Derbyshire Quarter Sessions: 1700s

Petitions to the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions, 1632-1770.

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Margaret Holmes of Kire Ireton. Q/SB/2/670 (1701)

To the right worshipful his majesties justices of the bench for the quarter sessions

The petition of Margaret Holmes of Kire Ireton humbly sheweth

Where as your worships was formaly pleased to grant me an order of one shilling weekly to be paid by the overseers of the poor of Iddridghey toward the releife of me and my two children which money the have keept part back and paid me but six pence a weeke for a whol yeare last past soe that their is tweenty six shillings behind according to the order which they doe deney paying for which I humbly beg of your worships cleamenceys that you would be pleased to take my sad and deplorable condishion in to your serious considerations soe that I may have the money which is behind and the order continued and your poor petitioner will for ever pray for your worships healths whilst she liveth


[illegible] Itherodgehey to pay all arrears and take [illegible] [illegible] [the child?] [illegible] and to [bringe the?] youngest child to the [illegible] and [illegible] to provide for [him?] and if they refuse to [provide for him?] then to [pay?] six [her six?] [illegible] weekly


Thomas Dauson of Chatson. Q/SB/2/687 (1704)

To the honurable bench her majesties justissis of the peace at the quarter sessions at Derby for the count of Derby 11 Jannuary 1703/4

The humble petition of Thomas Dauson of Chatson sheweth your peticioner being a very poer man and this honurable bench and the toune alouered mee one shillinges a wick but nou the over seers is bee hind three shillings and for worke 11 pence humble desire your worships to looke on mee as a object of your charatie and order thee over seers of Chatson to pay mee my my mony and your peticioner as in duty bound shall ever pray

Thomas Dauson

Samuell Bennett of Biggin. Q/SB/2/691 (1708)

The humble petition of Samuell Bennett of Biggin in the parish of Hartington

Humbly sheweth that your petitioner obtayned an order from Master Vernon Master Mundy and Master Spateman at a montly meetinge held at Ashbourne the 23o day of March 1694 for the allowance of 1 shilling weekly to the said Samuell Bennet and likewise to put forth his seacond sonn William Bennet an apprentice but the said overseers and inhabitants of Biggin hath disobeyed the said order and hath refused to pay the said weekly allowance and likewise to put forth the said William Bennett an apprentice your petitioner therefore prayes some weekly allowance for himselfe his wife and five small children and that you will please to order your petitioners sonn to be put forth an apprentice.

Samuell Bennett


[illegible] 1 shilling 6 pence weekly till they overseers put forth both his sonns apprentices and afterwards nothinge to [set?] him on worke at the [rate?] of other [persons?] if hee refuse to bee sent to the house of correction


Frances Foxlowe of Taddington, widow. Q/SB/2/692 (1708)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of peace and quorum att the quarter sessions held att Bakewell for the county of Derby

The humble peticion of Frances Foxlowe of Taddington in the county aforesaid widdow

Maye itt please your worshipps

This Frances Foxlowe widdow beinge left with saxe small children to maintaine whose husband Thomas Foxlowe died suddenly upon the roade as he was goeinge unto Shefeild markett about a year and an halfe since whose trade was a butcher who maintained his family by his callinge in good order and fashion but now this poor widdow haveinge such a great charge left upon her handes and all her goodes taken for debt and nothinge remaininge to supply her selfe and her poor children withall is forced to make her addresse unto this worshipfull bench hopeinge they will take her poor weake condicion into theire worthy consideracions and grant an order what this worshipfull bench thinkes fitt that a poor widdow and sixe small children should have towardes the releiveinge them weekly and she will in duty be bound to pray for them all in soe doeinge hopeinge that God will be theire reward in heaven where she is not able.


1 shilling 6 pence weekly


Mary Hays of Hartington, widow. Q/SB/2/693 (1708)

To the worshipfull bench The humble petition of Mary Hays of Hartington in this county of Derby widow

May it please your worships I your poor petitioner being left a widow with five children above fifteen yeares agoe and haveing done what I could to bring them up, and to keep them from being chargeable to to the parish as far as I was able and am now reduced to extream poverty so that I am not able to sustaine my selfe without your worships will [illegible] out of your clemency be pleased to order me what you in your wisdome shall think fit and in so doing you will mightily oblige your poor petitioner to pray for your worships long life and happiness


[illegible] 1 shilling weekly


Francis Glover of Sheppard Flatt. Q/SB/2/694 (1708)

To the right worshippfull his majestyes justices of the peace for the county of Derby

The humble peticion of Francis Glover of Sheppard Flatt in the parrish of Eyme and county of Derby aforesaid


That whereas your peticioner formerly had an order for two shillings weekly to be paid him now your peticioner haveing lost the said order has but hitherto received one shilling the weeke and being more unable than formerly he was to goe abroad to get some releife being at this present very ill sighted and almost lame prays that your worshipps would be pleased to grant your peticioner another order to receive two shillings in the weeke and your peticioner will ever pray etc


Confirme the former order of 2 shillings weekly unles cause be shewed to the justices next monethly meeting