Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1693

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1693

June 1st. Thursday, Bolland & another came to complaine of a cabinet maker; the Governor & Captaine Blake came to visit me; also Mr Williams; I gave him ½ guiney; Dob & Sefton came about Sefton's ale-selling; Shales brought money for the calfes he bought; another Butcher to complaine of Coe; past 2 came 2 Bollands & 3 other Joyners to complaine of Ingram the cabinet maker who came with them; then Johnson; past 7 came the Aldermen & stewards of the Bakers, to get a warrant; I put them off till Recorder was advised with; about the legality of it; Mrs Cratchley came for Charlotte, &c. Mainwaring & Walforne retorned at 8; Johnson & G.Mainwaring came past 9, stayd till 10.

2. Friday, Colonel Smith & Angell dined with us; after diner came G.Mainwaring, Wright & Payne; then a drummer beating for the play, I forbid him; past 2 came Hester Williams & cosen Cooper; 2 Mainwarings, Payne & Morgan rid out towards Weston; Brock &Mary Pemberton went to Peele; they all retorned in the evening; G.Mainwaring came & stayd till past 10; Houseman came from Shotwick.

3. Satorday, went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned past 2; Captaine Hickman, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Wilcox, Ince, Lloyd, Edwards, Jones, Adams dined with us; went before 5; Huson came from Flint.

4. Sonday, (Whitsonday) received the Sacrament at home; Mr Wright & Hickman dined with us; went at 2; past 7 Lord Brandon, the Governor, Thomson & 2 others came to visit us; stayd but awhile.

5. Monday, went past 11 to the Penthouse; then to the Court, where the freemen's petition was delivered (by Mainwaring & Booth interl.) to choose their Common Council yearly according to the Charter and a Protest against it, (delivered by Wilcox); before 3, I went thence, Streete & G.Mainwaring with me; did eate a little at home; went to meete the Judges; wayted on them to the Castle; then with Streete, Mainwaring & Mr Gerard, to drink beere in Castle Lane; then supt with the Sheriffe;past 9 went thence; 2 Mainwarings & Neele with us; parted about 11.

[fo. 159r]

6. Tuesday, I dined with the Judges in the Castle; then drank a glasse of wine with the Governor; came home past 4; about 6, I went to the Penthouse; then to waite on the Judges (with the Aldermen &c) retorned past 7; call on Booth at his club; there was Booth, Harvey, Fernehall & Bridges; G.Mainwaring came with me & Mainwaring after us; we parted at 8; I then went to G.Mainwarings; there was Crew, Mainwaring, Thomson & Gerard; I & Mainwaring left them at 9; went to Recorder's; G.Mainwaring followed us; there was Recorder's brother, Kinaston, Streete & Deputy Recorder; parted past 11.

7. Wednesday, Macebearer came to me past 7; went to summon the Justices to meete at the Penthouse at 11; Huson came about 10; about 11, I went to the Penthouse; there were severall Aldermen & Recorder; we concluded to goe on with the Addresse (though some were against it) neare one, I came home; the Judges, Lord Brandon, &c. dined with me; the Judges went before 4; the rest at 5, 6 & 7; about 8 came Delves, I left him with daughter Mainwaring; I went to Lady Bellot's, there was Lady Delves, &c. then to the Castle; discoursed Mr Scroope in the Court; supt with the Judges at the Governor's, &c. there was Brandon, Thomas, 2 Mainwarings, Recorder, &c. I left them at 11.

8. Thursday, Streete came to see me (at 11 interl.) stayd not; Adams writ the order, made yesterday at the Penthouse; faire over; Lord Brandon, Thomson, Governor, Smith & officers, also Lightfoote dined with me; after diner came Lee of Booth, Bradshaw, Hirst &c. went about 5; severall Constables brought a warrant to aprehend severall offenders which I ratifyed; Recorder, 2 Mainwarings, Kinaston, deputy Recorder came to me at night, parted past 11.

9. Friday, Delves, his lady, Bellot, his mother, sisters, Laughton &c. dined with me; I left them past 4; went to the Court; spoke to the Judges for Cooper & Hemthorne; went to Recorder's, &c. past 5; (in the morning met Brandon, Thomson, Jones &c. at the Coffe house) about 9 at night went to G.Mainwaring's; there was Bellot, Minshall, Lee, Price, Scroope, Mainwaring, Crew, &c. I & Scrope left them at 11.

