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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Capias Utlagtum See Delays in Suits of Law.

Card Wire See Wool Cards.

Carriages for the King's Royal Progresses and Removals See The King.


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For every Head of Great Cattle, except of Scotland, imported after 1st July and before 20th December, and of Great Cattle of Scotland imported after 24th of August and before 20th December—Penalty 20s. to the King, 10s. to Informer, and 10s. to the Poor. 15 Car. II. c. 7. § 10. 451
And for every Sheep imported, to the King 10s. §11. Ib.
Commencement of Act as to such Importations. § 12. Ib.
Proviso for Importation of Cattle from the Isle of Man. 7As to the Importation of Cattle from the Isle of Man, see 18 § 19 Car. II. c. 2. §3. and as to Scotch Cattle, 5 &6 Ann. c. 8. Art. 6. 15 Car. II. c.. 7. §18. 452
Against importing Cattle from Ireland, and Fish taken by Foreigners 18 & 19 Car. II. c. 2. 597
Importation of Cattle declared a common Nuisance—Cattle imported (Exception) to be seized—How Seizure to be proceeded with—In what Case to be forfeited. §1. Ib.
Proviso for Importation from the Isle of Man. §3. Ib.
Continuance of Act 7 Years, &c. Any Person may seize, 20 Car. II. c.7. § 3. This Act made perpetual, 32 Car. II. c. 2. § 1. 18 & 19 Car. II. c. 2. § 3. 597.
Against the Importation of Foreign Cattle. 19 & 20 Car. II. c. 12. 641
Officers who have seized any imported Cattle indemnified. §1 Ib.
Any Inhabitant may seize imported Cattle, and deliver them to the Officers. §2. Ib.
Neglecting to seize—Penalty £100. §3. Ib.
Penalties accounted for as Overseers of the Poor account under Stat. 43 Eliz, c. 2. Ib. Ib.
Ships bringing Cattle, &c. from beyond Sea to be forfeited, seized, and sold—The Seamen to be apprehended, and all others concerned, and sent to Common Gaol. §4. 642
Cattle, &c. seized, and then driven, &c.into another Parish, Constable, &c. of such other Parish may seize and dispose thereof. § 5. Ib.
Information laid in the same County where Cause of Action. §6. Ib.
In Action for executing Act General Issue may be pleaded—Treble Costs. §7. Ib.
Proviso for Importation of Cattle from Isle of Man. § 8. Ib.
Confederacy to elude this Act, Premunire, State. 16 R. II. c. 5. § 9. Ib.
For the Improvement of Tillage and the Breed of Cattle. 22 Car. II. c. 13. 685
Beef, Pork, &c. may be exported, though the same exceeds the Prices of Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. § 4. 686
Proviso for Poundage on Butter and Cheese. § 5. Ib.
Duty of 12d, on every Ox or Steer exported. §6. Ib.
Duty of 12d. on Exportation of Cows or Heifers, and of 2d. on Swine or Hogs. § 7. Ib.
Duty of 5s. on Exportation of Horses, Mares, and Geldings. The Powers of this Act for Recovery of Duties extended to Scotland, 14 G. II. c.7. § 4. The Several Duties granted by this Act made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. § 1. — See 43 G. III. c.68. § 1.—49 G.III. c. 98. §1. §8. Ib.
To prevent Frauds in the buying and selling of Cattle in Smithfield and else where 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 19. 733
Statutes 2 & 3 Ed. VI. c. 15. except §4. and 15 Car. II. c. 8. revived. § 1. Ib.
Jobber, Broker, &c. buying Cattle, except Swine or Calves, within Fourscore Miles of London, or acting as a Jobber contrary to Act—Penalty. §2. Ib.
Butcher within 10 Miles of London, &c. selling fat Cattle to another Butcher—Penalty. §3. Ib.
License to Drover by Justice of Peace within Fourscore Miles of London, void. §4. Ib.
Who may be licensed Drovers—To be bound with Sureties, and known to Justices to be of sufficient Estate to answer Recognizance. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 19. § 5. 733.
Onus probandi upon the Party offending. §6. Ib.
Vexatious Information—Treable Costs. §7. Ib.
Quarter Sessions may determine Offences—To make Extracts of One Moiety of Penalties to the King, to award Execution of the other Moiety to the Informer. §8. 734
No Certiorari to be allowed. § 9. Ib.
Fat Cattle bought in Smithfield not to be there sold again—Penalty. §10. Ib.
Cattle there sold, how to be marked. § 11. Ib.
Customs of Foreign bought and Foreign sold not to prevent Foreigners buying and selling. § 12. Ib.
Calves under Five Weeks old may be killed—A Clause in State. 1 Jac. I. c. 22. repealed. § 13. Ib.
Limitation of Prosecution. § 14. Ib.
Continuance of Act. §15. Ib.
Compounding Offences—Penalty £20. §16. Ib.
Stat. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 19. § 2. repealed—Exception. 25 Car. II. c. 4. 786
For prohibiting the Importation of Cattle from Ireland. 32 Car. II. c. 2. 941
Stat. 18 Car. II. c. 2. revived and continued for ever. § 1. Ib.
Any Person may seize Irish Cattle and Goods imported contrary to Stat. 18 Car. II. c. 2. § 2. Ib.
Seizor to cause the Cattle, &c. to be killed —How distributed. § 3. Ib.
Seizors, Churchwardens, &c. neglecting—Penalty—Levied by Distress—For want of Distress, Imprisonment for 3 Months. §4. Ib.
Proviso for Importation of Stock Fish and Eels. §5. Ib.
Mutton or Lamb imported or exposed to sale subject to former Penalties. § 6. Ib.
Seizure may be in any Parish into which Cattle removed. §8. 942
English Cattle driven or intermixed with Irish to be seized as Irish. §9. Ib.
Proviso for Cattle in England before 2d February 1680. Free Importation of Cattle from Ireland permitted for 7 Years, 5 G. III. c. 10. continued for 7 Years, & c. 12 G. III. c. 56, § 5 made perpetual, 16 G. III.c.8. § 10. Ib.

-, See Butchers. Tom Ricks. Importation.

Causes Ecclesiastical See Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical.

Cestuique Trust See frauds and perjucies.

Cestuique Vie

Statute Page
For Redress of Inconveniences by want of Proof of Decease of Persons beyond Seas, or absenting themselves, upon whose Life Estates depend. 18 & 19 c. Car. II. c.11. 614
Cestuique Vie remaining beyond Sea for 7 Years together, and no Proof of their Lives, Judge in an Action to direct a Verdict as though Cestuique Vie were dead. 18 & 19 Car. II. c. 11. § 1. 614
Challenge to Jurors for Leases for Lives. § 2. 615
Proviso as to Duke of York, as to Lands of attainted Persons granted to him. § 3. Ib.
If the supposed dead Man prove to be alive, then Title is revested—Action for Mesne Profits with Interest. § 4. Ib.

Challenge of Jurors See Benefit of Clergy.

Charitable Uses See Poor Prisoners.

Children of Aliens being Traders See Customs.

