Solicitor 1692-1870

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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 4, Admiralty Officials 1660-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1975.

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Solicitor 1692-1870

Between 1672 and 1696 the Counsel to the Navy Board was empowered to employ a Solicitor with a salary of £5. (fn. 1) In 1692 a distinct office, that of Solicitor for the affairs of the Admiralty and Navy, was appointed by Admiralty warrant with a salary of £100. This office was not filled after 1699. (fn. 2)

In 1703 the office of Assistant to the Admiralty Counsel was created with a salary of £400. (fn. 3) It was conferred upon an individual who had in the previous year been appointed to the new office of Solicitor of Admiralty Droits. (fn. 4) Thereafter these two offices, to which appointments were made by Admiralty warrant, were held concurrently. Their holder was generally referred to as Solicitor rather than Assistant Counsel and this practice has been followed in these lists.

In 1828 the duties of the office were extended and its holder officially designated Solicitor to the Admiralty. At the same time all the fees previously enjoyed by the Solicitor were abolished and he was accorded a salary of £1500 together with an annual allowance of £1000 for Clerks. A further allowance of £100 was made available in 1831. (fn. 5)

1692 2 March Whittaker, E.
1703 26 June Warter, J.
1718 3 Dec. Jobber, T.
1733 4 April Winnington, F.
1747 16 June Ryan, A.
1749 24 Jan. Seddon, S.
1778 30 May Dyson, J.
1796 1 March Bicknell, C.
1828 7 Jan. Jones, C.
1843 8 Dec. Robson, W. F.
1862 15 Jan. Skirrow, C. F.
1862 12 May Bristow, A. R.


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