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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Band Strings See Lace.


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No Person, by reason of Monies put into Public Companies by them, to be therefore subject to the Bankrupt Law. 14 Car. II. c. 24. § 1. 419
Persons trading in any other way liable to the Bankrupt Laws. §2. Ib.
Verdict and Judgment in Replevin, where by Sir John Wolstenholme, a Member of the East India Company, was adjudged liable to a Commission of Bankrupt, declared contrary to Law. §3. exp. Ib.
Proviso for Proceedings under the said Judgment. §4. exp. Ib.

Bay Making See Colchester.

Bedford Level

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For settling the Draining. 15 Car. II. c. 17. 499
For taxing and assessing the Lands of the Adventurers. See further 27 G. II. c. 19.—29 G. II. c. 9.—29 G. II. c. 22.—11 G. III. c. 78—12 G. III. c. 9.—13 G. III. c. 40.—13 G. III. c. 49.—15 G. III. c. 12.—19 G. III. c. 24.—23 G. III. c. 25.—36. G. III. c. 73—39 &40 G. III. c. xci. 19 & 20 Car. II. c. 13. 643

Beef, Exportation of See Cattle.

Benefit of Clergy

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For taking away the Benefit of Clergy from such as steal Cloth from the Rack, and from such as steal or embezzle His Majesty's Ammunition and Stores. 22 Car. II. c. 5. 657
Persons stealing Cloth from the Rack or Tenter in the Night-time, or offending against Stat. 31 Eliz. c. 4., or embezzling His Majesty's Stores to the Value of 20s., standing mute (a), or challenging above Twenty, &c. (b) excluded the Benefit of Clergy.(a) As to standing mute see 12 G. III. c. 20.(b) Above Twenty-three, 10 & 11 W. III. c. 23. §1. §1. Ib.
Judges may transport Offenders—Refusing to be transported or afterwards unduly returning—Punishment. This Act to continue in force, 1 G. I. Stat. 2. c. 25. § 11. § 1. and so far as relates to Naval Ordance and Victualling Stores, extended to Ireland, 52 G. III. c. 12. §2. Ib.

Book of Common Prayer See The Church.

Book of Rates

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Rules annexed to. These Rules repealed, 27 G. III. c. 13.§31. 12 Car. II. c. 4. 203

Books and Pamphlets

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For preventing Abuses in printing seditious, treasonable, and unlicensed Books, &c. and for regulating Printing and Printing Presses. 14 Car. II. c. 33. 428
No Persons to print or import or publish seditious and heretical Books or Pamphlets. § 1. Ib.
No Private Person to print any Book, &c. unless first entered with the Stationers Company of London (Exception), and unless first duly licensed. Ib. 429
Common Law Books to be licensed by Lord Chancellor, &c. Ib. Ib.
Books of History, Affairs of State, &c. by Secretary of State. Ib. Ib.
Books of Heraldry, &c. by the Earl Marshal or Kings of Arms. § 2. Ib.
All other Books by Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of London, &c. Ib. Ib.
Proviso respecting Licenses by the Chancellors, &c. of the Universities. Ib. Ib.
Every Person authorized to license, to have One written Copy of the Book, which is to be delivered by Licenser to the Owner for printing, and afterwards returned to the Licenser to be kept. § 3. Ib.
If such Book be in English, Two written Copies, if required, to be delivered to Licenser. Ib. Ib.
How to be disposed of. Ib. Ib.
Licenser to testify under his Hand. Ib. Ib.
License to be printed at the Beginning of the Book. Ib. Ib.
Merchants and Importers of Books to import the same into London only, unless special License; and to present a true Catalogue thereof to the said Archbishop, &c. and not to open Packages, nor Officer to pass the same, before a Person duly appointed, and One of the Stationers Company, be present-Penalty. §4. 430
If seditious, &c. Books found, to be brought to the Archbishop, &c. Ib. Ib.
Proceedings against Offenders, &c. Ib. Ib.
No Persons to, print or import Copies of Books, Books, Indentures, &c. in which others have any Right by Letters Patent, &c. solely to print, without the Consent of the Owners; nor bind or stitch such Books or Copies without the like Consent—Penalty. § 5. Ib.
How to be disposed of. Ib. Ib.
Limitation of Suit for the same. Ib. Ib.
Printers of Books, &c. to set their Names thereto, and declare the Name of the Author if required—Penalty. § 6. Ib.
No Person to print or forge the Name of the Person having sole Right to print any Book—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
No Haberdasher of Small Wares, &c. not licensed, nor being a Freeman of London, nor a Member of the Stationers Company, to sell, &c. Books, &c.—Penalty. §7. 431

