An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford

The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England survey, covering the City of Oxford. Although mostly focused on the colleges and other buildings of the university, this volume also covers the city's churches and secular buildings such as Oxford Castle.

RCHME Inventory Volumes. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by English Heritage. All rights reserved.


Table of contents

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Plate 165: The Queen's College. New College 165
Plate 166: Oriel College, Front Quadrangle, E. Side, Central Feature 166
Plate 167: Oriel College, Chapel, Looking W. 167
Plate 168: Oriel College. Merton College 168
Plate 169: The Queen's College. Trinity College 169
Plate 170: Queen's College, The Library, E. Front 170
Plate 171: St. Edmund Hall, Quadrangle, Looking E. 171
Plate 172: The Queen's College, Hall, Looking E. 172
Plate 173: The Queen's College, The Library, Looking S. 173
Plate 174: The Queen's College, Chapel, Looking W. 174
Plate 175: Trinity College, Chapel, Looking E. 175
Plate 176: The Queen's College, Glass in Chapel 176
Plate 177: The Queen's College, Glass in Chapel 177
Plate 178: The Queen's College, Glass in Chapel 178
Plate 179: St. John's College. Magdalen College 179
Plate 180: St. John's College. Wadham College 180
Plate 181: St. John's College, Canterbury Quadrangle, E. Side 181
Plate 182: St. Edmund Hall, Chapel 182
Plate 183: Beam Hall. St. John's College 183
Plate 184: St. John's College, Canterbury Quadrangle 184
Plate 185: Jesus College. St. John's College 185
Plate 186: Trinity College, Glass in Old Library 186
Plate 187: Trinity College, Chapel, Carved Details of Screen 187
Plate 188: Trinity College, Chapel, Reredos 188
Plate 189: Wadham College, Hall, Looking N. 189
Plate 190: University College, Glass in Chapel 190
Plate 191: Wadham College, Chapel, Glass in E. Window 191
Plate 192: Wadham College, Glass in Chapel 192
Plate 193: University College, Chapel, Reredos and Screen 193
Plate 194: Wadham College. Merton College 194
Plate 195: Wadham College. St. John's College 195
Plate 196: Wadham College, Screen in Chapel. E. Face 196
Plate 197: University College. Worcester College 197
Plate 198: Christ Church. All Saints Church 198
Plate 199: St. Michael's Church, W. Tower 199
Plate 200: St. Michael's Church, Interior, Looking N.E. 200
Plate 201: St. Peter in the East. Headington Church 201
Plate 202: St. Mary the Virgin, S. Porch 202
Plate 203: St. Mary the Virgin, Nave, Looking E. 203
Plate 204: St. Peter in the E. St. Cross, Holywell 204
Plate 205: Mitre Hotel. St. Mary the Virgin Church 205
Plate 206: St. Peter in the East, S. Porch and S. Doorway 206
Plate 207: Iffley Church, The W. Front and S. Doorway 207
Plate 208: St. Peter in the East, Glass in E. Window 208
Plate 209: St. Michael's Church, S.E. Window in Chancel 209
Plate 210: Iffley Church, S. Side 210
Plate 211: Oxford Castle, St George's Tower 211
Plate 212: St. Peter in the East, Crypt, Looking E. 212
Plate 213: Oxford Castle, Crypt of St. George, Looking N.W. 213
Plate 214: City Wall 214
Plate 215: House and The Old Palace 215
Plate 216: The Judge's Lodging. Stone's Almshouses 216
Plan 11: City of Oxford, Position of the Monuments