Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1693

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1693

May 1st Monday, Adams brought me the Charter Book & had the copy of Brereton's will to transcribe it; Conen & another came to me, stayd not; also Burgesse; Brock went to Peele; Walfolne retorned this morning; after diner came G.Mainwaring, Lancaster & another, parted past 3; about 5, I went to Danot's, there was 2 Mainwarings, Deane & Johnson; I left them past 6; went to the Deane's; walked with him awhile before his doore; then went to the Bishop; stayd with him about an houer; then went to Fernhagh's; saw his wife, Mercer & Bradbarne; then to the White Talbot; there were 2 Mainwarings, Edwards, Kinaston, Streete, Deane, Fernhagh; Jackson came, stayd not; we parted past 10.

2. Tuesday, Hardwar came to me, about son's money; Savage, to Mainwaring; I spoke with him about Moldsworth land; a butcher & his wife came with a complainte; Charles Griffiths & another about children left on the Parish; Deane, for Mr Wright's letter &c. Dannat trimmed me at 12; Mrs Browne, Lester & Johnson dined with us; soe did Fernehall, Mercer, Cockayne, Vicars & G.Mainwaring; parted neare 4; 3 lottery men came to me; I apointed to meete them to morrow at the Penthouse; past 5 I went to the Penthouse about the poll; then with G.Mainwaring, Bridge & Jackson to Ridge's; Mainwaring came to us; we parted past 9; went with Mainwaring & Walforne to G.Mainwaring's; parted past 11.

3. Wednesday, I went to the Penthouse at 12 about the lottery men; then to the house at the Rood Dee; whither the Treasurers invited me with G.Mainwaring, severall Aldermen & others; we parted after 5; I went about Rood Dee to take the ayre, came home at 6; Houseman & Bromley went about the Lay to Shotwick; retorned about 8.

4. Thursday, Mainwaring went about 7 to Warington; the 2 Coroners came to me to get an order for money disbursed by them; Mrs Blease came with a complainte; Mr Deane, I sent for, stayd awhile, &c. Profit came from Peele; Streete, Goldsmith & Wood dined with us; also sister Lloyd & Priscilla; after diner came Wheateare; then Sherwood, then Angell; the first went betimes, the rest past 4; at 6, I went to the Rood Dee; at 7, went to Hall's; there was Edwards, Lloyd, Deane, Pugh. Crew, Streete, Goldsmith, Huet & Hall; we parted before 10; a Derby man came with a complainte against Broster's daughter.

5. Friday, Johnson & Deane were with me to see Mr Wright's letter; about 11, I, daughter Mainwaring & her daughters went to Peele; came thither before 1; retorned past 5; came home before 8; 2 Mainwarings came from Warington; parted at 10157v May 1693) 6. Satorday, Johnson & Deane came to me & Mainwaring about our Charter concernes; I went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned past 1; Lloyd, Wright, Williamson, Kinaston, Williams, Parry dined with me; after diner came Wood, Sankey, Morgan; then G.Mainwaring, an officer of the mint, &c. severall others on severall occasions.

7. Sonday, went to the Parish church; the Governor, his frind, Wood, Sankey, Morgan, & G.Mainwaring dined with me; went before 3; Norbery came past 6, stayd not; after supper came G.Mainwaring, Deane & Johnson; parted at 10.

8. Monday, Bolland came to me about the widdow at the Rood Dee house; her husband being dead to get her the keeping of the ground; then came Ratcliffe about the same businesse; Mr Wright & Johnson about the Beedle's place, &c. Dr Angell to give a vomit to Charlotte; Sankey to speake about the copper oare, &c. past 11, I went to waite on the Governor at Jackson's; then to the Court; retorned home past 2; Recorder, Hunt, Booth, Streete, Ince, Edwards, Skellum, Huet, Lloyd, Williamson, Adams dined with me; after diner came Nat. Lee, Mainwaring, then G.Mainwaring; all parted about 4; this morning (past 8) Houseman & Norbery went to keep the Court at Brombrow; retorned in the evening; past 8, I went to the Feathers; there was Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Deane, Gautler, Gray, Yeamans; Kinaston came in but stayd not; I left them at 10.

9. Tuesday, Wood came to take his leave; Batho, Hall & Mouson about the keeping of the Rood Dee; G.Mainwaring, Deane, Treasurer Cratchley, about Citty concernes, &c. Norbery & Houseman went to keep the Court at Soughall; Pemberton, Yong & another Pemberton came to me about the businesse of Rood Dee; widow Cookson's daughter came after diner about a warrant from the Justices of the Peace, &c. a man from the Forest Streete about Mr Whittle's 3 children; before 5 came G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Deane, Murray, Pemberton & Holland; parted past 6; Mainwaring went to Utkinton in the morning, retorned at 9; then came G.Mainwaring, parted at 10.

