Council of trade and plantations 1672-4

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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 3, Officials of the Boards of Trade 1660-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1974.

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Commissioners 1672-4

The Council of Trade and Foreign Plantations was appointed by commission under the great seal. Its membership fell into three groups. In the first place there were the ex officio Commissioners who consisted of the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, the Lord Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretaries of State. Secondly there were nine unpaid Commissioners. Finally there was a group of paid Commissioners who received their salaries at the Exchequer. The first paid Commissioner was designated President with a salary of £800 and the second Vice President with a salary of £600. The remaining nine Commissioners received £500. (fn. 1) The Council was dissolved in 1674. (fn. 2)

In the following list ex officio Commissioners are omitted. The names of the salaried Commissioners are preceded by an asterisk.

1672 27 Sept. *Shaftesbury, Earl of (President); *Colepepper, Lord (Vice President); *Gorges, Lord; *Alington, Lord; *Brouncker, Hon. H.; *Winch, Sir H.; *Finch, Sir J.; *Waller, E.; *Slingsby, H.; *Titus, S.; *Evelyn, J.; York, Duke of; Rupert, Prince; Buckingham, Duke of; Lauderdale, Duke of; Ormond, Duke of; Halifax, Viscount; Carteret, Sir G.; Osborne, Sir T.; Long, Sir R. (C 66/3137).
1672 7 Dec. *Hickman, Sir W. (v. Finch) (C 231/7 p. 428).

Secretary 1672-4

The Secretary of the Council of 1672, who also acted as its Treasurer, was appointed by the crown. The appointment of Worsley was contained in the commission appointing the Council; that of Locke was made by warrant under sign manual. The salary attached to the office was £500. (fn. 4)

1672 27 Sept. Worsley, B.
1673 14 Oct. Locke, J.

Clerks 1672-4

The Council of 1672 was served by three Clerks. The usual salary was £100. Frowde received £150 as 'Chief Clerk' until his resignation in 1673. (fn. 4)

1672 24 Oct. Frowde, C.
1672 Swan, W.
1672 Pottle, W.
1673 27 Oct. Wilson, G.
1674 20 March Richards, J.

Messenger 1672-4

The Council of 1672 was served by a Messenger with a salary of £30. (fn. 5)

1672 Sampson, J.

Doorkeeper 1672-4

The Council of 1672 was served by a Doorkeeper with a salary of £30. (fn. 6)

1672 Roe, T.


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