Roger Whitley's Diary: October 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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October 1685

[fo. 40v]ocr: 1st. Thursday, Mr Tuttle came to see me; stayd 1/4 of an houer, talking of the waters &c. Bellot & Minshall came to our house; I went to Sir Robert Clayton; spoke to Mr Clayton about Sir Thomas Chichley's interest; he promised 6 months; as I came home Halloway (a Chester taylor) met me in the streete; my coach stop't; he told me he had bin a good while in towne, had work enough but longd to see his wife, would retorne to Chester in a short tyme, asked if I would command any services; I told him no but wished him well & advised to follow his trade & grow rich; I dined at home; went in the evening to Humfreys; then to Lady Gerard; she was abroad; I spoke with her mayd to present my service to her; went to Mrs Martyns; she was newly brought to bed & the child cristend; there was the Minister, Mr Martyn, Ewart & 2 or 3 more below; Lady Wood, Mrs Gaunt, 1 or 2 more above; I dranck a glasse of wine, left them; went to the Kings Armes in Cateaten Streete; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall & Heron; we parted about 10.

2. Friday, I went to Auditor Done's, there were Sir G.G. & Corbyn (some other people about theire businesse), I stayd about ½ houer; Sir G.G. went in my coach to the end of Sheow Lane; I went to the Temple, met cosen Humfreys, his wife & another gentlewoman; I brought them to theire coach; I met Mr Crispe in the streete; he told me he was going to Windsor today or tomorrow, very full of businesse &c; I came home; there was a Mercer with silks for my daughter Biddolph & Mrs Bret from the Exchange with daughter Mary. & cosen Franck's mayd with Charlot; I dined at home; Saladine came with a letter from Hughson; in the evening came Mr Gerard watchmaker with a letter & bond from my sonne; dranck a bottle of wine with me; I stayd at home all night.

3. Satorday, Jones the Scrivener came about Onebys businesse; Lady Wood & her sonne dined with us; after dinner one Davyes (a man that hath often pressed me to speake to Lord Maxfeild for money for lodgings in his house at Oxford in the sicknesse yeare) came to Mainwaring & me as we were drinking a glasse of wine in the parler; I told him I wondered he could be soe unreasoneable as to mention it now to me having bin out of towne 2 months & not having seene Lord Maxfeild in 10 or 11 weeks nor did I know or would enquire where he was & desired him to trouble me no more in that matter, soe he went away not satisfyed; I stayd within all day.

4. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home; after evening sermon the Lecturer came to visit us; also cosen Baskervile; she went first, he soone after; Mainwaring & I went neare Somerset House; Rogers & Maxwell came to us; we went to the Hoop Lane over against the Fountaine; dranck a bottle of wine & parted; called to see Lady Gerard; she was abroad; came home; sup't, &c.

5. Monday, Mr Wright of Brewer's Hall sent his man to see how we did; the churchwarden & clark came for 6 months pay for the Lecturer; I dined at home; Sir G.G. came at the end of dinner but would not eate nor drink; sate about an houer with us; I went in the evening to visit Sir James Edwards & his Lady; then to Sir Robert Claytons, spoke with his brother; then to the Kings Armes in Cateaten Streete; there was Mr Wright, Mainwaring & Bellot; we supt there, we parted past 9.

6. Tuesday, I went with Mainwaring & his wife to Combe; dined there; there was my Lady, Sir W. Basset, his Lady, Mrs Vanham &c; they danced after dinner; then came Sir William Langhorne; at 4 we went home; about 7 Mainwaring & I went to Bellot at the Bull Head; supt there; parted at 10.