The Church

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For the confirming and restoring Ministers 12 Car. II. c. 17. exp. 242
Certain ordained Ministers, having been in actual Possession, restored. § 1. Ib.
The King bound. Ib. Ib.
The next Avoidance to be in the rightful Patrons. Ib. Ib.
Voluntary Resignations by Incumbent confirmed. § 2. Ib.
The former Presentations, &c. shall make no Usurpation. § 3. Ib.
How the Persons to be restored are to be qualified. § 4. Ib.
The Time until when the present Incumbent shall stay in. Ib. Ib.
To give Bond on Removal to pay Moiety of Profit of Living to restored Ministers. Ib. 243
Discharge to Minister removed. Ib. Ib.
No Minister to be restored to above one Benefice—Exception. § 5. Ib.
Further Provision on the above Head. § 6. Ib.
The Party to be restored may confirm the present Possessor's Right. § 7. Ib.
Party removed to pay Tenths and answer for Dilapidations, and pay Fifths or Money in lieu thereof. Ib. Ib.
Bond for the same, and on Refusal Action for Minister restored. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for Arrears of Fifths or Money in lieu thereof. §8. Ib.
Proviso as to Parson Honywood of Kingworth, Leicestershire. Ib. Ib.
Persons to whom Arrears of Fifths due, or their Representatives, or Parson Honywood, enabled to recover the same by Action of Debt. § 9. Ib.
Proviso for former Payments. Ib. Ib.
Persons removed from Livings enabled to, hold Mesne Profits already received, and to recover Arrears. §10. 244
Persons having Benefice, &c. who have petitioned to bring the late King to Trial, not to remain, and Patron may present. § 11. Ib.
Justices of Peace dwelling next to the Livings, appointed Commissioners to execute this Act, without further Suit. §12. Ib.
All former Suits made void. Ib. Ib.
Certain Leases made by former Ministers confirmed—Exception. 12 Car. II. c. 17. §13. 244
Ministers refused to be approved by the pretended Approvers, settled in their Churches—Proviso. § 14. Ib.
None to be restored which deserted their Livings. § 15. Ib.
Agreements made respecting Fifths confirmed. § 16. Ib.
Payments of Tithes, &c. to the present Possessors, a Discharge. § 17. 245
Proviso as to Ewelme Rectory, in Oxfordshire. § 18. Ib.
Proviso as to Somersham Rectory, in Huntingdonshire. § 19. Ib.
Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy to be taken by Persons restored. § 20. Ib.
Proviso for Presentations under the Great Seal. § 21. Ib.
Proviso for Possessors of Livings on 25th Dec. 1659, as to Charge for Profits received before 29th Sept. 1660. § 22. Ib.
Proviso for Widlington Vicarage, in Oxfordshire. § 23. Ib.
Garsington Rectory, in Oxfordshire. § 24. Ib.
Castor Rectory, in Northamptionshire. § 25. Ib.
Cudsden Vicarage, in Oxfordshire. § 26. Ib.
Persons having printed or preached against the King's Right to the Crown. not to be restored. § 27. Ib.
Sheriff to give Possession to restored Ministers. § 28. Ib.
None to be restored who with Arms opposed the Restoration, and a free Parliament. § 29. 246
Proviso for Peers presenting within Six Months from 1st Sept. 1660. §31. Ib.
Proviso for Peers presentees by the King, before 9th Sept. 1660. Ib. Ib.
For the Uniformity of Public Prayers and Administration of Sacraments, &c., and for establishing the Form of ordaining, &c. Bishops, Priests, and Deacons in the Church of England. 14 Car. II. c.4. 364
Ministers in Churches, &c. to use the said Book of Common Prayer; and to read the Morning and Evening Prayers therein. § 1. Ib.
Parsons, Vicars, &c. publicly to read and declare their Assent to the Use of the same. § 2. 365
Form of Assent See 57 G. III. c. 99. § 53. Ib. Ib.
Refusing so to do—Deprivation; and Patrons may present. § 3. Ib.
Every Person presented, to read the Prayers according to the said Book, and declare his Assent thereto. §4. Ib.
Refusing so to do —Deprivation; and Patrons may present. Allowance of a lawful Impediment extended to the not reading the Declaration and Certificate mentioned in § 2.23 G. II. c. 28. § 1. Ib. Ib.
Incumbents of Livings residing and keeping Curates, shall once in every Month read the Prayers, &c. according to the said Book—Penalty £ 5.—Distress. See Note to § 4. 14 Car. II. c. 4. § 5. 365
Deans, Readers in the Universities, Parsons, Schoolmasters, &c. to subscribe the Declaration herein mentioned. See 2 G. II. c. 31. § 8. latter Part, as to restoring Persons who have neglected to subscribe. § 6. 366
Form of the Declaration. Ib. Ib.
Before whom to be subscribed. Ib. Ib.
Deans, &c. not subscribing, the same deprived; and Deanry, &c. void. See Note to § 4. Ib. Ib.
Schoolmasters, &c. instructing in Private Houses before Licence (Fee for Licence) —First Offence, Imprisonment—Every other Offence, Imprisonment, and Fine of £ 5. § 7. Ib.
Parsons, &c. to prove Certificate of Subscription, and to read the same with the Declaration, in Church—Penalty, and Parsonage, &c. void. Ib. Ib.
What Words to be omitted in the Declaration, after 25th March 1682. § 8. Ib.
What Persons shall not hold Ecclesiastical Promotion. § 9. 367
Persons administering the Sacraments before they are ordained Priests—Penalty £100. and Disability for One Year. § 10. Ib.
Proviso for Aliens of Foreign reformed Churches. § 11. Ib.
No Title to present by Lapse under this Act, but on Notice. §12. Ib.
No other Form of Prayer to be used but according to the said Book. §13. Ib.
Heads of Colleges, &c. within the Time herein mentioned to subscribe the 39 Articles of Stat. 13. Eliz. c. 12., and declare their Assent thereunto and to the said Book; and once in every Quarter of the Year read the Prayers, &c. Ib. Ib
Refusing so to do—Suspension; and if Person so suspended do not within Six Months subscribe, then his Government, &c. void. See Note to § 4. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for reading the Prayers in Latin in Colleges, &c. §14. Ib.
Lecturer to read the 39 Articles of Stat. 13 Eliz. c. 12. and declare his Assent there to; and at the First Time of Preaching to read the said Common Prayers, and declare his Assent thereto; also upon the First Lecture Day of every Month. § 15. Ib.
Refusing, &c. so to do—disabled. Ib. Ib.
Proviso where Lecture preached in Cathedrals, &c. § 16. 368
Persons so disabled, preaching—Imprisonment in Common Gaol. Explained, 15 Car. II. c. 6. § 7. § 17. Ib.
The said Common Prayers to be read whenever any Sermon or Lecture, is preached. § 18. Ib.
Lecturer to be present. 14 Car. II. c.4. § 18. 368
Proviso respecting University Sermons, preached in the University Churches. § 19. Ib.
Former Laws for the Uniformity of Prayers, &c. confirmed. § 20. Ib.
Prayers relating to the Royal Family to be altered as required. § 21. Ib.
A true printed Copy of the said Book of Common Prayer to be provided for Parish Churches, &c. at the Costs of the Parishioners—Penalty. § 22. Ib.
The Bishops' of Hereford, St. David, Asaph, Bangor, and Landaff, to take Order that the said Book shall be translated into Welsh, and had in Churches, &c., and the Form of Prayer therein used. § 23. 369
The same to be paid for by the Church wardens out of the Parish Money. Ib. Ib.
Bishops to set the Price. Ib. Ib.
And one other Book in the English Tongue to be also had. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for the Use of former Forms until the said Book can be had. Ib. Ib.
Deans, &c. to obtain Copies of this Act and of the said Book, to be kept by them and their Successors. § 24. Ib.
Copies of this Act and of the said Book to be delivered to the Courts at Westminster and the Towere of London. Ib. Ib.
Such Copies to be examined with the Original and certified, and thereupon accounted good Records. Ib. Ib
Proviso for Kings Professor of Law at Oxford, in respect of Prebend of Shipton. § 25. Ib.
Proviso in respect of the 36th Article, One of the said 39 Articles. § 26. Ib.
Proviso for the Use of the Book of Common Prayer, &c. as established by Statutes 1 Eliz. c. 2. — 8 Eliz. c. 1. until the Feast of Saint Bartholomew 1662. This Act enforced, 5 & 6 Ann. c. 5. § 1. and see 5 & 6 Ann. c. 8. art. 25. § 7. The Prince Regent not empowered to give the Royal Assent to any Act for Repealing or altering this Act, 51 G. III. c. 1. § 11. but that Section repealed, 52 G. III. c. 8. § 4. § 27. 370
For uniting Churches in Cities and Towns Corporate. 17 Car. II. c. 3. 576
The Bishops and Corporations and Patrons empowered to unite Churches—After Order made, such Churches to stand united, and Tithes, &c. to be paid. § 1. Ib.
Parishes to remain district as to Rates, Privileges, &c. except as aforesaid. § 2. Ib.
When the Union shall begin—Presentations— Proviso for Tenths and First Fruits, and for Procurations and Pensions. §3. Ib.
Union not to commence till registered. § 4. Ib.
No Union where settled Maintenance shall exceed £ 100. per Ann.—Exception. § 5. Ib.
Minister to be a Graduate in University. § 6. 577
Tithes impropriate may be given to Churches without License of Mortmain. 17 Car. II. c. 3. § 7. 577
Where Maintenance under £100. per Ann. Parson may purchase Lands, &c. without such License. As to Parishioners of Churches united contributing to Repairs, see 4 W. & M. c. 12. § 8. Ib.

