Worcestershire Quarter Sessions: 1690s

Petitions to the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions, 1592-1797.

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The poor inhabitants of the tything of Whitstones. Ref.110 BA1/1/167/14 (1693)

To the worshipfull their majesties justices of the peace for the county of Wigorn

The humble peticion of the poore inhabitants of the tything of Whitstones

Humbly sheweth That the said inhabitants through the greatness of the severall taxes, the dayley increase of our poore (to whom we pay 4 shillings per pound) and all manner of provisions soe excessive deer, by means thereof most of the contributors to the poore are reduced soe low in their very smale estates and mean imployments, that they are not able to mainteine them any longer unless your worships will be charitably influenced to redress our grevance wee being the true objects of your compassionate consideracions.

Your petitioners therefore most humbly pray that your worships would be favourably pleased to consider our necessitous condicions and either to annex and joyn us unto Claynes being our parish to which undoubtedly the said tything is a member and thereunto belongeth, or to order us the hundred money as formerly, or as Parshore by some adjacent parishes to help us, and ease the insupportable burthen which our shoulders have and still groan under without which timely assistance many of our poore fellow Christians will inevitably perish and languish through miserable hunger and want

And your peticioners together with the poore shall alwayes pray etc

Richard Bell and others. Ref.110 BA1/1/167/73 (1694)

To the right worshipfull their majesties justices of the peace to whom these presents shall come.

May it please your worships, that whereas we are [informed?] that Joane Bradley the wife of Thomas Bradley hath sworne the peace of Jane Glove widow which we rather think is more from malice then any just occasion given. Wee therefore whose hands are subscribed doe humbly desire your worships to take the case into consideracion forasmuch as we know nothing of any difference that hath beene betweene them unless it be for any former grudge which we hope may be waved through your worships perswasions, [illegible] which may be a meanes to continue peace in our neighbourhood for which we shall ever be oblieged to subscribe our selves your worships most humble servants

  • Richard Bell
  • John Walker
  • John [Maris?]
  • John Donne
  • Edward Gough
  • John Chellingworth
  • Thomas Stanley
  • Roger Willes
  • Robert Kimberly
  • Richard Brettel
  • Richard Bradley
  • Thomas Hawbdy
  • Thomas Wilkes

Thomas Dufty. Ref.110 BA1/1/168/61 (1694)

To the worshipful justices of the peace for the county of Worcester etc.

The humble peticion of Thomas Dufty.

Most humbly sheweth

That your worshipes poor peticioner and all his friendes were borne in the parish of Martley where he lived ever since only four yeares that he served as an apprentice in Dodnam parish your worships poor peticioner haveing the falling sicknesse the officeres and inhabitantes of both parishes refuse to entertaine him or imploy him in that small matter of work that he is able to do through fear of miscarrying or hurting himself in their work: his late residence was with 2 old people: from which place he is exposed and must be constrained to lye in the open lanes or field: for they will not give him any other entertainment: nor relief: he hath an estate of land in each parish Martley and Dodnam but for the nonpayment of the cheef rent it is detaind from him and will not come in his handes untill about 2 yeares and a half hence: and then if it plea=se God it will be sufficient to maintaine him. But in the interim he will be utterly lost for want of succour

Therefore your worships poor peticioner most humbly implores your worships to take his distressed condicion into your serious consideracion considering the calamity he lies under in being plea=sed to order which of the 2 parishes must entertaine him and what allowance he shall have towardes his maintenance that he perish not: untill his estate comes into his handes for which pious act of charity your worshipes poor peticioner shall be ever bound to pray etc


Let the officers of Doddenham pay the peticioner twelve pence per weeke towardes his relief

per curiam [illegible] [illegible]

Richard Windowes of Doddenham, labourer. Ref.110 BA1/1/171/62 (1695)

To their worshipps the justices of the peace for the said county

The humble peticion of Richard Windowes of Doddenham in the said county labourer sheweth that your peticioner being about eighty yeares of age poore weake impotent and destitute of an habitacion soe that he is likely to perish this winter if not releived by your worshipps order herein

