Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1693

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1693', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004) pp. . British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]

December 1693

December 1st Friday, the Collectors of Forest Streete were with me about taxes. Buckley smith to make a lock; Alderman Bennets servant about a Bill of Exchange which I promised to pay; at 6 I went to G.Mainwarings with daughters &c. supt there, Streete came after; parted at 10. Danold trimmd me.

2. Satorday, Kerison & 2 Lightfoots came about businesse at Lach; I went to the Bulfare before 12; Baker came there to me. came home past 1. G.Mainwaring & Williamson dined with me. Palin, Wilson & Eaton & Huson dined in the next roome; they came to our roome after diner, tooke a pipe &c. Gill & Arnot came from Peele; & Carington with his cart; about 6 G.Mainwaring & I went to visit Mr Lee of Booth, stayed an houer then to the Recorder, stayd with him till 10, then home.

3. Sonday, I was not at church, my daughters were; in the evening Morgan came to me & supt; then came Alderman Mainwaring; they parted past 9.

4. Monday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. to the Court past 12. retorned at 3. the Grand Jury, Recorder, G.Mainwaring, Streete, Parry, Comberbach, Nat[aniel]Lee dined with me; all went before or past 6.some Taylors came about theire prentises in prison [fo. 166v] December 5. Tuesday, Pack came about the Taylor's prentises in the House of Correction; then came 2 other Taylors about the same businesse; then Denson with 2 gardeners about paying the tax to the Scavengers; & Mr Hughes to ease his mother of quartering soldyers; sister Lloyd & cosen Kate dined with us; past 3 came Edwards & Proby about Mr Holones pedigree; then Pike, Gerard & Warmington about the Taylor's prentises; then Humfrey Lloyd to acquainte me he could finde none of my writings in his custody; G.Mainwaring came past 8. stayd past 9.

6. Wednesday, Huson came at 11 (Wright came to me then Mr Ottey interl) I went then to the Penthouse, retorned past 1. Williamson dined with me; past 2 came Parry, William Buttler & Johnson; they went past 3. then came 2 Eytons Whitley & Huson, they went past 4. past 5 came Pike & the 2 Stewards of the Taylors; I admonished them about theire prentises & journeymen.

7. Thursday, Gray came to complaine against Cratchley about toll; Mr Jones about calling an Assembly; Hales & Smith about taking a lease; the gardner came from Peele to sow the garden; went at night. Jones (the archer) dined with me, complained of one Stopport for assaulting him; he complained of one Smith for doing the like to him; there was also one Holywell; I made them frinds; at 5 I went to visit cosen Mainwaring; there was Mr Kenrick & another; the Aldermen came in presently; I left them 1/2 houer; the store keeper of the Castle came to me to complaine of Yates for having some of the Kings beds in his house & that he used him ill as Alderman Wilcox's warrant; I desired him to get Wilcox to send for him (as proof crossed out) he having taken the evidence (& prosecute on the matter) if he refused & he came to me agen I would doe it. Hughes came about 6 about slating at Shotwick. I went past 6 to Alderman Mainwaring; he, his wife, daughter & sister supt with us; after supper Johnson & Deane, all parted before 10.

8. Friday, I went to Assembly at the Penthouse past 11. retorned past 2. G.Mainwaring, Streete, Holland (Deane, Johnson interl), Robinson, Thomas Whitley dined with us ; past 4 came Blague & Bellamy, (Morgan & Luke Lloyd interl), parted all past 5. the store keeper of the Castle came about Yates stolne beds &c. directed him to come to the Penthouse tomorow ; past 7 I went to the Ship, there was G.Mainwaring, Street, Blague, Bellamy, Murray, Paris; Bellamy went first, the rest about 9.

9. Satorday, my daughters to Mrs Hardware's funerall (Cadwalader brought a doe interl) I went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned past 1; Streete, G.Mainwaring, Williamson, Lloyd &c. dined with me; I went to the Penthouse neare 5. past 6, I & Streete went to Warringhams; there was G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Cratchley, Murrall, Jones, Bolland &c. we parted at 9. called at the Ship with Streete, G.Mainwaring, Cratchley, Parry; parted past 10 10. Sonday, was not at church; no company at diner (Nanny Davenport came from Peele interl) Sidney & Kate Whitley supt with us.