-, See.Hearies

Clarendon, Earl of

Statute Page
Act for banishing and disenabling. 19 & 20 Car. II. c. 2. 628


Statute Page
For regulating the Manufacture of Broad Woollen Cloth within the West Riding of York. 14 Car. II. c. 32. 425
A Corporation erected within the said West Riding. § 1. Ib.
Masters, Wardens, and Assistants, when and by whom to be chosen; and in case of Death, then Election to be at any Court to be holden next after, and to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and also the Oath therein mentioned. Ib. 426
Power to Justices, and to Masters, Wardens, &c. to administer the like Oaths to Officers of the Corporation. Ib. Ib.
Justices of Peace, Masters, Wardens, &c. and the Free Clothiers of the West Riding, to be such Corporation by the Name therein mentioned; and may plead and take Lands, Goods, &c. not exceeding £200. yearly. § 2. Ib.
May meet (One Justice or One Master being present) and keep a Court on the First Saturday in every Month, at the Common Hall in Leeds or elsewhere, on Eight Day's Notice. Ib. Ib.
Masters, &c. absenting, so that no Court can be held—Penalty 20s. Ib. Ib.
Court may summon fine Clothiers, not exceeding 48—Refusing to appear—Penalty 10 Groats. Ib. Ib.
Justices, &c. may make a Common Seal, and ordain Bye Laws, &c. to be ratified by Justices of Assize, and published Four Times a Year. § 3. Ib.
Court may fine Clothiers not observing Bye Laws—Penalty not to exceed 20s. § 4. 427
Justices, Masters, &c. may appoint Searchers of Cloth, who are to be sworn. § 5. Ib.
Length, Width, and Breadth of New Draperies settled—Ends or Half Cloths —Short Cloths—Long Cloths. §6. Ib.
Searcher by his Oath to examine all Broad Woollen Cloths, and affix a Seal. Ib. Ib.
If said Cloths found faulty, Justices, &c. may impose a Fine on Offender—How to be disposed of. Ib. Ib.
To be recovered as by Stat. 21. Jac. I. c. 18. Ib. Ib.
Searchers to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and the following Oath. Ib. Ib.
Searchers not duly executing Office, nor setting to Seal—Penalty £5. § Ib.
Any other Searcher with a Warden may re-search. Ib. Ib.
Power to Searchers to enter Shops, Warehouses, &c. to search for suspected Cloths. 14 Car. II. c. 31. § 8. 427
Party resisting—Penalty £10. Ib. Ib.
If faulty Cloth found, forfeited, and may be disposed of by the said Justices, &c. Ib. Ib.
No Persons not having served Apprenticeship to make Broad Cloths for Sale—Penalty (Exception) §9. Ib.
How Penalties disposed of. Ib. Ib.
Persons not being free of the Trade, or Widow of Freeman, not to make Cloths (Exception)—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
The said Justices, Masters, &c. may appoint a Clerk and other Officers, and give them Oath to execute Office. § 10. 428
Penalties to be levied by Distress (Exception). § 11. Ib.
Counterfeiting Seal of Corporation—Penalty £20.—Distress—If no Distress, Imprisonment. § 12. Ib.
All Clauses in any Act made touching the said Abuses, and repugnant to this Act, to be void. § 13. Ib.
In Actions for executing Act, General Issue may be pleaded—Double Costs. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for Rights and Duties of the King's Aulnager or his Deputies within the West Riding. Alnage Duties made to cease, 11 & 12 W. III. c. 20. § 2. § 14. Ib.
No Persons free of the said Corporation enabled by this Act to lower Wages as allowed by Quarter Sessions. § 15. Ib.
Continuance of Act. § 16. exp. Ib.

-, See Linen Cloth and Capestry.

Cloth from the Back, stealing See Benifit of Clergy.


Statute Page
For regulating the Measures and Prices of Coals. 16 & 17 Car. II. c. 2. 552
Sea Coal to be sold by the Chaldron— Contents of a Chaldron— Other Coal to be sold by Weight—Penalty. §1. Ib.
Before whom Complaints to be made. Ib. Ib.
Penalties how to be levied. Ib. Ib.
Who shall set the Prices of Coals sold by Retail. Ib. Ib.
Refusing to sell at those Prices—Officer may enter upon Wharf, &c. and sell. §2. Ib.
Continuance of Act, Three Years, &c. §3. Ib.
No Offender to be punished by any other Act—In Actions for executing Act, General Issue may be pleaded—Double Costs. §4. 553
No Coal Seller to set Prices. This Act revived, 2 W. & M. Sess. 2. c. 7. made perpetual, 7 & 8 W. III. c. 36. §2. explained, amended, and enlarged, 17 G. II. c. 35. but 7 & 8 W. III. c. 36. § 2. repealed 47 G. III. Sess. 2. c. lxviii. § 2. and see 57 G. III. c. xl. §5. Ib.