Your peticioner humbly prays that your worshipps wilbe pleased to comiserate his condicion and to order and appointe the overseers of Doddenham aforesaid to [appoint?] builde one [roome?] with a fire place in it in any convenient place within the said parish and your poore [peticioner?] shall ever pray etc


Memorandum [that?] I William Talbott doctor in divinity and deane of [Worcester and?] lord of the mannour of Dodenham above mencioned doe as farr as in me lyes consent that the peticioner above mencioned shall have a cottage built him upon in any such convenient place within the said mannour of Dodenham as the [justices?] thereof [shall?] thinke fitt witnesse my hand and seale this 9th day of October anno domini 1695.

  • W Talbot

The inhabitants of Grafton Flyford. Ref.110 BA1/1/176/151 (1697)

January the 12o Anno 1696

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of the peace

Wee the inhabitants of the parish of Grafton Fliford humbly shew your worships that one James Tandy of our said parish a man of good abillity of body to labour for his liveing married a widdow woman out of another parish and brought with her three of her daughters (she had by another man) able and fit for service and did set up selling of ale and have and doe entertaine bad persons whereby our said parish have suffered much wrong upon severall accounts and there has also been a very great robery done of late in our said parish and we haveing a great suspition that such like persons have used the said Tandys house wee therefore humbly beseech your worships would be pleased that the said Tandy may be put downe for selling of ale

There is also one John Willits another of our said parish who has an estate of free land and able to worke for his liveing sells ale in a very unfit place and hath also entertained and kept in his house bad persons whereby we have also suffered much wrong and fearing lest we may suffer much more we also desire that the said Willits may likewise be put downe there being no occasion for any ale house in our said parish and your petitioners will ever pray.

  • Martin Pindar rector
  • Robert Baker
  • John Palmer
  • George Hunt and Thomas [.emet?] overseers
  • Henery Eaton churchwarden [Armell Doxley?]
  • Richard Eaden cunstable John Kemit
  • William George Richard Maris
  • George [Sincher?]
  • William Hanson
  • John Rushall cunstable

Margery Field, widow of Kings Norton. Ref.110 BA1/1/176/158 (1697)

To his sacred majesties justices of the peace for the county of Worcester.

The humble peticion of Margery Field widow of the parish of Kinges Norton

Humbly sheweth That your worshipes poor peticioneres husband deceasing about 3 yeares agoe left her with 2 very young children and great of the third at which time their poverty was so great that the parish was faine to bury the man: the 3 children are yet liveing and your worshipes considering the indigent condition of the poor widow were pleased to grant an expresse order to allow her 2 shillings per week: the which the officers did, untill Whitsontide last and ever since they have taken off 6 pence every week so that if it had not been for one man in the parish that trusted her with bread corne her poor infantes had been lost, for there was none in the parish that would trust her but that one man: and now she owes him 19 shilling 08 pence. The said creditor is but a tenant and has a very great charge of children and and therefore is not able to lose it: nor she to pay it: the eldest of the poor widow's 3 children was borne with a rupture and lies almost continually in great misery. In this her [distressed?] state she most humbly besseeches your worships to grant her the former weekly allowance 2 shillings per week that their worships Justice Wild and Justice Cox allowed her, and also to satisfie the man for the corne he trusted her with since her allowance was extenuated and almighty God will doubtlesse bountifully reward your worshipes etc.

Her 3 poor children are starved and naked for want of clothes

William Billson. Ref.110 BA1/1/181/4 (1697)

Icomb [com Wigorn?]

To all justices of the peace mayours, sheriffs, bayliffs ministers, church=wardens and constables and to all other his majesties officers and loving subjects whatsoever, to whom this humble petition shall come or concerne greeting.

The humble petition of William Billson.

