Worcestershire Quarter Sessions: 1612

Petitions to the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions, 1592-1797.

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Elizabeth Tommes, widow. Ref.110 BA1/1/19/59 (1612)

To the righte worshipfull his majesties [illegible] of the peace for the countie of Worcester

The humble peticion of Elizabethe Tommes widdowe.

Moste humblie beseecheth your worships that forasmuch as a Cotage is erected within the parishe of Ridmarley Dabitott in the countie aforesaid, by the permission and allowance of William Horton of Staunton in the countie of Worcester aforesaid esquire, lord of the mannor or lordshipp of Ridmarley afore=said, for and to the use of your pore peticioner, whoe hath dwelte and inhabited in the said parishe for manie yers laste paste.

Maie itt therfore please your worships (the premisses considered) thatt the said cotage (soe beinge erected as aforesaid) maie bee and contynue for the inhabitacion of the said Elizabeth onlie.

And your pore peticioner shall allwaies (accordinge unto her bounden dewtie) praie unto God for your worships longe lives and happines.


[licenc conceditu?] per [C...?]

The inhabitants of Bayton. Ref.110 BA1/1/19/85 (1612)

To the right worshippfull, and worshippfull, the kinges [majesties?] justices of peace, in our countye of Worcester.

Humbly complaining and shewen unto your worshipps by us whose [names?] are hereunto subscribed, that whereas sithence the Kinges majesties last generall and free pardon there hath bene divers and sundrye assaltes affrayes, and misdemenors, comitted within and aboutes our [towne?] and parishe of Bayton in our said county of Worcester, by [reason?] of the ale howses, or ale sellers, there being, and especially by [illegible] that one Elizabeth Mooreley, wief of Thomas Mooreley of Bayton aforesaid, hath and doth keepe in her howse extraordinary ale [illegible] beere, which she selleth and uttereth not above half an ale quart [for...?] a peny, which is contrary to the lawes and statutes of this realme and albeyt the report thereof hath caused many idle [druncken?] fellowes thither to resort, which there have continued drincking and tippling, two or three dayes and nightes together, by reason whereof there hath bene divers quarrelles, affrayes, misdemenors, disorders, and abuses comitted, which to make recitall were very tedious to be inserted in this bill, but for the most part of that which hath [illegible] comitted since the xvith daye of Maye last [illegible] make mencion thereof as followeth, videlicet [illegible] the xviith of Maye last past [and here?] [illegible] [illegible] [howse?] of the said Moorely [illegible] [illegible] the countye [illegible] and further also upon the xixth of September last past, there were at the howse of the said Mooreley a company of idle druncken fellowes most part of the nighte and then and there did quarrell and fight, and one of them had his head greevously broken, and also the said Mooreley divers tymes, doth keepe at his howse mens sonnes, and their servantes, all the night longe drincking and tippleing, and sometymes two or three dayes and nightes together, whereby many disorders are comitted within our towne and parishe videlicet that is to say mens stiles pluckt upp and carryed away their yates carryed and throwen into pooles and welles, their waynes plowes and cartes, drawen into pooles, and into lanes out of the towne, and their yokes taken and throwen into lakes, and trodden into the myer, all which misdemenors, disorders, and abuses, aforesaid, are comitted by reason of the said alesellers which is because they keepe such stronge ale and beere to sell and especially by reason that the said Mooreley doth resett and keepe mens sonnes, and their servantes, all night drincking and tippleing in his howse, all which misdemenors, [illegible] disorders, and abuses aforesaid, [we...?] [pari...s?] and [inhabitants?] of Bayton aforesaid, whose names [illegible] [subs...?] [illegible] most humbly desier your wisdom [illegible] [...ere?] of and that the said [illegible] [illegible]

The inhabitants of Bayton. Ref.110 BA1/1/19/86 (1612)

To the right worshipfull the Kinges [illegible] of peace in the countie of Worcester

May ytt please your worshipps that whereas [John?] Kempster and Thomas Byrde two alehouse keepers [illegible] the towne of Bayton doe nott sell their ale and beare according to the lawe butt doe sell [illegible] a pynte for a peny, and doe make ytt soe extraordynarye stronge that ytt draweth dyvers ydle persons unto the said alehowses by reason whereof sondrye assaultes affrayes bloodshedde and other misdemeanors are there daylie comytted by idle and drunken company which doe thither resorte and there contynewe in their dronckenes three dayes and three nightes together and alsoe dyvers mens sonnes and their servauntes [doe?] often resorte and to contynewe drinkeing in the said howses day and night whereupon dyvers disorders and abuses are offered to the inhabitantes of Bayton aforesaid as in pulling downe styles in carryeing awey of yates in throweing mens waynes plowes and such like thinges into pooles wells and other by places and in putting their yokes for their oxen into lakes and myery places. And one the thirde of September last one Humfrey Burde thelder being dronke att the howse of the said John Kempster did make an assault and a bloodshed upon one Hugh Bowlt and further the said Kempster is a very dronken and disordered fellowe himself and unfytt to kepe a vittalling howse and for that all these the severall abuses misdemeanors and disorders doe before mencioned and dyvers other misdemeanors and wronges (which would be to tedyous to trouble your worships withall att this tyme) doe contynuall arise and happen by [illegible] of the ale sellers aforesaid the inhabitants for [illegible] [...rmacion?] thereof humblye pray the said alehowses may be suppressed for that the said village of Bayton haveing noe throwefare unto any other towne hath noe use for alehowses.

  • John Bishoppe
  • John [Hoouper?]
  • Walter Cumber
  • Thomas Hill
  • Richard Watys
  • Humfry Heycockes
  • Humfry [Geerige?]
  • Frauncis Ambrose
  • Thomas Cooke
  • John Birde
  • William Brian
  • Andrewe Brian
  • Edwarde [Woonhode?]
  • John Watys
  • Edwarde Sutton
  • Edward Geers
  • Humfry Cooke
  • John Geers
  • Abraham [Everley?]

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