Charles I, 1625: An Acte for the ease in the obtayning of Licenses of Alienacion, and in the pleading of Alienacions with License, or of pardons of Alienacions without License, in the Court of Exchequer and elsewhere.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Licences of Alienation shall be general.

THAT the Kings Tenures, which are a principall flower of the Crowne, may not be concealed, and yet that the Tenants of the King may not be unnecessarily charged, Be it enacted by the authoritie of this p[re]sent Parliament, That from and after the end of this p[re]sent Session of Parliament, all Licenses of Alienacion to be had and obtayned, other then uppon raysing of uses by force of any Deed, from or out of the estate of the Covenanter, shalbe generall to alien without expressing any uses.

II. Fee to Officer for drawing, &c. Alienations with Licence, and Pardon of Alienation without Licence.

Penalty on Officer taking greater or other Fee, 5s. for every 1d. received beyond or other than 30 s.

And be it further enacted; that from and after the end of this p[re]sent Session of Parliament, there shalbe paid to the Tresurers Remembrancer in the Court of Exchequer, which now is, or at any tyme hereafter shalbe, or to any other in any other Court or place in what office theise Pleadings are or shalbe, and to his or their Clarke, or any under them, for the drawing, pleading, entring, finishing, and discharging of an Alienacion with Licence, or of a pardon of Alienacion without Licence, and the uses of the same in such cases onely, where the subject by the Lawes and Statutes of this Realme ought to pleade, the so[m]me of [thirtie shillings (fn. 1) ] and no more. And if the Tresurers Remembrancer for the tyme being, or any other Officer by himselfe or his Clarke, or any other p[er]son whatsoever, shall at any tyme or tymes from and after the end of this p[re]sent Session of Parliament, exact, take, or receive any other or greater Fee, reward, gratuitie or so[m]me of mony, directlie or indirectlie uppon any colour or p[re]tence whatsoever, for the causes aforesaid, or any of them, or for any thing thereunto belonging, That the offender therein contrary to the true meaning of this Acte shall forfeit and lose to the partie greived, the so[m]me of five shillings for every penny, which he shall receive beyond or above, or other then the so[m]me of [thirtie shillings (fn. 1) ] before mentioned: such forfeitures to be recovered by the partie greived by Information or Action of Debt, to be brought in the Courts of Kings Bench, or Co[m]mon Pleas, at the election of the plaintiffe, wherein no Priviledge, p[ro]teccion, Inhibicion, or Injunccion, Ley Gager, or Essoine shalbe allowed to the Defendant.

III. Officer offending disqualified.

And be it further enacted, That every Officer, Clarke, or other Minister of the said Court of Exchequer, which at any tyme after the end of this p[re]sent Session of Parliament shall offend therein, and be thereof duly convicted, shalbe from thenceforth utterlie disabled to be or contynue an Officer or Clarke, or to have any imployment in the said Court of Exchequer, or any other Court of Justice.


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