Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1695

August 1. Thursday, Mainwaring went early to dine at Broxon; Cottrell dressed my knee; Payne was with me about Ravenscroft's money; Houseman went past 12 to Peele to treate about leasing of Brombrow; Tindall came to visit me at 6. went at 7. Mainwaring & Houseman retorned at night.

2. Friday, Cottrell dressed my knee at 11. Wright & Shales were with me about sale of a cow; it was refered to Mercer who was present at the bargaine;I sent for Robinson about writing to Knight about the cordwood at Bechin; I went in the evening to the Penthouse; then to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Streete, Allen, [fo. 192r] August 2. Edwards. Sheriffes, Cumberbach &c, parted past 10; Johnson came thither about Grosvenor poll but we could not discharge the distresse, he stayd not.

3. Satorday, Cottrell dressed my knee; I went to the Penthouse past 12. retorned before 2 Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Allen, Hand, Cumberbach dined with us; parted before 4. I went to the funerall of Mrs Lloyd past 5. then to the Cathedrall; then to the Roodee; Mainwaring went in the morning to Sir Roger Puleston's, retorned about 9.

4. Sonday, was not at church, others were (Cottrell dressed my knee interl); Morgan dined with us; I went in the evening to Roodee; supt, no company; Smith came from Peele in the morning, went from me past 2.

5. Monday, Cottrell dressed my knee; then went out of towne; Poole writ to Houseman about leasing Brombrow; Angell dined with us; after diner came Johnson; I satisfyed him (as to my part) about Grosvenor's discharge; a serjeant came with an order to raise recruits for Atkins Regiment; I went to the Shambles & Penthouse at 6. then to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Hand, Murray, Cratchley, Sheriffe, Deane & Cumberbach, we parted past 10.

6. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed my knee; Brock & Madamoiselle went to Peele; Pack constable came about poore passengers; a verger came to me about the rents due to Deane & Chapter; Warburton dined with us & Morgan; after diner came King a constable about money for his disbursents; I went to Roodee in the evening; retorned, supt &c. Houseman went & retorned from Shotwick.

7. Wednesday, Cottrell dressed my knee; Houseman, Morgan went to Bechin; Angell dined with us; about 2 came William Fox of Shotten, his sonne & daughter; then Welshman; had a bottle of wine, parted about 4. I went to Roodee at 6. then home; Houseman stayd out all night.

8. Thursday, Cottrell dressed my knee about 11. Robinson came about Knight's buying my wood. sister Whitley & Lloyd dined with us; Smith came from Peele; retorned before 4. Nixon went to Peele; retorned about 6. the masons came to tell me how they had agreed with the comitte.

9. Friday, Nixon went to Peele; the Swordbearer gave me accounts how he & the comitte agreed; Cottrell dressed my knee about 12; he & Key dined with us; Morgan came past 2; went with Houseman to meete Sir James Poole at Bach about leasing Brombrow; past 3 came Kinaston with a poore man to get some charity; I went to Roodee at 6. soe home.

10. Satorday, Pemberton was with me with a letter about Hall (from York interl) having bin suspected for a clipper; I went to the Penthouse before 12; retorned before 2. Streete, Lloyd, 2 Sheriffs, Comberbach. Adams, Morgan, Angell dined with us; Richard Hughes was with me about Northop concernes. Brereton about concealed corne to avoyde the toll; Davyes to be free from his recognisance about Hall; Griffith with is cart from Peele; Cottrell dressed my knee about 11; Angell was present; Lord Rivers keeper brought a buck; I gave him 5 halfe crownes.

11. Sonday, was not at church, daughters &c. were (Cottrell dressed my knee interl); Morgan dined with us; gardner & Smith, Pemberton, dayry mayde &c. came from Peele; I went to the Roodee at night.

