Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1695

July 1. Monday, I went before 12 to the Court, retorned past 4. Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Sheriffs dined with me, parted neare 6. past 7 I went to the comitte at the Penthouse; thence (about 9) to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Edwards, Sheriffs, Deane, Murray, White & Davyes; we parted about 11.

2. Tuesday, Houseman went early to Bechin; Burrows came to me at 11 about the Coroner's place. I went before 12 to the Assembly; retorned about 3. Smith, Chard, Jackson & Morrs (4 new Common Councell men) dined with me; Mainwaring went about 5 towards Peover; Minshall came at diner but stayd not; they all went about 5. Johnson & White came about the Shambles; we apointed to meete in the evening; which we did (Blag & Coker with us) we gave directions to the workmen; Johnson left us; I went with Coker & Jack Johsnon to Blags, gave workmen some ale; soe home; Houseman retorned from Bechin.

3. Wednesday, Houseman went early with Johnson to Shotwick, thence to Brombrow; about 12 Angell saw my sore knee; then came Prichard with his rent for the Hope tithes. dined with us; then came Turner, agreed for the toll wheate (all that I had or should receive during this mayoralty)at 3 s. 6 d. p[er] measure (wood & pood?, allowing one for scoare) they went about 3. this day Smith came to live with me; I sent him to Peele; Crosse came about the hospitall businesse & Cook of Brombrow with his lease; desires to renew; past 6 I went to G.Mainwaring (Johnson wih me) then I went to Rood Dee; then home; Houseman went to Brounlow; did not retorne.

4. Thursday, 2 Lightfoots, Holland & Done came about the rent charge of Lach &c. Ned Borowes with a note to Houseman from Edwards about the tythes of Hope; Angell, Cratchley, Morgan,Jones & Key dined with us; went past 2. Mosley came about the Shambles to hinder ?them, Keyson & the other Lach teneants cme past 3. I shewed them my writings for theire security & satisfaction. I had a rondlet of wine from G.Mainwaring. yong Flint came to me about wood, I went to the Roodee, Angells past 7was with me about wood; I went to the Rood Dee, Angells past 7.

[fo. 190v]

July 5. Friday, Broster came from Peele; Angell, Key, sister Lloyd & Sidney dined with us; Houseman retorned from Shotwick &c. Cater came past 2 about a certificate; past 4, I daughter &c. went to Lightfoots; retorned about 8.

6. Satorday, Morgan came about retorning money to Huson; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned about 2. went to visit G.Mainwaring; Vicars & Johnson were with him; Streete, Edwards. Lloyd, Sheriffe, Morgan & key dined with us; went at 4. Griffith & James came with the cart from Peele; brought corne & iron back; Cookson was with me about the deere, fawnes &c. I went past 7 to the Rood Dee &c.

7. Sonday, was not at church, Roger & daughter were; Broster came from Peele, retorned after diner; I went to Roodee past 7, supt &c; Roger went out of towne after diner.

8. Monday, Bryan Bolland & Lee the baker came with a poore woman about her settlement in some Parish; Madamoiselle & Nixon went early to Peele; retorned at 12. past I & Mainwaring went in the coach as far as the Glasse House to take the ayre; retorned to the Penthouse at 7 then home; Roger retorned in the evening; soe did Mainwaring about 9.

9. Tuesday, Coroner Huet came for order the Treasurer to pay him 2 s. for charges to Jury fees; Parker & Pike (church wardens) came to get some allowance from me for the minister of St Peters; Houseman went to Bechin; White went before him; Broster & Griffith (with 2 carts for wheate) went to Dyssart; Kendall, G.Mainwaring, sister Angell, Sidney & Lloyd dined with us; after diner came Dutton to desire to arrest Crosse; I sent for him & composed the matter; Johnson & Hickman, all parted at 3. Angell came to my daughters; I left them (I went to the Penthouse about the Act for marrying, burying &c. stayd there past ….interl). G.Mainwaring & I went to the Roodee before 7; retorned before 8. the Treasurer was with him at my house before we went; &c; Houseman retorned betimes.

10. Wednesday, Payne was with me about Ravenscroft's money; Shelley about what he owes me; Colston with a wax candle; White about the Shambles; Morgan dined with us; some people came about oates that were bought but differed about the measure; I refered them to Lloyd & Edwards; another man desired to arrest a cittisen about a horse; I sent for the person to endeavour to compose the matter (he & his father came, they promised to see what was reasonable interl). Cadwalader brought a good buck from Frodesley; I went out in the evening to Roodee but stayd not because of the raine; I went to G.Mainwarings; did not goe up to him; sate while with Betty & Bartlett & Treasurer; after supper Mainwaring came in; then the Treasurer &c. we parted past 10.

