Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1695

September 1.1695 Sonday, Cottrell dressed me about 10. Lord Maxfield with his company & Streete dined with us; went about 3. I was not at church, others were.

2. Monday, Cotrell dressed me before 10. I took some manna to purge me. Angell came to see me. Gray came about viewing the wood at Shotwick; Huson came; after diner came 2 Bostocks & carter about masons work, they were ordered to bring Fletcher & meete Sir John Mainwaring & comitte at 6 in the Penthouse; Mathew Browne came about carrying away of rubbish; Adams about appointing the Comitte; Cottrell to see me &c. about 7 Mainwaring came home, Lloyd, Treasurer, Murray & Deane; the 2 first stayd but awhile, the others till after supper.

3. Tuesday, Mainwaring went early to Knotsford & Betty Mainwaring to Peover; Cottrell dressed me before 10. the Swordbearer came; we talked about the Shambles; & Huson, we talked of accounts. he promises to hasten them; James came with pigeons from Peele, Griffith & William Davyes for coales, Johnson & Cottrell were with me past 8. stayd not long.

4. Wednesday, Roger went about 8 towards Gosworth; Cottrell dressed me before 10. Houseman went to Shotwick (with Johnson, Gray, & Davyes) retorned at night (I had a buck from Shotwick interl) Cottrell dressed me at 10 a night.

5. Thursday, Cottrell dressed me at 10. Griffith brought coales; Angell & sister dined with us; Houseman went to Peele about 2. stayd out all night. about 3 came Pemberton & a woman to complaine against Hughes, the officer for not paying what he owed her; Boswell came for my hand to a note for money for paving; Bostock to discourse about the masons work; Cottrell came past 9 but did not dresse me.

6. Friday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. sister Lloyd dined with us; after diner came Smithers from Sir John Crew. Chadwick trimmd me; Griffith brought 4 loads of coale; left the other cart on the sands; White & Jordan were with me; we discoursed of the new buildings &c. sister Sidney retorned from Ruabon; Charlotte took a vomit &c. Johnson came to see me; Cottrell came past 4 &c. Sheriffe came at 7.

7. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me abut 10. Streete, Lloyd, Edwards came to me about 12. came agen at 2 & dined with me (with Cumberbach) 3 Cawleys came about a lease I sealed to William Coley; Claxon came about carpenters work at the Shambles; Huson was with me but stayd not; about 3 Mainwaring retorned; Profit came from Dyssart; summons was sent for a General Assembly on Monday; Cottrell came about 8 to see my knees [fo. 193v] September 8. Sonday, was not at church; Colonel Danyell, Minshall, Drinkwater, William Mainwaring, Roger Whitley dined with us; after diner came Jackson; I lefte them about 3. they went about 4. Cottrell came at 9. he & Mainwaring had a glasse of wine, parted past 10.

9. Monday, Cottrell dressed me about 10. Turner came about keeping his sonne from being chose Common Councell man; Rushen to get off from being Constable; James Mainwaring to see me &c. I went to the General Assembly past 11. Mr Michaell Johnson was chose Alderman; we stayd till 2 in expectation of Sir William Williams & his sonne to keep the Quarter Sessions but they came not; soe went home, Streete. Lloyd, Edwards, 2 Sheriffs, Hand, Cratchley, Murray, Huet, Cumberbach, Adams dined with us; parted past 4. Huson came to towne; Cottrell came at 9. Sir William Williams & his son came to towne neare 5. his son came to my house; I was retired, saw him not; about 7 I sent Cumberbach to them about the Quarter Sessions.

10. Tuesday, Mainwaring went early to a race at Choley; Cottrell dressed me at 10. I sent for the man that ont of his officicousnesse, had like to have thrown me out of the chaire on Monday; bid him not be troubled at it; gave him a shilling to drink (Sir William Aston came to see me interl). about 8 came Sir William Williams & his sonne; also Mr Johnson, stayd till past 9. Mainwaring stayd abRood (at Stoke) all night; Houseman stayd out all night; Adams was with me about summoning the Grand Jury at my house tomorrow.

11. Wednesday, Delve's his keeper brought me a side of a stagge; Adams was with me about meeting of the Quarter Sessionss today; they came to my house past 11. went before 1. Sir William Williams, his sonne, Mr Onslow, Streete, Lloyd, Cumberbacch, Adams,dined with us; they went about 3. Cottrell was abRood, his man dressed my knee at 10, at night Mainwaring & Roger retorned.

12. Thursday, Cottrell dressed me before 10. Houseman, Brock & Madamoiselle went to Peele; before 11 Adams, yong Stringer & Tyder came about removing a suite out of the Sheriffs Court to the Mayor's court which I consented to (Hall came about Shotwick wood interl). Billins the glover brought gloves.

13. Friday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. Hall came about Shotwick wood; offered 400 li.; I insisted on 500 li.; Onslow, Frith, Streete, Minshall dined with us; Governor came after diner; I left them past 3. Poynton came about 11. Mainwaring promised to make him his clarke as Treasurer of the Militia of the County (Brereton came about a roome for toll corne) Kinaston came at supper; Johnson after, went before 10.

14. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. Coxon brought half a buck, the other went to Sir James Poole; Walton came to see me about an employment in the Excise; James Mainwaring about Sir William Williams 50 li. I payed for him; Billings brought 2 payre of gloves for Gray & Davyes brothers.

15. Sonday, Cottrell dressed me at 10. was not at church, others were; Anslow, Governor, Angell, Warburton, Hickman. Minshall, Morgan dined with us; Roger Whitley came after diner; all went before 3, Morgan came at supper tyme; Johnson after; both went betimes.

