Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1688

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1688

Sept: 1st , Satorday, went to the wells; Sir John Parker invited Mainwaring & me to dine with him at the Castle; Ashenhurst was also there; I left them about 5; Minshall dined with Dr Charleton:2. Sonday, went to the wells; & to church; the Deane of Cantabury preached in the morning; & the Reader in the afternoone; we dined at home; about 6, I, Mainwaring & Minshall went to the Castle; Cope, Herbert, Child & How came to us; How went about 8; we all parted about 9: 3. Monday, we went to the wells, & to prayers; about 12 Minshall gave me & my daughters oysters; Mainwaring was at the Lottery; we dined at home; Mainwaring & Minshall went a setting about 4; soone after, my daughters went a visiting; Mainwaring Minshall & I went to the Castle, about 7; there was How, Ashenhurst & Pett; we parted about 10.

4. Tuesday, we went to the waters; after prayers Minshall & I went to Thomsons with Lady Griffith & my daughters to eate oysters; we dined at home; Mainwaring & Minshall went a setting; my daughters went a visiting; they retorned past 7; I stayd at home all day.

5. Wednesday, we went to the wells, & to prayers; dined at home &c; went in the evening to mount Ephraim; thence with Cope to the Castle; parted before 9.

6. Thursday, went to the wells; did eate oysters at Thomsons, with my daughters, Lowther, & another Lady; we dined at home; in the evening my sonne came, with Morgan & Kent; we supt, stayd at home.

7. Friday, we went to the wells & prayers; dined at home; went about 6 to the Castle; there was Mainwaring, Minshall, my sonne, Kent, Morgan, Ashurst, Griffith & 2 more, strangers to me &c; we left them about 9.

8. Satorday, we went to the wells; Kent went to London, Mrs Lowther dined with us; stayd till 8; Mrs Villers came to fetch her home; Mainwaring & I went to the Castle; there was my sonne, Minshall & Morgan; we came home together about 9.

9. Sonday, we went to the wells & twice to church; the Reader preached; we dined & supt at home..

10. Monday, we went to the wells & dined at home; in the evening I went to visit Sir Thomas Griffith & his Lady; retorned home about 7.

11. Tuesday, we went to the wells; my sonne & Morgan retorned to London; we dined at home; Mainwaring & Minshall went a setting; at night they went to the Castle; I went to them past 7; there was with them Puleston, Ashurst & another (I think his name was Gawden) we parted about 10.

12. Wednesday, we went to the wells; dined at home; Mainwaring & Minshall went a setting; my daughters a visiting Lady Griffith, Mrs Fettiplace etc. supt at home.

13. Thursday, went to the wells, dined at home; Michael Biddolph came about 4; we went to the Castle before 6; there was Mainwaring Minshall, Ashenhurst, Cornish & 2 more, playing at cards; we went home past 9; Cornish & another went before 8.

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Sepr: 14, Friday, we went to the wells, dined at home; Mainwaring & Biddolph went to the Castle about 4; there was Ashenhurst, Cornish &c; came back past 6; Minshall went a setting &c; we supt at home.

15. Satorday, we went to the wells; Mainwaring Biddolph Minshall &c; went a shooting before 12; I dined with my daughters at home; Mrs Lowther & Villers came to see them in the afternoone; in the evening I went to the Castle with Biddolph & Mainwaring & Minshall, had a bottle of wine; retorned home past 7; supt.

16 Sonday, went to the wells; were twice at church; dined at home; & supt.

17, Monday, went to the wells; Biddolph gave us oysters at Skinners Taverne; Neale sent me 5 Partridges; Ashenhurst gave me 2 hares & a Pheasant; he & Cornish desired me to drink a glasse of wine at the Castle in the evening &c; Cornish went before I came; Higden was there, but stayd not long; then came Smith, then Salter; we parted past 9.

18. Tuesday, we left Tunbridge before 7; dined at Farneborow; parted with Biddolph &c; at Lewisham; came to our lodgings, at Mrs Westly's in Norfolk Streete, before 8.

19. Wednesday, Povey trimmed me; Kent came to see me; then Mrs Wood; she dined with us; I went to visit Sir Edward Wood & Lady in the evening with daughters &c; went with Mainwaring to the White Horse taverne past 7; there was Minshall & his cosen & Levet; stayd till neare 10.

20. Thursday, I went to Dones (about 10) he was in bed; I spoke with Pigeon; went to Humfreys, at Childs; went to Kecks, & Brents, they were abroad; spoke with Levet in the street; dined at home; Biddolph, my daughter, 2 Woods, Tovey, William Minshall, brother Peter with us; went about 4 to the White Horse; there was Biddolph, 2 Minshalls & brother Peter, parted before 5; I went to Brent's chamber; he was abroad; went thence to the Kings Armes in Cateaten Streete; there was William Minshall, Shepheard, Dade & Johnson, (about Roger's debts) I left them about 6; Minshall & I went to the Sunne; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, Minshall, Monteage, Thomas, Dashwood & another (that stayd not) Biddolph went away presently; Hoare came to us about 8; we parted past 9.

