Councils of plantations 1660-72

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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 3, Officials of the Boards of Trade 1660-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1974.

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Commissioners 1660-72

Two Councils of Foreign Plantations were appointed by Charles II. Appointments were made by commission under the great seal. The first Council, appointed in 1660, consisted of forty-nine Commissioners who were unsalaried. (fn. 1) After 1664 its activities appear to have diminished although it may have continued to exist in some form until 1670. In the latter year it was replaced by a new Council consisting partly of ex officio Commissioners, the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, the Lord Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretaries of State, and partly of nominated Commissioners who were accorded salaries, payable at the Exchequer. The first paid Commissioner was designated President and received £700. The remaining nine received £500. (fn. 2) In the course of 1671 a tenth salaried Commissioner was appointed and seven unpaid nominated Commissioners were added. (fn. 3) The Council was reconstituted in 1672 as the Council of Trade and Foreign Plantations. (fn. 4)

In the following list ex officio Commissioners are omitted. The names of salaried Commissioners are preceded by an asterisk.

1660 1 Dec. Hyde, Lord; Southampton, Earl of; Manchester, Earl of; Lincoln, Earl of; Clare, Earl of; Marlborough, Earl of; Port land, Earl of; Saye and Sele, Viscount; Dacre, Lord; Windsor, Lord; Willoughby of Parham, Lord; Robartes, Lord; Berkeley of Stratton, Lord; Carteret, Sir G.; Holles, Hon. D.; Nicholas, Sir E.; Morrice, Sir W.; Annesley, A.; Cooper, Sir A. A.; Doyle, R.; Willoughby, W.; Coventry, Hon. W.; Berkeley, Sir W.; Leere, Sir P.; Minnes, Sir J.; Crispe, Sir N.; Riccard, Sir A.; Draxe, Sir J.; Shaw, Sir J.; O'Neill, D.; Denham, J.; Waller, E.; Vernon, E.; Venables, R.; Pym, C.; Povey, T.; Limbrey, J.; Digges, E.; Colleton, J.; Waldrond, E.; Noel, M.; Williams, W.; Kendall, T.; Lewis, J.; Middleton, T.; Jeffreys, J.; Glascock, W.; Watts, W.; Howe, A. (C 66/2946).
1670 30 July *Sandwich, Earl of (President); *Gorges, Lord; *Alington, Lord; *Grey, Hon. T.; *Brouncker, Hon. H.; *Winch, Sir H.; *Finch, Sir J.; *Waller, E.; *Slingsby, H.; *Titus, S. (C 231/7 p. 375).
1671 4 April York, Duke of; Rupert, Prince; Buckingham, Duke of; Ormond, Duke of; Lauderdale, Earl of; Colepepper, Lord; Carteret, Sir G.; *Evelyn, J. (C 66/3125).
1671 19 June (fn. 5) Temple, Sir R. (C 66/3125).

Secretary 1660-72

In 1660 the Council of Foreign Plantations was empowered to appoint officials, an allowance of £300 payable at the Exchequer being provided for their salaries and for incidental expenses. (fn. 6) The amount of the Secretary's salary is unknown. When the Council was reconstituted in 1670 the Secretary was appointed by the crown, the office being conferred upon one of the paid Commissioners. The Secretary, who also acted as Treasurer of the Council, received a salary of £500 as an ordinary paid Commissioner. (fn. 7)

1660 10 Dec. Frowde, P.
1670 30 July Slingsby, H.

Assistant 1670-2

Between 1670 and 1672 the Council of Foreign Plantations employed an Assistant with a salary of £300 payable at the Exchequer. (fn. 8)

1670 Worsley, B.

Clerks 1670-2

The employment of Clerks by the Council of Foreign Plantations was envisaged in 1660. (fn. 9) Before 1670 nothing is known of the size of the clerical establishment or of the identity of those who composed it. Between 1670 and 1672 the Clerks appear to have been three in number. During this period the Secretary was allowed £400 a year for Clerks and incidental expenses. (fn. 10) The size of individual salaries is unknown.

1670 12 Aug. Collins, J.
1670 12 Aug. Frowde, C.
1671 6 March Barber, R.

Messenger 1670-2

Between 1670 and 1672 the Council of Foreign Plantations employed a Messenger at £30 a year. (fn. 11)

1670 12 Aug. Sampson, J.

Doorkeeper 1670-2

Between 1670 and 1672 the Council of Foreign Plantations employed a Doorkeeper at £25 a year. (fn. 12)

1670 12 Aug. Roe, T.


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