10. Satorday, went to the Penthouse; then to the Castle; brought the Judges to Saltney (Streete with me interl.); retorned & dined past 2; in the evening came Minshall, stayd not; (about 5, I went to Lady Bellot's, then to Bell interl) past 6, went to the Penthouse; there was G.Mainwaring, Streete, Ince, Wilson; we read Leeming's & Shakerley's letters; parted about 8; 2 Mainwarings, Johnson, Burrows, Deane, Kinaston, &c. came to me; parted neare 11.

11. Sonday, went to church in the morning; Deane Fogg preached; Kinaston dined with me; past 6, went to christning of cosen Morgan's child; there was much company (Norris, Payne, Bellot, 2 Mainwarings, Starkey, Banks, Bunbery, &c.) went thence past 9; G.Mainwaring came to me, went past 10.

12. Monday, the Governor, Blake &c. came to me about poore seamen; went to the Penthouse about 12; the Treasurer gave the seamen 20s; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Williamson, Skellon & Ince were there; all (but the 2 last) agreed to call a Generall Assembly for choosing a Common Councell on Thursday next & it was accordingly published; G.Mainwaring, Lloyd, Edwards, Williamson dined with me (& Mainwaring) after diner came Streete; then Bellot; parted past 4; past 5 came scolding woemen from Hanbridge; Streete & G.Mainwaring completed the matter; the gardner came from Peele, retorned from me past 5; past 6, I went to G.Mainwaring's; there was Johnson; we discoursed awhile, then went to Gerard's; there was Edwards, Lloyd, Streete, Deane, Parry, Kinaston, Minshall, Mainwaring &c. we parted at 10.

13. Tuesday, Mainwaring went to Utkinton past 10; Adams came for the Charter book; Hatchet about a lease; Woods about mending the Plats in Lach Lane; in the evening came G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Kinaston, Murrey & Cratchley; stayd till past 6; after supper came Morgan, stayd ½ houer.

14. Wednesday, I gave the Macebearer leave order to summon the Assembly to morrow, &c. we dined at 5 (being fast day) afterwards went to G.Mainwaring's; Mainwaring came from the Castle to us &c. I parted at 10.

15. Thursday, I went at 10 to the Penthouse; then to the Assembly in the Common Hall; chose a new Common Councell & 2 Aldermen; dined at home with Governor, Booth, 2 Mainwarings, Streete, severall Aldermen, Johnson, &c. after diner came Captaine Paris & Murray, parted about 5; Attorney Minshall came that night.

16. Friday, met at G.Mainwaring's about 11 to give Minshall instructions; dined with me, G.Mainwaring, Johnson, &c. Castleton came after diner; parted at 5; at 7, I went to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Minshall, Recorder, Johnson, Deane, &c. then came Mercer & Warburton, then Jackson; parted at 11.

17. Satorday, Mainwaring went past 6 to Knotsford; at 11, I went to the Penthouse; retorned past 1; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Lloyd, Castleton dined with me; Williamson came after diner, then Taylor, Huson, Palin, Grantham, &c.

[fo. 159v]

18. Sonday, was not at church; in the evening went (with G.Mainwaring) to take leave of Deputy Recorder; retorned past 7; Priscilla & Kate Whitley supt with us; Baskervile came after supper & G.Mainwaring; parted past 10.

19. Monday, severall people with me about citty businesse (Crosse, Streete, Johnson, Yates, Jackson, Lloyd, &c.) the cart & Thomas came from Peele; I went to the Court at 12; retorned at 1; G.Mainwaring, Lloyd, 2 Treasurers, Burrows, Parry & Adams dined with us; after diner came Salisbury; then Lloyd & Wood, went all at 4; Done came to talk of a lease; coachman went with him to Lach; Huson, Houseman, Lighfoote, went to Shotwick; in the evening I went to the Castle to visit the Governor, he was abRood; then to the Feathers; there was Lloyd, Edwards & Deane; then to Angells; there was Streete also; then home, about 9.

