Map of Staffordshire

Ordnance Survey maps of Staffordshire from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1. Originally published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, 1883-1894.

This free content was digitised by scanning and sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. All rights reserved.


Table of contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 032/SE Birch Cross, Draycott in the Clay, Marchington Woodlands, Moreton, ST14 8, DE6 5
OS Map name 033/SW Coton in the Clay, Scropton, DE6 5, DE65 5
OS Map name 035/NE Knighton, Shebdon, ST20 0
OS Map name 035/SE Chetwynd Park, Pickstock, Puleston, Sutton, Weston Jones, TF10 8
OS Map name 036/NW High Offley, Knightley, Tunstall, Whitley Heath, Woodseaves, ST20 0, ST21 6
OS Map name 036/NE Ellenhall, Lawnhead, Wootton, ST21 6, ST20 0
OS Map name 036/SW Knightley Dale, Norbury, Norbury Junction, Oulton, ST20 0
OS Map name 036/SE Audmore, Long Compton, Ranton, Ranton Green, Shut Heath, ST20 0, ST18 9
OS Map name 037/NW Great Bridgeford, Seighford, ST18 9
OS Map name 037/NE Hopton, ST18 0
OS Map name 037/SW Aston, Castle Bank, Castletown, Coton Clanford, Derrington, Doxey, ST18 9, ST16 1, ST16 2
OS Map name 037/SE Baswich, Forebridge, Littleworth, Queensville, Rowley Park, Stafford, Weeping Cross, ST17 0, ST17 4, ST16 3, ST17 9, ST16 2
OS Map name 038/NW Amerton, Hixon, Ingestre, Pasturefields, Shirleywich, Stowe-by-Chartley, Weston, ST18 0
OS Map name 038/NE Dapple Heath, Drointon, Newton, WS15 3, ST18 0
OS Map name 038/SW Great Haywood, Little Haywood, Tixall, ST18 0
OS Map name 038/SE Admaston, Coley, Colwich, Stockwell Heath, WS15 3, ST18 0
OS Map name 039/NW
OS Map name 039/NE Newborough, Six Roads End, DE13 8, DE6 5
OS Map name 039/SW Abbots Bromley, Mill Green, WS15 3
OS Map name 039/SE Hoar Cross, Newchurch, DE13 8
OS Map name 040/NW Anslow Gate, Hanbury, Hanbury Woodend, DE13 9, DE13 8
OS Map name 040/NE Anslow, Beam Hill, Horninglow, Rolleston, DE13 9, DE13 0
OS Map name 040/SW Callingwood, Needwood, Rangemore, Tatenhill, DE13 9
OS Map name 040/SE Anslow Leys, Burton upon Trent, DE13 9, DE14 2
OS Map name 042/NE Chetwynd End, Edgmond, Forton, Longford, Meretown, Newport, TF10 7, TF10 8
OS Map name 042/SE Brockton, Chetwynd Aston, Church Aston, Honnington, Lilleshall, Pave Lane, Woodcote, TF10 9
OS Map name 043/NW Beffcote, Coton, Cotonwood, Outwoods, ST20 0, TF10 9
OS Map name 043/NE Allimore Green, Alstone, Apeton, Gnosall, Gnosall Heath, Haughton, ST18 9, ST20 0
OS Map name 043/SW Bromstead Heath, Lynn, Moreton, Orslow, Stockton, TF10 9
OS Map name 043/SE Church Eaton, High Onn, Little Onn, Wood Eaton, ST20 0
OS Map name 044/NW Billington, Bradley, Coppenhall, Hyde Lea, ST18 9
OS Map name 044/NE Rickerscote, Walton-on-the-Hill, ST17 4, ST17 0
