Memorial XXIX: Precept to attend the Queen, 1572

Pages 139-141

Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London. Originally published by Harrison, London, 1875.

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March 24th, 1571.


We straightly charge you and comande on our Soveraigne Lady the Queen's Maties behalf that immediately upon the receipt hereof wth all diligence and spede, all excuses set aparte, you do appoynt, nominate and assigne 188 good, tall, clenly and of the best picked p'sones of yo' saide Company, wch shall in theire owne p'sons or by other mete and apte p'sones for them, at theire costs and charges use and beare armes, only for a shewe to be made before the Queenes Matie. upon Maye Daye next cominge whereof 58 to be wth Callivers and shot furnished wth Morrains and other necessaries, 94 to be armed in fayer Corsletts wth Pikes, and 36 to be armed in fayer corsletts and Bills wth Halberds, wch p'sones wth their several armourers ye shall cause to be in p'fecte redyness, and to come and shewe themselves upon Thursdaye nexte which shalbe the 27th daye of this Marche at 8 of the clocke in the forenoone at the Artillery Yarde without Bishopsgate of London, there to receve such further order as shalbe to them p'scribed, and that you have then and there names and surnames in a Booke faire written, every man as he is apoynted to s've, and one or two discrete p'sones of yo' said Company to conduct them thither, and to receive and understande what shalbe unto them further sayd; In that behalfe fayl ye not hereof as you will answere to the contrary at yo' uttermost p'ill. Geven at the Guildehall this 24th of Marche 1571.


Postscript. You shall have upon Thursday nexte at the tyme and place appoynted but only yo' Cullivers wth theire furniture, and the others ye shall put and have in a readiness furnyshed accordyng to the tenor of this Precept, ready to s'rve when they shalbe called for at one houres warninge.


Item. The Wardens Substitute be appoynted to warne all horse soldiers of the yeomanrie of this Company to appere here before the Maister and Wardens of this Mistery, tomorrowe being the 26th daye of M'che, Ao 1572, at 6 of the clocke in the morning, that they may better take orders for the ffurniture of men and armo' accordinge to the saide P'ecept.

Item, Ffor the ffurniture of this Mistery wth armo' it is decreed that John Du Boys shall s've unto this Howse 80 pikes, and that he shall have for the same pikes after 2s. 6d. the pece, wch amounteth, soma 10l.

Item, Mr. Robt. Hulson, Mr. Wm. Kimpton, and Nicholas Spencer are apoynted to assiste the Maister and Wardens to apoynte suche men tomorrowe as to theire wisdomes shall be thought mete for the service of the Prynce accordyng to the saide Precept.

Item, Wm. Merrick and Thos. Wilford are apoynted, together wth the Wardens of this Mistery, to p'vide for this Howse one hundreth pownds waight of gone-powdere. And, moreover, 24 morians, 34 halberts, and 34 callyv's, with theire furniture accordingly, wth as moche expedic[i]on as may be possibly as tyme nowe seemeth to requyre.

Wheuppon they the said Maister and Wardens, with the Assistants aforesaid, accordinge to the tenor of the foresaid Precept, have apoynted these p'sones, whose names and surnames hereafter folowith, to be ready to prove accordingly in suche place as also hereafter is mentioned and expressed And here it is to be noted that for the more readier and better passinge in the lyke affaires, it shalbe good upon suche occasion to peruse the book of the last scruteny, whereby it may be well understoode what nombre of men ev'ry Company hathe as well of fforeners as 'prentizes, that where most and best be, there they may be apoynted, and the poor Brethren spared wch now was not observed for lack of president or other goode addresse.

The list of names amount to 187.