21. Friday, Kenrick came to me, in the morning about 11; to discourse of the Copper miners; Dashwood, Thomas, 2 Minshalls, brother Peter, Mainwaring, Biddolph, Morgan & Wood dined with us; after dinner came Ward, then Rogers &c; they all went about 4; Brereton & Paine came about the money they were to pay me; I went (about 6) to Mr Henry Howard; there was another gentleman with him; then came his Lady; they gave me a bottle of wine, taked about the copper oare; left them about 8; called on my daughters at Tovey's; came home &c; there was my sonne, his wife &c; supt, parted about 10.

22.Satorday, I took Epsom waters; Keck came to see me; I dined at Woods with my daughters, Biddolph, Mainwaring & my sonne; at the end of dinner came Coling; we parted past 4; I came home to Brereton & Paine, about the money Brereton owed me; Jones came to receive it; I signed a surrender of his coppyhold land at Whitchurch &c; William Morgan came that night to see us; supt &c; Mainwaring & my sonne came past 9; I left them, went to bed.

23. Sonday, I dranck Epsom waters; could not goe to church; my sonne, his wife, brother Peter, 2 Minshalls & yong Mrs Cole dined with us; I retired to my chamber past 2; in the evening (past 4) Levet & yong Dod came to deliver up Dods lease; I gave yong Dod a receipt for it; then came George Manley & severall others; we had a bottle of wine; they parted pat 5; I met Soladine at the doore; walked with him awhile; then Mainwaring & I went to Woods, then to the Bishop of Chester; saw him, his wife, Sir Richard Wiseman & Lord Ancram; retorned to Woods, saw him & his Lady; then home; found our landlady above with my daughters; then came Lewes, & a minister with him; then my sonne, Morgan, Minshall &c; had a bottle of wine; parted past 10.

24. Monday, went to Done, met with Garroway, discoursed him in the streete, also Lutwitch; Lady Wood & daughter dined with us; also 2 Minshalls, Peter, Biddolph &c; after dinner came Wood, parted at 4; I went to Brent, walked with him in the Temple; went to sup at Martin's, there was Humfreys, his wife &c; drancke a pinte of wine with brother Peter, Jones & Soladine; called on Mainwaring at the Nags Head, there was Stephens, Howard, Hook &c; parted past 1 &c; setting; at night they went to the Castle; I went to them past 7; there was with them Puleston, Ashurst & another (I think his name was Gawden) we parted about 10.

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Sep: 25. Tuesday, Kent & Kenrick came about copper oare; Gleg about Charlott's debt; Bedisford to see us; Tovey & Tuttle with bills &c; Pigeon with the Auditors report about the disbanding businesse; Henshaw & Wood dined with us; with brother Peter &c; Rogers came to see us; then Ware in the afternoone; stayd an houer &c; then Jones; past 6 I went to the White Horse, Morgan with me; there was Mainwaring & Stephens, then came 2 Minshalls, my sonne, Kent & Levet; I left them about 10.

26. Wednesday, William Minshall came with bills, about Roger's businesse; there was my sonne, his wife, Lady Wood &c; we took coach a quarter before 9; called at the Greene Man at Barnet; had some cold beefe &c; to the coach; stayd but awhile; came to Dunstable about 7, lay at the Crowne; Morgan came thither to us.

27. Thursday, we went thence about 7; called at a House betwixt Owburne & Newport; there we did eate some cold meate; Biddolph & his company came thither to us; we stayd almost an houer; called at Newport; dranck 2 bottles of wine, in the coaches; came to Northampton before 8; lay at the Rose & Crowne.

28. Friday, we went thence about 9; called at Creek; did eate our cold meate; stayd neare an houer; went to Coventry, past 6; lay at the Star; Captaine Biddolph supt with us.

29. Satorday, we went thence before 10; dranck a bottle of wine (in the coach) at the Swan in Coleshill; called at the Swan in Lichfeild; the women stayd in the coach; Biddolph, I, Mainwaring, Dyatt &c; had a bottle of wine in the kitchen, stayd ½ houer; came to Elmehurst past 6.

30. Sonday, went not to church; Dyatt dined with us; came too late to the Quire in the afternoone, visited the Deane; Hamond was with him, stayd an houer; went to the Swan; Dyatt and Hamond with us; parted past 7 &c; came home past 8.