10. Wednesday, (fast day) went to church past 10, retorned past 12; G.Mainwaring came in with me; dranke some mumme, then went with Mainwaring to walke; Joseph came from Peele; retorned in the evening; also Moses Gill; past 2 I brought my daughter to the Bars; I went as far as the Glasse House to take the ayre; retorned to the Bars at 3; saw cosen Whitley, Morgan, Priscilla, Lady Bunbery, sister Lettice, sister Lloyd & Sidney, &c. came home with my daughter past 4; dined, G.Mainwaring with us; Jackson came, stayd an houer; past 6, I & 2 Mainwarings went to Ridges, (also Deane interl.) then came Streete, Johnson, Cockayne, Murray, & Sparks; Johnson went first; the rest parted past 9.

11. Thursday, Brereton came to me past 10, about toll corne, &c. I sent Houseman, Nixon & the porter to deliver the wheate to the bakers; after diner G.Mainwaring came to us; then Murray, Pemberton & 2 yong men to be made free, which was done that evening in the Penthouse; I went thither past 5, met the Governor in the Rowes; but left him presently; we were in the Penthouse about review of the poll; thence went to Ridges, with Recorder, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Allen; then came 2 Astons, Parry, Kinaston, Cratchley; also Mainwaring; Astons went soone; the rest not till after 12; the stewards of the Bakers paid for the wheate about 5 at my house.

12. Friday, Mainwaring went past 7 to Warington; no company at diner; after supper came Kinaston, Johnson, Deane & G.Mainwaring; parted past 10; Adams brought me the Assembly book.

13. Satorday, went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned past 1; Streete, G.Mainwaring, Williams, Lloyd, &c. dined with us; some people with complaints, &c. widow Penket & her son; also Hughes brought rent, &c. past 5, I met the Commissioners at the Penthouse about the poll review & settled it; past 8, I went to Ridges; Recorder, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Murray, (Edwards, Hand interl) with us; then came Mainwaring, Morgan, Parry, &c. parted past 10. Bills came from London with a letter from Sir Michael Bidolph.

14. Sonday, was at Parish church in the morning; one Williams (a stranger) preached, dined with me, also Lewes of Flint, Parry, cosen Morgan, Morgan Whitley &c ; after diner came G.Mainwaring & Wright; parted all before 2; cosen Whitley & Morgan came when we were at supper; G.Mainwaring, Johnson & Deane, afterwards; the first went about 9; the rest about 10.

15. Monday, Donald trimmed me; past 10, I went to the funerall at the Bars; at 12 we went towards Hawerden; came there past 2, retorned past 5; came to Chester neare 7; alighted at the Penthouse; the Governor, Major Smith, Bellamy, Price, the Aldermen, &c. came there before 8; stayd (many of them) past 10, then parted.

[fo. 158r]

16. Tuesday, Mrs Booth came to complaine of Bolland's building; Mr Jones, of woman that gave him ill words; Mrs Lloyd to recomend her son (a youth) to live with me; I went to dine with the Governor (in the Castle) at 1; Mainwaring, Warburton, Recorder, Aldermen, Sheriffs & Treasurers with us; after diner saw the Armory; then to Anderson's bowling greene; I left them past 6; Major Smith brought in 4 companyes of Brewer's Regiment to quarter here; past 7, Governor, Major Smith, Sir …. Byron, Bellamy, L. Lloyd, Streete, 2 Mainwarings, Morgan, Price, Jackson, &c. came to me; parted past 10. Adams came for the Charter book but could not then have it.

17. Wednesday, Holland came to borrow 10 shillings; which I lent him; dined at home, G.Mainwaring with us; went afterwards to Peele (2 Mainwarings, daughter & Charlotte Mainwaring) with me; we came thither at 3 & left it at 7; came to Chester at 9; called at Levesley's; there was 2 Levesleys, Pointon, Golborne, 2 Mainwarings, Madox, Morgan, &c. parted past 11.

18. Thursday, Governor & officers came (about 11) to discourse me about quarters for soldyers; Streete & Morgan dined with us; G.Mainwaring came after diner; parted at 3; the drummers came to beate to us but turned them away without money. (I called at the Coffe house; there was Johnson, Pemberton &c. interl.) past 4, I went to the Penthouse to meete the Governor, officers, Aldermen, Sheriffs &c. about quarters; we parted at 6; went round the Rood Dee; called at Pointon's about dining with me on Saturday; went to Anderson's bowling greene; there was Gleg, Pennant, &c. I discoursed awhile with them; retorned, called on Deane in the Bridge Streete; went to Sam the Porter's; there was Edwards, Deane, Streete, Aston, Basnet, 2 Mainwarings, Jackson, Bradshaw, Huet &c. we parted past 10.

19. Friday, Streete (the scrivener) & a Welsh parson came about leasing at Moldsworth; Johnson, to speake with Mainwaring; daughter Mainwaring was blooded; Lady Bombery came to speake with me about money her husband owes Mr Aldersey; also Johnson came but stayd not; past 1, I went to Anderson's bowling greene; dined there with Governor, Smith, severall officers, 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Warburton, Angell, the parson of Dodlestone, &c. stayd to see them bowle till past 6; came home; Johnson called but stayd not; Walforne retorned past 8 from Leverpoole.

