Worcestershire Quarter Sessions: 1613

Petitions to the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions, 1592-1797.

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The inhabitants of Bayton. Ref.110 BA1/1/20/58 (1613)

To the right worshippfull the Kinges majesties justices of peace in the countye of Worcester.

May yt please your worshipps, that whereas at [Michaellmas?] and Trinitye sessions last past there was a bill of [complaynt?] and two severall certificattes preferred by us the parishoners of Bayton in this countye of Worcester whose names are thereunto subscribed against Thomas Moorely Elizabeth [illegible] wief, John Kempster, and Thomas Byrd alesellers, [sh...?] unto your worshipps, of diverse and sundrye assaltes, affray [illegible] bloodshedes, misdemenors, and abuses comitted, within our [illegible] towne and parishe of Bayton, by reason of the said alesellers there being, as by our said complaynte and certificattes more at lardge the truth thereof appereth, and althoughe at Trinitye sessions last past we had a warrantt grauntted to suppresse them, yet the said Thomas Mooreley and his wief, Thomas Byrd, and Kempster, have ever since continued their tippleing and aleselling, and keeping disorder in their howses, yet the said Thomas Byrd for his parte ys bounde to the contrary and as for Moo the said Mooreley, and his wief, they doe not regard the lawes of this realme for they have bene absent from churche above this quarter of ayere continually, and forasmuch as the constable of Bayton aforesaid having a warrantt from your worshipps did arrest the said Elizabeth Mooreley and chardgeing some of his neighbours there present to aide and assiste him yet he the said constable neverthelesse, and those that did assiste him were grevously beaten, by one Fraunces Mooreley, [illegible] Mooreley, Anne, Elinor, Elizabeth, and Mary [Mooreley?] [illegible] [...nd?] daughters to [the said? Elizabeth Mooreley, [illegible] sett upon by a rude companye, which came out of the alehowse with a minstrell, before them, and there did grevously beate him the said Roffe and brake his head and also did there beate his said cattell and also there have bene diverse and sundry other misdemenores, and abuses lately comitted, by reason of the said alesellers, which were tedious to trowble your worshipps withall, and therefore we humbly desier your worshipps due consideracon therein according to justice for reformacion thereof or elles if yt resteth not in your worshipps that we maye have your wisdomes furtherance, unto the lord chieffe judge, to redresse our wronges, and thus we rest etc.

Your worshipps ever to comaunde:

  • John Geers
  • Edward Sutton churchwardens

per [secr?] Abraham Duerley

Loury Myhill, widow of Eastham. Ref.110 BA1/1/20/60 (1613)

The humble petision of Loury Myhill widdow of the parish of Eastham

In most humble manner your poore petissioner Loury Migehill of the parish of Eastham widdow shewing unto your worships that shee beeing a poore blinde wooman of the age of threescore and seaven yeares and having inhabited within the parish of Eastham the space of six and twenty yeares and upardes is now fallen into greate poverty and want by the reason of the lose of her [sight?] [illegible] feeblenes of her body in soe much that shee is like to perrish for [w...?] [illegible] thinges nessesary, and shee hath many tymes made her move unto [illegible] overseers of the poore appoynted for the parish and unto other of [th...?] [illegible] but so it is that your poore petishioner can get noe relief amongst [illegible] and your poore petissioner sent to the worshippfull Sir William [illegible] and procured his warrant unto them hoping that then they would [illegible] yealded mee somm relief but soe it is that they in a most [contepsious?] manner did refuse to reseave the warrant or to help mee to anny reliefe at all whearefore your poore petissioner humbly prayeth your worships to consider her poore desstressed estate and to take somm order wheareby shee may have somm relief with speede or otherwise your poore petissioner is like to perrish for want of relief this hoping your worships will take somm order whereby I may bee releived and so your poore petissioner shall bee bound continually to pray for your worships prosperytie


[illegible] gardian et supervisor [illegible] Jacobi ap Owen

George Allen of Stowlton, clerk, and Elizabeth Allen his wife. Ref.110 BA1/1/20/63 (1613)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of peace for the countie of Worcester

The humble peticion of George Allen of Stowlton in the countie of Worcester clarke and Elizabeth his wieffe

The peticioners humbly shew unto your good worships that of late a heynous slaunder of fealonie and murder was raysed [illegible] rumord by one Ellianor Wheeler and Joyce Goold spinsters [illegible] against the peticioner Elizabeth that shee should make [illegible] and poyson her former husband whereuppon the peticioners required the matter to bee examined which was accordingly don before Robert Barkeley esquier one of his majesties justices of peace and the peticioner Elizabeth thereof in all respectes clyered