11. Thursday, Brereton came to me about corne; Macebearer about meeting in the Penthouse in afternoone; Smith came from Peele about mowing; Mainwaring went early to Northwich about the militia; Nixon to Aston to welcome them home; no company dined with us; Bingley & Turner came past 2 about buying Dyssart wheate; stayd not; Smith retorned to Peele & Cadwalader to Frodesley; I went at 7 to the Recorder, called on G.Mainwaring; there was Johnson, Dr Ban,; after supper went thither agen; stayd with them till pat 10. Mainwaring retorned from Northwich 12. Friday, Houseman, Brock & Nixon, Shipton went with the 3 mayds to Holywell; Angell looked on my sore knee; Fletcher came about the mason's worke; sister Lloyd & Sidney dined with us; I went at 4 to the Penthouse about the Treasurers Accounts; then about the Hall & Shambles; past 8 I went to the Ship with Morgan; there was Mainwaring, Streete, Allen & Sheriffe; parted at 10.

13. Satorday, Danal's man trimmd me; I went to the Penthouse past 12; retorned before 2. Angell (who lookt on my knee in the morning) dined with us; soe did Streete, Lloyd, Key, Morgan &c. they stayd not long; G.Mainwaring came after diner; took a pipe &c. Mainwaring & I discoursed about glasing; Lightfoote about Jackson serving Constable; Fletcher about masons work; Turner payed for the toll wheate; Richard Hughes about Mold fayre & brought …; & Pemberton &c. payd the last years rent of Brimstage; I went to Roodee in the evening, called on G.Mainwaring; left them past 10.

14. Sonday, was not at church; the rest were; Morgan dined with us; Griffith & Smith came from Peele; retorned about 3; I went to Roodee at 7, after supper Johnson came; stayd not long.

15. Monday, Mainwaring went early to Namptwich; Streete came about the Macebearers exacting toll from the saussage maker. Mercer i sent for about his continuing Common Councell man. Jackson about serving Constable, Burrows about Edwards cominng to me about hops tithes & the hospitall rent from his master. cosen Ravenscroft [fo. 191r] July 15. Morgan, his mother, sister Lloyd &c. dined with us; cosen Whitley of Aston having sent me a tusilet (yesterday). Moses Worrall desired leave to arrest some of Lewes his goods; Bunbrey came at 4 about Neale's statute; Wright came at 5 about leasing the 2 fields at Lach for Manley; I went to the Penthouse at 6. none but the Sheriffs & Blag was there; past 7 I went to the Roodee; cald on Mainwaring at 8. Angell was with him; I came home; Sydney supt with us.

16. Tuesday, Angell cald to see my knee; Parry & a woman came about Worralls seisuer of Lewes goods (then came Davyes & Parry about the same? interl); I left them to the law; Griffith came with the cart from Peele; Brereton came about delivering toll corne to Griffith for Peele; Key dined with us; then Hall the constable & Gouaghan came with the warrant I gave them to search the women, but could not finde the guineys (he sayd) he lost; &c,; I sent them to Alderman Edwards & Lloyd to be further examined; I went to G.Mainwaring; Angell came & Payne, I left them &c. came there againe past 6. there was Wright & Tilson; I went to the Roodee; cald agen on G.Mainwaring; found him ill; stayd not; went home.

17. Wednesday, no company dined with us. past 1 Davyes payd 4 s. in part of his arrears for Brombrow; Burrows & Edwards came about the tythes of Hope; that he might be partner with Prichard as he had bin the last 6 years; past 5 came Adams, Swordbearer & Cooper (to be one of the serjeants) he payd 10 s. & gave bond for 10 s. more; then came Bockhurst & one Jones, they are going for Ireland; had a bottle of wine; went at 7. I went to Roodee; then home.

18, Thursday, Hickson & coachman went to Peele; Houseman to Bechin with Jordan to begin & set out his work there; Angell, Key & sister Lloyd dined with us; a man brought a letter from Sir James Poole to Houseman about leasing of Brombrow; at 4 I went to the Penthouse about the sale tax for buryings &c. Cooper was sworne one the Citty serjeants; I went to take the ayre beyond the Glasse House; retorned at 7. Mainwaring retorned about 9 & Houseman at 10. Hickson & coachman retorned from Peele.

19. Friday, Houseman went early to Shotwick, Brombrow, Peele &c. the Macebearer invited me to the funerall of Mrs Pemberton tomorrow; Bockhurst, his frind, Trindall, Angell, Vickars, Morgan dined with us; parted past 4; I went to G.Mainwaring; Tilson was with him; then came Angell, I left him past 5. his pulse low &c. I went to the Roodee; retorned past 7.

20. Satorday, (Houseman came from Brombrow interl). I went to the Penthouse about 12. retorned past 1; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Lloyd, Edwards 2 Sheriffs, Morgan dined with us; after diner came Bockurst, stayd not; about 5 I went to Mrs Pemberton's funerall; & from church to waite on Mr Contrarter Wharton; then to the Roodee & home. this day Cotrell began to look to my knee.

21. Sonday, I was not at church; others were (Cottrell dressed my knee interl); Morgan & sister Lloyd dined with us; at 5 Sir John Talbot came to see me; stayd till neare 7. I went to the Roodee, supt.