11. Monday, Jones with me past 11 about the river; Bunbery & Birket about cosen Evans debt; Lieutenant Colonel Hussey from Dublyn (to see me from Roger). Kolson to have leave to arrest a freeman. Evans about a soldyers passe &c. Danold trimmed me; severall complaints about quarrellings &c. G.Mainwaring & Blague present; past 4 I visited Colonel Hussey at Tydders; then Mr Deane to invite him (with the Clergy) to diner on Thursday; then to the Penthouse about Jones proposal to make the river navigable; there were severall Aldermen & Common Councellors; also Jones & Captain Glover; some constables complained of affronts done them by Richardson & Eyton & also by Captain Hurleston & likewise that one Wood had struck them &c. past 8 I went to the Ship with G.Mainwaring, Ince, Comberback, we found Streete & Blague there; parted past 10. Bunbury & Birket came to me to write to Richard Hughes to assist the Sheriffe in the seisure of Mr Evans goods for a debt my sonne was bound for to Bunbery.

12. Tuesday, Houseman went to Northup, to Richard Hughes with the Sheriffe about mine & my son's concernes with Mr Evans &c. Wood the hatter came to me about the quarrell; then Treasurer Cratchley, then G.Mainwaring about a new Beadle then Huson; about 4 I went to G.Mainwaring; there were severall officers; I stayd not; Parson Wright came to me after diner; stayd an houer; past 4 I went to Alderman Mainwaring nurses house, there were G.Mainwaring, Recorder, Edwards, Lloyd, Kinaston, the 2 Treasurers, Anderson, Johnson, Deane, Gerard &c. we parted before 10.came home.

[fo. 167r]

December 13. Wednesday, Nixon & the French woman went to Peele; Ganuel (& Cooper crossed out) came to see me; I went to the Penthouse past 11. retorned neare 3. Streete, G.Mainwaring & Thomas Whitley dined with us; they parted (past 4 crossed out) neare 5. Lee of Booth came but stayd not; past 6 I went to the Ship; there were the old & new Murangers, Recorder, Cratchley, Comberback, Loyd, Lee, &c. we parted past 10.

14. Thursday, Huson & Broster went to Peele past 11. Coker & Mercer came to see me but went presently; the Deane, Prebends & Clergy dined with me (all but Mr Thomas & his son in law who were musted ? & Mr Key who was out of towne at a funerall) they went past 3 all; the Chancelor, Angell & G.Mainwaring dined with us.

15. Friday, the keeper of the Northgate came to me; I sent by him a quarter of beefe to the prisoners; Brereton came about distribution of wheate to the poore of severall parishes; Mercer, Coker, G.Mainwaring (& Morgan interl) dined with me; went past 3. the churchwarden & clerks of Trinity came to me about the poore; also Bryan Bolland & Brereton againe; Birket came to have my advise about Mr Evans concernes at Northop & Mr Bunberys debt. I told him it was out of my way; desired him to advise with the lawyers (Mercer & Morgan, G.Mainwaring & Coker being present); past 5 Dutton & Griffith came to me about the poore of the Parish ; stayd till about 7.

16. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse about 11 retorned past 1, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Bret, Lloyd &c. dined with me. about 6 I went to Lewsley's; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Lloyd, Pemberton, Fernhagh, Blake, (Hall & Lewsley constables) Wood &c. went thence at 9. called at Jacksons (most of us) parted past 10.

17. Sonday, was not at church (daughters were) Lloyd, Gamell & Cooper dined with me; after diner came the Governor, Blague & severall officers; also G.Mainwaring & Streete, we composed the quarrell betwixt Ganuell & Wiseman; parted past 5.

18. Monday, Johnson came past 10. then Deane (Bolland, Brereton interl) Danold trimmed me; I went to the Penthouse past 11; Wilcox, Allen & some other Aldermen brought me an alias Mandamus to sweare Allen Mayor; I told them I would obey it, in giving my answer (in due time) to the Court that sent it; they left me; then I went to the Sessions & other Courts till past 3; the Lawyers, Aldermen, Treasurer, Coroner Cumberbach, Norbury, Adams &c. dined with me; parted neare 6. Lady Salisbury sent her keeper with a doe; Robinson & Constable Wright brought me a list of some poore house holders to have corne; Mrs Maders came from Peover; Sidney was here past 8. supt..

19. Tuesday, Brereton came about corne for the poore; also Pack; Key dined with me; about 2 came Eyton & Whitley about a lease of Moldsworth; then G.Mainwaring about 3 came Adams Pugh, Shone, his wife & 2 more about passing a fine; Whitley came againe with Houseman; about 5 I went to the Penthouse about Scavengers; there was Recorder, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwards. Lloyd &c. past 7 we went to the Ship; parted at 10.

