Derbyshire Quarter Sessions: 1690s

Petitions to the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions, 1632-1770.

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Elizabeth Aplebee of Tissington, widow. Q/SB/2/523 (1695)

July the 16 1695

To his Majestie Justices the humble petition of Elizabeth Aplebee of Tissington in the County of Derby widdow humbly as sheweth

Whereas your petitioner being aged about eighty seaven yeares or thereabouts so that by reason of her old age is not able to doe any thing towards a livelihood and haveing no children that will doe anything for her but one only daughter who hath a child and [illegible] herselfe to maintaine Therefore is not able to sustaine with the allowance and your petitioner being so old and decripte desires this worshipfull bench to ogment the said allowance which is but two shillings six everye moneth and that being so small to maintain her on humbly desires that you will be pleased to grant her such a weekly stipend as you in your judgment shall thingk convenient and in soe doeing your peitioner will be ever bound to pray for your worshipps long life and happinesse And this is her request to you and craves releife

Elizabeth Aplebee

Hellin Staley of Wirksworth. Q/SB/2/524 (1695)

To the Worshipfull Bench, and his Majesties Justices of the peace for the County,

These to aquint your Worships that hear your humble petitioner Hellin Staley of Wirksworth being poor and very low and haveing two small children and nothing wherewith to mentain them on, and her husband haveing left her through extream want to serve his majesty and ever since she your humble petitioner hath been exposed to a great deal of hardship, and is further like to be unless your worships doe soe far stand her friend she is likly to suffer extreamly and doe earnestly beg your asistance, and for soe doeing she will be bound to pray for your worships whilst she is your humble petitioner and till Death

Hellin Staley July the 16th. 95

George Fletcher late of Derby, apothecary. Q/SB/2/1305 (1695)

To the Worshippfull the Justices of Peace for the County of Derby

The humble peticion of George Fletcher late of Derby apothecary and Licentiate in Phisick Sheweth

Providence this juncture of time hath brought him the siad George Fletcher from Ireland, aged, and in meane state tho healthy active, welknowne times past to many for his publick workes to his cost etc

The master of the house of corecion in Derby being vacant by the death of Mr: Thomas Walker,

The prayer is that Your Worshipps will settle your suppliant to be keeper of the said house of correcion in Derby to doe, And receive all that legally belongeth to the said employ

And your peticioner shall pray for your healths and happynes etc

I doe not doubt but to have had his Grace the Duke of Devonshires recomendacion to this employ had I an oppertunity upon the account of that service his Grace was pleased to put upon mee in the late revolucion.

James Cowper of Bagghousess, a prisoner for debt. Q/SB/2/525 (1696)

Derby Ss

To the Honorable his Majestis Justicess off the Peace att the Generall Quarter Sessions off the Peace holden att Derby The fowreteenth day off Janewary in the seiventh yeare off The Raigne off our Soveraigne Lord King William the Third over England etc Anno Domini 1695/6

The humble pettion off James Cowper off Bagghousess in the parish off Chappell in Le Frith in this County: now a prisonor his Majestis Goale in Derby for debt humbly sheweth That your poore pettioner hath a wiffe and two small chillderen and nothing to maintaine them with: And desires that this Honerable Bench will be pleased to take into your pious and searious concideration: his and his wiffe and small chillderens most sad and deplorable condistion and grant an order for some weekely allowance to be paide by the overseares off the poore off the said parish towardes the maintance off your poore pettioners wiffe and chillderen and your poore pettioner as in duty bounden will ever pray for the Honerable Bench etc

Ralph Higget of Worksworth. Q/SB/2/560 (1699)

Ss x month January 1698 vo

To the right Worshippfull his Majesties Justices of the peace for this County of Darby

The humble Petition of Ralph Higget of Worksworth


That your Peticioner haveing been a prisoner in Darby Goal above twelve monthes hath had several actions laid upon him unto his great damage and impoverishment And have- -ing a wife and five small children (one whereof she lyeth in childbed with at this present time) for maintenance and nourishment whereof and to pay and defray debts and dues unto the Church the King and his subjects, He haveing been for- merly a supporter of the poor and born the publique office of constable in Works-worth afforesaid, Hath been enforced to ex[pose?] to sale, (this dear and chargeable time) most part of his goods, insomuch that he hath not wherewith to support his family;

Doth therefore humbly crave your Worships grave and charitable considracion and the allowance of some- thing for their sustenance in this weake and deplora- ble condition as in your wisdome you shall think fitt

For which as in duty bound your peticoner shal ever pray etc



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