Memorial XXIV: Menu for a Dinner of 1430

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Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London. Originally published by Harrison, London, 1875.

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XXIV. MENU FOR A DINNER IN 1430. (fn. 1)

Le primer cours.

Brawn ove mustard.

Blank brewet de rys.

Chynes of pork vel hakel beof.

Swan, rosted.

Fesaunt vel capon, rosted.

Checons, bake.

Jely vel Penynage.

Venison, rosted.

Partrich vel cok, rosted.

Plover, rosted.

Rabettes, soukers.

Snytes vel quayles.

Fruture goodwyth.

Quynces, bake. (fn. 2)


  • 1. Written on a blank leaf (f. 191) of Account Book, No. I., between the accounts for the years 8 Henry VI. and 9 Henry VI.—C.T.M. It may be well to contrast this menu with the provision made for James I. when he dined with the Company in 1607. See Mem. xxxii.
  • 2. Another Menu, from Mr. Gardner's collection, purporting to come from a Newcastle paper of 1843, and written on a paper directed to one of the officers of the Lord Mayor's Courts, in these words:— A Bill of Fare for 124 persons of the Barber Surgeons, Tallow Chandlers, &c., Companies.
    a.d. 1478, Edward IV.
    s. d.
    2 Loins of Veal at 8d. 0 8
    2 Do. Beef at 8d. 0 8
    2 Do. Mutton at 4d. 0 4
    2 Legs Do. 2½d. 0
    1 Pig 0 6
    1 Capon 0 6
    Newcastle upon Tyne.
    s. d.
    1 Rabitt 0 2
    1 Dozen Pigions 0 7
    1 Goose 0 4
    1 Gross of Eggs 0
    2 Gallons of Wine 1 4
    18 Dozen Bottles of Bear 1 6
    Total, 7s. 6d.
    Newcastle Newspaper of 1843.