7. Wednesday, Mainwaring & Bellot went with me to Grays Inne Gate; they went out of my coach, Sir G.G. came in; we went to Dones; Mr Woodward came to us (…..) in expectation of Sir Thomas Player; I went to Humfreys, with him to Sir Edward Herbert, then to Lord Chancelor's, but he was abroad; then I went to Dones agen; he told me Sir G.G. & Woodward were gone, having received a letter that Player could not come; I went (with Pigeon) to Grays Inne; went to Sir G.G., his chamber, with a letter & sent a messenger to Player to get him come to towne to Dones on Friday; Minshall was with us; he went home & dined with me (we parted with Sir G. at Grays Inne gate); after dinner Mr Ashton came to me from Lady Gerard to desire me pay her some rent that is due to Lord Maxfeild; I told him I was short of money here nor did I know how accounts stood, nor had I a draught for an acquittance &c; but would send to the contrey about it & in short tyme hoped to give him an account &c; he dranck a glasse of wine & went his way; I went with Mainwaring to Sir: Edward Lutwich to congratulate with him &c; there was an Irish judge with him, we drank 2? s & left them; then went to Mr Jones in Scotland yard to ? last write; we dranck a pinte, went home, supt.

[fo. 41r]

8. Thursday, Prole came with Mr Hudson, another man & Jack Whitley about a forged Bill of Exchange of which they suspected him; after they went I went to Sir Edward Lutwitch about the statute on Frodersley; called at Lord Chancelors to have wayted on him but he was busy; going towards my Lady Woods in Gerards streete I met Lady Gerard & another woman in a hackney coach; they stopt, told me she was going to see her brother soe presently drove away; I went to Humfreys house, spoke with him in the streete, came home to dinner; after dinner came Lady Cotton then Bellot; went presently away again; then I went to Humfreys then to Lord Chancelor then to brother Peter (he & his wife were abroad); in the afternoone the man of the Mews taverne came to me about money Roger owes him; he spoke with me in the hall; Mr Points the upholsterer being present; then Points went with me into the buttrey to discourse with Hussey& Howseman about hyring his goods for another quarter; he stayd but awhile; in the evening I called at Mr Martyn's; brought my daughters home, then went to the Kingss Armes, there was Oneby & Jones (to seale writings); Bellot & Mainwaring came to us; we parted about 10; came home; Bellot came after us & stayd till 11.

9. Friday, I went to Dones; there was Sir G.G. & Player, Corbyn &c; Done was abroad; we went to the Sunne in Holborne, dined there; Pigeon & one Bernard (a friend of Sir G.G.) with us; parted about 4; I went to brother Peters; there was Sir John Urban; I stayd with them about 1/4 of an houer; went then to Lady Wood (at her new house) called on Lady Gerard; she was abroad; calld at Humfreys chamber - he was at the Greene Dragon; spoke with him at the doore; went home; whilest I was at the Sunne, Captaine Philip Howard came thither to speake with me about the Patent for the Plantacions office; he sayd he came from Lord Dartmouth; there was a man, stayd below; who (he said) was imployed by his Lordshp to sollicite that businesse; that it was intended for the Lords unkle.

10. Satorday, Cosens trimmed me; Jack Whitley came to discourse me about Prole & the Bill he lays to his charge; I gave him good advise to confesse (if guilty) and to put himselfe in to some way of imployment as a journeyman or factor at home or abroad or goe to his friends in the contry & not live idly &c; S. Hussey was present all the whilest I talked with him; I dined at home, went about 4 to Sir Thomas Bellots lodging; there was Abraham Dashwood, Bellot, Nokes, Mainwaring & an Oxford scholar; we parted in 1/2 houer; Bellot, & I went to Bourne's coffe house, dranck 2 dishes of tey & parted; about 6 he came to me agein; we went to the Kings Armes; Mainwaring came to us about 8; the man of the house came up to us to talk about a hogshead of wine; we parted about 9.

11. Sonday, went twice to church; Bellot & Minshall dined with us; Mr Jones & Saladine came to see us about 5; then came Mr Humfreys; they stayd but awhile; Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall & I went to the Kings Armes; supt there; parted before 10; went home.