OS Map name 044/SW Dunston Heath, Levedale, Longridge, Mitton, ST18 9, ST19 5
OS Map name 044/SE Acton Trussell, Bednall, Dunston, ST17 0, ST18 9
OS Map name 045/NW Brocton, Milford, ST17 0
OS Map name 045/NE Colton, Rugeley, WS15 3, WS15 2
OS Map name 045/SW
OS Map name 045/SE Brereton, Etchinghill, Slitting Mill, WS15 1, WS15 2
OS Map name 046/NW Blithbury, Hamstall Ridware, WS15 3
OS Map name 046/NE Hadley End, Morrey, Woodhouses, Woodlane, Woodmill, Yoxall, DE13 8
OS Map name 046/SW Armitage, Brereton Cross, Breretonhill, Handsacre, Hill Ridware, Mavesyn Ridware, Pipe Ridware, Rake End, WS15 4, WS15 1, WS15 3
OS Map name 046/SE King's Bromley, Nethertown, Orgreave, Rileyhill, DE13 7, WS15 3, WS13 8
OS Map name 047/NW Barton-under-Needwood, Dunstall, DE13 8
OS Map name 047/SW Barton Green, Efflinch, Overley, Wychnor, Wychnor Bridges, DE13 8, DE13 7
OS Map name 048/NE Heath Hill, Lilyhurst, Sheriffhales, TF11 8
OS Map name 048/SE Crackleybank, Decker Hill, Haughton, Redhill, TF11 8, TF2 9
OS Map name 049/NW Blymhill, Blymhill Common, Brineton, Chadwell, Great Chatwell, Weston Heath, TF11 8, TF10 9
OS Map name 049/NE Blymhill Lawn, Marston, Wheaton Aston, TF11 8, ST20 0, ST19 9
OS Map name 049/SW Tong Norton, Weston-under-Lizard, TF11 8
OS Map name 049/SE Bishop's Wood, Ivetsey Bank, Kiddemore Green, ST19 9
OS Map name 050/NW Bickford, Congreve, Lapley, Stretton, Whiston, ST19 5, ST19 9
OS Map name 050/NE Otherton, Penkridge, Pillaton, ST19 5
OS Map name 050/SW Brewood, Crateford, Gailey, Horsebrook, Shutt Green, Somerford, ST19 9, ST19 5
OS Map name 050/SE Four Ashes, Four Crosses, Great Saredon, Hatherton, WV10 7, WS11 1
OS Map name 051/NW Green Heath, Hednesford, High Town, Huntington, Pye Green, WS12 4, WS11 5
OS Map name 051/NE Cannock Wood, Chestall, Gentleshaw, Hazelslade, Littleworth, Rawnsley, Upper Longdon, WS15 4, WS12 0, WS12 1, WS15 1
OS Map name 051/SW Bridgtown, Cannock, Church Hill, Oldfallow, WS11 0, WS12 2, WS11 4
OS Map name 051/SE Boney Hay, Burntwood, Chase Terrace, Heath Hayes, Wimblebury, WS7 2, WS7 9, WS12 2
OS Map name 052/NW Longdon, Longdon Green, WS15 4
OS Map name 052/NE Curborough, Elmhurst, The Sale, WS13 8, DE13 7
OS Map name 052/SW Burntwood Green, Chorley, Creswell Green, Edial, Farewell, Leamonsley, Woodhouses, WS7 0, WS13 8, WS7 9
OS Map name 052/SE Hilliard's Cross, Huddlesford, Lichfield, Stowe, Streethay, WS13 8, WS13 6
OS Map name 053/NW Alrewas, Croxall, Fradley, DE13 7, WS13 8
OS Map name 053/SW Elford, B79 9
OS Map name 053/SE Clifton Campville, Harlaston, Haunton, B79 0, B79 9
OS Map name 055/NE
OS Map name 055/SW Albrighton, Boningale, Donington, Whiston Cross, WV7 3
OS Map name 055/SE Codsall Wood, Oaken, WV8 1, WV8 2
OS Map name 056/NW Coven, Lower Green, Standeford, WV9 5, WV10 7
