Derbyshire Quarter Sessions: 1710s

Petitions to the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions, 1632-1770.

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Rowland Millington late constable of Kirke Ireton. Q/SB/2/704 (1712)

To her majesties justices of the peace at the generall quarter sessions of the peace held for the county of Derby the 29th day of Aprill 1712

The humble peticion of Rowland Millington late constable of Kirke Ireton in the county of Derby, humbly sheweth that he in the execucion of his office expended and layd out severall summes of money amounting in the whole to the summe of twelve poundes one shilling and seven pence halfe penny, which summe of money he has received excepting the summe of twelve shillings charged upon Master Browne the minister of Kirke Ireton, which he refuseing to pay the other inhabitants of the towne gave direccions to me your peticioner to gett the same by law, but after the expence of severall summes of money it appeared the said Master Browne was wrongfully charged, and the towne refuses to repay [illegible] the said twelve shillings and the charges your peticioner hath been at in and about the same, which in the whole amountes to about thirteene shillings or upwardes which your said peticioner is still unpaid therefore your peticioner humbly prayes he may by order of the court be allowed all the same out of the said towne

Rowland Millington

Joseph Jackson of Longston, labourer. Q/SB/2/709 (1713)

To the worshipfull her majesties justices of the peace at the generall quarter sessions held at Chesterfield for the county of Derby

The humble petition of Joseph Jackson of Longston in the county of Derby labourer

Most humbly sheweth unto your worshipps that your petitioner is a lame man of about fifty yeare of age and has a wife and four small children and nothing to live upon; save three acres of land and what he getts by selling of [earthen?] potts for the maintenance of himselfe his wife and famaly and by his industry doth maintaine himselfe and famaly without being any wayes chargeable to the parrish but some of the inhabitants of Longston aforesaid out of malice and spite to your petitioner hath illagally assessed your petitioner to pay six pence weekly towards the maintenance of the poore notwithstanding your petitioner is a very poore man himselfe and clandestanly gott an order against your petitioner for the payment thereof, without giveing your petitioner any notice to make his defence against the said order and if your petitioner be oblidged to pay the said six pence a weeke it will tend to the utter ruin of your said petitioner and his family your petitioner and his famaly being now oblidged to travell the country to sell his potts and frequently to lodge in a barne

That your worshipps will be pleased to quash the said order that has been soe unjustly obtained against your poore petitioner and that your said poore petitioner may not have soe heavy a burthen laid upon him and for your worshipps longe lives and happynesse as in duty bound will ever pray etc