Most humbly sheweth: That your poore peticioner William Billson the bearer hereof with his wife and family late inhabitants of Icomb abovesaid who lived in good repute and estimacion amongst his neighbours and brought up his family in the feare of God and alsoe was ready and very willing to promote any act or deed of charity in releiving any that were in want or need (whether stranger or neighbour) untill the tenth day of August last past it pleased almighty God that there happened a most sad and lamentable fire in the dead time of the night which in a very short time burnt and consumed to the ground the dwelling house of your poore peticioner together with his goods shop and shopwares, out buildings and all other his worldly substance to the utter ruine and undoeing of your poore peticioner his wife and family unless releived by good and charitable Christians, his losse amounting to the vallue of 340 pounds and upwards wee whose names are hereunto subscribed inhabitantes of Icomb aforesaid doe testifie the truth hereof, and doe with your poore peticioner humbly desire all loving subjects of what degree soever to extend their Christian charity in some considerable measure towards the reparacion of your poores peticioners losse and present want and necessity for which wee with your poore peticioner shall ever pray for you and yours that the like calamity may never fall amongst any of you which is the continuall prayer of your peticioner till death witness our hands the first day of December in the ninth yeare of the reigne of King William the Third over England etc defender of the faith anno domini 1697

  • Thomas Owen rector
  • George Hambage
  • Thomas Hale church wardens
  • Thomas Smith constable
  • George Bryan overseer of the poore

The inhabitants of Cradley. Ref.110 BA1/1/181/18 (1698)

Maye 24th 1698

Wee whose names are here subscribed doe thinke itt fitt and convenient and doe agree to have a reveiue of our land in our said towneshippe of Cradley that every man may pay his proporcionable part to the use of the poore because there is soe many much greived and if soe be wee can not agree of it amongst our selves wee thinke itt convenient to gett one as understands itt to doe itt for us every man payinge his proporcionable part for the doeinge of itt

  • Wildsmith Badger
  • John Hill sythsmith
  • Homfery Forrest
  • Joseph Prat
  • Richard Hill
  • Georg [Caslon?]
  • John [Gouden?]
  • William Hart
  • William [Sodon?]
  • Samuell Forreste
  • John Hedger
  • John Hill
  • John Butler
  • John Shenston
  • William Pike
  • Gorge [Shonston?]
  • Robart Darbey
  • John Cole
  • Nicholas Booth
  • William Forrest
  • John Holmes
  • John Hill
  • William Parkes
  • John Hill
  • William Bridgwater
  • William Darbey
  • [Lidya...mer?]
  • [Nicholas?] Paston
  • Thomas Palmer
  • William Tristram junior

The inhabitants of Bretforton. Ref.110 BA1/1/181/8 (1698)

To the worshippfull his majestyes justices of the peace sitting att the quarter sessions att Worcester

Humbly sheweth that by virtue of an order lately made, George Blizard of Bretforton in the county of Worcester, hath bene obliged to pay toward's the mayntenance of his grandchildren liveing att Bengworth in the county of Worcester aforesaid, the weekley summe of one shilling's, now wee whose names are hereunto subscribed doe humbly certefye, that the said George Blizard, after his majesty's taxes, and his owne rent's are paid, his remayneing rent is but little above [illegible] eleaven pound's per annum, as appeares by the payment's hereunder written, and wee further certefye, that the said George Blizard is above the age of fourscore yeares and that Mary Blizard his wife, is above the age of threescore, all which wee humbly offer to your serious consideration

George Blizards estate sett att 19 pounds per annum out of which he pay's yearely to the Kings tax 3 pounds - 5 shillings - 0 pence poll 0 - 8 - 8 to my Lady Sands 1 - 4 - 0 to Master Ashwin 2 - 0 - 0 for repayres 20 shillings a yeare 2 - 0 - 0 total 7 - 17 -8

out of 19 pounds 0 0 take 7 - 17 - 8 remayn 11 2 - 4

George Blizard baptized February 5th 1614 Mary Blizard aged 63

  • Edward Loggin
  • Edward Lambert
  • Vincent Lambert
  • John Morris
  • Thomas Byrd
  • William Ashwinn
  • William White
  • John Baylis
  • John Ashwin

The inhabitants of Cradely, parish of Halesowen. Ref.110 BA1/1/181/9 (1698)

Wee whose names are subscribed inhabitants of the village of Cradely in the parish of Hales Owen in the county of Worcester doe hereby certify all whom it may concerne that about forty yeares since there was survey had of the said village of Cradely by the consent of all the inhabitantes thereof and according to such survey all the levyes to the poore have beene made and conceive it equally done and pray it may contynue witnes our hands 9o January 1698.

