An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 2, West London. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1925.

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'Armorial', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 2, West London, (London, 1925), pp. 149-150. British History Online [accessed 16 June 2024].

. "Armorial", in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 2, West London, (London, 1925) 149-150. British History Online, accessed June 16, 2024,

. "Armorial", An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 2, West London, (London, 1925). 149-150. British History Online. Web. 16 June 2024,


The arms given are those dating from before the year 1550. It is thought that the inclusion of this "Armorial" will be of some interest to students, the blazon given being the usual recognized form.

Boleyn, Anne—quarterly of six. 1. England with a label of France, for Lancaster. 2. Old France with a label gules, for Angoulême. 3. Gules a leopard or for Guienne. 4. Or a chief indented azure for Butler quartering argent a lion sable crowned gules for Rochfort. 5. England with a label argent for Brotherton. 6. Checky or and azure for Warenne.

Bonnerquarterly gules and sable a mill-rind cross quarterly or and ermines and a chief or charged with a rayed rose between two pelicans gules.

Botyllgules a cheveron or between three combs argent.

Brookeor a cross engrailed and parted gules and sable.

BrothertonEngland differenced with a label argent.

Broughtonargent a cheveron between three molets gules.

Carleonsable a roundel between three castles argent.

Cecilbarry of ten argent and azure six scutcheons sable each charged with a lion argent.

Clereargent a fesse azure charged with three eagles or

Cleves, Anne of—quarterly of seven. 1. Gules a charbocle or surmounted by a scutcheon argent for Duchy of Cleves. 2. Or a lion sable for Duchy of Jülich. 3. Argent a lion gules crowned azure for Duchy of Berg. 4. Argent a lion azure crowned or for Duchy of Veldenz. 5. Or a fesse checky argent and gules for County of Mark. 6. Azure a leopard rampant argent for County of Schleiden. 7. Argent three cheverons gules for County of Ravensberg.

Colteargent a fesse azure between three galloping colts sable.

D'Aubusson—... a mill-rind cross...

Deman—... a cheveron between three Moors' heads...

Des Vanderssee Vanders, des, below.

Docwrasable a cheveron engrailed between three roundels argent with a pale gules upon each roundel.

Draycotargent a cross engrailed sable with an eagle gules in the quarter.

Drewermine a lion passant gules.

Edward the Confessorazure a cross paty between five martlets or.

Ely, See ofgules three crowns or.

Fitzjamesazure a dolphin argent quartered with Draycot, q.v.

Fletchersable a cross paty between four scallops argent.

Fowlerazure a cheveron argent between three herons or with three crosses paty gules on the cheveron.

Franceazure three fleurs-de-lis or.

Greybarry argent and azure with three roundels gules in the chief.

Hastingsor a sleeve gules.

HolandEngland differenced with a border of France.

Hornebolt—... a cheveron ... between three martlets ... with a scutcheon ... on the cheveron charged with a mill-rind cross ... between four crescents ...

Howardgules a bend between six crosslets fitchy argent with the Flodden augmentation on the bend.

Howard, Katherine—quarterly. 1. Azure three fleurs-de-lis in pale or between two flaunches ermine each charged with a rose gules. 2. Brotherton. 3. Gules a bend between six crosslets fitchy argent with the augmentation for Flodden upon the bend. 4. Azure two leopards or between four halves of fleurs-de-lis or touching the edges of the quarter.

John of Jerusalem, Order of St.gules a cross argent.

Kempgules three sheaves and a border engrailed or.

Lacyor a lion purpure.

London, See ofgules two crossed swords of St. Paul with their blades argent and hilts and pommels or.

Lovellargent a cheveron azure between three squirrels gules.

Mannyor three cheverons sable.

Mompessonargent a lion sable charged on the shoulder with a pinson (or chaffinch) or.

Montaguargent a fesse indented of three points gules.

Monthermeror an eagle vert.

More, Sir Thomasargent a cheveron engrailed between three moor-cocks sable having beaks, combs and legs gules, quartered with argent a cheveron between three unicorns' heads razed sable with three bezants on the cheveron.

Mowbraygules a lion argent.

Muswellvert two cheverons argent with three cinqfoils gules upon each.

Parkerargent a cheveron between three harts' heads cabossed gules.

Peverargent a cheveron gules charged with three fleurs-de-lis argent.

Peyntwyngules three thistles or with their leaves vert.

Savageargent a pale indented sable.

Savillargent a bend sable with three owls argent thereon.

Staffordor a cheveron gules.

Tunstallsable three combs argent.

Uvedaleargent a mill-rind cross gules.

Valenceburely argent azure an orle of martlets gules.

Vanders, des— ... a winnowing-fan ... with a molet of six points ... in the chief.

Warennechecky or and azure.

Westargent a cheveron sable between three roses gules seeded stalked and leaved proper.

Whorwoodargent a cheveron between three harts' heads cabossed sable.

Wolseysable a cross engrailed argent charged with a lion passant gules between four leopards' heads azure and a chief or with a rose gules between two Cornish choughs therein.

Wyattparty fessewise gules and azure a horse-barnacle argent.

Yonglozengy argent and vert a cheveron azure with three bezants thereon and a chief gules charged with a goat's head razed between two scallops or.

York, See ofgules two crossed keys argent and in the chief the triple crown or of St. Peter.

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