Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1688

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1688', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 22 July 2024].

'Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1688', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Edited by Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024,

"Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1688". Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington([s.l.], 2004), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024.

August 1688

95r August 1688 Aug; 1st. Wednesday, Mainwaring retorned late last night & brought H. Delves with him; this morning Delves & I finished the businesse about my purchase of the 3 tenements in Ashton (from Lister & his wife) he delivering me the conveyance, & I paying him the purchase money (being 89 li. ); in the afternoone Delves went to Chester.

2. Thursday, Delves retorned from Chester; after dinner went with me & Mainwaring to the 2 houses I bought in Ashton; we stayd 1/2 houer at Bromleys; he went homewards & we retorned to Peele; Alban Gray came about his worke; yong Radford with a letter from his father about money Roger's wife owes him; Hoole of Bumbery came to speake with Mainwaring; these stayd not long; the buttlers unckle & brother came to see him; stayd all night; he was gone 2 days before to see them; Cadwallader brought venison.

3. Friday, the buttlers unkle & brother went away early; Cadwallader went after them; Crew, Stephens, Manley & Hassall dined with us; also Bingley & a barber from Chester; they bowled all afternoone; supt, went away past 9; Bostock came in the morning about his worke &c; Sir Thomas Mainwaring's; coach came in the evening.

4. Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 9; Hoole came for his daughter; the Tarvyn barber trimmed me; about 2, I went towards Peover with Mainwaring; his wife & the children; came thither past 6; there was Sir Thomas Mainwaring & his family, Sir Thomas Delves, his Lady, her father Foster.

5. Sonday, we went to church twice.

6. Monday, Lee of Booth, Major Minshall & his sonne; Roger Mainwaring his sonne, Swetnam, Newcome &c. dined with us; bowled in the afternoone, parted before night.

7. Tuesday, we parted from Peover past 9; came home to Peele past 2; there was Cookson about money he owes me; Gray about brick & workmen; Mr Gleg's man with a poore widow about a herriot &c; sister Lloyd came in the morning from Chester; sister Anne came in the evening, cosen Whitley with her & yong Radford with them; he retorned prsently, the rest stayd all night.

8. Wednesday, a gentileman came with a story that he had bin robbed, desired releif but I would not talke with him; bid Houseman make him drink; soe left him; Hughes came about slating &c. Minshall, Jackson & his wife, Bridges, Bradshaw, Dicas, a barber Warmingham, cosen Whitley & Palin dined with us; they bowled after dinner, went in the evening; soe did Mr Done & his sisters (who also dined with us); Hardware & his wife came to see us in the afternoone; cosen Whitley stayd all night.

9. Thursday, the vicar & Grantham came to take leave &c; Mainwaring & I went to Chester; lighted & dined at Jackson's with Angell, G.Mainwaring, Minshall, Taylor, cosen Whitley &c; after dinner came Lee of the Bridge to see againe my answer to Roberts bill; then I went to see Mr Hunt (Taylor was with him) & the Vice Chamberlaine; then to Angells, then to the Sunne Taverne; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Minshall, Farington, Balsh, Johnson, Deane, Murray &c; we parted about 7; Mainwaring & I went home together; & Minshall followed us past 10.

10. Friday, before 9, we began our Journey towards London, daughter Mainwaring, Mrs Wood & the 2 children in the coach with us; Mainwaring & Minshall on horseback; we met them at Namptwich (at the Lambe) we did not goe in but went to Ower; stayd there about 2 houres; there Mainwaring & Minshall overtook us agen; we lay at Stone all night.

[fo. 95v]

Aug: 11. Satorday, we went from Stone before 9; came to Elmehurst past one; dined.

12. Sonday, I went to the Quire in the afternoone then to the Swan, there we met with Mr Thompson; there was also with us Biddolph, Mainwaring, Minshall, Pyat, Dr Lloyd and Burnes; we parted about 7; Thompson came to Elmehurst with Biddolph &c supt, stayd all night; I left them neare 12.

13. Monday, Thompson went to Lichfeild; the rest of us to Pillington where we dined with Lady Biddolph, Mrs Littleton & her daughters; Mr Littleton dined with Lord Paget, retorned before 5; dranck a bottle of wine with us; we parted past 5; came back to Elmehurst past 8.

14. Tuesday, there came a yong man to offer me a horse to sell but I did not buy it; Thompson, Dyat, Pyot, Wakefeild, a minister &c; dined with us; after dinner came Rawlins, Spademan & 2 or 3 more; Thompson went about 5; the rest before night.

