Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1691

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1691", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 26 May 2024,

November 1691

November. 1. Sonday, I was not at church, daughters and Bidolph were; Potter from Chester came past 11, dined with us; the surgeon came after dinner; they went to Tarvyn about 2; Morgan came in the evening with Bidolph & Roger from Tarvyn.

2.Monday, Morgan went about 5 to Chester; Roger went past 9 to meete him at Frodsham; Houseman went after him; Roger & Morgan retorned about 4; Huson came past 1; Croxon about 3 concerning Roger being served with a writ at Namptwich, he went past 4; Row & Bowker were with me in the morning about the tax at Ashton.

3.Tuesday, Morgan went towards Lancashire past 10. Tomkinson to Chester, past 11; Jackson & Bradshaw dined with us; went agen about 2; Roger went out with them & Bidolph went to shoote, they retorned past 6 & Tomkinson from Chester; my grand daughters retorned from Dedington & Delves' butler with them.

4.Wednesday, Delves' servant went past 8; Bidolph went a shooting; dined at home with Angell who retorned past 3; Bingley brought candles in the evening & went back past 7.

5.Thursday, I, Roger & Bidolph went to Chester past 10, came there past 12, lighted at Jackson's; there was Gleg & Lee; dined with Sheriffe Johnson; there was the Mayor, Booth, great many Aldermen (& other cittisens) with theire wifes, &c. after dinner I talked awhile with Mr Wright (the minister) in the garden about the Hospitall Chappell, &c. I & Bidolph went thence neare 5; soe home, left Roger behinde us; came home before 7.

6.Friday, Charlotte & 2 sisters went to Chester about 10; to the christning of Captaine Berry's child; Nixon with them, &c. Bidolph went a fowling; Crew, Mrs Hurleston & 2 Neills dined with us, went away past 4; in the evening came cosen Whitley & Morgan; then Mr Minshall, stayd all night. Charlotte & sisters stayd at Chester all night.

7.Satorday, I, Bidolph & Minshall went (in the coach) to Chester; Morgan went before us, his brother on horseback with us; we stayd at the Glasse house for Lord Warington; many cittisens met him; attended him to the Penthouse; then to the Hall; there he was sworne Mayor; & other officers made, &c. went thence (past 2) to Jackson's, dined (with the Aldermen, &c. interl.) went then to the Penthouse to receive the plate, &c. then to his Lordships lodgings at Mr Booth's; then to G.Mainwaring's (his Lordship, Mainwaring, Minshall, G. Booth, Farington with us) Parry came & stayd awhile; we parted at 10; I lay at Angell's; Charlotte & 2 sisters went to Peele about 4.

8.Sonday, I went to the Quire sermon; Prebend Wright preached; I sate (with Jones the attorney) under the Bishop's seate; we dined at Jackson's, with the aldermen, sheriffs, officers, &c. went then to the Penthouse; the Mayor went thence to the great church; I went to Angell's; there were my 2 daughters (who came to towne that morning); we & Bidolph went home before 4.

[fo. 138v]

9.Monday, Mainwaring came to Peele past 12; Lord Warington, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Recorder, Kinaston, Hardware, Morgan, Stringer, Jackson, &c. dined; his Lordship went before 3; the rest past 4; Yong came after supper about a small tax in Ashton.

10.Tuesday, I sent Hixon to Chester for news from the carryer; 2 men came from Shropshire to Roger about money, (went past 3 interl.); John Hough dined with us; Minshall came past 2, went past 3; then came Crew, Nathaniel Lee; Sherwood, Whityeare & another; went againe past 6; Lee stayd all night; Smith came about money from Mr Hardware; supt with us; also Mr Savage; I left them at 10; Huson came about 4, went back past 8.

11, Wednesday, Morgan went early to Chester; & Brock (to see his father) about 10; Nathaniel Lee dined, went past 2; Mainwaring, Bidolph & Roger to bring him on his way; a woman & her husband from Chester came to sell lace; dined below.

12.Thursday, Mainwaring went (past 6) towards London; Bidolph past 9 a fowling; he, Roger, I, daughters, sisters, children,&c. dined at Bromley's (his child being christend) there was the vicar, clerke, Hignet, severall women,&c. about 3 Croxon came to us; I left them at 4; the husbandman retorned from Staffordshire.

13.Friday, I sent Hickson to Chester (about 7) Bidolph went a fowling past 10; dined at home, the surgeon dined with us, went past 2; Roger went to shoote & dined at Bromley's; retorned past 9.

14.Satorday, Tomkinson went to Chester with cattle; Davy Parry came about 11, dined, went past 2; Dicas came about 11, went before dinner; Roger went with Parry; Bidolph after them; came to supper; Tomkinson came back from Chester.

