Derbyshire Quarter Sessions: 1770s

Petitions to the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions, 1632-1770.

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The churchwardens and overseers of the poor for the parish of Snelston. Q/SB/2/1146 (1770)

To the worshipful the justices of the peace at the general quarter sessions of the peace holden at Derby in and for the county of Derby the 24th day of April 1770

The humble petition of Joseph Wagstaff Thomas Woodhouse John Wright and William Beresford churchwardens and overseers of the poor in and for the parish of Snelston in the county of Derby aforesaid sheweth

That whereas the said parish of Snelston is burthened with a great deal of poor and not having at present houses sufficient to contain them in, your petitioners have by an application made to William Bowyer esquire genteman lord of the manor of Snelston aforesaid obtained his consent under his hand and seal for your petitioners to erect and set up a cottage on or cottages on the wast of the said manor within the said parish of Snelston for the habitation of the poor there, if an order of sessions can be obtained for confirmation thereof as by the paper hereunto annexed doth appear

May you therefore be pleased to grant unto your petitioners the order of this court whereby your said petitioners may set up a cottage for the habitation of the poor of Snelston aforesaid on Darley Moor being part of the wast land within the said manor at the meeting of the turnpike roads there and not to take in and inclose more than one acre and two perches of land to the same paying to me the said William Bowyer my heirs and assigns the yearly rent a sum of two shillings and six pence for the same

Signed and sealed in the presence of

  • Alexander Harrison William Bowyer

Sworn in court 24th April 1770

G Heathcote clerk of the peace