Their humble peticion unto your good worships that the premisses duly considered the said Ellianor and Joyce may receave punishement as in your grand wisdomes shall seeme meete for their demerittes

Anne Mynshawe, widow. Ref.110 BA1/1/21/66 (1613)

To the right worshipfull the justices of peace within the county of Worcester

The humble peticion of Anne Mynshawe of widdowe beinge of the age of fowerscore years and upwardes and being soe feeble and weake that she is not able to worke for her liveing humbly sheweth that she hath lived within the parish of ss Suckley for the space of forty years and upwardes and nowe is growne and [illegible] soe poore weake and feeble that she is like to be famished and perish for wante of relief and sustenance

her humble desire is that it would please your worshipps to take somme order that she may be in charity releeved and susteigned by the inhabitantes of the said parish of Suckly and yor poore peticioner shall be bounde dayly to pray for yor worshipps health and happines


warrant to the overseers etc to provide etc [aliter?] uppon [complaint?] to Sir William [illegible] James [illegible] he ys desired to take order secundum justice etc

Richard Fowke of Bromsgrove, barber chirurgion. Ref.110 BA1/1/21/70 (1613)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of peace for the countie of Wigorn

The humble peticion of Richard Fowke of [Bromsgrove?] in the said countie barber chirurgion

Sheweinge that the eleaventh day of this instant month of Januarie 1613 one William Perke and Richard Chaunce beinge very desperate persons did assault and make an aff affraye uppon your peticioner being then in his owne howse in Godes peace and the Kinges and him sore wounded and doe threaten to doe him further mischieffe yf they or eyther of them maye att anye tyme hereafter meete with him in place fitt and convenient for their purpose

humbly craveth that yt would please your good worshipps to graunt the peticioner a warrant of the good behaviour against the said Perke and Chaunce this for Godes love


bene [ger?]

Many hundreds of fishermen of Worcestershire and Shropshire. Ref.110 BA1/1/21/74 (1613)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of peace for the county of Worcester

Most humbly shewe to your worshipps

That your petitioners being many hundreds in number of the counties of Worcester and Salop having wives and families to maintaine have served their apprentishipps to the trade of fishing and have noe other calling to maintaine them and their families; and are quite disabled and impoverished by certaine countrymen of Upton upon Seaverne, Ripple, Holdfast and other villages borde=ring upon the said river of Seaverne who worke with forestalling netts which reach from the one side of Seaverne to the other and from the topp to the bottome thereof, so that they take multitudes of fish (videlicet above 60 salmons at a draught, and the rest that they take not, they drive backe, that they cannot come up the said river; and by reason thereof your petitioners are like to perish, the said river being thus destroyed for fishing; your petitioners severall time peti=tioned against the offenders and they were indicted at severall sessions of the peace holden for this countye; and lastlye there was an order granted by John Wilde lord cheife baron and Roger Hill judges at the last assizes holden at the said cittye for restrayning of such persons useing such forestalling netts as by the said order appeareth: yett neverthelesse the said offenders doe proceede on the said unseasonable nettes whose names are here (videlicet William Perkins of Chaseley, James Jelfe of Queenhill, William Glover of Holdfast, William Moore of Ripple, and Thomas Smith of Upton and Henry Glover of Welland

Your poore petitioners therefore most humbly beseech your worships, that you will be piouslye pleased, to graunt your generall order that all such persons may be restrayned that so offend and persist against the good of the kingdome whereby your petitioners may have some livelihood to subsist withall, and in obedience and duty bound they will ever pray etc

And this for Gods love



[illegible] [...ill?] persiste with theire [illegible] monthes of March Aprill and [illegible] [...oordes?]

Samuell Gower of Kings Norton. Ref.110 BA1/1/21/80 (1613)

[illegible] his majesties justices of peace [illegible] for the countie of Wigorn

The humble peticion of Samuell Gower of Kinges Norton in the county of Worcester

Shewinge That one Constance Greeves a poore wydowe beinge chardged with three small children and destitute of howseroome aboutes [illegible] yere and a halfe since uppon the mediacion of the then overseers of the poore and their promise of v shillings yearly rent and to doe some reparacions was admitted by the peticioner to dwell in some part of an old decayed howse of the peticioners where ever since shee hath and yet doth continue that the peticioner never receaved anie part of the rent neyther hath the same howse ben by the said overseers repayred yet the same was by the peticioner to his great chardge in wynter last repayred which by reason of wynter is soe ruynated that the peticioner greatly feareth that yf the said wydow shall continue in the said house the same nere adjoyneinge to his barne maye maye adventure his whole howse with fyer that the tyme beinge expired the peticioner made promise the said wydowe should hould his said howse hee hath acquaynted the peticioner overseers for this present yere videlicet John Greeves of the mill, William Field John Field and the churchwardens of Kingsnorton aforesaid whoe refuse eyther to place the said wydowe or her sonne beinge of age to bee an apprentice or to give the peticioner said wydowe any meanes or mayntenance sufficient to funde her all necessaries but that shee is was forced thoroughe want to burne the old tymber about the said howse

Humbly prayeth that your worship would take some course that the said overseers may provide some other howse for the said wydowe that they place her sonne ane apprentice accordinge as is required by the statute 43 Elizabeth for that purpose provided and not suffered to bee a common begger as nowe hee is


[f r?] Sir R. G.