16. Monday, Mainwaring went early to Edisbury's; Roger (with Morgan &c) to Aston; Houseman to Peele (about 12) the Swordbearer was with me about butchers in the Shambles, Hughes & a woman about a difference in a debt; it was refered to Da[niel] Parry; Fletcher & Bostock about stayres for the new Hall; Mainwaring retorned (with his sister) past 7. after supper came Johnson, Cokayne & Deane; stayd neare 10. Roger did not retorne that night.

17. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. Walton came with a note from Mrs Taylor about money an Irishman owes her for meale & drink who came over for a debt Roger owes him. Colston came to get leave (for a stranger) to arrest Battridge; I told him I would send to advise him to compose the businesse or give liberty, being resolved not to hinder the law; Kate Mainwaring, sister Lloyd & Hardward dined with us. Huson came to me; Bromley & wife came to see us; I & Mainwaring went to take the ayre past 4, dranck a tankard of ale on the hill neare Barrill well; called on sister Whitley, came home; Sir John .Conway & Penant came to see me; had a bottle of wine; after supper came Wright & 2 Cokaynes; went at 9. Roger retorned from Aston.

18. Wednesday, Mainwaring went early to Whitchurch; Cottrell dressed me past 10. I took manna; Johnson came to see me; the Swordbearer about the shambles; Morgan came to me & dined with me; also sister Sidney; after diner came Fletcher & White about the Hall & Shambles; Huson came to me, stayd not, went home; Charles Griffith came about an accompt of barley & malt; Smith came from Peele; Broster went to Dyssart; Cadwalader brought venison; Adams & Norbery came about a fine [fo. 194r] September 19. Cottrell dressed me past 10. the Sheriffe came to see me; I sent venison to Kenyon & Mrs. Mainwaring to Streete & Cratchley, Luke Lloyd, Kenyon, Morgan & sister Lloyd dined with us, Fletcher & White was with me about the Hall &c. Houseman went to Shotwick; at 6 came Streete, Allen, Johnson, 2 Sheriffs, 2 Treasurers, Deane, Cumberbach, Adams, Fletcher &c. we agreed about the Hall & Shambles; ordered money for some workmen &c; parted about 9. Mainwaring stayd with Lord Chomley at Kelsall.

20. Friday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. Payne came about the money Roger owes his brother. Kenrick, cosen Mainwaring & sister Sidney dined with us; about 2 came Walton & the Irish man that came to Roger for money he owes him or Sir Philip Cooling; I promised him to help him out of towne; past 4 came cosen Whitley, stayd but awhile; Mainwaring retorned.

21. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned past 1. Streete. Lloyd &c. dined with me; Griffith & Smith came from Peele; Huson was with me & went home.

22. Sonday, Cottrell dressed me before 10. Hickman & Minshall dined with us; Deane, Kinaston & Johnson came after supper. Sir William Williams & sonne came late to towne.

23. Monday, Cottrell dressed me, Llee, Reumgton & Mrs Hales came about theire presentment for keeping of swine; I went to the Hall (to the Court & Johnson) retorned past 2. Sir William Williams, his sonne, Edwards, Huet, Comberbach, Adams dined with us; I called on Mrs Mainwaring to see her.

24. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed me at 10. Fletcher came about new Hall; Goldsmith & Dick Minshall dined with us; after diner came Johnson & James Mainwaring; all went before 3. afterwards came Adams, James Mainwaring, Johnson & 3 or 4 more about an affidavit; past 4 I went to survey the ground for the new Hall; Johnson & Fletcher met me there; widow Bartlet came to me about continuing the Butchers' standing at her house; I called at Jacksons; saw him but did not light; called on Baroby; went home; Deane came about 8; stayd not.

25. Wednesday, Cottrell dressed me about 11; I sent for Johnson to goe & speake to Sir William Williams about my money & the remaining 25 li. for the Hall & for theTreasurer about the Almsman's Gowne that was vacant; Johnson came after diner, stayd not; Bolton, Sheene & theire wifes came with Huson about Boltons arrears; Walton came about the wheate at Peele; he agreed for 60 measures at 4 s. 6 d. per measure, after supper came Johnson & Deane & went before 10.

26 Thursday, Cottrell dressed me about 10. Burrows came about the money Roger owed Darrow. I gave him Cokers note for 42 li. 10s. 0. in part of the bond, Houseman went with hm to receive it; James Mainwaring came about the bad money he received for me from Sir William Williams. Houseman went to meete Lloyd at Bechin; Sir William Williams & Johnson came before 12, stayd not, Sir William Williams went out of towne; 2 Haugthens Burrows & Morgan dined with us; Johnson & Wright came after diner; all went before 4.

27. Friday, Cottrell dressed me about 10. Houseman went to Peele; also Buttler & French woman 28. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me at 10. Chatwick trimmd me; I went to the Penthouse at 12; retorned before 2. Streete. Lloyd, Edwards, Sheriffs, Cumberbach, Adams, (Morgan interl), Hickman dined with us; parted about 4, White, Carpenter & slaters were with me about theire difference with Kenyon; also Sparks, then Kenyon about the same matter &c. Griffith came from Peele & Smith.

29. Sonday, Cottrell dressed me before 10. Baroby dined with me; after supper Smith the Cooper came about the receipte which a gentleman found & sent to me but did not belong to him; he stayd an houer.

30. Monday, Cottrell dressed me at 10. Smith the Common Councellor man came about the receipt which was found but it did not belong to him; Cawley came to have his lease sealed, Sir James Poole dined with me; spoke of leasing Brombrow; promised to send Benet the Attorney about it; my sisters also dined with me; Jack Wright brought me 2 rabbits, Attorney Minshall came, went to Flint; Radford about the quarters pension due to his brother deceased; Hough about the money Monson is to pay me; also Griffith the gardener &c. from Peele; Johnson came after supper stayd till 10.