-, See Newcastle, Port of, Plantation Crabe.

Coin See Bullion. Money. Plantations.


Statute Page
For encouraging of Coinage. 18 & 19 Car. II. c. 5. 598
Gold and Silver to be coined gratis. § 1. 599
For every Pound Troy of Gold or Silver brought, there is to be delivered a Pound Troy of Current Coin. Ib. Ib.
For every Pound Troy of Gold and Silver finer than Standard, so much more than a Pound Troy delivered; and for baser Gold or Silver so much less. This Section in Part repealed, 56 G. III. c. 68. § 1. Ib. Ib.
Coined Money to be given out in Turn and Course without Preference. § 2. Ib.
Making undue Preference by Officer—Penalty and Loss of Officer. Ib. Ib.
By Deputy—Penalty and Incapacity. Ib. Ib.
Payment to Persons first applying on subsequent Orders, no undue Preference. § 3. Ib.
Bills under the Mint Master's Hand to Persons bringing Gold or Silver to be coined. § 4. Ib.
Gold or Silver brought to be coined, freed from Attachments, &c.; and all such Gold, &c. to be delivered to the Bringer. § 5. Ib.
The Charge of Coinage defrayed by a new Impost on certain Liquors, over and above all other Duties—Collectors to pay Duty quarterly into the Exchequer—to be kept distinct. See 25 Car. II. c. 8. § 2. § 6. Ib.
Remedy for the Duties. § 7. 600
Liquor re-exported within One Year, Duty to be repaid. Three Years, 7 G. I. Stat. 1. c. 21. § 10. § 8. Ib.
Money raised to be applied to Coinage, &c.—No Monies to be issued out of Exchequer, but by Warrant from Treasury—Contents of such Warrants. § 9. Ib.
The annual Charge of Salaries and Repairs restrained to £3,000.—Overplus of Monies to be employed towards Coinage.£500 Per Annum added, 4 & 5 Ann. c. 22. § 10. Ib.
Continuance of Act. §11. Ib.
Proviso for Lady Villiers under Letters Patent of 20th Aug. 12 Car. II. This Act continued for Seven Years, 25 Car. II. c. 8. § 1— 1 Jac. II. c. 7. § 2.– 4 & 5 W. & M. c. 24. § 4.— 12 & 13 W. & M. c. 11. § 16. continued and extended to Wines and other Liquors imported as therein mentioned, 7 Ann. c. 24. § 1. and further for 7 Years, 1 G. I. st. 2. c. 43. § 1.—9 G. I. c. 19. § 1.— 4 G. II. c. 12. § 1. See 9 G. II. c. 23. § 17. — 12 G. II. c. 5. § 1— 19 G. II. c. 14. § 1.—27 G. II. c. 11. § 1.— 1. G. III. c. 16. which is made perpetual, 9 G. III. c. 25. Certain of the above Duties made to cease, 22 G. III. c. 28. §3. and the Remainder, 27 G. III. c. 68. § 1. and see § 64. of that Act, 43 G. III. c. 68. § 1.—49 G. III. c. 98. § 1. 12. Ib.
Regulation as to what Officers the Monies levied under this Act are to be paid—Certificate from Comptroller General of the Customs to be a Quietus—Further like Regulations where the Customs farmed; and in such Case also, Certificate to be a Quietus. 25 Car. II. c. 8. § 2. 794
Duties to be paid at the Importation of Commodities—Penalty. § 3. Ib.
Money to be kept distinct, and paid monthly in London, and quarterly in the Outports, to Receiver General—To whom to be paid where no Receiver General. § 4. Ib.
Duty of Receiver General or such other Person. Ib. Ib.
Salaries to Officers. This Act continued and made perpetual, and the Duties made to cease, by the several Acts mentioned in the Note to Stat. 18 & 19 Car. II. c. 5. sup. § 5. Ib.


Statute Page
For the regulating the Trade of Baymaking in the Bay Hall, Colchester. 12 Car. II. c. 22. 253
Confirmation of the Privileges of the Dutch Bay Hall. § 1. Ib.
All Bays made at Colchester must be carried to the Bay Hall, and searched. § 2. Ib.
Fuller, &c. working any Bays not stamped —Penalty 40s. Ib. 254
How applied where Bay made by English or Dutch Maker—Second Offence £5.—Third Offence, disabled. Ib. Ib.
No Bays to be carried out of the Town until searched and stamped—Penalty. §3. Ib.
Counterfeiting Corporation Seal, or unduly affixing Seal to Bays—First Offence, Penalty £20—Second Offence, Pillory—Third Offence, Felony, and Forfeiture of Bays. § 4. Ib.
Power to Governors to search Carts and Packs, and to search Houses, &c. with a Constable, and seize. § 5. Ib.
Deceitful Bays forfeited. Ib. Ib.
Power to make Bye-laws. § 6. Ib.
Who are to approve of them. § 7. Ib.
Commencement of Act. Ib. Ib.

College Leases

Statute Page
For Confirmation of Leases and Grants from Colleges and Hospitals. 12 Car. II. c. 31. exp. 291
Election of Officers of Colleges and Hospitals confirmed, and all Grants, &c. by them. § 1. Ib.
And all Leases by Masters, &c. of Hospital of the Patronage of any Bishop, &c. Ib. Ib.
Exception of Leases of Lands, &c. of the Hospital of Saint John Baptist in Northampton. § 2. Ib.
Exception of Leases of Lands of Saint Oswald Hospital in the County of Worcester § 3. Ib.
Exception of Officers of Colleges not ordained, where Ordination is requisite. 12 Car. II. c. 31. § 4. 292
Exception of Leases of certain Rectories, &c. in the Tenure of Lord Culpepper. § 5. Ib.
Proviso for Renewal by Lord Culpepper. Ib. Ib.
Leases of Kirkham Rectory in Lancashire. § 6. Ib.
Proviso for T. Clifton Esquire, in respect thereof. Ib. Ib.
College Officers relieved in nothing but in Want of Ordination. sect; 7. Ib.
Proviso for Presentees under Letters Patent. sect; 8. Ib.
Exception of certain Leases of Lands, &c. of Hospital of Saint Catherine in Ledbury in the County of Hereford. § 9. Ib.
Exceptions of Leases of the Possessions of the Master of the Rolls by William Lenthall. § 10. Ib.
Exception of William Hooke, as to the Mastership of the Savoy, and of Leases of the Lands, &c. thereof. §11. Ib.
Exception of Leases, &c. of certain Rectories, &c. in the Possession of the late Marquis of Worcester by the late Dean and Canons of Christchurch. § 12. 293
Exception of Leases, if not good, had they been made by lawful Lessors. § 13. Ib.
Exception of Leases of the Rectories of Arrington and Soham, in the County of Cambridge. § 14. Ib.
Exception of Persons ejected, who were elected illegally. § 15. Ib.

Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical

Statute Page
For Explanation of a Clause in Act of Parliament, 17 Car. I., intituled "An Act" for Repeal of a Branch of a Statute 1 Eliz. concerning Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical." 13 Car. II. c. 12. 315
The said Act not to take away ordinary Power from Archbishops, &c. in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. § 1. Ib.
Stat. 17 Car. I. c. 11. repealed, except as to High Commission Court. § 2. Ib.
This Act not to give force to Stat. 1 Eliz. c. 1. § 18. § 3. Ib.
Proviso touching the Oath ex Officio. §4. Ib.
This Act not to give any other Jurisdiction to Archbishops, &c. than they had before 1639—nor to abridge the King's Supremacy—nor to confirm the Canons of 1640. § 5. 316

Commissioners of England and Scotland.

Statute Page
For authorizing certain Commissioners of England to treat with Commissioners of Scotland for the Weal of both Kingdoms 22 Car. II. c. 9. 663

Contribution See Delays in extending Statutes, Judgments, and Recognizances.


Statute Page
For preventing and Suppression of seditious Conventicles. 16 Car. II. c. 4. 516
Persons, 16 Years old and upwards, assembling under Colour of Religion. § 1. Ib.
Two Justices, or the Chief Magistrate, to record Offence, and such Record to be a Conviction. Ib. 517
Imprisonment, unless Penalty, not exceeding £5, paid. Ib. Ib.
Second Offence, Imprisonment, unless Penalty, not exceeding £10, paid. § 2. Ib.
Third Offence, Imprisonment till next Quarter Sessions or Assizes. § 3. Ib.
Proceedings by Indictment, and on Conviction, or refusing to plead or confess, Transportation for Seven Years. Ib. Ib.
Sheriffs not transporting Offender—Penalty £40. Ib. Ib.
Court to issue Warrant to sequester the Lands and distrain and sell the Goods of Offender for Reimbursement of Sheriff, unless Security given—Overplus to Party. Ib. Ib.
Where Default of Payment of Charges, or Security not given, transported Offenders to serve to Merchants as Labourers for Five Years. § 4. Ib.
Sheriffs to be allowed their Charges upon their Accounts. Ib. 518
If the Offender pay £100 for Third Offence, not to be imprisoned or transported. § 5. Ib.
How Fourth and further Offences punished—How Penalties to be distributed. § 6. Ib.
Officers not executing Act in respect of First and Second Offence, Penalty £5. Ib. Ib.
In Actions for executing Act, General Issue may be pleaded—Treble Costs. Ib. Ib.
Persons transported escaping or returning without Leave, Felony without Clergy. § 7. Ib.
Wife not to lose her Dower. Ib. Ib.
No Corruption of Blood. Ib. Ib.
Lieutenants and Deputy Lieutenants, &c. to dissolve or prevent Conventicles, and to take Persons assembled into Custody. § 8. Ib.
Owner of House, &c. suffering Conventicles—Penalty. § 9. Ib.
Gaoler letting Prisoner at large, or permitting Persons at large to join Prisoner—Penalty £10. § 10. 519
Limitation of Prosecution—No double Punishment. § 11. Ib.
Wife not to be transported (Exception) but imprisoned—Husband may redeem her. § 12. Ib.
Houses may be broken open where Conventicle held. § 13. Ib.
How Peers' Houses searched in the City of London. § 14. Ib.
What Persons not to be sent to House of Correction. § 15. Ib.
Quaker refusing, except in Court Leet, to take Oath as a Witness, or to answer on Oath Bill in Equity, &c. —Refusal to be recorded, and Record taken as a Conviction—Transportation. § 16. Ib.
Taking the Oath in Act mentioned, to excuse the last-mentioned Offences. 16 Car. II. c. 4. § 17. 519
Persons so convicted in certain Courts (Exception) to be imprisoned until Assizes—then refusing Oath, Transportation. § 18. 520
Peers offending—First Offence, Penalty £10.—Second Offence, £20.—Third and further Offences, to be tried by his Peers. § 19. Ib.
Continuance of Act, Three Years, &c. § 20. exp. Ib.
To prevent and suppress seditious Conventicles. 22 Car. II. c. 1. 648
Persons of the Age of 16 Years or upwards, being present at any Conventicle; Justices to record Offence, and such Record deemed a Conviction; Penalty for First Offence, 5s.—The Record, &c. to be returned to next Quarter Sessions. § 1. Ib.
Penalty for further Offence, 10s. § 2. 649
Penalties in Cases of Poverty levied on Goods of other Offenders—Constables, &c. to levy the same under Warrant, and pay it to Justice immediately—How Penalties to be divided—Charge and Discharge of the King's Share to be certified together into Exchequer Ib. Ib.
Preaching, &c. in a Conventicle—Penalty, First Offence £20. § 3. Ib.
If Preacher fled, or not able to pay, Penalty to be levied on Goods of Persons present; First Offence £40. Ib. Ib.
Persons suffering Conventicles in their Houses, &c.—Penalty £20.—And in case of Poverty, levied on the Goods of other Offenders. § 4. Ib.
No Person to pay more than £10. on account of Poverty of other Persons. § 5. Ib.
Proviso for Appeals, and to whom and in what Cases—Trial by Jury—If Appeal not prosecuted with Effect, &c.—Treble Costs. § 6. Ib.
Appellant to enter into a Recognizance, or Appeal void. § 7. 650
Justices of Peace, Constables, &c. may break open Doors. § 8. Ib.
Lieutenants, Deputy Lieutenants, and Commissioned Officers of the Militia, Sheriffs, &c. on Certificate of Justice, to prevent or disperse Conventicles. Ib. Ib.
Proviso as to searching Dwelling Houses of Peers of the Realm. § 9. Ib.
Constables and other Officers omitting their, Duty—Penalty £5. § 10. Ib.
Justices of Peace, &c. omitting Duty—Penalty £100. Ib. Ib.
In Action for executing Act, General Issue may be pleaded—Treble Costs. § 11. Ib.
Acts to be interpreted most beneficially for suppressing Conventicles—Proceedings not void for Form. § 12. Ib.
Justices to certify as to Offenders, Inhabitants of other Counties, or having fled thereto, to Justices of such other Counties, who are to levy the Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Limitation of Prosecution. 22 Car. II. c. 1. § 13. 651
No double Punishment. Ib. Ib.
Aldermen within London to have the same Power there, and subject to the same Penalties, as Justices of Peace elsewhere. § 14. Ib.
Penalty on Feme Covert to be levied on Husband. § 15. Ib.
Proviso respecting Imprisonment, &c. of Peers. § 16. Ib.
Proviso for the King's Supremacy in Ecclesiastical Affairs. This Act repealed 52 G. III. c. 155. § 1. § 17.

-, See Non-conformists.