20. Tuesday, the Deane came to see me; the steward of the Taylors had a warrant for the company; Brereton was with me & Burges; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Baskervile, Adams, Herle, Mostyn, Mitton, Baroby, Chambers, Cradock, 2 or 3 other Londoners & Fernehall dined with me; they went about 4; Huson came past 4, stayd till 5.

21. Wednesday, Swordbearer, Burrows, Warmingham, &c. came about contrey Butchers standing in the market; G. Harvey complaines of being sued in the Exchequer; Mouson & Morgan Whitley, about yong Monson's keeping the Rood Dee; about 6, Lucas (our old cook) came to see me; I went to take the ayre; then to Angell's, then home; after supper to G.Mainwaring's; there was Herle, Baskervile, Baroby, Cratchley, Parry & severall others; I left them at 11; Joseph came from Peele, retorned in the evening.

22. Thursday, Nixon went early to Brombrow; retorned at 9; cosen Christian Powell & neece dined with us; past 5 came the yong man Mr Murrall recommended, to serve me; stayd not; after supper came Johnson then Streete, G.Mainwaring, Minshall, Deane, Kinaston; they went past 10.

23. Friday, Huson came about 10. Danat trimmed me; I went to Penthouse past 11; retorned at 1; Minshall, his wife, G.Mainwaring, his wife, Payne & his, Streete, his 2 daughters, Mrs Cratchley, (& Wright interl.) dined with us; past 4, went agen to the Penthouse; Hand was sworne Alderman & 28 of new Common Councell sworne; went to Ridges'; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Hand, Anderson, &c. Holland came about making Mosse a freeman; I went to the Penthouse & did it; then went to the Rood Dee & home past 8; supt; G.Mainwaring came after supper; then Mainwaring from Peover; parted neare 11; Plimley came about money he owes; went with Huson.

24. Satorday, Burgesse, Griffith, Joseph, &c. were with me; Moses Danat, about the money he owes me & promises past the next week; about 5, Johnson came, stayd ½ houer & Huson was with me about 8.

25. Sonday, was not at church; in the evening went with Mainwaring to the Rood Dee; after supper G.Mainwaring came & Morgan, went about 10.

26. Monday, Harvey came to complaine of Selsby; Done, about a lease at Lach; Lieutenant. Murray dined with us, went at 3; yong Ormes complaines that Alderman Starkey's man had beate him; Griffith came from cole pits.

27. Tuesday, G.Mainwaring, Streete & Lloyd came to heare a difference betwixt Harvey & Selsby about the Parish concernes; the Governor, Blake, Paris & Swiss Lieutenant. dined with me; went about 4; past 7, I went to Alderman Allen's; there was Streete, 2 Mainwarings, Johnson, Cratchley & Hand; we parted past 10. Streete & G.Mainwaring came home with me & Minshall (who we met at the doore) G.Mainwaring brought an Anglesey man with him; we parted at 11; Edward Lightfoote came about his lease.

28. Wednesday, Mainwaring went to Namptwich; churchwarden of Trinity came for the Minister's quarterage; the Overseers of St Mary's for the tax for the poore; Basnet, Lightfoote, &c. about the lands they hold, &c. after diner I went to G.Mainwaring's; there were 3 Anglesey men & Jackson; I left them presently; Huson & Morgan were with me; past 4 & 5 Farrar & Adams came about Farrar's Poll; past 7, I went with G.Mainwaring to Street's; there was Lloyd, Edwards, 2 Treasurers, Burrows, Allen, Baskervile; parted neare 11.

29. Thursday, Mr Taylor came at 10, about businesse in his hands; I dined , with G.Mainwaring, Baroby, &c. & Company of Fishmongers; left them at 4; Sir John Wynne & Hugh Grosvenor came before 5; then came Eaton; parted at 6; at 8, I & G.Mainwaring went to Angells (Johnson & Deane were also there) then to the Governor in the Castle; there was Price & a Lieutenant; left them neare 11; the children & goods, went this afternoon to Peele.

30. Friday, Huson, Coxon &c. were with me, also Harvey, &c. the pastry woman dined with us; about 3, I went to G.Mainwaring's; there was Streete, Minshall, Johnson, Deane, Cratchley, severall woemen, &c. past 4, I & daughters took coach; retorned to Peele, &c. Huson came that night July 1st. Satorday, no company, Mainwaring retorned from Crew, past 9.