Appendix I: To Memorial XXXVIII

Pages 652-653

Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London. Originally published by Harrison, London, 1875.

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Appendix I.

Mr. Wilkes's petition to marry and to be translated from this to the vintner's company.

"April 11th, 1591.

"The Petition signifieth that he hath proceeded in communication and speach of marriage with one Helen Hodgson, widowe, late the wyfe of one Gyles Hodgson of London, Vintener, deceased, and the matter and full agreement of the marriage resteth upon his translation and settinge over frome this Ffraternitie to the Company of Vinteners, without the obteyning whereof she meaneth not to proceed any further in the mache. The state of which cause being considered with the event thereof (viz.) the losse of such a Brother beinge himselfe a good member of the Company, and the losse of other branches and good members of this societie which myghte rise out of him which by privation in this course will be cut off. It is a mocyon that the Companye cannot with anye readiness or forwardness entertayne, yet rather than he should be prejudiced in his advancement by the straightnesse of the companie, some consideration is thought fitt to be had how his sute maye be yeilded unto, but ffirst yt is resolved & ordered that these persons hereafter named shall repayre unto the widowe and see how they can prevayl with her by perswasion to proceed in the marriage and to become a sister of this Companie, and as they shall find her addicted to the motion, further order be taken.

"The persons nominated to this conference are—
"Mr. Wilforde, Chamberlain of London,
"Mr. George Sotherton,
"Mr. Nowell Sotherton,
"Mr. Roger Abdy."

"The widow Hodgson's reply, and further deliberation on mr. Wilkes's case.

"April 10th, 1591.

"The reporte made at this Courte was 'that she, the Widowe Hodgson will by no meanes assente to leave her trade.'

"The subjecte therefore is again considered, and forasmuche as either the saide Wm. Wilkes is to be licensed to change his copie, or else he is lyke to loose the benefit of his marriage, the companye doe so farr tender the benefitte & preferrmente of the saide Wm. Wilkes that they are content for his good to license him to be translated over to the Vinteners hopeinge, that howsoever the necessitye of the cawse dothe drawe him to another societye yet they hope his good affection towardes this howse will not be withdrawne nor discontinued, and in hope thereof they are content to yield to his sute, and to leave the fyne of dispensation in such lyke case used, to his owne discretion, but with this, that ffirste he be bounde that his sonne who is bounde aprentize to a Freeman of the Company of Clothworkers maye be kepte from beinge enrolled to th'ende he maye be free of this Companye by patrymonie. And further that such aprentizes as he hath already bound unto hym may be presentlie enrowled in the Chamber of London, and that those which he shall hereafter take into his service to employe in Merchandize and Draperie be bounde aprentize to some merchant tailor, and soe to be sett over to him to th'ende they maye become brethren of this Companie. Whereunto he willingly assenteth and doeth voluntarily offer to this Companye a remembrance in Plate suche as he hopeth they will accepte of, and will otherwise hereafter shewe some further arguments of his affection to this Companye as God shall enable him, which is lefte wholly to his discretion with this further injunction, that he promyse at all dayes of Election of the Maister of this Companye to whiche he and his wyfe shall be invited as guests, that they both shall come to this Howse."

"Mr. Wilkes's present of plate to the company.

"June 7th, 1592.

"At this Courte, Mr. Wilkes, a late Brother of this Companie, and at his earneste sute to this House, licensed to be transferred over to the Companie of Vintenors, hathe in thankfulnesse to this Companie for theire saide assente given him ffor his Preferrment, brought and delivered to this Howse a Bason and Ewre of Silver gilt with his name and his wyfe's name graven thereupon as his guifte and remembrance of his thankfulness to this Societye."