Map of Staffordshire

Ordnance Survey maps of Staffordshire from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1. Originally published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, 1883-1894.

This free content was digitised by scanning and sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. All rights reserved.


Table of contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 001/SW Allgreave, Wildboarclough, SK11 0
OS Map name 001/SE Flash, SK17 0
OS Map name 003/NW Buglawton, Eaton, Havannah, Key Green, Lower Heath, CW12 2, CW12 3, CW12 1
OS Map name 003/NE Bosley, SK11 0
OS Map name 003/SW Bridestones, Hightown, Mossley, Newtown, Poolfold, Timbersbrook, CW12 3, ST8 7
OS Map name 003/SE Heaton, Rushton Spencer, Woodhouse Green, SK11 0
OS Map name 004/NW Burntcliff Top, Danebridge, Gradbach, Wincle, SK11 0, SK17 0
OS Map name 004/NE
OS Map name 004/SW Meerbrook, ST13 8
OS Map name 004/SE Upper Hulme, ST13 8
OS Map name 005/NW Crowdecote, Fawfieldhead, Hollinsclough Moor, Longnor, Newtown, SK17 0
OS Map name 005/NE Monyash, DE45 1
OS Map name 005/SW Shawfield, SK17 0
OS Map name 005/SE Brund, Hartington, Heathcote, Pilsbury, Sheen, SK17 0
OS Map name 006/NE Mow Cop, Scholar Green, ST7 4, ST7 3
OS Map name 006/SW Alsager, Radway Green, ST7 2, CW1 5
OS Map name 006/SE Butt Lane, Church Lawton, Coalpit Hill, Dales Green, Hall Green, Hardings Wood, Kidsgrove, Mount Pleasant, Red Bull, The Rookery, ST7 1, ST7 3, ST7 4
OS Map name 007/NW Biddulph, Gillow Heath, Knypersley, ST8 6
OS Map name 007/NE Biddulph Moor, Horton, Rudyard, ST8 7, ST13 8
OS Map name 007/SW Bemersley Green, Brindley Ford, Brown Edge, Brown Lees, Harriseahead, Lane Ends, Newchapel, Ridgeway, ST8 7, ST6 8, ST7 4
OS Map name 007/SE Blackwood Hill, Endon Bank, Gratton, ST9 9
OS Map name 008/NW Ball Haye Green, Leek, Poolend, ST13 8, ST13 6
OS Map name 008/NE Thorncliffe, ST13 7
OS Map name 008/SW Horse Bridge, Leekbrook, Longsdon, Lowe Hill, ST9 9, ST13 7, ST13 5
OS Map name 008/SE Bradnop, Morridge Side, Onecote, ST13 7
OS Map name 009/NW Ecton, Lower Elkstone, Upper Elkstone, Warslow, SK17 0
OS Map name 009/NE Hulme End, SK17 0
OS Map name 009/SW Butterton, Ford, Grindon, ST13 7
OS Map name 009/SE Alstonefield, Coldeaton, Hope, Milldale, Stanshope, Wetton, DE6 2, DE6 1
OS Map name 010/NE Balterley, Balterley Green, Balterley Heath, Chorlton, Englesea-brook, Weston, CW2 5
OS Map name 010/SE Betley, Betley Common, Blakenhall, Wrinehill, CW3 9, CW5 7
OS Map name 011/NW Audley, Barthomley, Boon Hill, Butters Green, Dunkirk, Park End, Wood Lane, ST7 8, CW2 5
OS Map name 011/NE Goldenhill, Red Street, Talke, Talke Pits, Tunstall, ST6 5, ST5 7, ST7 1, ST6 6
