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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Damage Cleer

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For taking away of Damage Cleer 17 Car. II. c. 6. 578
No Damage Cleer to be taken after 29 September 1672. § 1. Ib.
Taking Damage Cleer; or refusing to sign Judgment till Damage Cleer paid (Exception) —Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Out of what Monies and how Damage Cleer to be paid until 29 Sept. 1672. § 2. exp. 579

Dean and Chapter of Westminster See Poor, General Regulations.

Dean, Forest of

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For the Increase and Preservation of Timber within the Forest of Dean See 48 G. III. c. 72. 19 & 20 Car. II. c. 8. 636

Declaration of Act of Uniformity

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For the Relief of such Persons as were disabled from subscribing the Declaration in the Act of Uniformity, &c. Stat. 14 Car. II. c. 4. 15 Car. II. c. 6. 447
All Persons that were prevented by Sickness, &c. from complying with the said Act, declared to be restored, and may hold their Benefices. § 2. 448
Proviso that such Persons, if in England before the Nativity of our Lord, or if beyond Sea, within 40 Days after Return to England, subscribe the Declaration, and procure a Certificate and publicly read the same, together with the said Declaration, within the Time in the Act mentioned. § 3. Ib.
Proviso for Subscriptions made before Vicar General, Chancellor to Archbishop, &c. or Commissary to Archbishop of Canterbury. § 4. Ib.
Persons having the Benefit of this Act. to make Allowance for serving Cure since 24th August 1662. § 5. exp. Ib.
Persons disabled to preach to be liable to the same Penalties as Persons prohibited. § 6. Ib.

-, See The Church.

Declaration against Transubstantiation See Popish Recusants.

Deeping Fenn

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For draining the Fenn called Deeping Fenn, and other Fenns therein mentioned. See 41 G. III. U. K. c. cxxviii. 16 & 17 Car. II. c. 11. 559
22 Car. II. c. 14. 687


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To prevent unlawful coursing, hunting, or killing of Deer. 13 Car. II. c. 10. 314
Unlawful hunting or killing of Deer—Penalty £ 20—Distress—Want of Distress—Punishment. Ib. Ib.
Proviso against Double Punishment. This Act repealed, 16 G. III. c. 30. § 527. Ib. Ib.

Defence of the Realm

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For the raising and levying of Mariners, &c. for the necessary Defence of the Realm. 16 Car. I. c. 5. exp. 101
Lord Admiral, &c. empowered to impress Seamen. Ib. Ib.
Such impressed Men to have Conduct Money at the Rate of 1d. per Mile, and to have Wages and Entertainment at the like Rate as for the Three Years last past. Ib. Ib.
Seamen, &c. refusing to be impressed, or hiding, &c. themselves—Imprisonment. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for Masters and Masters Mates of Ships employed, and Persons above 50. § 2. Ib.
For raising and levying of Mariners, &c. Same as cap. 5. 16 Car. 1. c. 23. exp. 133
For raising and levying of Mariners, &c. Same as cap. 23. 16 Car. I. c. 26. exp. 137
For raising and levying Soldiers for Defence of England and Ireland. Noticed also under the Head, Ireland. 16 Car. 1. c. 28. exp. 138
For raising Monies for the Defence of England and Ireland, and for Payment of Debts undertaken by the Parliament. 16 Car. I. c. 32. 145

Delays in extending Statutes, Judgments, and Recognizances

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To prevent Delays in extending Statutes, Judgments, and Recognizances. 16 & 17 Car. II. c. 5. 554
No Execution shall be stayed, though the whole Lands be not extended. § 1. 555
Proviso for Defendant's Remedy for Contribution. Ib. Ib.
No Contribution against an Heir within Age. § 2. Ib.
To extend only to Statutes for Debts, and to Extents which shall be sued within Twenty Years. § 3. Ib.
Continuance of Act, Three Years, &c. § 4. Ib.
Stat. 16 & 17 Car. II. c. 5. made perpetual. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 2. 693

Delays in Suits of Law.

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For preventing Vexations and Oppressions by Arrests, and Delays in Suits of Law. 13 Car. II. Stat. 2. c. 2. 323
No Person arrested compellable to give greater Bond of Appearance than £ 40. § 1. Ib.
The true Cause of Action to be set forth in the Process. Ib. Ib.
Sheriff enjoined to accept of such Bond. Ib. 324
Upon Appearance in Court, such Bonds and all Amercements discharged. § 2. Ib.
Plaintiff not declaring—Nonsuit and Costs. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for Capias utlagatum and other Process. § 3. Ib.
How Prisoners in the Fleet, continuing there to delay their Creditors, may be sued to Judgment in the Common Pleas. § 4. Ib.
In what Case Judgment by Nihil dicit. Ib. Ib.

Delays in Suits of Law

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What shall be good Cause of Detention to Warden. 13 Car. II. Stat. 2. c. 2. § 4. 324
Warden offending—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Certain Judicial Writs good, though there be not 15 Days between the Test and Return. § 5. Ib.
Proviso for certain Process to Outlawry and against Bail. § 6. 325
In Actions for Debt for Tythes, Trover, Convenant, Detinue, and Trespass, no Execution staid by Writ of Error unless Bail, &c. § 7. Ib.
If Judgment affirmed on Writ of Error—Double Costs. § 8. Ib.
Proviso for Action, popular Indictment, &c. § 9. Ib.
For avoiding unnecessary Suits and Delays. 17 Car. II. c. 8. 580
In what Case Death of either Party between Verdict and Judgment not to be alleged for Error. § 1. Ib.
Proviso for Administrator de bonis non suing Scire Facias, &c. § 2. Ib.
Continuance of Act, 5 Years, &c.This Act made perpetual, 1 Jac. II. c. 17. § 5. § 3. Ib.


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Free Trade to. 25 Car. II. c. 7. § 8. 793

Disbanded Soldiers exercising Trades See Army.

Dover, harbour of

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For repairing of Dover Harbour. See further, 11 & 12 W. III. c. 5.— 2 & 3 Ann. c. 7—4 G. I. c. 13.— 9 G. I. c. 30.—31 G. II. c. 8.— 26 G. III. c. 11.—47 G. III. Sess. 2. c. lxix. 14 Car. II. c. 27. 422

Durham, City and County Palatine of

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To enable the County Palatine of Durham to send Knights and Burgesses to serve in Parliament. 25 Car. II. c. 9. 795
The County Palatine of Durham to send Two Knights, and the City of Durham to send Two Burgesses to Parliament. Ib. Ib.
How the Elections are to be made, and by whom. Ib. Ib.
Members to be returned by the Sheriffs—Privileges of the Knights and Burgesses so returned. Ib. Ib.