22. Monday, Houseman & Morgan went (past 10) to Mold; Cottrell dressed my knee. I went to visit Talbot; overtooke him & his daughter in the Streete; called at Jacksons, did not goe in; came home; dined, Mainwaring & Roger with us; past 2 Mr Wharton came to me; dranck a glasse of wine; stayd not; then came Robinson & Knight about cordwood at Bechin. Kirk, Robinson & another about a woman that is troublesome to Mr Henry's house; I promised to meet them, at the Penthouse about it; Comberbach came to se mw, stayd not; Bennet was with me in the morning about Mrs Gardners money; at 6 I went to the Raven to visit Leeving; he was abroad; Streete was there; he followed me to the Penthouse; we signed a warrant to send for a woman (who seemed to be discompposed & would stay at Mr Henry's house to theire great disturbance) to the House of Correction for security not punishment; I came home before 8. Houseman retorned.

23. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed my knee; Houseman went to Bechin to meete Knight about cordwood &c. Angell dined with us; at 5 I went to visit Captaine Shafer; Frith & Payne were with him; we had a glasse of wine &c. then to sister Whitleys; Lady Bellot, cosen Ravenscroft; twice to the Raven; at 9 Mainwaring & Kinaston came to me; stayd past 10; Houseman retorned but Knight did not meete him.

[fo. 191v]

July 24. Wednesday, Hall of Cranage came to see me about the cordwood at Shotwick; Cottrell dressed my knee; Angell dined with us & sister Lloyd; after diner came Roger Mainwaring; took a pipe; then to Mainwarings; there was Angell & Johnson; stayd not; Roger Mainwaring went home about 3. at 6 I went to Roodee; then to the Shambles; then to G.Mainwaring; spoke with Mrs Bartlet; then home; Angell supt with us; stayd not after.

25. Thursday, the Keeper came to complaine of Crosse'e burning the ferne in the Parke & thereby driving out the deere; Houseman wrote to him to forbeare or to be sued & troubled for it &c. Morgan & Key dined with us; after diner Paul Wilcox came about buying fish forestalling the market &c. then Angell came, stayd not. (Cadwalader brought a buck from Frodesley interl). Sir William Aston servant came to know how we did &c. about 6 came Lady Salisbury, Kate Ravenscroft & Angell; Mainwaring went to Namptwich (about 6) I went to Roodee; then to G.Mainwaring; saw Bartlet; about 8 came 2 Lightfoots (another with them) about a lease for 2 feilds at Lach; we agreed; Cottrell dressed my knee past 9, Houseman out all night.

26. Friday, Houseman went early to Shotwick; Cottrell dressed my knee past 11. Betty Mainwaring was indisposed last night and continues soe today; Shales & his daughters. Frith, his daughter. Payne & his wife & Angell dined with us; Houseman came back by one; all went about 4. I went to Roodee past 6; then home.

27. Saturday, Cottrell dressed my knee about 11. Angell present; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned neare 2. Lloyd, Edwards, Comberbach, Adams dined with us; went past 3. this morning my grandaughter Betty Mainwaring being indisposed & having symtoms of the small pox removed to Mrs Robinson's house ( I pray God preserve & bless her & restore her to us againe, for his mercy's sake, Amen) I went past 6 to Roodee; Mainwaring retorned about 9.

28. Sonday, was not at church; others were; Cottrell dressed my knee at 11. Morgan & Roger (who had bin abRood 3 or 4 days) dined with us: Smith came from Peele, retorned about 3. I went to Roodee past 6. supt.

29. Monday, Mainwaring went about 8 to Colebrook; Rees came with the Constable about the complaints against him by a contrey man for indirect practices in his place; Norman came from Ireland, stayd 1/2 houer; Adams came stayd not. Blags man with a letter from his master; Cottrell dressed my knee past 10; the coachman went early to the hay at Peele; Houseman, Brock & Madamoiselle went thither past 11; I went to the Penthouse past 6. retorned about 8. supt, Attorney Minshall came at supper, Mainwaring soone after; we parted at 10.

30. Tuesday, Cottrell dressed my knee at 11. Norman came & borrowed 3 shillings; the company of Bakers came against making one Jewell a freeman who after wards came to the door; I sent him to come to the Penthouse on Friday (letting the company of Bakers of it) & right should be done. Hand, Johnson, Cratchley, Deane, Angell, dined with me, after diner came Jones, stayd not; they all parted before 4. S.Hussey came with Hatherton rent & his owne; & about the forehand rent of his tenement &c. past 5 Mainwaring & I went to Mr Bunbery's; saw him & his wife; Maders was there; we discoursed about the Statute in Shephards hands; retorned past 7. supt.

31. Wednesday, Cottrell dressed my knee about 11. Houseman went about 12 to Bechin; Streete, Comberbach, Kinaston, Anderson dined with me & sister Lloyd; after diner Jones, his sister & 2 or 3 more came about ill words &c. we composed the businesse; then a Whitchurch man & buttler with a complainte of the Hallkeeper; he did not appeare soe the matter was respito?; I went about 7 to Roodee; then to G.Mainwaring, discoursed his wife & Bartlet; then home; Bidolphs 2 yongest daughter & Mary Wyatt came hither this evening.