Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1693

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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November 1693

November 1. Wednesday, had no company (but the underSheriffe & Patten called past 3. stayd not long interl); Broster went to Chester, came back at night.

2. Thursday, sent Griffith to Tatenhall & Bechin & Bromley to Chester (to enquire after a caske of wine which Ed[ward] Thornton wagoner should have brought from Jones but he left it at London) George Taylor went with brawne & a box of writings to Tarperly; sent by G.Payne directed to Sir J.Mainwaring.

3. Friday, about 4 I & 2 daughters went to Bromleys; stayed neare an houer; there was 2 Andertons, another with them, gave them a tankerd of ale, left them past 5. came home. Tuttle came from Chester 4. Satorday, George went with letters to Chester; Bolton came about 1; would not dine; gave me a Bill from Trafford on Clarke for 40 li. went presently.

5. Sonday, was not at church; daughters were in the morning; Morgan came about 4 (afternoone interl) Houseman came about 9 in the morning. Burges was with me in the evening.

6. Monday, Huson came about 10. my daughters went to dine at Utkington. Houseman went to Merry; all came back in the evening.

7. Tuesday, Grantham came in the morning to desire my meeting on Friday at Tarvyn about the Parish concernes; my daughters went before 2 to visit Mr Bruen's lady &c. then came Mr Antristle's man with a letter about the tithe. I sent the coachman to leave 5 li at Mr Welches at Chester for the under Sheriffe on account of the distringas; he retorned at night.

8. Wednesday, Houseman went to Chester about 9, retorned at 2. Periton came after diner, did eate something in the larder; stayd with me an houer, went at 3, Morgan went a coursing, [fo. 165v] November 9. Thursday, old Roger Madox dined with me; went at 2, Hughes about mending the slates; Mr Gerard came about 3. went at 4. Huson went home past 5.

10. Friday, Huson came past 10. Taylor the baker dined with us; went past 2. Morgan & Huson went before 4 to Chester, soe to Mold.

11. Satorday, Roger Madocks came at 11 with a letter from G.Mainwaring & to get my hand for his having a vacant Gowne; he dined with me at 2; Broster went to Mold, then to Dyssert; Burges came from Shotwick.

12. Sonday, I was not at church; my daughters were in the morning; Mrs Huson dined with us; went at 2 . Profit came at night from Shotwick.

13. Monday, Profit went early to Dyssert; Houseman went abRood, stayd all night; when we were at diner came Fitz-Hugh, Hayward, Parker & Coles (about the copper works) they dined & went past 3 to Chester; Nanny Davenport came that evening to live with us agen.

14. Tuesday, Crew & Captaine Blague dined with us; went past 3. then one Williams brought me a Mandamus (from Alderman Wilcox) dranck & went past 4.

15. Wednesday, Ed[ward] Lightfoote brought ten pounds in part of his fine; dined with me; went past 1. Morgan came about 5. Ned Bromley at night to speake about his barne.

16. Thursday, Biddophs 2 daughters & mayde went to Chester; no company all day.

17. Friday, Huson & Gregory came past 10; Bolton dined with me in the buttry &c. the rest went about 4.

18 Satorday, we came to Chester (Morgan with us) before 4.

19. Sonday, I & daughters went to church; received the Sacrament; G.Mainwaring & Williamson dined with us; we went past 4 to Alderman Streete; I was godfather to his daughter Comberbach's son. stayd with him till past 7. went home about 9. went to visit cosen Mainwaring 20. Monday, Mrs Puleston came about the money my son owes her. I went to the Penthouse past 11; there came Alderman Wilson &c. with about 30 or 40 more to demand the restoration of the late common councellmen & to sweare Alderman Alton Mayor. I told them I had, and would answer the Mandamuses in the Court of King's Bench; from whence they issued; we went then (before 12) to the Hall to the Quarter Sessions, Port moote & Crowne moote; where we sate till 3; then the Aldermen & other officers dined with me & Parson Bret, Bellamy & an officer of the Regiment came after diner; all parted (about interl) 5. after supper came Gray to talk about wood; & Huson.

21. Tuesday, Huson & Houseman went to Shotwick; Shales came & promised to make a submission to Williamson & Streete; cosen Whitley (Brother Peter's sonne) came from Ireland, dined with us; Pack the taylor came, I paid him his bill & sent Brock with him to pay Mr Parker & Mr Lloyd; the gardener came from Peele, sayd he would retorne that night; also Gregory; about 4 Sam[uel] Fletcher came about the 25 li. Citty loane money; past 5, I & G.Mainwaring went to the Recorders; he was abRood; then to Angells; then home past 6.