20. Satorday, went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned past one; Streete, Williamson, G.Mainwaring, Pennant, Parry, &c. dined with us; I went to the exercise of the soldyers on Rood Dee about 6; dranck punch in the Major's tent; there was the Governor, Mainwaring, severall Aldermen, &c. I left them before 8; came home, &c. S. Huson came to me, from London.

21. Sonday, I was not at church; Governor, Major & Captaine Blague dined with me; they parted about 2; about 6, I went to the Rood Dee; retorned at 7; supt, went to G.Mainwaring's past 9, retorned past 10; Sir Ed. Byron made me a visit, past 5.

22. Monday, went to the Court past 11; retorned past 1; Streete, Lloyd, Mainwaring, Edwards, Williamson, 2 Sheriffs, Pointon & 3 more of his neighbors & Adams dined with me; went about 4; the players came to me, the steward of the slaters & severall others came about businesse; apointed them all to be to morrow at 11; at the Penthouse in the evening the Governor & Blague came about a soldyer that was run away; as I came from the Court I called on Sir Ed. Byron to make him a visit in his quarters at the Fountaine; S.Huson came to me in the afternoone, &c. past 7, I went to Ned Burrows'; there was Mainwaring, Streete, Gautler, Aston, Lloyd, Kinaston, Deane, Buckley, Selsby, Basnet, &c. we parted about 10.

23. Tuesday, Huson & Houseman went about 7 to Shotwick; Mainwaring to Warington; I went to visit Major Smith; he was abRood; then to the Penthouse past 11 & home before 2; about 6, I went to the Deane, then to the Major & Alderman Ince; both abRood; then to Rood Dee; then home; the Major & his cosen came to visit me; went presently; Mainwaring retorned late.

24. Wednesday, Mosse came from Peele; Burrows baker came about quartering soldyers, &c. the Collectors for Scavengers came for theire money; in the evening came the Bishop & Deane; went past 8; then about 9 came Mercer, Johnson & Deane & G.Mainwaring; went before 10. Huson came from Shotwick, went home past 10. I saw Lieutenant. Dorington at G.Mainwaring's; writ by him, to Warburton, to lend him 5li at Dublyn.

[fo. 158v]

25. Thursday, Griffith came from Peele; Buttler & Mary Pemberton went thither; 2 Lightfoots came about theire leases; Crosse about businesse of the hospitall; Minshall came past 12, stayd prayers; went with G.Mainwaring & me to the bowling greene; we dined there, 2 Mainwarings, Minshall, Warburton, Acton & Davenport; after diner came Colonel Contrell; they went to bowles; Warmingham came to me about his son having the Rood Dee; I called at Johnson's at the Bull; then home past 5; Lady Bunbery came to me past 6; also Jones the Attorney; past 7, I went to Johnson's at the Bull; there was 2 Mainwarings, Minshall, Warburton, Kinaston & Johnson; Mainwaring went past 9; the rest of us, past 10.

26. Friday, Deane came to me about George Lach; then George Harvey; Crew, Mrs Williams, Crew's cosen, Minshall, Wharton, Mrs Bunbery, &c. dined with us; parted past 3; Crew came agen past 5 & Booth of the Castle with him; stayd not; Deane & Wright came in the afternoone; promised to be agen; at 8; they came accordingly, also Johnson & 2 Mainwarings; parted about 10.

27. Satorday, Major Smith came about quarters; cosen Whitley, to see me; I went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned at 3; cosen Whitley, Streete, Lloyd, Parry, Williamson, Recorder, Minshall, G.Mainwaring dined with us; parted about 5; Broster of Tatenhall paid rent to Huson; Spencer, his wife & Colgrave, Crosse, came about a servant that had departed her service; cosen Whitley went about 7.

28. Sonday, was not at church; Governor, Smith, Sacheverill & Williams dined with us; Streete, Minshall & G.Mainwaring came after diner; went at 2; about 6, I went to G.Mainwaring's; there was Mainwaring, Deane, & Johnson; parted at 7; came home; there was cosen Whitley & Morgan; also Frost from London; he stayd not,; the other stayd supper & till 10.

29. Monday, Burgesse came from Peele, went to Shotwick; Houseman went to Peele; Frost, Conen, cosen Whitley & Morgan dined with us; G.Mainwaring came after diner; parted at 4; past 5, I & daughter Mainwaring went to wayte on Lady Salisbury; then on the Bishop (Wright of Stretton was with him) then we went to Angell & Cooper in the Row; then I went to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Booth, Wright, Johnson & Deane; Kinaston came after me; we parted about 8; after supper Parry came & stayd till past 10.

30. Tuesday, Houseman went to Peele; Deane the churchwarden came for money for the Parson; clark & sexton & Gerard Jordan about soldyers quartered on him; Griffith & carts called with coles for Peele; in the evening came Attorney Minshall, also Fernehall, Coker, Mercer, 2 Mainwarings & another; they went about 7.

31. Wednesday, Huson came past 10; went to Shotwick with Houseman; Buckley came for money which Roger's wife owes him; 2 Mainwarings & Walforne went to Flint & Holiwell; Adams brought 4 warrants to signe against foreigne ale-sellers; Streete & Deane came to us whilest at supper; Wilcox came after supper; Deane went first, the other 2 about 11.