Books and Pamphlets

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No Merchant or other Person to print beyond Sea, or import English Books, &c.—Penalty. 14 Car.II. c. 33. §8. 431
Aliens not to import or vend Books in any Language printed beyond Sea (Exception) without Special Licenses of Archbishop, &c.—Penalty. Ib Ib.
No Person to erect a Printing Press or House, or et Premises for printing, without giving Notice to Stationers Company. § 9. Ib.
No Carpenter, &c. to make a Printing Press, or cast Letters, nor import Letters, without first acquainting Stationers Company—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
No Person to be admitted a Master Printer till the Master Printers be reduced to Twenty (Exception), which Number is to be continued, and Four Master Letter Founders. §10. Ib.
In case of Death, &c. of any Master Printer or Founder, the Archbishop, &c. to appoint another. Ib Ib.
Persons allowed to have a Printing Press, &c. to give Security in £300. Ib. Ib.
The Number of Presses which Masters are allowed to keep. §11. 432
The Number of Apprentices which Printers (except the King's Printer) and Letter Founders are allowed to take and retain. §12. Ib.
Proviso respecting replacing runaway Apprentices. Ib. Ib.
Master Printers and Master Letter Founders to take care that Journeymen are employed; and if Journeymen be out of Employ, he is on Application to be received if Master Printer have not a Jorneyman, though himself and his Apprentices can do his Work—Penalty £5. §13. Ib.
Journeymen, refusing Employment or neglecting Work—Imprisonment. Ib. Ib.
Masters not to employ any but Englishmen and Freemen or Sons of Freemen and Apprentices. Ib Ib.
Messenger of the King's Chamber, by Warrant under Sign Manual, or the Hand of Secretary of State, or Master and Wardens of Stationers' Company, with a Constable, may search Houses, &c. for Books, &c. and may demand a Sight of License, and seize Books and Offenders. §14. Ib.
Justices may imprison. Ib. Ib.
If Searchers find unlicensed Books which they suspect, they may seize and take them to Archbishop, &c. Ib. Ib.
Proceedings thereupon. Ib. Ib.
Printers, Letter Founders, &c. working for the Trade, offending—First Offence, Punishment—Second Offence, Punishment. §15. 433
Quarter Sessions may determine Offences; and are to certify Fines to the Exchequer yearly; and may awared Process and Execution. Ib Ib.
Printers to reserve Three Printed Copies of every Book, One for the King's Library, and One for each of the Universities. University Printers to do the like—Penalty—17 Car. II.c.4. §2, 3. 14 Car. II.c. 33. §16. 433
Proviso for Universities licensing. §17. Ib.
No Search in Houses of Peers, or of Persons using other Trades, without special Warrant. §18. Ib.
Booksellers may import certain Books ready bound, not formerly prohibited. §19. Ib.
Proviso for Persons who have sold Books or Papers in Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster, &c. §20. Ib.
Proviso for Grantees under the Great Seal, &c. §21. Ib.
Proviso for John Streater, Stationer. §22. Ib.
Proviso for keeping and using a Printing Press in the City of York, with Conditions. §23. Ib.
Continuance of Act Two Years This Act continued, 16 Car. II.c. 8—16 & 17 Car. II. c. 7—17 Car. II. c. 4.; and further continued for Seven Years from 24th June 1685, 1 Jac. II. c. 17. §15. but now, together with the continuing Acts, expired. §24. Ib.
For Continuance of State. 14 Car. II. c. 33. 17 Car.II.c. 4 577

Bristol, Earl and Countess of, Pensions toSee Popish Recusants.

Bromfield and Yalc, (Denbigh)

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Estates of Tenants of, and Compositions for Rents, established. 3. Car. I.c. 6 31


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Foreign Coin or Bullion may be exported. 15 Car. II. c. 7. §9. 451

-, See Money. Page

Burning of houses SeeCorn Ricks.