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Prices at which Corn may be exported 15 Car. II. c. 7. § 1. 449
Paying Rates for the same as under Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. Ib. Ib.
Certain Prices at which Customs and Poundage to be paid. § 2. Ib.
Prices at which Corn may be bought and laid up in Granaries, &c. § 3. Ib.
Proviso for Importation of Corn from the Isle of Man. See the Note to Stat. 22 Car. II. c. 13. inf. except as to Statutes 46 G. III. c. 11. and 54 G. III. c. 69. therein recited, which do not relate to the Importation of Corn. § 18. 452
Corn and Grain may be exported at certain Times, although the Prices exceed the Rates of Stat. 15 Car. II. c. 7. paying Duty as by Stat. 12. Car. II. c. 4. 22 Car. II. c. 13. § 1. 685
When Corn does not exceed certain Rates, certain Duties to be paid; but when Corn exceeds those Rates, then the old Duty to be paid. Further Provisions, 2 G. II. c. 18.— Other Prices, 31 G. III. c. 30. § 7. and Table B. there; but so much of that Act as regulates the Prices at which British Corn, & c. may be exported (except to Ireland) repealed, 44 G. III. c. 109. § 1. and see Section 8. of that Act, and Schedule A. 45 G. III. c. 86.—46 G. III. c. 11. —54 G. III. c. 69. § 2. Ib.
Duty on French or Pearl Barley This Duty made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. § 1. See 43 G. III. c. 68. § 1.—49 G. III. c. 98. § 1. § 3. 686

-, See Trade. Weights and Measures

Corn Ricks

Statute Page
To prevent the malicious burning of Houses, Stacks of Corn and Hay, and killing or maiming of Cattle. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 7. 709
Wilful burning of Ricks of Corn, Hay, &c. or Barns, &c., or destroying Cattle in the Night-time, Felony. § 1. Ib.
Proviso for Blood, Dower, &c. § 2. Ib.
Offender may elect to be transported for 7 Years—Returning before 7 Years expired, Death. § 3. Ib.
Maiming Cattle, or throwing down Inclosures, &c. in the Night-time, Treble Damages. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 7. §4. 709
Three or more Justices of the Peace may inquire of Offences—Witness refusing to appear or to be examined, committed. § 5. Ib.
No Double Punishment. § 6. Ib.
Limitation of Prosecution. Ib. Ib.

Cornwall, Duchy of

Statute Page
To enable the King to make Leases of Lands, Parcel of His Highness's Duchy of Cornwall. 1 Car. I. c. 2.
213 Car. II. Stat. 2. c. 4. 348
22 Car. 2. c. 7. 661
25 Car. II. c. 3. 785


Statute Page
For the well governing and regulating of Corporations 13 Car. II. Stat. 2. c. 1. 321
Commission to issue for England, Wales, and Berwick. § 1. Ib.
Proviso for Corporation Charters. § 2. Ib.
Mayors, &c. before 25th March 1663, to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and the Oath following, and subscribe the following Declaration. § 3. Ib.
Those who refuse, to be removed, and Offices void. § 4. 322
Commissioners may remove Persons though they have taken the Oaths and subscribed the Declaration. So much of this Act as requires the taking the above Oath and Declaration repealed, and neither the said Oath or Declaration to be required for the future, 5 G. I. c. 6. § 2. § 5. Ib.
Commissioners may restore any Magistrate unduly removed. § 6. Ib.
Such Persons taking the Oaths and subscribing the Declaration. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners empowered to give the Oaths, &c. § 7. Ib.
Who shall give the Oaths and Declaration after the Commissions are determined. Ib. Ib.
The Commissioners to cause Entries of Oaths taken, and deliver them to the Town Clerks, &c. to be entered in Books. § 8. Ib.
None to be elected to the Offices aforesaid, unless he shall have received the Sacrament within a Year, and shall take the Oaths and subscribe the Declaration. See 5 G. I. c. 6. § 3. § 9. Ib.
The usual Oath to be taken. § 10. 323
How long Commissioners' Power to continue. § 11. exp. Ib.
Commissioners sued may plead the General Issue, and recover Treble Costs. § 12. Ib.
Proviso for Reversions of Offices in London. § 13. Ib.

-, See Non Conformists

Courts of Stannaries

Statute Page
Act against Encroachments and Oppressions in the Stannary Court. 16 Car. I. c. 15. 117
Declarations of Liberties of Tinners confirmed. § 1. 118
In locis ubi operantur, how expounded. Ib. Ib.
Persons not Tinners sued in the said Courts by others not Tinners within Six Months before Commencement of Suit shall have their Action. Ib. Ib.
Such Action to be brought within 2 Years, or before the Warden. &c. Ib. Ib.
Costs in Stannary Courts. § 2. Ib.
Tinners may sue Foreigners at the Common Law. § 3. Ib.
How Sureties may be sued. § 4. Ib.
Execution sometimes had before Arrest. § 5. Ib.
No Defendant condemned on Bailiff's Return unless on a Note subscribed by Party. Ib. Ib.
No Bail unless Note given. Ib. Ib.
Return of Rescous. § 6. Ib.

-, See Court of Wards and Liberies.

Court of Wards and Liveries

Statute Page
For taking away the Court of Wards and Liveries in Capite, &c. and for settling a Revenue upon His Majesty in lieu thereof. 12 Car. II. c. 24. 259
The Court of Wards and Liveries, Primer Seisin, &c. taken away. § 1. Ib.
Fines for Alienation, &c. taken away. Ib. Ib.
Tenures by Knights Service and Tenures in Capite taken away. Ib. Ib.
Tenures herein mentioned turned into free and common Socage. Ib. Ib.
And discharged of Homage, Escuage, Aide pur file marrier, &c. § 2. Ib.
Conveyances expounded, as if Manors, &c. had been held in common Socage. Ib. Ib.
Statutes 32 H. VIII. c. 46. and 33 H. VIII. c. 22. repealed. § 3 260
All Tenures to be created by the King hereafter to be in free and common Socage. § 4. Ib.
Proviso for Rents certain, Heriots, &c. § 5. Ib.
For Fines for Alienation by Customs of Manor (Exception). § 6. Ib.
For Tenures in Frank Almoigne. § 7. Ib.
For Tenure by Copy of Court Roll, and for Honorary Services (Exception). Ib. Ib.
Fathers may dispose of the Custody of Children during their Minority. § 8. Ib.
Except Popish Recusants. Ib. Ib
Actions of Ravishment of Ward for Guardians. Ib. Ib.
Custody of Lands and Personal Estate of Children in Guardians, who may bring Action, &c. § 9. Ib.
Proviso for London and other Places as to Orphans, and for Apprentices. Ib. Ib.
Proviso touching Titles of Honor, Feudal, &c. § 10. Ib.
Purveyances and Provisions for the King's Household taken away. 12 Car. II. c. 24. § 11. 261
Purveyances for the King, Queen, &c. of Timber, Carts, Carriages, &c. taken away. Altered by 13 Car. II. c. 8. § 2.— 13 & 14 Car. II. c. 20. § 1.— 1 Jac. II. c. 10. but all which are expired. Ib. Ib.
No Pre-emption to be allowed or claimed on Behalf of the King, &c. § 12. Ib.
Persons making Purveyance, Imprisonment till next Session, and then Indictment. Ib. Ib.
Action for Inhabitants, &c. Ib. Ib.
No such Action to be stayed but by Order of the Court where such Action depends. Ib. Ib.
Premunire, Stat. 16 R. II. c. 5. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for the Stannaries, Butlerage, Prisage. § 13. Ib.