The consideracion of this petition is referred to Sir Frances Egiock knight and Sir Richard Grevis knight or one of them to be ordred and yf yt be trewe as ys suggested that then the woman may be removed forthwith

per [ord cur?] per Michaelmas 1613

[Thomas?] Simondes

Accordinge to this refference I have had conferrence [illegible] overseers of the poore for this last yeare [illegible] their testimonie that so much as is [conteyned?] [illegible] is true therefore it is by [illegible] me [illegible] nowe overseers for this present yere [illegible] another place for the within named [C...?] [illegible] and likewise to sett her sonne that is [illegible] [illegible]

The Churchwarden of St. Peter's Parish Droitwich. Ref.110 BA1/1/21/87 (1613)

To the right worshipfull the Kinges majesties justices of the countie of Worcester

Humbly complayninge shewen unto your worshipps the churche wardens of the parishe of Saint Peter in Droytwiche in the name of the rest of the inhabitantes and parishioners of the same parishe that one Gower Yarnold havinge a wiff and two small children borne and remayninge within the same parishe, and also havinge only some small porcion of money in stock for the mayntenance of him self his wiff and children dothe in very ryotous and willfull manner daylie waste and consume his said meanes of lyvinge nothinge regardinge the poore estate of his saide wiff and children which in very shorte tyme will tende to the utter ruine and decay of him selfe his said wiff and children unles your worshipps ayde and assistance be in tyme [herein?] extended, and wo to the greate chardge and expences of us your suppliantes by reason of the [staute?] in suche cases provided whereuppon our [humble?] peticion at this tyme is that your worshipps wilbe [pleased?] to take suche good order in the premysses that [some?] parte of the porcion of money of the said [Gower?] Yarnold yet remayninge in the handes of certen of his frendes may be imployed to the reliff of his said wiff and children, and that his [diso...?] lief may likewise be reformed and this [illegible] Godes love

Your humble [petitioners?]

  • Thomas D
  • John Baker
  • George Weever
  • George Harrys
  • Thomas Davis
  • John Davis
  • George Oliver
  • Thomas [illegible]
  • Maurice [illegible]
  • Henry [illegible]
  • Richard [illegible]

The inhabitants of Cradley. Ref.110 BA1/1/21/89 (1613)

To the right worshipfull the Kinges majestis justices of the peace of the county of Wigorn:

Right worshipfull our dueties in all humble manner remembered maye yt be pleasinge to your worships to be advertised that we of the towneshipe of Cradley in the parishe of Halesowen and county of Worcester have hearetofore bine alotted as the fyfteenth part of our sayd parrishe of Halesown in the collection for the poore, and have att all aseasmentes willingly by due payment performed the same, nowe may yt please your good woorships to understand that the poore amongst us doe soe greatly encrease and some part of our sayd townshipe are growen soe distresed in the habilitie as not able to performe as earst they have done, all which considered we humbly pray that yt might be pleasing to your good woorships that we might have twoe [littll?] townships videlicet Ludly and Warly Wigorne lyenge within the sayd parishe and county to joyne with us in the sayd collection as earst they have bine enjoyned but not performed, otherwise we are not able to performe the aforesaid payment, and that withall such their enjoyning with in the sayd payment may be by your good worships established uppon record henceforth to remayne before this woorshipfull bench.

Your woorships in all duety to be commaunded.

  • William Darby constable
  • William Forrest hirdbarowe
  • Gabriell Brock
  • Samuell Westwood
  • Richard Holmer
  • Thomas Wheler
  • John Wall
  • Richard More
  • John Hill collecters
  • Richard Mansell
  • John Paston
  • John Addenbrooke
  • Edward Forrest
  • Edward Halmer
  • Anthony [Co...?]
  • Humfrey [illegible]
  • Richard [Low...?]
  • Edward [F...?]
  • Henerie [illegible]

The number of our poore wherwith we are now charged are xx being, fatherles, motherles, and otherwise impotent wherof on especially is a [bisen?] man and hath of us for mayntenance by the yeare lvi shillings iiii pence


Cradley Wareley and Ludly indifferently to kepe their poore amongest them