Guy came to see Mainwaring; G.Mainwaring, his sonne & Gerard came to see us. stayd not. Lloyd & bookseller came with books; Minshall dined with us, Bellot came after diner; parted past 2. about 6 I went to Somerset House; first to Lady Wood; then to the Cellar; there was Mainwaring, Wood, Titus, Gore Smith, Partridge, Ansloe & another, parted before 10.

29. Wednesday, Kent came to me; then James with accounts; past 12 I went to Rigby's; Mainwaring, Bellot, Chase & Coling dined with us; about 4 I went to see Mr Coling; stayd 1/2 houer; then went to Lowndes; found him at Browne's Coffee house; there came Philip Howard &c. then went home, past 7 I went to the Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Rose, Maxwell, Negos, Coling, Mainwaring, Bellot, Jackson, Lord Williamson, Parelet &c. we parted past 10.

30. Thursday, I payd off my taylor & hat maker ; Kent brought Mr Oare Stodart? & another to dine with me & to heare about a match for Roger's daughter; Maxwell also dined with me, parted past 3. at 6 I & Wood went to Minshalls; then to the Griffen were was Minshall, Bromfield, Smith & Mainwaring; parted past 10.

31. Friday, I dined at the Harpe by Debtors Commons with Mainwaring, Bellot, Pack,James Mainwaring & a Fishmonger.Gerard & Mount came to us; past 6 Mainwarings, Mount & I went to Besoms Inne; there sealed my Will, G.Mainwaring & his son, being witnesses. Mason came also....?.......& another [fo. 189r] May 31. past 7 I & Mainwaring went from Bosoms Inne to the Crowne; there was Minshall, Shepherd, Dade? another came in afterwards; we talked of son Roger's debts to them &c. parted past 9. brought Minshall to the end of Brownlow Streete; came home past 10.