OS Map name 011/SW Alsagers Bank, Halmer End, High Lane, Miles Green, Scot Hay, Shraleybrook, ST7 8, ST5 6
OS Map name 011/SE Broad Meadow, Chesterton, Crackley, Dimsdale, Knutton, Longbridge Hayes, Longport, May Bank, Porthill, Wolstanton, ST5 7, ST5 8, ST5 6, ST6 3, ST5 0
OS Map name 012/NW Baddeley Edge, Baddeley Green, Ball Green, Bradeley, Great Chell, Milton, Norton Green, Norton in the Moors, Pitts Hill, Smallthorne, Stanfield, ST2 7, ST6 8, ST6 7, ST6 6, ST6 1
OS Map name 012/NE Bagnall, Endon, Stanley, Stanley Moor, ST9 9
OS Map name 012/SW Abbey Hulton, Bucknall, Burslem, Cobridge, Etruria, Hanley, Northwood, ST2 8, ST2 9, ST6 1, ST6 2, ST1 5, ST1 1, ST1 6
OS Map name 012/SE Armshead, Cellarhead, Washerwall, Werrington, ST9 0
OS Map name 013/NW Basford Green, Cheddleton, ST13 7
OS Map name 013/NE Above Church, ST10 2
OS Map name 013/SW Consall, Hazlescross, Wetley Abbey, Wetley Rocks, ST9 0, ST10 2
OS Map name 013/SE Foxt, Froghall, Ipstones, Kingsley, Whiston, ST10 2
OS Map name 014/NW Waterfall, Waterhouses, Winkhill, ST10 3, ST13 7
OS Map name 014/NE Ilam, DE6 2
OS Map name 014/SW Calton, Cauldon, Upper Cotton, ST10 3
OS Map name 014/SE Blore, Swinscoe, DE6 2
OS Map name 016/NE Checkley, Checkley Green, CW5 7
OS Map name 016/SE Aston, Ireland's Cross, Onneley, Pipe Gate, Woore, TF9 4, CW3 9
OS Map name 017/NW Keele, Leycett, Madeley, Madeley Heath, Middle Madeley, ST5 5, ST5 6, CW3 9
OS Map name 017/NE Basford, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Silverdale, Westlands, ST4 6, ST5 1, ST5 6, ST5 3
OS Map name 017/SW Baldwin's Gate, Whitmore, ST5 5
OS Map name 017/SE Acton, Butterton, Clayton, Hanchurch, Northwood, Seabridge, Shutlanehead, ST5 4, ST5 3, ST4 8
OS Map name 018/NW Boothen, Fenton, Mount Pleasant, Oak Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 5, ST4 3, ST4 4, ST4 1
OS Map name 018/NE Adderley Green, Hulme, Ubberley, Weston Coyney, ST3 5, ST2 0, ST3 6
OS Map name 018/SW Blurton, Dresden, Hanford, Trent Vale, Trentham, ST3 3, ST3 4, ST4 8, ST4 5
OS Map name 018/SE Blythe Bridge, Caverswall, Cookshill, Lightwood, Longton, Meir, Normacot, ST11 9, ST3 7, ST3 1, ST3 6, ST3 5
OS Map name 019/NW Godleybrook, ST10 2
OS Map name 019/NE Kingsley Holt, Oakamoor, Whiston Eaves, Woodhead, ST10 2, ST10 3
OS Map name 019/SW Blythe Marsh, Boundary, Brookhouses, Dilhorne, Forsbrook, Mobberley, ST11 9, ST10 2, ST10 1
OS Map name 019/SE Cheadle, Freehay, Rakeway, Threapwood Head, Winnothdale, ST10 1, ST10 4
OS Map name 020/NW Cotton, Farley, Ramshorn, ST10 3
OS Map name 020/NE Middle Mayfield, Stanton, Wootton, DE6 2
OS Map name 020/SW Alton, Bradley in the Moors, Gallows Green, Prestwood, Quixhill, ST10 4, ST14 5
OS Map name 022/NW Norton in Hales, TF9 4