22. Wednesday, G.Mainwaring came for releife for one Shaw; then Johnson & Jones about making the river navigable (Crosse with me about Hospitale rent interl.) ; about 5 Humfrey Lloyd was with me (I sent for him) to enquire of him what writings of mine were in his hands; then came Johnson, Jones & G.Mainwaring; stayd till neare 7. then Bryan Bolland about a poore woman.

23. Thursday, I sent Nixon to Peel; Blags man came for money for cariage of goods; Richardson, Constable complaines that the Sheriffs have quartered a soldyer on him; I sent to the Sheriffes about it. about 2 came Crosse & Hatchet about the lease; then Mr Lee of Booth; then G.Mainwaring, Wrench, his wife, daughter & Taylor, her husband, they both swore that they were lawfully married. Adams took the affidavits & they parted all, about 4 the coachman went to Huson at Shotwick retorned at 6. in the evening I went to G.Mainwaring; there was Blake, Deane, Johnson, Wright, Parry; parted past 7; past 8 I & G.Mainwaring went to the Recorders, one Jones was with him; Blake came past 4. past 10 I went thence to the Guard at the Penthouse (Blake & G.Mainwaring with me) I left them there, went home.

24. Friday, Blake came past 11; he, G.Mainwaring & I took severall informacions about Philips harboring [fo. 166r] one Smith that was casheired whipt & driven out of towne; Blake & G.Mainwaring dined with me; past 2 came Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, the Ajutant, Quartermaster &c. we went to the Penthouse at 4; there were other Aldermen, Recorder, Sheriffs &c. we took severall examinations; I went to Jackson's past 7, there was G.Mainwaring, Streete, Blake, Kinaston, Wright, Jackson; we parted past 10.

25. Saturday, Alderman Bennet's man brought me a bill from Roger payable at 6 days; Brereton came to me about toll corne. fenstit ?, Lightfoote & Holland about Holland's herriot; I went to the Penthouse before 12, stayd till neare 3; Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Lloyd, Williamson, the Sheriffs, Bellamy & Wiseman dined with me; some parted at 5, some past 6. Morgan, Huson & Gray came to me, stayd till past 7.

26. Sonday, I went to church; Streete, G.Mainwaring; Lloyd, Edwards, Williamson, 2 Sheriffs, Mr Wright dined with me; also all the Almes men; in the evening the same Aldermen & Sheriffs supt with me; also the Recorder, Wilcox, Ince & Cratchley (it being thanksgiving day for the King's preservation & safe retorne; we parted neare 10.

27. Monday, Adams brought me a copy of the examinations about Smith, Philips, Alderman Wilcox mayde & sonns &c. Jones came about his proposalls of making the river navigable; 2 prentices came to complaine of theire master (one Walley) did not give them meate sufficient &c. theire parents came with them &c. it was refered to the Aldermen of the company to enquire into it; Shales came about 8 in order to buying my fat cowes, calfes. the Aldermen of the Smith's company (& Streete) came in the morning to acqainte me it was the desire of the company to make a plummer a freeman.

28. Tuesday, Houseman & Shales went to Peele about 9; Houseman was to goe thence to Holland at Kelsall about a herriot, Jolly came at 11 to speake about his encroachment in his building, Anderson came to me about the Counterpart of the purchase of cotton, Hook which desire to see, Huson came about 12; sister Sidney & Thomas Whitley dined with us; past 2 came Cooper, his wife & sonne to acknowledge a fine; Bellis came about some land to be sold neare Dyssert.

29. Wednesday, I went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned neare 2. Fitz-Hughes, Hayward, Parker (Londoners) dined with me; also Streete, sister Sidney (Morgan interl); after diner came G.Mainwaring, Williams & Jones; all parted past 5. Griffith & 3 carts went to Shotwick.

30. Thursday, Jones came to me about calling an Assembly; then Shales about buying some beefe, sheep & calfes &c. Mace Bearer was with me about mustering a Grand Jury; 2 men came past 12 to get releife for a prisoner in the Northgate & a Mr Leftwich (minister) about the salary at Shotwick & at the hospitall (he came agen at 2) G.Mainwaring came after diner & the woman of Barrell Well about her quartering soldyers; past 5 came 2 Aldermen of the Smiths with Bradshaw & the new plummer with a Certificate from the company that they desire the plummer may be made free; Huson was here, stayd not; about 8 came G.Mainwaring, his wife, sister & daughter, parted past 10.