12 Monday, Sir John Warner & another came to me about money he past his word for at Dunkirke for Roger; I promised to pay it if he had not payd it already at Paris; I went to Lady Wood then to Lady Gerard about the rent she sent for; dined at home; after dinner one Burk, a marchant came to me from Sir John Warner about the foresayd money; I went in the evening to Lord Clarendons; stayd there neare an houre; he was abroad; came to the Kings Armes; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall, Crispe, Oneby & Jones; had oysters; parted, past 10.

13 Tuesday, dined at home; went about 5 to the Bull Head, there was Bellot & Mainwaring, Minshall &c; I went to Humfreys, then to Mr Wrights, they were both abroad; then to the Devill taverne; there was Bromfield; Bellot came to us then came Sir Francis Clarke; stayd about 1/2 houre; we all parted, before 10; came home.

14 Wednesday, Garrate the watchmaker came to see me; the next barber trimmed me; I met Sir G.G. & Corbyn at Grays Inne gate, we went to the Bulls Head in Newmarket; there dined with us Player, Done, Pigeon, the man of the house & a friend of Players (a stranger to me); he sung severall songs to us at dinner & after; about 2 o'clock Sir Thomas Griffith came to us; he stayd till neare 4; he & Done went together, Pigeon before them; then Sir G.G. & I left them; I brought Sir G.G. to Grays Inne; walked awhile with him in the court; one Major Carr came to us but stayd not; then Minshall came; Sir G. went to his chamber & Minshall came home with me in my coach: he & Mainwaring supt with us: I stayd at home all night.

[fo. 41v]

15. Thursday, I went to Humfreys; & Sir Edward Lutwitch; I met Sir Robert Clayton in the Temple & discoursed him about Sir Thomas chit money; I also met Mr Johnson, the Attorney, discoursed him about brother Whitley's debt to Mrs Hudson also met Mr Norman in Serjeants Inne; went to the East Indya house & Elfords coffe house to speake with Mr Page but could not fined him; I called at the upholsterers but he was abroad; I dined at home; after dinner came the upholsterer; we settled accounts: then came Browne the cook, about Roger's money; in the evening came Warburton; offered sevrall discourses about the Cheshire Prisoners; sayd Cotton and Offley had nothing considerable against them; that Graham told Offley of the Temple soe but I waived all such discourses; he told me I was turned a great courtier, that I had submitted my businesse for the Kings pleasure; I sayd I would not only submit but lay my life & fortune at his Majestys feete; soe that discourse broke off; he told me he was going into Cheshire to continue there; hope to see us there; longed to see Mr Mainwaring, came now & often heretofore to see him but he was not with me; we dranck 3 glasses of wine, he went with me in my coach to the Temple gate; there parted; I went to Lord Clarendon's, he was abroad; then to Lady Woods; then to Lady Gerard (learning she was not well) she was in her chamber, her Aunt Gerard, a minister & Mr Herbert with her; then came in Mr Wooseley; I left them presently; called on Mr Wright in the Strand; he brought me into a back parler where 2 men were at tables; then came in a minister & a gentlewoman with him; then one or two more came in; he called for a bottle of wine; I dranck twice or thrice, left them; called at the Bull Head; there was Bellot, Mainwaring and Minshall; we parted past 10.

16. Friday, I went to St Lawrence church to heare Dr Calamy preach; called on cosen Baskervile's; enquired of Mr Walley & the other servant: after other friends at Chester; I dined at home; after dinner, Vinson came to me about Jack Whitley but I would give no directions, onely would desire a friend to speake with his master; soe he went away; I went to Humfreys, met Mr Kingdon & Bridges coming from him, also Captaine Clifford walking there, only saluted each other & parted; I went to see Mr Browne; there was Mr Bennington & another with him; we talked of the Master of the Rolls, of Cheife Justice of Chester, of the sessions at the old Bayly &c; I soone left them; going thence I met Lady Ellis' woman & footeman; spoke to them about theire Lady's money; I went home, then to the Kings Armes; there was Wright, then came Baroby; then Bellot & Minshall; Baroby went first; we all parted past 10 17. Satorday, a porter brought me a letter from Mr Scotto that he had spoken to Done &c; I dined at home; was trimmed by the next barber, went on then to Humfreys, then to Lady Wood with my daughter, Bellot & Mainwaring; Sir Edward & his sonne there; then home; Bellot supt with us; parted about 10.

18. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; in the evening went to Lord Clarendon; he was abroad; went to Jones; there was Bellot, Mainwaring & Minshall; retorned about 8 to Martyn's; dranck a bottle of wine with him, his wife & Mrs Wood; my daughter went thence home with us & Bellot supt with us; parted, before 10.

19. Monday, cosen John Lloyd came to see us; I walked an houer (alone) in Moorefields; having sent Hixon to the Post house; I dined at home; Bellot with us; Sir G.G.'s man came to tell me his master: was come into the citty, desired to meete me at Mr Cook's; Mr Miles came to visit us, sate with me neare ½ houer; I went to Humfreys: then to the Sunne; there was Sir G.G., his 2 sonnes & another (I think his name is Wren); we supt; I left them past 8;went home; Baroby came & sate with me till past 10.

20. Tuesday, I went to St Lawrence, Dr Tillotson preached; I called on Baroby at the Coffe House (but went not in) to help me to a seate at church; I dined with cosen Sam Gerard; there was he, his Lady, 2 other gentlewomen; Sir G.G., Mainwaring, Minshall, one Mr Wren & myselfe; past 4 we parted; I went to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad then to Jones; there was Mainwaring & Minshall; then came Sir Francis Clark; Mainwaring left us about 7; we parted about 8; Minshall came home with me but stayd not.

21. Wednesday, the next barber trimmed me; I walked 1/2 houer in Moorefields; in my retorne (neare Bedlam) Mr Priaux overtook me; asked what news; I told him I had none; he sayd he was sorry for Alderman Coronish; I replyed, soe was I, that he should carry himselfe soe as to deserve it ;we presently parted; as I came home I went into a church where there was a sermon; I stayd, till it was ended; I came home; found a dancing master there teaching the 2 children, then came Mr [fo. 42r] Jarrete (watchmaker) to enquire if my sonne had received a box, he sent him; Minshall dined with us; Jones came after dinner; I went in the evening to Lord Clarendon; then to Mrs Cooper and her daughter; then to the Bull Head where was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall, Baroby; we supt there, parted before 10.

22. Thursday; Mr Davyes came to me to speake about Sir G.G. & his old businesse of money due from Lord Maxfield; then came one Mr Tench & another about businesse of sister Whitley's to passe away a trust which my brother left in his will &c. I went with Bellot, Mainwaring and Minshall in a hackney coach (Isack drove us) to dine with Mr Wright at Croydon; there dined with us, him, his wife & 2 young girles; we retorned home before 7; we went to the Kings Armes; Baroby was with us; it was Sir: Thomas Bellot's birthday; he treated us; we parted about 10.

23. Friday, I walked into Moorefields, retorned before 12; met (at my gate) 2 yong men with a bill from Roger for a 100 li. to be payd Lady Lincolne; I told them I had no advice so did not accept it; Sir Thomas Griffith dined with me; after dinner came Bellot; Mainwaring was with us; about 4 Mr Thomas left us; then came Mr Wright, dranck a glasse of wine; left us with Bellot & Mainwaring; Mrs Wood dined with us & stayd till past 10.

24. Satorday, Fowler brought me his bills; Troughton came to Mr Mainwaring; went away together; I dined at home; went in the evening to Williams in Grays Inne; Lady Aston was with him; I stayd not but awhile; met Sir G.G. in the court; walked there neare 1/2 houre considering about the disbanding accounts, what method to put things in against the Parlement, what councell to make use of, whether Sir Edward Lutwich or some other, what to advise upon &c. there came to me Sir Thomas Paints man, about the lodgings in Scotland yard interl); then we went to the Temple; he told his lawyer about other businesse; I went to Humfreys; thither he came to me; we discoursed awhile with Humfreys then I brought him in my coach to Grays Inne; soe home; the next barber trimmed me.