15. Wednesday, we began our journey towards London, called but did not light at the Swan in Lichfeild; called & dranck in the coach at Cosell; came to Coventry past 7; lay at the Star &c; met Hopkins in the yard, had no discourse with him.

16. Thursday, we went from Coventry about 9. called at Creek, dranck in the coach; came to Northampton before 5, lay at the Rose & Crowne &c; the House was full of soldyers, Lord Castlehaven, theire Captaine.

17. Friday, we went thence about 9; Sir Michael Biddolph (who brought us thither) retorned; we called at an Inne betwixt Newport and Woborne, eate cold meate & dranck in the coach; came to Dunstable about 5, lay at the Crowne &c; there was Morgan, William Minshall & Bedisford.

18. Satorday, we went thence past 9; called at the Greene man at Barnet; came thither about 2; went thence at 4; came to London past 7; lay at the Bull in Bishopsgate Streete; my sonne & daughter met us at Barnet; she went thence to Tybolds, my sonne came with us to London, cosen Minshall &c; supt with us.

19. Sonday, I did not goe to church, having dranck Barnet waters; brother Peter, William Minshall etc. dined with us; I went about 5 with Mainwaring his wife & my sonne to Lady Woods; from thence my sonne, Mainwaring & I went to the Fountaine; there was Sir Edward Wood & Mr Maxfeild; we parted about 8; had a bottle of wine & a cold rabbet & tart with our landlord, Mainwaring Morgan sonne &c; went to bed past 10. Mr Jones, Mr Saladone, his wife, Tovy, Lumley, Williamiams & severall frinds came to see us Satorday night, Sonday.

20. Monday, I dranck Epsom water, stayd within all morning; sent cosen Morgan to take us lodgings at Tunbridge; cosen John Lloyd, Thomas Whitley & severall others came to see us; Wood & Maxwell, brother Peter &c; dined with us; Rogers came about 4 to see me & my sonne seale a bond to Child for 400 li, Jones came to receive order about that money; William Minshall came to discourse Rogers businesse; Pigeon came about the money due to me from the Treasury Chamber, Paige, Zouch &c; came to see me; then came Baroby, Baskervile, Gleg, Crispe &c; they parted past 10.

21. Tuesday, Dr Lower came to discourse me about drinking the waters, before 10, we took coach for Tunbridge; came thither past 7; lay at a new House of Skinners.

22. Wednesday, we dranck the waters at home; Morgan Whitley retorned towards London; we took the ayre in the evening.

[fo. 96r]

Aug: 23. Thursday, I went to the wells with Mainwaring and Minshall; met many acquaintance on the walkes, as Cope, Harrison, Trevor, Marriot, Roger Wood, Millington, Lord Churchill & many more; we retorned home to dinner &c; had a bottle of wine with Millington at the Bell, at night.

24. Friday, went to the wells in the morning; Mainwaring Minshall & I dined with Millington, retorned past 5.

25. Satorday, we went to the wells; Millington, his frind, & Wilson dined with us; they went away before 4.

26. Sonday, we went to the wells, & to church; Bishop Rochester preached in the morning; Dr Walker, after dinner; Mainwaring dined that day with Wilson; after evening Prayer we went with sr Wm Drake, Wilson, Mainwaring Minshall &c; to Thomsons; there was one Rootes of Tunbridge, & a minister; we had 3 or 4 bottles of wine; parted about 7..

27. Monday, went to the wells; my daughters had oysters with us at Thomsons; dined at home; went to the Castle, at night; Dr How was with us; parted past 9.

28. Tuesday, went to the wells, eate oysters with Mainwaring Minshall; How, at Skinners Taverne; dined at home; about 5 I went to visit Sir John Trevor, he was abroad; then to Mrs Fettiplace; stayd awhile with her; then to the Castle; there was Mainwaring Minshall, How, Child, Sir John Parker, Herbert & another; we parted about 10.

29. Wednesday, went to the wells; after prayers to Varoons with Mainwaring & Minshall; they dined there; I dined at home with my daughters; I went in the evening to the Castle; there was Parker, Ashurst, another (stranger to me) Mainwaring & Minshall; the stranger went betimes; I left them past 9.

30. Thursday, we went to the wells; one Thorowgood brought me a lettr: from Mr Henry Howard about the Copper oare; I went to prayers; dined at home with Mainwaring, Minshall..

31. Friday, went to the wells & to prayers; dined at home..