Charles I, 1625: An Acte for the further restraint of Tipling in Innes, Alehouses, and other Victualling Houses.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital of 21 Jac. I. c. 7. § 2. extending Penalties of I Jac. I. c. 9. & 4 Jac. I. c. 5. to all Persons whatever found tippling in Inns, &c.

Penalties of Stat. I Jac. I. c. 9. extended to Inn-keepers permitting tippling by Persons not Inhabitants..

WHEREAS in the last Parliament, it was enacted, that if any p[er]son or p[er]sons wheresoever his or their habitacion, or abiding be, should after be found, uppon view or his owne confession, or proofe of one witnesse, to be tipling in any Inne Alehouse, or Victualling house, such p[er]son or p[er]sons should be thenceforth adjudged and construed to be within the Statutes of the first and fourth yeares of the late Kings Majesties reigne, King James of famous memory: The one intituled, An Act to restraine the inordinate haunting of tipling in Innes Alehouses, and other Victualling Houses: And the other intituled, An Acte to represse the odious and loathsome sinne of drunkennesse, as if he or they had inhabited and dwelled in the Citie, Towne corporate, Markett towne, Village or Hamlett, where the Inne, Alehouse, or Victualling house was or should be, where he or they should be so found tipling, should incurre the like penaltie, and the same to be in such sort levied and disposed, as in the said Act is expressed, concerning such as there inhabite, but no punishment by any, or either of the said Actes, or by any other Statute, is inflicted uppon the Innekeeper, Alehousekeeper, or Victualler that p[er]mitts [or (fn. 1) ] suffers such p[er]son or p[er]sons not there inhabiting to tipple in his Inne, Alehouse, or Victualling House: For remedy whereof, be it enacted, That every Innekeep, Alehousekeep, and other Victualler, that at any tyme after the end of this Session of Parliament, shall p[er]mitt and suffer any p[er]son or p[er]sons, not inhabiting in the Cittie, Towne corporate, Markett Towne, Village, or Hamlett, where such Inne, Alehouse, or Victualling House is, or shalbe, to tipple in the saide Inne, Alehouse, or Victualling House, contrary to the true intent of any, or either of the said former Statutes, the said Innekeeper, Alehousekeeper, and Victualler so offending, shall incurre the same penaltie, and in such manner to be proved, levied, and disposed, as in the former Statute of the first yeare of his said late Majesties Raigne, is appointed for p[er]mitting such to tipple as dwell in the same Cittie, Towne corporate, Markett Towne, Village, or Hamlett.

II. Tavern-keepers declared to be within the Act.

And be it further enacted, That the Keepers of Tavernes, and such as doe sell Wine in their houses, and doe alsoe keepe Innes, or Victualling in their houses, shalbe taken to be within the said two former Statutes, and also within this Statute.