-, See Excise. The King.

Covent Garden

Statute Page
Precinct made Parochial. 12 Car. II. c. 37. 302

Cows and Heifers, Exportation of See Cattle.

Curriers' Company See Leather.

Customs, Revenue of

Statute Page
Fees of Custom House Officers 12 Car. II. c. 4. § 7. 183
To prevent Frauds and Concealments of Customs and Subsidies. 12 Car. II. c. 19. 250
Persons conveying away Goods without Entry and Agreement for the Custom—Penalty. § 1. Ib.
Officer to break and enter Houses suspected. Ib. Ib.
Limitation of Entry. § 2. Ib.
Continuance of Act. § 3. Ib.
Damages and Costs against false Informers. This Act confirmed, 13 Car. II. c. 7. § 4. Ib.
For preventing Frauds and regulating Abuses in His Majesty's Customs. 14 Car. II. c. 11. 393
Time allowed for Ships to come from Gravesend to Place of Discharge. § 1. Ib.
Master to make a true Return on Oath of Burthen and Lading. Ib. Ib.
In all Out-Ports to come direct to Place of unlading. Ib. Ib.
Ships exporting not to take in Lading till Ship entered with Officer of the Customs. § 2. 394
Particulars of Entry; and before Departure to deliver a Content in Writing to Officer. Ib. Ib.
What the same is to contain. Ib. Ib.
Masters to answer on Oath Questions by Officers touching Goods, &c. laden on Board—Penalty £100. Ib. Ib.
Of Ships importing, not to discharge, &c. till they have declared in Writing the Name of Merchant, and Number and Marks of Packages; and have answered Questions touching the same on Oath—Penalty £100. Ib. Ib.
Refusing to make Entries, &c. Officer may go on board and bring away prohibited or uncustomed Goods. 14 Car. II. c. 11. § 3. 394
Officers of Customs authorized to go on board Ships outward and inward bound, and bring away Goods (except Jewels). Ib. Ib.
Goods to remain in Storehouse till Duty paid, unless Time allowed. Ib. Ib.
Officers may remain on board. Ib. Ib.
Masters, &c. suffering Packages on board to be opened and Goods embezzled—Penalty £100. Unentered Goods found concealed in Packages, how dealt with, 5 G. III. c. 43. § 1. Ib. Ib.
If after clearing Ship, &c. any Goods be found on board concealed, and on which Duties have not been paid, Penalty £100. § 4. Ib.
Persons authorized by Writ of Assistance may enter Houses, &c. break open Doors, &c. and seize, putting Seizure into His Majesty's Storehouse. See 7 G. III. c. 46. § 10. and for the Period during which Writs of Assisttance shall remain in force, 54 G. III. c. 46. Ib. Ib.
Collectors, &c. of Customs to give an Account to the Collector and Surveyor in the Port of London, under Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 18. of Foreign-built Ships in Port, who are to transmit same to Exchequer on or before Dec. 1662. § 5. exp. Ib.
All Foreign-built Ships not bought before 1st Oct. 1662, deemed Aliens. Ib. Ib.
Mariners of England, Ireland, and Plantations, to be accounted English. Ib. Ib.
Persons abusing, &c. Officers—Imprisonment till next Quarter Sessions and Penalty not exceeding £100. and to remain till discharged by Exchequer. See 52 G. III. c. 143. § 11. § 6. 395
Wharfingers, &c. landing or suffering to be landed prohibited or uncustomed Goods. § 7. Ib.
Exception for Port of London, under Stat. 1 Eliz. c. 11. without Notice or Presence of Officer—Penalty £ 100. Ib. Ib.
Goods Outward and Inward, laden or unladen without Warrant, &c. forfeited, and Penalty on Master, &c. Ib. Ib.
Carmen, &c. assisting, being apprehended by Warrant—First Offence, Imprisonment until Surety for good Behaviour. —Subsequent Offence, Imprisonment for Two Months, or until £ 5. paid. Ib. Ib.
Coasting Goods shipped without Sufferance or Warrant—Goods forfeited. § 8. Ib.
Masters of Coasting Ships to take out Cocquet, and enter into Security for delivering of Goods, before Removal of Ship, Dangers of the Sea excepted, and return a Certificate from Officers of the Landing. Certificate to be indorsed on Bonds herein mentioned, 1 Ann. st. 1. c. 26. § 3. This Section altered as to Southampton and the Isle of Wight, 6 G. III. c. 50. § 1. which appears to be repealed 28 G. III. c. 38. § 1. but is revived and extended to Horses, 32 G. III. c. 32. § 1, 2. As to removing Goods from Out ports to London, or within Twenty Miles of the Royal Exchange there, 9 G. III. c. 41. § 1. and as to Lime carried Coastwise without Cocquet or Bond, 19 G. III. c. 62. and further general Regulations as to this Section, 32 G. III. c. 50. § 1. Ib. Ib.
Officers granting false Certificates—Loss of Office — Penalty £50.—Imprisonment, Incapacity, and Liability to Corporal Punishment. 14 Car. II. c. 11. § 9. 396
Falsifying Cocquets, &c.—Penalty £ 100. and Cocquet, &c. invalid. Ib. Ib.
Goods coasting put on Shore before Cocquet delivered to Officer. Ib. Ib.
Goods for which Customs due concealed in Ships and exported—Penalty on Owners. § 10. Ib.
Coal to pay Double Duty, as by Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. Ib. Ib.
Every Merchant to subscribe One of the Bills of Entry, &c. or no Entry to be suffered. § 11. Ib.
Children of Aliens under 21 not to be Traders. § 12. Ib.
Proviso concerning Party Jury. § 13. Ib.
Merchants to demand for Damage, Allowance upon Oath. § 14. Ib.
Shipping out less Goods than expressed in Certificate—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Goods shipped out by Certificate, landing again, (Proviso for Case of Distress) —No Allowance, and Goods forfeited. Ib. Ib.
Goods brought from Scotland by Land to pass through Berwick or Carlisle, and there pay Custom, under Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. Ib. Ib.
Passing prohibited Goods—Forfeited. Ib. 397
Further Ports, &c. may be assigned by Commission out of the Exchequer, except Hull. His Majesty empowered to appoint open Quays at Hull, 14 G. III. c. 56. § 1. § 15. Ib.
Officers, &c. to reside in such assigned Ports, &c. for passing, &c. Ships and Goods. Ib. Ib.
By virtue of such Commissions Limits, &c. of Ports, &c. may be appointed. Ib. Ib.
Goods, &c. not to be laden on board, &c. for Exportation— (Exception of Fish, &c.); nor landed, &c. on Importation— (Exception of Fish, &c.); but upon Places so assigned, without special Sufferance, &c. on Forfeiture of Goods. Ib. Ib.
By what Officers only Ships and Goods may be seized. § 16. Ib.
Seizures by other Persons void. Ib. Ib.
In Actions against Officers of the Customs and Persons authorized to put in Execution Stat. 12. Car. II. c. 18. General Issue may be pleaded, and the Acts of Customs, &c. given in Evidence. § 17. Ib.
Judges to admit the same, and to indemnify. 14 Car. II. c. 11. § 17. 398