25. Sonday: I went twice to Church; dined at home; after evening sermon Bird & Walley came to visit us also Jones & Saladine; we dranck a glasse of wine & parted; I went to Sir Edward Wood; there was his Lady & cosen; I dranck a bottle of wine; stayd about an houre; I called on Lady Gerard; there was Mr Herbert & her Ant; I stayd but awhile, left them together; called on Bellot, he came home & supt with us; after supper came Baroby; they parted past 10.

26. Monday, Bourse, a marchant came with a bill, from Roger; Browne the cook came about Roger ; I dined at home; in the afternoone, Minshall came (about Stisted's bill interl) but stayd not; I went to Humfreys then to Browne to discourse him about the disbanding Act; I walked awhile with Saladine in Exchange Alley to direct him how to answer Roger's letter; Jones was with him; I went to the Vultur; dranck a bottle of wine with Sir Thomas Griffith; Millington came, dranck a glasse with us; we parted about 8; I came home.

27. Tuesday, I went to heare Dr Tillotson preach at St Lawrence; thence to Sir Robert Clayton's; I spoke with Sir Robert & Keck; met the Lady & Mrs Dane's in their coach; saw Mr Kendall in the streete; asked for Player & Mrs Winstanley; met Baroby at his doore; had but little discourse; called on Baskervile to enquire how her husband did; I called on Lady Bellot; took her, her daughter & neece with me to Pontacks; there dined with us, my daughter, Bellot, Mainwaring & Ewart; about 4 Sir William: Basset, his Lady & 2 other gentlewomen came thither: we went to theire roome; afterwards they came to us; stayd till past 6; Bellot, Mainwaring & I called on Baroby; he & Minshall came with us to the Miter Taverne, in Kings Streete; we dranck 4 bottles of wine; Minshall went away; then Mainwaring we parted neare 11.

28. Wednesday, Sir John Arderne came to speake with me, another came with him; stayd for him in the hall; Sir G.G. sent his man to me then came himselfe; dined with us; he stayd till neare 4; Corbyn came to us, discoursed about our Disbanding Account; went away a little before Sir G.; about 5 brother Peters wife came to visit us; my daughters were abroad; she stayd till past 6; much of her discourse was about the illnesse of theire condicion, about disposing of her sonne; about the accounts betwixt my sonne & my brother & the disputes & differences that had been betwixt them &c; Mr Lewes came before supper, stayd not; after supper Bellot & Mainwaring; parted about 10.

[fo. 42v]

29. Thursday, Minshall & Bellot came to see us; I went to the Feathers in Cheapside; dined there with Bellot, Mainwaring, Baroby & Minshall; after dinner saw Lord Mayor's show go by the doore; went thence to the Rummer with Bellot & Captaine Ormes; Baroby & Mainwaring came to us; Lewes & Fr: Dashwood came into the roome but stayd not; we dranck 2 bottles & parted; I went in the evening to the Bull Head, there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall, Baroby & another of Cheapside (a stranger to me); we supt there, parted past 10.

30. Friday, I went to St Lawrences, Dr Calamy preached; Browne the cook came for the rest of Roger's debt; I put him off till another tyme; he seemed discontented, was in great want; I went in the evening, to Saladine's house; there was Mrs Jones & 2 other gentlewomen, also he, his wife; I dranck a glasse of sack with them & left them going into my coach in Cornewall; Sam Gerard came to me; presently after his father came; we went to the Sunne, had 2 bottles of wine; Sam was a little warmed, either with wine or from some other dissatisfaction; he talked much against his brother and brother in law Barcroft; sayd his father had sided with his brother more than with him; his father spoke very mildly to him; we parted past 7, I came home, supt.

31 Satorday dined at home; stayd within all day.