Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London

Extensive records of the Company, including charters, accounts and ordinances; also includes material relating to the associated schools and charities.

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Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London, ed. C M Clode ( London, 1875), British History Online [accessed 19 July 2024].

Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London. Edited by C M Clode( London, 1875), British History Online, accessed July 19, 2024,

Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London. Ed. C M Clode(London, 1875), , British History Online. Web. 19 July 2024.

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Preface v-xi
The Company in 1873-74 xxv-xxxi
Memorials of the Fraternity: I, The Company 1-22
Memorial II: The Yeoman or Batchelor's Company 22-29
Memorial III: The Hall 29-42
Memorial IV: The Chapel at the Hall 42-45
Memorial V: The Church of St Martin Outwich 46-47
Memorial VI: The Almshouses at the Hall 47-48
Memorial VII: Religious Privileges 49-52
Memorial VIII: The Common Box 52-58
Memorial IX: The Manuscript Account Books 58-64
Memorial X: Accounts, 1399-1400 65-69
Memorial XI: Treasury Accounts, 1489-1503 69-81
Memorial XII: Inventory of Jewellery and Plate, 1491 82-83
Memorial XIII: Inventory of Effects, 1512 84-92
Memorial XIV: Inventory of Plate and Effects, 1609 92-96
Memorial XV: The First Grant of Arms, 1480 96-98
Memorial XVI: The Second Grant of Arms, 1586 98-100
Memorial XVII: Payments for Superstitious Uses, 1547 100-109
Memorial XVIII: Precept to the Company, and Certificate of Real and Personal Estate, 1566 109-110
Memorial XIX: Serche made at the Vigil of St Bartholomew 110-113
Memorial XX: The Mace and Yard 114-115
Memorial XXI: The Mayoralty of Thomas Rowe, 1568 115-119
Memorial XXII: Ceremonies upon the election of Masters and Wardens, 1573 120-123
Memorial XXIII: Annual Festivals 123-125
Memorial XXIV: Menu for a Dinner of 1430 126
Memorial XXV: The Bishop's Bible placed in the Hall, 1578 126-127
Memorial XXVI: Minutes of Quarterly Courts, 1564 and 1607 128-131
Memorial XXVIII: The Burial of a Deceased Brother, 1608 131-138
Memorial XXVIII: Precept to provide a Watch, 1571 138-139
Memorial XXIX: Precept to attend the Queen, 1572 139-141
Memorial XXX: The Lottery of 1585 141-143
Memorial XXXI: The Plantation in Virginia, 1609 143-147
Memorial XXXII: The Banquet given to James I, 1607 147-181
Memorial XXXIII: The National Anthem 182
Memorial XXXIV: The Loving Brother of this Mysterie, John Stowe 183-186
Memorial XXXV: John Speed, chronicler 186-187
Memorial XXXVI: Ogilby the poet 187
Memorial XXXVII: Charters of the Company (1326-1465) 188-198
Memorial XXXVIII: Ordinances of the Company, 1507 and 1613 199-227
Memorial XXXVIII: Oaths of the Company, 1507 and 1613 227-239
Memorial XXXIX: Ordinances of the Company, 1661 239-242
Memorial XL: Documents from Town Clerk's Office 242-254
Memorial XLI: Reports of Royal Commissioners on the Company, 1837 254-276
Memorials XLII - LXV: Charities (1412-1599) 277-294
Memorials LXVI - XCII: Charities (1601-48) 295-323
Memorials XCIII - CXIII: Charities (1655- ) 323-336
Memorials of the Institutions: CXIV, St Helen's Bishopsgate with St Martin's Outwich 337-344
Memorial CXV: Holy Trinity, Dalston 345
Memorial CXVI: St Peter's, Limehouse 345-363
Memorial CXVII: Townsend's Lectureship 363-364
Memorial CXVIII: Almshouses formerly on Tower Hill 365-372
Memorial CXVIX: Almshouses at Sion College (1647) 373-376
Memorial CXX: Almshouses of Boones' Foundation (1686) 377-389
Memorial CXXI: The Convalescent Home at Bognor (1872) 389-401
Memorial CXXII: School at Laurence Pountney Hill and Charterhouse (1561 and 1874) 401-455
Memorial CXXIII: Preferments awarded to boys leaving the School 456-479
Memorial CXXIV: Preferments awarded to former Scholars 479-483
Memorial CXXIV: Scholarships and prizes awarded 483-488
Memorial CXXIV: Act for transfer of the School to the Charterhouse 489-492
Memorial CXXIV: The Great Crosby School 492-510
Appendix A: To Memorial I 512-560
Appendix B: To Memorial II 561-565
Appendix C: To Memorial III 565-587
Appendix D: To Memorial VIII 588-596
Appendix E: To Memorial X 596-597
Appendix F: To Memorial XXI 597-617
Appendix G: To Memorial XXXII 617-650
Appendix H: To Memorial XXIV 650-652
Appendix I: To Memorial XXXVIII 652-653
Appendix J: To Memorial XLI 654-658
Appendix K: To Memorial CXIV 658-659
Appendix L: To Memorial CXXII 660-692
Appendix M: To Memorial CXXIII 692-712
Appendix N: To Memorial CXXIV 713
Appendix O: To Memorial CXXVII 714-727
Index to matters 729-734
Index to places 735-737
Index to persons 738-746