12. Monday, I went to the Courts before 12; Cottrells man dressed my knee; Sir William Williams & his sonne came to the Courts & Quarter sessions ; we rose neare 4; Sir William Williams, his sonne, Streete, Lloyd, Edwards dined with us; & Mainwaring who retorned about 2 from Peover; I went to the Penthouse at 6. Sir William Williams, his sonne, Mainwaring &c. were there; parted about 8. I came home; Johnson & Deane were with me; Mainwaring came past 9. Deane went past 10. Cadwalader brought 2 bucks from Frodesley; we had one also from Peover.

13. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed m knee, I went past 11 to the Assembly; we retorned past 2. All of them dined with me (& Angell interl) being the venison feasts; parted about 4 & 5. I went to see my deare frind G.Mainwaring in his languishing condition, to my great sorrow. I went to Roodee; retorned past 7., William Davyes came from Peele; Anderson called about 8 & Johnson; would not sup; Johnson stayd till Mainwaring came past 9.

14. Wednesday, I sent for Kynaston to know if he had any order about Sir William Williams money; Side; then Johnson with Harper about leave to arrest Jones; Jones came. he & Harper agreed to deferre it till Monday night; Morgan came but stayd not; I sent Hickson with venison to Aston; I went past 4 to Roodee; then to the Shambles (Mainwaring with me) then home Johnson & Treasurer came to us; stayd not long.

[fo. 192v]

August 15. Thursday. Cottrell dressed me past 11; Houseman went to Peele; after diner came Lloyd for money Roger owes him; then Comberbach about writing to Sir William Williams for his money for the building of the new Hall; then Mr Stockton. Rhodes & the Treasurer about a spot of land neare the river which Stockton desires to lease from the Citty; they went before 5. Brereton came about the toll corne; in the evening I went to Flooters brook; retorned, supt, Anderson came, took a pipe; went past 9.

16. Friday, Bostock & Carter came about theire share in the mason's work &c. Angell & sister Sidney dined with us; after diner came Cumberbach about sending to Sir William Williams then a Glover with mourning gloves for deare Alderman Mainwaring & Morgan to see us; I went to Roodee past 6. Cottrell then dressed me; the Bishop & Antwistle was with me past 7..

17. Satorday, the brewer came from Peele; I went to the Penthouse before 12. came back before 2; Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Comberbach &c. dined with us; at 4 I went to the funerall of deare Alderman Mainwaring; retorned about 7. then Cottrell dressed me: after supper Roger Mainwaring came & stayd till past 10; his son & he were first here about 3.

18. Sonday, was not at church; sister Angell, Roger Mainwaring & Cottrell dined with us (he then dressed my knee interl); Smith came from Peele; retorned from me about 2. I went to Roodee before 7. after supper came Johnson; stayd past 9.

19. Monday, I had an ill fit of the vapours last night; held me till 7 this morning; Cottrell dressed me past 11, the coachman came from Peele, retorned after diner; Roger (as they tell me) went to Bromley's at Aston with the other company; Morgan & Salmon and sister Angell dined with us; Cook came at 2 about a lease at Brombrow; Hughes about slating at Shotwick; Danolds man trimmd me; I went to the Shambles at 6. then to the Penthouse & home past 8; after supper came the Treasurer & Anderson; went neare 10.

20. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed me about 11; Houseman went then to Bechin; after diner came Antwistle's man for rent to the Deane & Chapter; he had 20 s. on account; Johnson, James Mainwaring & Morgan came; stayd awhile; at 6 I went to visit Mrs Mainwaring; saw her & sisters; I went then to the Penthouse & about 3 to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Streete, 2 Sheriffs, Murray, Comberbach & Hand; parted past 10; the coachman came from Peele but not Houseman from Bechin.

21 Wednesday, Mainwaring went about 7 to Northwhich & Peover; Brereton came at 12 about removing the toll corne; Turner was also with me about buying toll corne; William Mainwaring & Morgan & Key dined with us; Fisher of Hawarden came at 5 about having a place in the new Shambles; then Cottrell to dresse my knee; Houseman retorned from Bechin; Taylor & Waite came about the Rough field; I went to the Shambles, soe home.

