Survey of London

The Survey of London, founded in the 1890s, is the nearest thing there is to an official history of London's buildings. This series provides detailed architectural and topographical studies of the capital's built environment.
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Survey of London: Volume 1, Bromley-By-Bow
Describes the parish of Bromley, including the church of St. Mary, the manor houses, and the Old Palace of Bromley. The Introduction gives a detailed account of the circumstances in which the Survey was founded.
Survey of London: Volume 4, Chelsea, Pt II
The second volume covering Chelsea covers those parts of the parish not included in part 1, with the exception of the Royal Hospital and Chelsea Old Church. It includes accounts of Crosby Hall, Old Battersea Bridge, and buildings in Cheyne Walk, Cheyne Row, Church Street and the King's Road.
Survey of London: Volume 8, Shoreditch
Covers the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, including the church of St. Leonard, the priory of St. John the Baptist Holywell, and the Geffrye Museum.
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