15.Sonday, I was not at church; Bidolph, Roger & daughters were; Fernehall & Hignet dined with us, went about 2; in the evening a man came with a letter & draught of a lease from Mr Atkeys; stayd all night; Tomkinson went to see his frinds at Minshall, retorned about 6.

16.Monday, Huson came about 8; Roger & Houseman went to Darnehall about 10, retorned about 6; Bidolph took phisick; Angell dined with us, retorned at 4; Bolton, Yates,&c. dined with Huson in the buttry, went after dinner; daughters & sisters went to see Mrs Huson.

17.Tuesday, Huson went about 8 to Brombrow & Shotwick; also John & the cart to Shotwick; Roger & Bidolph went to Mr Davenport's past 10; S. Hussey came past 10, dined with us, went past 2; a Chester gardner came to see my gardner about 11; Bidolph & Roger retorned about 8; Houseman lay out that night.

18.Wednesday, Houseman about 8 to Shotwick, (Roger went to Chester interl.); no company this day.

19.Thursday, I & Bidolph went to Chester past 10; lighted at Angell's; dined there & Roger; Donald trimmed me; G.Mainwaring came thither; went with me to the Sunne; I met Alban Gray at the Crosse; he discoursed me about money owing him from the King. I went to the Sunne, there was Lieutenant. Colonel Parsons, Captaine. Glover, Murray, Jones; before we parted came Sparks, Kinaston, Johnson, Deane, Morgan, Roger, Streete, (Bevan interl.),&c. I took coach there (before 4 interl.) called & dranck at the Bars; left Roger there; went home with Bidolph (who came to the Sunne to us) Roger & his man came after us on horseback; the buttler stayd in towne to bury his father; Houseman came home from Shotwick.

20.Friday, Nixon went to Chester for fish; about 12 came Mrs Davyes, Yong and 3 or 4 more to talk about a weife horse left at Bromley's; I quit my claime; gave her a bottle of mummes; she went in ½ houer; Ned Burrows wife & mother dined with us, went past 2; Bidolph & Roger went abroad, retorned about 5; Huson came about 4.

[fo. 139r]

21.Satorday, Bidolph & Houseman went a fowling about 9; Huson went to Chester about 10; the keeper & another brought a doe from Frodesly; a man came with a letter from Savage to serve me; went agen; Decas of Chester dined with us, went about 2; Roger went abroad; retorned about 6; soe did Bidolph & Houseman; we had very great raines that night.

22.Sonday, none of us were at church, the waters being out; no company.

23.Monday, Huson came about 10; went to Shotwick past 12; Frodesly keeper went about 3; Stringer came past 11 with the new housekeeper & Donald. they dined with us; went about 2 (Bidolph & Roger with them to Bromleys) the housekeeper stayd.

24.Tuesday, Dicas the Taylor came to Bidolph, dined with the servants; went after dinner with Bidolph & Roger to Bromley's; came back about 7; Morgan came from Chester; after supper sate in the Compasse till 10; Dicas with them; I left them at 10.

25.Wednesday, Dicas went to Chester about 10; we sent a post letter by him; after dinner came Atkeys, Dager, Hodges, Easthope & Bowdler from Shrewsbury about leases; Hodges went to Bromley's, lay there all night; the rest stayd at Peele, supt, I left them with Bidolph, Roger & Morgan past 10.

26.Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving; Bidolph, daughters,&c. went to church; Atkys & the other 4 Shropshire men went homewards past 10; (Huson came at the same time interl.) Atkys & Dager came agen about 12 but stayd not; Bolton & another from Tatenhall came past 10; dined, went past 3; Burges brought a doe from Shotwick.

27.Friday, Nixon went to Chester; Bidolph & Houseman a shooting; Conen came at dinner, went agen past 2; Roger, Bidolph & Morgan went abroad; they retorned about 6 & Conen with them; he stayd all night; Huson went home past 8.

28.Satorday, Morgan went on foote to Chester; Conen went after him on horseback; Bidolph went to the duckoy & a fowling; Nixon went to Chester about 12; Bidolph dined at home, went to shoote agen past 2; Roger, daughters & sisters went thence to see Mrs Huson; retorned not till past 11.

29.Sonday, we were not at church; Roger & Houseman dined at S. Husons; retorned about 7; John Wright came from Hawerden in the evening; stayd all night.

30.Monday, Bidolph went a shooting before 10; dined at home; went after 2 abroad with Roger & Houseman; they went to Kelsall; yong Cowley brought us some fowle; Bidolph retorned about 5; Roger past 12; Houseman stayd out all night; Morgan came past 4.