OS Map name 022/NE Bearstone, Blackbrook, Knighton, Mucklestone, Napley Heath, Willoughbridge, TF9 4, ST5 5
OS Map name 022/SW Almington, Betton, Market Drayton, TF9 2, TF9 4, TF9 1
OS Map name 022/SE Ashley, Ashley Heath, Hookgate, Loggerheads, TF9 4
OS Map name 023/NW Chapel Chorlton, Hill Chorlton, Maer, Stableford, ST5 5
OS Map name 023/NE Beech, Knowl Wall, The Rowe, Upper Hatton, ST4 8, ST5 4, ST21 6
OS Map name 023/SW Chatcull, Podmore, Standon, ST21 6
OS Map name 023/SE Bowers, Cotes, Cranberry, Lower Hatton, Swynnerton, ST21 6, ST15 0
OS Map name 024/NW Barlaston, Tittensor, ST12 9
OS Map name 024/NE Crossgate, Fulford, Knenhall, Meirheath, Rough Close, Stallington, ST11 9, ST15 8, ST3 7
OS Map name 024/SW Meaford, Oulton, Oulton Grange, Oulton Heath, Oultoncross, Stone, Stonefield, ST15 0, ST15 8
OS Map name 024/SE Cotwalton, Hilderstone, Moddershall, ST15 8
OS Map name 025/NW Cresswell, Draycott in the Moors, Saverley Green, ST11 9, ST10 4
OS Map name 025/NE Checkley, Deadman's Green, Fole, Hollington, Lower Tean, Upper Tean, ST10 4, ST14 5
OS Map name 025/SW Garshall Green, Middleton Green, Morrilow Heath, ST18 0, ST10 4
OS Map name 025/SE Church Leigh, Dods Leigh, Godstone, Lower Leigh, Upper Leigh, Upper Nobut, Withington, ST10 4
OS Map name 026/NW Combridge, Croxden, Denstone, Greatgate, ST14 5, ST10 4
OS Map name 026/SW Beamhurst, Crakemarsh, Spath, Stramshall, ST14 5
OS Map name 027/NE Cliff Grange, Little Drayton, Sutton, Ternhill, TF9 2, TF9 1, TF9 3
OS Map name 028/NW Hales, Woodseaves, TF9 2
OS Map name 028/NE Chipnall, Fairoak, Lipley, TF9 2, ST21 6
OS Map name 028/SE Adbaston, Doley, Soudley, ST20 0, TF9 2
OS Map name 029/NW Aspley, Blackwaters, Croxton, Croxtonbank, Little Sugnall, Sugnall, Wetwood, Woodwall Green, ST21 6
OS Map name 029/NE Millmeece, Slindon, Walford, ST21 6
OS Map name 029/SW Bishop's Offley, Copmere End, Garmelow, Offleyhay, Offleymarsh, Outlands, ST21 6, ST20 0
OS Map name 029/SE Chebsey, Eccleshall, Pershall, Sturbridge, ST21 6
OS Map name 030/NW Walton, Yarnfield, ST15 0
OS Map name 030/NE Aston-by-Stone, Dayhills, Little Stoke, ST15 0, ST15 8
OS Map name 030/SW Little Bridgeford, Norton Bridge, Shallowford, Whitgreave, Yarlet, ST18 9, ST15 0
OS Map name 030/SE Burston, Enson, Marston, Salt, Sandon, ST18 0, ST18 9
OS Map name 031/NW Coton, Coton Hayes, Coton Hill, Fradswell, Milwich, ST18 0
OS Map name 031/NE Dagdale, Field, Gratwich, Painleyhill, ST14 5, ST14 8
OS Map name 031/SW Gayton, Hartley Green, ST18 0
OS Map name 031/SE Grindley, Kingstone, ST14 8
OS Map name 032/NW Blount's Green, Bramshall, The Heath, Uttoxeter, ST14 8, ST14 5, ST14 7
OS Map name 032/SW Gorsty Hill, Loxley Green, Netherland Green, Scounslow Green, Willslock, ST14 8