  • Henry Hunt
  • John Hill
  • Samuell Forreste
  • William Darby
  • John Hedger
  • John Shenston
  • Olifor Pitt
  • John Butler
  • Addom Cox
  • John Tomson
  • Mary Smith widdow
  • Samuel Forrest
  • John Forest
  • Thomas Badger
  • Thomas Allchurch
  • Robert Darby
  • John Cole
  • Thomas Tibbits
  • Humphery Forest
  • Joseph Pratt
  • Richard Hill
  • John Mansell
  • William Pike
  • John Holmer
  • Nicholas Booth
  • William Forrest
  • John Souden
  • William Sowden
  • Samuell [illegible]
  • William Hart

Several inhabitants of Whistones. Ref.110 BA1/1/184/19 (1699)

Aprill the 15th 1699

[illegible] Wheras complaints have [been?] made by severall of our inhabitants [of our?] tything of Whistons, that there has bin no regular way of makeing assessments for the payeing and relieving our poor so whereby severall are over charged and [others?] are as much or more under charg'd wee [therefore?] to prevent all [ir...?] [] proceedings for the future, do [illegible] [request?] the honourable court to grant us an order for a generall [survey?]

  • Richard Mence
  • James Purshutt
  • Thomas Flower
  • Robert Howard
  • John Eaton
  • Richard Manderfild
  • Thomas Tayler
  • John Smith
  • Thomas [Minclin?]
  • Richard Mancel
  • William Heminge
  • Moris Mathas
  • Henery Phigon
  • Richard Twittey
  • Edward Bright

Richard Munck land oversear of the teything of Whistons

Master Arthur Holt hous is sest at fiefe pound to the poore and he pays 8 pound rent for it

Buxtons peny rentes besides his hous he lives in is set at six pound 6 shilings a year and wea wil suppose his own he lives in to be worth 4 [pounds?] which is in the whole 10 - 0 - 0 [per annum?] as he paye to the poore after 5 [shillings?]

Master Mill for his hous is set at sixteen pound a year and hea is sest at 9 pound a year to the poore

Coxis peny rentes are 8 pound a yeare and hea is sest at 4 pound to the poore

Master Grackson his peny rentes are twelef pound a year and 15 shillings hea is sest at 9 pounds ten to the poore

Master Hope is seast at 5 pound which is suposed to be worth 8 pound a year

[Alis Anar?] is sest at 3 pound a year and is worth 5 pound a year

Johnathn Potares house is sest at 3 pound 10 to the poore and he [illegible] for all most 3 pound a year and his hous he lives in is a worth as much which is six pound a year

Master [Mint?] his 2 houses at 4 pound 10 shilings and he is sest at 0 - 2 - 6

An [account?] of them [that?] [illegible] over sesed

Richard [Mun...?] his peny rent is [illegible] [shilings?] and hea is sest at forty [shilings?] to the pore

Mistress Twitte [peny?] rents threscorr [pounds?] [illegible] sest after 3 [score?] [pound?] [illegible] to the pore

Master Shearings estate is [illegible] oune a year and hea is sest after [illegible] 8 pound to the pores

Master Yeatan for the bel is [per?] 6 [illegible] and he is sest at 6 pound

3 5 2

7 7 15

Richard Dipple and others. Ref.110 BA1/1/199/53 (1699)

Wee whose names are hereunto subscribed doe humbly pray that a house of Humphry Potter in the parish of Bromesgrove and county of Worcester, may be licensed according to act of Parliament, to be a place of religious worship for dissenting protestants

  • Richard Dipple
  • Humphry Potter
  • James Lacy
  • William Biggs