Burying in Woollen

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For burying in Woollen only. 18 &19 Car. II. c. 4. 598
Burying in Shirt, &c. made other than of Wool—Penalty, £5. Ib. Ib
Distress on Goods of the Party interred, or of Persons offending. Ib Ib.
Proviso respecting Persons dying of the Plague. This Act repealed 30 Car. II. c. 3. §1 but that Act is repealed, 54 G. III. c. 108. §2. Ib.
Burying in any other than Woollen—Penalty £5. 30 Car. II. c.3. §2. 885
Persons in Holy Orders to keep a Register of Burials. §3. Ib.
Affidavit that the deceased was buried in Woollen only, to be brought to the Parson. Ib. Ib.
If no such Affidavit, Goods of the deceased liable to the said Penalty; if no Distress, Goods of Person where Party died, or of Persons acting contrary to this Act, liable to Distress. Ib. Ib.
Master, &c. or Relations of deceased, liable. Ib. Ib.
Penalty to be paid before Debts. Ib Ib.
Before whom Affidavit to be made—No Fee. §4 Ib.
If no Affidavit, then Parson to give Notice thereof to Churchwardens. 30 Car. II. c. 3. §4. 885
Proceedings thereon. Ib Ib.
Forfeitures how disposed of. Ib. Ib.
Parson neglecting to give Notice to Churchwardens, of Affidavit not brought, or Churchwardens not acting thereupon, or Justice neglecting his Duty-Penalty £5. §5. 886
Prosecutor to have his Costs. Ib. Ib.
Limitation of Actions. Ib. Ib.
Parson to keep a Register at the Charge of the Parish, and make Entry of Burials and Affidavits—Memorial of Affidavit not brought. §6. Ib.
What first Account given by Overseers is to contain. §7. Ib.
What future Accounts are to contain. Ib. Ib.
No Accounts allowed without containing Account of Burials. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for dying of the Plague. §8. Ib.
Judges, &c. to give Act in Charge—and Act to be publicly read yearly for Seven Years. §9. Ib.
In Actions for executing Act, General Issue—Treble Costs. This Act repealed, 54 G. III. c. 108. §10. Ib.
An additional Act for burying in Woollen. 32 Car. II. c. 1. 940
Where no Justice resides or is found in the Parish of Burial, the Parson, Vicar, and Curate (Exception) may take Affidavit of Burial in Woollen only. Ib Ib.
Affidavit taken by Parson, &c. as effectual as by Stat. 30 Car. II. c. 3. §5. This Act repealed, 54 G. III. c. 108. Ib. Ib.


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Butchers not to sell fat Cattle alive—Penalty. See 5 § 6 Ann. c. 34—7 Ann. c. 6.but this Act repealed, 12 G. III. c. 71. §1. 15 Car. II. c. 8. 452

-, See Cattle

Butlerage See Court of Wards and Liberies.

Butter and Cheese

Statute Page
For reforming Abuses in the Weight and false packing Butter. 14 Car. II. c. 26. 421
What the Kilderkin to contain. §1. Ib
The Firkin
The Pot
Corrupt Butter not to be mixed or packed with sound Butter. Ib. Ib.
Casks, &c. of Butter to be of one Sort and Goodness. Great Salt not to be used—Penalty. Faulty Firkins, &c. liable to the Penalties of this Act, 8 G. I. c.27. §3.but see note at the End of this Act, inf. Ib. Ib.
Cheesemongers, &c. selling, to deliver Butter according to this Act, or to make Satisfaction to the Parties. §2. Ib.
Cheesemongers, &c. repacking Butter for Sale—Penalty. §3. Ib.
Farmers, &c. packing for Sale to use good Casks, &c. and to mark upon Firkin, &c. the Weight of the empty Cask, and also his Name—Penalty. §4. Ib.
Potters to set on Pot the Weight when it is burnt, and his Name—Penalty. §5. 422
Farmer exposing Butter to sale packed in other Pots—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
By whom Offences are to be inquired of. Ib Ib.
Penalties, how to be disposed of. Ib. Ib.
Limitation of Suits. See 4 W. & M. c. 7.; which is in part, and this Act wholly repealed, 36 G. III. c. 86.§19. §6. Ib.
Butter and Cheese imported and exposed to sale, subject to like Penalties as for importation, &c. of Beef, &c. 32 Car. II. c. 2. §7. 941

-, See Cattle.

Buttons See Lace.