20. Wednesday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. retorned past 1. Morgan & Thomas Whitley dined with me; the Butchers came about 4 with some bad beefe which they had seised; ordered part of it to the poore; at 5 I went to the Sheriffe Gleg (at Jacksons) the under Sheriff & Hand were with him; stayd awhile; Kirk & Griffith came to me there about Sefton's businesse. I went thence to Lady Bellots; saw her & daughters; then came Brooks; I left them; went to see cosen Lloyd of Pentrobyn; there was his mother, wife, sonne & many women with him; I stayd 1/2 houer; then went & supt at G.Mainwarings with daughters &c. Johnson came after supper. went before 10. I soone after.

21. Thursday, the keeper sent a doe from Shotwick; Brereton was with me about the corne; Sefton about Bridge (the serjeants place) I dined at Sheriffe Kinaston's (with daughters) a great company of men & woemen were there; I left them before 5.

22. Friday, Wright & the 2 church wardens were with me about the poores corne; also Brereton; Broster went to Dyssert; Eaton came about a lease at Moldsworth; G.Mainwaring & Blague came to me but stayd not; Johnson & Cokaine came to have corne for.Joseph Jordan; Sir John Conway, Penant, Thelwall, Parry, a minister, Morgan & G.Mainwaring dined with us; went about 5. Huson & Houseman went to Shotwick.

[fo. 167v]

December 23 Satorday, G.Mainwaring & Blake came to me about writing to Lord Macclesfield or Trenchard to get Blake a command; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned before 2. G.Mainwaring & Williamson dined with me; went past 3. then came Fisher about taking land at Bechin. Huson was with us; went away past 4. Cadwalader brought 2 does from Frodesley; Ruston of the Barrell Well came about being made Constable; Danol trimmd me; Griffith & the carte came from Shotwick; took 50 measures of barley home with them; Carington brought linnen &c. on horseback; Recorder & Deane came at 5. stayd not.

24. Sonday, I was not at church, daughters were in the morning; no company.

25. Monday, (Xmas day) we went to the Sacrament; Wright & his wife dined with us; after diner came G.Mainwaring & Lydcot; went past 2. in the evening came Angell, my sister, then Betty Booth; they all went about 6. Cadwalader went back by Husons; after supper Blake came, stayd till past 9.

26. Tuesday, Cratchley came about his & the other officers fee; dined at G.Mainwarings with Hunt, Johnson, Henry, my daughters & a great many woomen; parted neare 5. Profit from Dissert; no company at night. Hickson retorned late at night.

27. Wednesday, Cratchley came, then Cumberbach with Thomason & Ruston to sweare the last Constable which was done at my house; Eaton came about his lease ; I (& daughters) dined at Mr Johnsons; there was G.Mainwaring, Cratchley, Wright & Kenrick; we parted about 5. Morris came to me to complaine of being sued (as he says) wrongfully; I told him I would enquire into the matter &c. The coachman went to Peele.

28. Thursday, Bryan Bolland came, stayd awhile. Brereton came about corne; that night Belman came for his box; Streete, Lloyd & the Constable dined with me, went about 4. the 2 Aldermen stayd; then came Warburton; then the Citty musick; all went past 5. Johnson came past 6, went about 7.

29. Friday, Huson came past 11. Pemberton to desire leave to arrest Woods for money he owed a poore man; past 12 I went to Adam Kempe, there severall tenants & Fisher Jones &c. to take lands; I left Huson & Houseman with them (past 1); I dined at Hunts; there were G.Mainwaring, his sonne, wife, my daughters & severall women; I came away past 4. Francis came with a poore man that had bin robd & wounded on the highway to get a certificate & charity for him; as I went out in the morning I met Walforne, Wheatyeare & another minister going to my house; but my dining abRood diverted them. I supped at G.Mainwaring with Kenrick, Blackborne, Cratchley & many women, after supper came Jackson; I left them past 10.

30. Satorday, Arderne came from Sir John Crew to see us; then Treasurer Cratchley about the Citty revenue; Lady Bellot, her daughter &c. Angell, his nephew & sisters; Randle Ravenscroft, Kate Whitley, sister Lloyd, Thomas Whitley &c. dined with us; after diner came G.Mainwaring, then Alderman Edwards, Owen Hughes (&c Mr Griffith crossed out) & another came. they all went before 5. sister Whitley came after diner. dined in daughter Mainwarings chamber. about 7 Johnson came to me about 3 soldyers that could get no lodgings.

31. Sonday, was not at church; cosen Whitley of Aston dined with us; G.Mainwaring came after diner parted about 2. in the evening (about 7) came Deane, Johnson,Wright & G.Mainwaring to discourse of calling an Assembly; parted past 9.