OS Map name 056/NE Cross Green, Featherstone, Shareshill, WV10 7
OS Map name 056/SW Bilbrook, Codsall, Fordhouses, Gunstone, Lane Green, WV8 1, WV10 6
OS Map name 056/SE Bushbury, Essington, Moseley, WV10 8, WV11 2, WV10 7
OS Map name 057/NW Cheslyn Hay, Churchbridge, Great Wyrley, Landywood, Littlewood, Upper Landywood, WS6 7, WS11 8, WS6 6
OS Map name 057/NE Brownhills, Chasetown, Little Norton, Little Wyrley, Norton Canes, WS8 6, WS7 4, WS11 9, WS3 5
OS Map name 057/SW Fishley, Little Bloxwich, Newtown, Springhill, Wallington Heath, WS3 3, WS6 6, WV11 2
OS Map name 057/SE Catshill, Clayhanger, Heath End, High Heath, Pelsall, Pelsall Wood, Shelfield, Shire Oak, Vigo, Walsall Wood, WS8 6, WS8 7, WS3 4, WS4 1, WS9 9
OS Map name 058/NW Chesterfield, Hammerwich, Hilton, Muckley Corner, Pipehill, Springhill, Wall, WS14 0, WS7 0, WS13 8
OS Map name 058/NE
OS Map name 058/SW Footherley, Lower Stonnall, Lynn, Shenstone, Stonnall, Thornes, WS14 0, WS9 9
OS Map name 058/SE Little Hay, Shenstone Woodend, Weeford, WS14 0
OS Map name 059/NW Comberford, Hademore, Whittington, B79 9, WS14 9
OS Map name 059/NE Perry Crofts, Wigginton, B79 8, B79 9
OS Map name 059/SW Bonehill, Coton, Hints, Hopwas, B78 3, B79 7
OS Map name 061/NW Burnhill Green, Kingslow, Pattingham, Stanlow, WV6 7
OS Map name 061/NE Nurton, Perton, Wrottesley, WV6 7, WV8 2
OS Map name 061/SW Chesterton, Hilton, Shipley, WV15 5, WV6 7
OS Map name 061/SE Lower Penn, Trescott, WV4 4, WV6 7
OS Map name 062/NW Oxley, Tettenhall, Tettenhall Wood, Wergs, Wolverhampton, WV10 6, WV6 9, WV6 8, WV1 1
OS Map name 062/NE Heath Town, Park Village, Wednesfield, Wood End, Wood Hayes, WV10 0, WV11 1
OS Map name 062/SW Blakenhall, Bradmore, Castlecroft, Goldthorn Park, Merry Hill, Penn, Spring Hill, WV2 4, WV3 9, WV3 8, WV2 3, WV4 4
OS Map name 062/SE Bilston, Ettingshall, Monmore Green, Moseley, Parkfield, Portobello, Willenhall, WV14 0, WV4 6, WV2 2, WV1 2, WV13 3, WV13 2
OS Map name 063/NW Blakenall Heath, Bloxwich, Lane Head, New Invention, WS3 1, WS3 2, WV12 4, WV12 5
OS Map name 063/NE Aldridge, Coal Pool, Daw End, Harden, Pool Green, Rushall, Stubber's Green, WS9 8, WS3 1, WS4 1, WS9 0
OS Map name 063/SW Bentley, Bescot, Darlaston, Darlaston Green, King's Hill, Moxley, Pleck, Walsall, Woods Bank, WS2 0, WS2 9, WS10 8, WS10 9, WS1 1, WS10 7
OS Map name 063/SE Daisy Bank, Fullbrook, Maw Green, Palfrey, The Chuckery, The Delves, WS5 3, WS1 3, WS1 2, WS5 4
OS Map name 064/NW Druid's Heath, Four Oaks, Little Aston, Mill Green, WS9 8, B74 4, B74 3, WS9 0
OS Map name 064/NE Canwell Hall, Roughley, B75 5
OS Map name 064/SW Doe Bank, Four Oaks Park, Hardwick, Streetly, B74 2, B74 3
OS Map name 065/NW Drayton Bassett, Fazeley, B78 3
OS Map name 065/SW Bodymoor Heath, Hunts Green, Middleton, B76 9, B78 2