Persons seizing, &c. and not prosecuting with Effect, then Officer may seize and inform, or bring Action by way of Devenerunt, and be adjudged the true first Informer. § 18. Ib.
Informer or Officer compounding—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Officers taking Bribes, &c. or conniving at false Entries—Penalty £100 and Incapacity. §19. Ib.
Penalty on Merchant, &c. £ 50. Ib. Ib.
Persons confessing within 2 Months, discharged. § 20. Ib.
Regulations for landing Foreign Goods permitted to be landed. § 21. Ib.
Officer to give Account of Entry of such Goods—Penalty £100. Ib. Ib.
Packets importing or exporting Goods—Penalty £100, Loss of Place by Master, and Goods forfeited. § 22. Ib.
Certain Goods not to be imported in any Ships whatever—Penalty, Loss of Goods and Ships. Pearl Ashes from Germany, the Produce of Germany, may be imported, 10 & 11 W. III. c. 31. § 30.; and Section 23 of this Act, as to Deal Boards and Fir Timber from Germany only, repealed, 6 G. I. c. 15. § 1.; and Pot and Pearl Ashes from the American Plantations, 24 G. II.c. 51. But note, by the express Words of 49 G. III. c. 98. § 40. the whole of 24 G. II. c. 51. is repealed, whilst the antecedent Words of that Section seem to relate to the Oaths and Certificate then required by 24 G. II. C. 51. and to no other Part of that Act. And Pitch and Tar, as well as Deal Boards, Fir, and Timber may be imported from Germany in British or Irish-built Vessels during the then Hostilities, and until 6 Months after Ratification of Peace, 43 G. III. c. 153. § 10. and His Majesty empowered by Order in Council to grant Licences for permitting the Importation of Masts and other Articles in the Act mentioned, from any Place in Amity, and by Ships navigated in any manner, 47 G. III. Sess. 2. c. 27.; and this Act, as to Prunes from Germany, repealed, 56 G. III. c. 37. § 23. Ib.
Vessels mentioned in Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 18. putting Goods on Shore, &c. without Payment of Customs, &c. to pay Duties, and Penalty, £10. § 24. 399
Boatmen, &c. going to such Vessels—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Vinegar, Perry, &c. imported, to pay Duties laid on French Wines by Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. and exonerated from Subsidy or Poundage § 25. Ib.
Allowance on Exportation. Duty made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. §1. See 43 G. III. C. 68. §1.—49 G. III. c. 98. § 1. Ib. Ib.
Stat. 23 Eliz. c. 9. and 39 Eliz. c. 11. (a) repealed as to Logwood, and Logwood may be, (imported and used in dying, provided such Importation be according to Stat 12 Car. II. c. 18.(a) The Titles at the Heads of these Acts in the printed Copy differ from the Recitals of them in this Act, and they are on the Roll in Chancery as at the Heads of the printed Acts, but the Recitals correspond with the Roll. 14 Car. II. c. 11. § 26. 399
Duty on Importation. Ib. Ib.
Allowance to Exporter. Duty made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. § 1. See 43 G. III. c. 68. § 1—49 G. III. c. 98. § 1. Ib. Ib.
Actions, &c. on Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 18. may be prosecuted in the Exchequer. § 27. Ib.
In Suits, &c. on Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. and any other Act concerning Importation of Goods, &c. Onus probandi on Owner. Claimant of Goods to give Security of £30. for Costs, 8 Ann. c. 7. § 63. and Claimant of Vessels seized to give like Security, 15 G. II. c. 31. § 7. Increased to £60, both on Goods and Vessels, or in Default, Goods, &c. forfeited, 3 G. III. c. 22. § 8. Increased, with Secureties, to £100; and in case Party not resident in Great Britain, then the Solicitor entering the Claim to be bound, with Sureties, in the like Penalty, 24 G. III. Sess. 2. c. 47. § 37. Ib. Ib.
Proviso that in Informations on Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 18. Defendants may have a Commission out of Chancery to examine Witnesses abroad. Ib. Ib.
No Writ of Delivery to be had, but no Security—In what Cases to be had. § 28. Ib.
Penalties how to be distributed. § 29. 400
All Persons to aid Officers of the Customs in Execution of this Act. § 30. Ib.
Deputies, Clerks, &c. in the Customs to take Oath to do their Duty—And none to be employed till Oath taken. § 31. Ib.
Commissioners, &c. of Customs to administer and register Oath. Ib. Ib.
Officers taking undue Fee, or putting Merchant out of his Turn without Order for the same, or detaining Goods, or refusing Allowances—Penalty. § 32. Ib.
Exporting or importing Goods to or from the Mediterranean in improper Ships. § 33. Ib.
Rate of £1 per Cent. over Tonnage and Poundage. The Duty granted by this Section, as to Woollen Manufactures, made to cease, 11 & 12 W. III. c. 20. § 1. Appropriation of remaining Duties for 32 Years, 9 Ann. c. 6. § 18. made perpetual, 3 G. I. c. 7. § 1. made to cease, 24 G. III. Sess. 2. c. 16. § 5. 14 Car. II. c. 11. § 33. 400
Proviso for Exportation of Fish to the Mediterranean. Confined to Cases in which a Moiety of the Lading of Fish is taken and cured by the King's Subjects only, 9 G. II. c. 33. § 3. Ib. Ib.
Persons, within 7 Years from March 25, 1662, building Ships of the Description. herein mentioned—Reward. § 34. exp. Ib.
Duty on Salt imported from Scotland after June 24, 1662. See how far altered by 5 & 6 Ann. c. 8. Art. 8.; and all Duties and Drawbacks on Salt made to cease, and others granted, 43 G. III. c. 69. § 1. and see Sch. A.; additional Duties and Drawbacks, 45 G. III. c. 14. § 1, 2.: and see further, as to the State of the Duties and Drawbacks on Salt, 47 G. III. Sess. 2. c. 30. § 2.— 49 G. III. c. 81. § 6.— as to Scotch Salt, 54 G. III. c. 21.— and as, to Glauber and Epson Salts, 55 G. III. c. 66. § 33.—55 G. III. c. 162. § 35. Ib.
Duties on certain Sorts of salted and dried Fish imported. These Duties made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. § 1. See 43 G. III. c. 68. § 1. —49 G. III. c. 98. § 1. 14 Car. II. c. 7. § 14. 451
For settling the Imposition on Brandy. 22 Car. II. c. 4. 656
Brandy chargeable by Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 23 & 24. § 1. Ib.
Eight-pence per Gallon not demanded before 1 Nov. 1666; no Person having imported before that Time chargeable for more than Four-pence. These Duties made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. § 1.—See 43 G. III. c. 68. § 1. —49 G. III. c. 98. § 1.—53. G. III. c. 33. § 1. and Table A. —54 G. III. c. 65. § 2. Ib.
Penalties how and when to be levied. § 3. Ib.
Juries free from Attaint for Verdicts heretofore given. Ib. Ib.

Cut Worth See Lace.