22. Thursday, Cottrell dressed me past 11. Kirk came about taking a peice of ground neare Newgate; Hall about buying the wood at Shotwick; Houseman went thither with Mawbones (man interl); Sayler, Waite, Kenyon, sister Lloyd dined with us; after diner came Treasurer, then Morgan; they parted before 4. Yong & his wife came about money for carrying rubbish to the Shambles;I went past 6 to Roodee; supt; Houseman retorned from Shotwick.

23. Friday, Cottrell dressed me past 11. Angell dined with us; his wife & sister Lloyd came after diner; Adams came about summoning a meeting at the Penthouse 6 a clock; Brereton about toll corne; Fletcher about mason's work; Cumberbach aboout the Rough feild concerne &c. I went to the Shambles & Penthouse in the evening; came home past 8. supt.

24. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. came agen to see my knee about 3. Angell was with us; I sealed a lease to Whitfeild for a small tenement in Brombrow; another to Edward Lightfoote for the 2 feilds which he held before at Lach & agreed with Richard Lightfooote for a lease of the Thisley & Hay; they both dined with me; after supper came Johnson & Ja Mainwaring; they stayd 1/2 houer.

25. Sonday, was not at church; others were; Cottrell dressed me before 10. Angell present; sister Lloyd dined with us; Mainwaring retorned before diner; Smith, the gardner & Gill came from Peele; went from me past 2. after supper Treasurer & Johnson came. stayd till neare 10 26. Monday, Cottrell dressed me about 10. Adams came with Hughes about an affidavit; James Mainwaring came for 50 s. I lent. Sir Williamliam Williams, Mrs Mainwaring, Carringham.& Bartley came to see us; also Jones. in the evening came 2 Sheriffs, Hand, Murray, Deane, Cumberbach, Johnson, Adams; all but Johnson stayd till 10. Mainwaring came to us about 9.

[fo. 193r]

August 27. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed me before 10. past 5 Sir Richard Leeming came to visit me; we had a bottle of wine; he stayd an houer; had large discourse about the present constitution & affaires of the City but came to no points of compromise & coalition amongst us, hinted at his owne interests & abilityes to serve the Citty in general.

28. Wednesday, Cottrell dressed me about 10; then Houseman went to Shotwick (with Davyes &c) to survey & value wood; I had a good buck from Shotwick; Smith & Griffith came from Peele with Hay, to bring home malt; Hughes was with me about slating & Swordbearer about the Shambles; Kelsall & another dined with us; after supper came Johnson & Cratchley, stayd awhile, Houseman retorned from Shotwick, 29. Thursday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. Brereton came about toll corne; Flrtcher & White about the new buildings &c. cosen Mainwaring, her sisters, family, Johnson, Cratchley, James &c. dined with us; Roger came home after diner; after supper came Kinaston, Deane, & Anderson; went 1/2 houer past 9. Cottrell came, but stayd not.

30. Friday, Cottrell dressed me neare 11. Brock & Mademoiselle went then to Peele & Houseman to Shotwick; this morning I received a Commission to be Deputy Lieutenant from Lord Rivers; I sent his secretary 20 s.; sister Lloyd. Mainwaring & Roger dined with us; after diner came Lloyd, Edwards, Hand, Treasurer. Angell &c. stayd past 3. Mr Kenrick came to see me but I was retired; about 6 came Wright & Deane, supt, went past 9.

31. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me past 10. I had accounts from Sir Michaell Michell that Namur was surrendered; Huson came from London; Hickman & Lloyd dined with us; Griffith the smith & Brewer came from Peele, the Keeper & Charles about theire businesse; past 6 the Macebearer & Treasurer came about enterteynment (this night) in the Penthouse for the surrender of Namur; I disclosed my opinion against it; having already done it when the cannon went off at 12 a clock; but if they would come to my house (& Lord Macclesfield with them) I would enterteyne them; my Lord, Thomson, Bradshaw, Streete, Chaplaine came stayd awhile.